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King Of Gods - Chapter 158


Chapter 158 - 9 Twist Golden Wall Technique

For one and a half months, the Broken Moon Clan searched the Xing family area, but there was no sign of the corpse.

The search area increased bit by bit, but the chances of finding it became smaller.

The 3 Elders finally left one by one and over half of the disciples left.

Zhao Feng was also in the group that returned to the Broken Moon Clan.

3 days later, the elite members of the Clan left.

A weird 'thok thok' sound could be heard from under a grave in the Xing family place.

If one surveyed the area from above, they would see a weird scene:

The blood of the corpses had all sunk into the soil and formed a queer that path, which met up at the end. These corpses were all those who had died in the Xing family and although they had been burnt to ashes, their blood had already fallen into the soil.

Being one of the biggest families, the average grown man's cultivation was at least at the 2nd rank of the Consolidated Realm or higher.

’’Zhe zhe zhe... the most dangerous place is the safest place. The Blood Plague Essence Gathering Array had been set up a few months ago - it was in my plans to be found out by the Clan.’’

A Silver Striped Blood Corpse lifted itself off the ground. Being a Blood Corpse Protector. it had lived for hundreds of years and it had exceeded the limits of 'human' and turned to a 'half-dead'. Therefore, his lifespan was also several times higher than others at the True Spirit Realm...

After seeing the sun again, the Silver Striped Blood Corpses' aura was much stronger than before and it had recovered its strength back to the 5th Sky of the Ascended Realm.

The Silver Striped Blood Corpse smiled wickedly and it licked its lips.

In his plan. he already knew that the Clan would search for him, but the only problem was Zhao Feng.

The more he thought about how he had given all his possessions to that brat the angrier he got. However, he didn't know that he had also walked near the doors of death.

Zhao Feng became extremely low key after getting his reward and he didn't use his left eye when searching. Or else Zhao Feng would be able to find the Blood Plague Essence Gathering Array in the soil.


A few days later.

The group of elites returned to Sky Moon Mountain.

From far away, Zhao Feng could see the Floating Crest Palace amidst the lightning.

’’There's still two more months till the Floating Crest Trial starts.’’

A few of the disciples looked at the azure palace with expectancy.

The date of the Floating Crest Palace was closing in and this Trial was a turning point for the disciples who didn't have a strong background. If they grasped this chance well, they could change their destiny.

’’I must enter the Floating Crest Trial.’’ Zhao Feng's decision couldn't be swayed.

The once every 5 years Clan examination, as well as the once every 5 years Floating Crest Trial were both extremely important. If one missed any of them, they would be left behind and 5 years was too long for Zhao Feng.

Ever since Zhao Feng had merged with the mysterious left eye, his path had been great: Entered the Guanjun Palace after a few months at the Zhao family and he had entered the Clan after a few months at the Guanjun Palace.

After a few months in this Clan, he had reached this height.

One year ago, he was only 13 years old, not even 14 back at the Zhao family. One year later, he had successfully entered the Clan at only 14 years of age.

The destiny of one changed like so. Or else, Zhao Feng wouldn't be able to reach the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm from the 1st rank of the Consolidation Realm in a year.

His cultivation could be compared with the prodigies in the Clans.

After returning, Zhao Feng parted ways with Lin Fan and co.

Lin Fan was the last to leave: ’’Brother Zhao, you not only saved me many times this mission, you also gave me such rewards. Such gratitude shall be repaid.’’

Sending Lin Fan away with his eyes, Zhao Feng with into deep thought.

He didn't have many friends in the Clan and Nan Gongfan as well as Yang Qingshan weren't strong.

It was Lin Fan who had woken before Xiao Sun and Xu Ren, meaning that he had a strong will. The two worked great together as well. When Zhao Feng had mysteriously disappeared, only Lin Fan had questioned Huang Yun. Lin Fan didn't know that this one thought of Zhao Feng's changed his destiny.


In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed by and the Broken Moon Clan settled down. The news of finding a Scarlet Moon stronghold spread to the 12 other Clans and they all discussed what to do.

Of course, this had nothing to do with Zhao Feng anymore.

