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King Of Gods - Chapter 159


Chapter 159 - 1st Elder's pointers

Seeing 1st Elder and Yang Gan's reactions, Zhao Feng added: ’’Disciple means using contribution points to exchange for the skill.’’

In the Clan, contribution points could be traded for High-class Mortal skills.

’’Your points aren't enough to trade for it. Furthermore, even if you did have enough you can't.’’ 1st Elder shook his head.

Zhao Feng paused and Yang Gan explained: ’’One needs 200000 points for a peak tier Mortal skill and they must be at the 6th Sky of the Ascended Realm or higher.’’

200000 points! 6th Sky of the Ascended Realm!

Zhao Feng's heart went cold and he knew that there was nothing he could do. He hadn't reached any of the requirements. On the contrary, he was far away from both.

He would never have thought that the requirements for peak tier Mortal skills were so high.

’’Brother Zhao, peak tier Mortal skills aren't something you can touch. Especially the 8 Twist Golden Wall Technique even Elders find it hard to train it to the highest level.’’

Yang Gan sighed as he spoke up to here.

Zhao Feng's 'wish' was far too high, Yang Gan had never heard of anyone at the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm asking for a peak tier Mortal skill.

Only Elders in the Broken Moon Clan could learn a few.

As for the Spiritual skills, Elders might not be able to even comprehend it.

’’Why are you choosing 9 Twist Golden Wall Technique? The path of body strengthening is hard and you've already made a solid foundation by entering the Ascended Realm with your body. Why not spend more time on your forte? Like your mental strength?’’

1st Elder's eyes twinkled as he looked at Zhao Feng. The latter went into deep thought as he heard this and suddenly, he realised that 1st Elders' words were logical.

’’Why keep on choosing body strengthening? And choose the 9 Twist Golden Wall Technique, which is so far away?’’

The 9 ranks of the Consolidated Realm were the foundation. At that time, Zhao Feng had entered the Ascended Realm with his body, which made his foundation very solid.

But the question was now that he had entered the Ascended Realm, he didn't have to choose body strengthening or the 9 Twist Golden Wall Technique.

Apart from that, 1st Elder's eyes were sharp and he found that Zhao Feng had a strong mental energy which originated from his left eye.

Zhao Feng only knew a rough 'mental strength spike' and he didn't know how to use this treasure properly.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Feng made his decision.

’’What do you think?’’

1st Elders' eyes squinted.

’’Master is correct. I shouldn't keep on concentrating on body strengthening, maybe it's not the best path for me.’’

Zhao Feng nodded his head. Although his bloodline made it easier for him to absorb energy, the path of body strengthening wasn't smooth.

Seeing Zhao Feng understand so easily, 1st Elder was slightly surprised and thought: ’’This brat's comprehension and understanding is good and he doesn't seem like a type of person who sticks to everything. Then why didn't he give up Lightning Wind Palm?’’

’’Unfortunately, I've reached the limits of Silver Wall Technique.’’ Zhao Feng sighed regretfully.


A thin layer of silver appeared on his body, which made Zhao Feng seem like an ice statue.

This was the 11th level of the Silver Wall Technique!

Body of perfection.


1st Elder and Yang Gan were both shocked. They would never have thought that Zhao Feng had reached such a high level in body strengthening. Just his muscles alone could fend off cultivators at the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm.

’’Brother Zhao definitely has a chance to fight for one of the spots of the Floating Crest Trial now.’’

Yang Gan was extremely surprised.

It wasn't that no one had trained their bodies to the highest level of a Mortal skill, but the numbers were extremely low. However, none of them was as young as Zhao Feng.

Who said his forte wasn't body strengthening!?

1st Elder's eyebrows twitched slightly. At the same time, he admired Zhao Feng's decisiveness. If it was someone who had trained their bodies to such a high level, would they give up so easily?

Even he was slightly regretting saying it now. Maybe Zhao Feng really was talented in body strengthening.

Thinking up to here, 1st Elder laughed again: ’’It's not like there's no chance at all. Even if your cultivation and contribution points aren't enough, you can still get the 9 Twist Golden Wall Technique.’’

’’Master, please speak.’’ Zhao Feng's heart jumped.

’’Floating-Crest-Trial.’’ 1st Elder said one word at a time.

Floating Crest Trial?

Yang Gan exchanged glances with Zhao Feng.

’’The Floating Crest Trial is a major turning point. With enough power, one can get peak tier Mortal skills and even Spiritual weapons and skills.’’ 1st Elder smiled faintly.

The jaws of Zhao Feng and Yang Gan dropped.

What was so mysterious about this Floating Crest Palace? How did it even have Spiritual skills?

’’If you get another peak tier Mortal skill from the palace, you can trade it with the 9 Twist Golden Wall Technique.’’ 1st Elder explained.

