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King Of Gods - Chapter 160


Chapter 160 - Luohou Bow

The weapons were like jewellery displayed in every corner of the room.

Any disciple that saw this would be excited, but the prices of these weapons weren't cheap. Any one of them was worth thousands of substandard primal crystal stones and they were Low grade Mortal weapons!

If it was a Middle-grade Mortal weapon, it would cost at least tens of thousands of substandard primal crystal stones.

Because of the relationship with old man Zhang, Zhao Feng was led to a storage room and inside this room, every item was at least a Low-grade Mortal weapon, but they were the best ones.

’’Black Wind Sword: Increases the strength of True Force by 20%, speed by 3-% and sends out a black wind which increases the sword's aura. Low-grade Mortal weapon: 6600 substandard primal crystal stones.’’

’’Flowing Feather Saver: Light as a feather, but cuts through metal like mud. Increases the speed of True Force by 30% and the strength of sword strikes by 30%. Low-grade Mortal weapon: 5800 substandard primal crystal stones.’’

’’Scorching Red Saber: Crafted with Flaming Red crystals and increases the power of fire element attacks. 40% more damage when used with a fire skill: 5500 substandard primal crystal stones.’’


Zhao Feng glanced at the precious low-grade Mortal weapons and he found that the price was a bit higher, but the effects were great.

The Black Wind Sword was especially so - it had 3 buffs but it was double the price of cheaper low-grade Mortal weapons.

’’The materials, cost and power of these items exceed others of the same grade. Of course, the price is more expensive too.’’ Old man Zhang smiled faintly.

The 20% discount he promised Zhao Feng was a massive discount that Core disciples wouldn't even be able to get. Only Elders would have such treatment.

Zhao Feng nodded his head and he scanned the different types of weapons: swords, sabres, whips, axes, bows, gloves... whatever one wanted, it was there.

Amidst the weapons, the sabre and sword took up a bigger majority because they were the king and emperor of weapons and easy to learn. But unfortunately, these two weapons weren't his forte.

For him, bows were better. Zhao Feng looked at the bows and he found that there weren't many, probably because they weren't popular.

’’Heavenly Eagle Bow: Range - 2 miles, can increase one's sight by one mile and pierce through 4 layers of armour as well as the True Force of a cultivator at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm. Price: 3600 substandard primal crystal stones.’’

Zhao Feng picked this bow up and he found that it was not bad. The bow had an array on it which allowed the use to increase his eyesight by one mile. But it had no effect to Zhao Feng because he could already see for 100 miles straight .

’’Ancient Iron Bow: powerful explosive strength and it is able to pierce through 4 layers of armour. Requires strong arm strength and eyesight... ’’

These bows were slightly cheaper, around 2900 substandard primal crystal stones.

Zhao Feng looked around and he realised that the other bows were even cheaper.

’’Bows are after all, not used by many people. Some of them may not be sold even in a couple years time.’’ Old man Zhang said.

Zhao Feng thought that this was good for him, but then he thought about arrows. The latter was a one-use item, which would cost a lot over time.

’’I have 20000 substandard primal crystal stones, which is more than enough to buy a Low-grade Mortal weapon.’’

Zhao Feng thought and put his focus on Middle-grade Mortal weapons.

Middle-grade Mortal weapons were a whole class higher but the price was too. For example at the hall, a sword was 40000-50000 substandard primal crystal stones, but here it was 70000+.

Zhao Feng saw a sword which doubled the strength of one's True Force who was at the 4th Sky, meaning that the user's True Force would be even stronger than cultivators at the 5th Sky.

With weapons like that, killing opponents higher ranked than oneself wasn't hard.

’’Luohou Bow: Can reach the sound of speech and shoot through at least 3 layers of armour. At best, it can one-shot cultivators at the 5th Sky. When used with the Luohou Arrows, the damage doubles and it can lock onto the enemy. Even if it misses, the arrow will still follow the enemy for a while. The bow itself is a peak Middle grade Mortal weapon, But combined with its Luohuo Arrows, it becomes a High grade Mortal weapon. Bow price: 80000 substandard primal crystal stones;entire set: 150000 substandard primal crystal stones.’’

Zhao Feng's gaze was immediately locked onto this bow when he saw it.

This bow was way too strong!

Its speed and offence both reached a limit.

No wonder it was a Middle-grade Mortal weapon, its attributes were unimaginable.

Zhao Feng took down this deep green and red weird little bow and he felt that the material was extremely unique. The bow's size was smaller than normal bows, just slightly larger than a crossbow.

’’Attack speed can reach the speed of sound and it can instantly kill cultivators of the 5th Sky at its best. With its Luohuo Arrows, the attributes all double and they can even follow the enemy for a short distance if they miss... ’’

Zhao Feng murmured and he instantly fell in love with this bow, but the price of the bow and arrows was too expensive: 150000 substandard primal crystal stones.