The first thing he did was to buy cultivation resources with his contribution points and primal crystal stones to increase his cultivation.

After reaching the 10th level of the Silver Wall Technique, the progressing speed slowed down dramatically, like the speed of a snail.

The 11th level was the highest level and one could obtain a perfect body.

From its description, when one reached the 11th level, they could face cultivators at the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm with just their body alone.

Zhao Feng thought that he needed to spend 100-200 substandard primal crystal stones to achieve this. But after spending near 1000 primal crystal stones, the goal still wasn't reached.

Spending near a thousand primal crystal stones and thousands of contribution points only pushed him to the peak 10th level, half a step from the 11th.

Zhao Feng sighed and he couldn't believe that after using so many precious resources, the progression of his body strengthening technique was still slow. There weren't many cultivators who focused on body strengthening because it was just too hard.

’’I still have 22000 or so substandard primal crystal stones left. I should be able to succeed if I spend another 500.’’ Zhao Feng calculated.

He did get a decent reward from the mission last time, but the primal crystal stones needed to be used wisely, especially as the Floating Crest Trial was coming up.

If he bought the materials and created the pills himself, Zhao Feng could save a lot of primal crystal stones. But every second right now was precious.

The Floating Crest Trial was most important. He didn't regret spending these primal crystal stones.

A few days later.

Zhao Feng's Silver Wall Technique finally reached the 11th level.

To achieve this, he spent around 2000 substandard primal crystal stones which was around 20 low-grade primal crystal stones.

Of course, the increase in strength was great as well.

’’Perfect body.’’

Zhao Feng sat cross-legged on the ground and he circulated his body strengthening technique. Instantly, a thin layer of silver appeared on his body, which sent off a dense aura.

He was able to fight those at the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm with just his body alone. His defence was also terrifying, he could be thrown into a fire and he would be unharmed in a short amount of time.

While Zhao Feng trained his body strengthening technique, he was also working on his Heavenly Wind God Technique, the High tier Mortal skill. He had trained it to the 4th level out of 6 and the higher level one reached, the purer their True Force was.

After reaching the 4th level, the purity was comparable to those at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm, but it lacked in quantity.

It was hard to imagine that Zhao Feng's True Force was as pure as those who were at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm.

In the past month, both Silver Wall Technique and Heavenly Wind God Technique had increased steadily and it was the Lightning Wind Palm that progressed slowly.

The Lightning Wind Palm was also split into 6 levels and Zhao Feng remained on the 3rd, just half a step away from the 4th.

’’Once I reach the 4th level, my attacks can numb the enemy.’’

Zhao Feng longed to reach this level, but from the 4th level onwards, Lightning was the most important part and Zhao Feng hadn't interpreted Lightning much.

There was another reason and that was because the Lightning Wind Palm was too rough, so Zhao Feng carefully tried to improve it with his left eye.

Of course, his Lightning Wind Palm was at the peak 3rd level and it could reach the 4th level anytime.

Time flew by fast and there was only one month left till the Floating Crest Trial.

Zhao Feng felt that his body strengthening, cultivation and martial arts had all reached a bottleneck.

’’Silver Wall Technique has reached its limits. I wonder if I can get my hands on the 9 Twist Golden Wall Technique.’’ Zhao Feng thought.

According to what he knew, 9 Twist Golden Wall Technique was a peak tier Mortal skill that was heavily treasured by the Clan.

Zhao Feng had 50000 contribution points at hand and a Middle tier Mortal skill needed 5000.

Therefore, Zhao Feng decided to ask 1st Elder.

In name, 1st Elder was his Master. But in reality, the latter hadn't even spoken to Zhao Feng.

Usually, 1st Elder would call Yang Gan to tell Zhao Feng everything.

Today, 1st Elder was giving pointers to Yang Gan and Zhao Feng soon arrived.

’’9 Twist Golden Wall Technique?’’ 1st Elders' eyebrows rose.

’’Brother Zhao, 9 Twist Golden Wall Technique is a peak tier Mortal skill, don't you think you're being too rash?’’

Yang Gan smiled and shook his head, Zhao Feng was far too rash, even a core disciple like him didn't have the right to learn it.


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