Zhao Feng understood what he meant. Even Elders were expectant of the rewards inside, but there were restrictions regarding age and cultivation.

’’There's another key point. If you have a very high talent in a certain area, you might receive an Inheritance.’’

The 1st Elder laughed again.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng's heart rate sped up and even Yang Gan had longing on his face. Zhao Feng finally knew why the Floating Crest Trial was so important now.

’’Thanks Master, disciple will now leave.’’

Zhao Feng didn't stay for long and he soon left, leaving behind 1st Elder and Yang Gan.

’’With his performance at the Scarlet Moon Demonic Cave and level of body strengthening, he should be able to attend the Floating Crest Trial.’’ 1st Elder murmured.

’’Master, do you want me to help him in the trial?’’ Yang Gan suddenly asked.

He didn't know what Master had in mind for this disciple.


1st Elder was decisive: ’’The Floating Crest Trial is extremely important for you and one can only attend once! Of the disciples going, you are the strongest so you must grasp this chance well.’’

’’Disciple understands.’’

Yang Gan let out a breath in his heart. It looked like his position in Master's heart was unwaverable and it couldn't be moved by an outer disciple.

Furthermore, someone who trained the Lightning Wind Palm might die at any time, so there was no point in putting too much feeling into Zhao Feng.

Sending away Yang Gan with his eyes, 1st Elder murmured by himself: ’’I can't believe Zhao Feng has such decisiveness to swiftly give up body strengthening, he seems like a cool-headed and calm person. Then why didn't he give up Lightning Wind Palm?’’


After leaving 1st Elders place, Zhao Feng understood that he had already built a solid foundation and he didn't need to work on body strengthening for now.

From a new perspective, he should walk on the path that was most suitable for him because that was the most logical decision. Therefore, he didn't have to force himself on training the 9 Twist Golden Wall Technique

’’The path of body strengthening is slow and it expends a lot of resources, which would greatly decrease my cultivation speed.’’

The more Zhao Feng thought, the more reason he saw.

Apart from that, even 1st Elder, as an outsider, had seen that Zhao Feng had abnormal mental strength.

For the next few days, Zhao Feng fully prepared for the Floating Crest Trial as well as the participation spots.

There were only 10 people who could go, so the competition would be extremely fierce and many would be at the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm.

It wasn't just Zhao Feng who was working hard, the other inner disciples were all working hard as well. Lin Fan would sometimes come over to spar with Zhao Feng.

Ever since they had completed the previous mission, Lin Fan had used the generous reward to help himself reach the 2nd Sky and he had easily beat Xu Ren a few days ago.

One had to know that Xu Ren, who had reached the 3rd Sky half a month ago, wasn't Lin Fan's match.

Lin Fan's talent wasn't high, but he was like Zhao Feng. They both had integrity and immense battle power, which allowed them to fight others who were higher ranked than them.

Zhao Feng and Lin Fan started to exchange moves in their courtyards.

Backwave Sword Manual!

Lin Fan gripped a simple old fashioned sword and swiped it like he was chopping through waves of water.

’’High tier Mortal skill, I can't believe you've learnt it so quickly!’’

Zhao Feng laughed lightly and he used his Lightning Wind Palm, which pushed Lin Fan back. The latter not only had a High tier Mortal sword skill, he also had a Low-grade Mortal weapon and Zhao Feng needed 70% of his strength to beat Lin Fan in 20 or so moves.

One had to know that other cultivators at the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm wouldn't even last a few moves, even if Zhao Feng only used 70% of his strength.

’’Thank you, Brother Zhao for giving me this sword skill... but even so I'm still not your match.’’

Lin Fan was grateful and slightly bitter at the same time.

Even though he had received a lot of primal crystal stones and contribution points, they still weren't enough for a High tier Mortal skill.

Zhao Feng thought that Lin Fan was trustworthy, so he gave the Backwash Sword Manual which he had gotten from the Hollow Building and no one would be suspicious due to the massive reward they had received.

’’Zhao Feng, your strength is close to the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm and there's definitely no problem with you getting a spot. But why don't buy a weapon to increase your strength?’’

Lin Fan suggested.


Zhao Feng's heart moved, because his Golden Stairs Bow wasn't suitable for him anymore. Plus the Floating Crest Trial was coming up, so he should get a weapon to increase his overall strength.

Thinking up to here, Zhao Feng walked towards the Clan Mission division.

Clan Mission division.

Zhao Feng saw Vice Head Zhang and immediately told him his purpose.

’’I can give you 20% off here.’’ Old man Zhang laughed.

20% off?

Zhao Feng's eyes became a line due to his smile, 20% off wasn't something anyone could get.

Soon, old man Zhang led Zhao Feng to the weapons hall.

Blacksmiths all worked in the Clan Mission division and there were certain zones for exchanging.

The lines of weapons of all different kinds: bright, shiny, sharp... They made Zhao Feng's eyes blur.


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