’’Too expensive.’’ Zhao Feng took a deep breath.

’’Do you want the Luohuo bow?’’ Old man Zhang laughed.

’’It's just too expensive and it's a bow at that. If this was another weapon, it would cost 20000+.’’ Zhao Feng shook his head.

’’According to the Clan rules, you can get 50% off if you spend 50000 contribution points. I'm also giving you 20% off so the final price is only 30% of the 150000.’’ Vice Head Zhang smiled.


Zhao Feng's heart moved, this way, the final price would be 45000 substandard primal crystal stones and the bow alone would be 24000 substandard primal crystal stones.

’’The bow and arrows are supposed to be sold both at once, but if you want to just buy the bow, the arrows must be bought in 3 years.’’

He was Zhao Feng's in-name teacher after all.

The latter thought about it and even if he didn't have the Luohou Arrows, he could only use the bow up to 30% of its maximum potential. This was because a Middle grade Spiritual weapon needed the user to be at the 5th Sky to fully use its power.

But even though the bow cost 30% of its original price, that was 24000 substandard primal crystal stones, Zhao Feng only had 20000 or so on him.

’’Teacher, why not let me owe the 4000 first. After I enter the Floating Crest Palace and get a few skills or weapons, I'll pay it off.’’ Zhao Feng suggested.


Old man Zhang had seen what Zhao Feng was capable of back at the Scarlet Moon Demonic Cave and knew the latter had the strength to enter the trail.

’’I need to warn you, although there's many treasures in the Floating Crest Palace, do you think that they'll all be on the ground waiting for you to pick them up? Only a low number of people were able to get something. In the past hundred years, only Hai Yun Master had got something big. But even then, Elder Yun only received 2 elite Mortal weapons and that was the best score in the past hundred years... ’’ Vice Head Zhang reminded him.

He didn't even worry about Zhao Feng's 4000 debt because the latter was a pill maker and it wasn't hard for him to earn this much.

’’Thanks, teacher.’’

Zhao Feng took down the Luohou bow and his heart was warm. Only the two Vice Heads cared for him in the Clan.

Shew-- Qiu--- Qiu--- Qiu---

3 dark red arrows suddenly stuck onto the Luohou bow as if it had its own consciousness.

Zhao Feng was stunned, did it really have its own consciousness?

All he did before was put a bit of his True Force into the bow and the arrows had come.

’’The bow and arrow are like mother and son. Even a few miles away, the Luohou arrows can return to the bow. Usually, only High-grade Mortal weapons and above can do this.’’ Vice Head Zhang explained.

’’Next time, I'll definitely take the arrows with me.’’ Zhao Feng thought.

Right now, he could only take the bow. After spending another couple hundred substandard primal crystal stones, Zhao Feng bought a batch of high-quality arrows, then he left the Clan Mission division.


On the way, Zhao Feng heard the sound of cheering and fighting.

’’Someone's challenged a core disciple! This hasn't happened for 2 years now!'

’’The challenger is Quan Chen, he reached the 4th Sky half a month ago and he does have the qualifications to do so.’’

On the stage, two disciples of the 4th Sky clahsed together heavily and one of them was Quan Chen.

When Zhao Feng had arrived, the battle had come to an end.

Partial Moon Flying Knife!

Quan Chen waved his arms and 3-4 silver lights instantly appeared, which created several bloody gashes on the core disciple.

When Quan Chen had fought Zhao Feng before, Quan Chen could only fire one Blade of the Partial Moon and this 'Partial Moon Flying Knife' could shoot 4-5 at one time.

’’I give up!’’

The core disciple let out a long breath: ’’I can't believe Brother Quan has trained 2 High tier Mortal skills at once and trained the Chilling Moon Manual to the 4th stage.’’

Chilling Moon Manual was the same tier as Zhao Feng's Heavenly Wind God Technique and the latter had trained the Heavenly Wind God Technique to the 4th level as well, the same as Quan Chen. But the latter had a higher cultivation, so the power of the two was different.

’’Quan Chen's improved by a lot and he is at least two times stronger than he was at the Scarlet Moon Demonic Cave.’’ Zhao Feng thought.

After Qian Chen won, he was listed as one of the 10 Core disciples and 2 of the 10 Core disciples were disciples of Hai Yun Master.

’’I heard that Brother Quan Chen's getting ready to participate in the Floating Crest Trial. Becoming a Core disciple means that he can get a spot straight away.’’

A few of the inner disciples were envious and worried at the same time.

’’Core disciple? Is Quan Chen participating as well?’’

Zhao Feng's eyebrows rose as a cold light flashed in his eyes.

In the blink of an eye, tens of days had passed and there were 10 days left till the Floating Crest Trial.

Apart from the core disciples, everyone else had to fight for a spot to enter. There were 3 Core disciples participating this time, so in reality only 7 places could be fought for.


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