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King Of Gods - Chapter 155


Chapter 155 - Reward

It was now up to the 8th move of the 10 moves.

Last two moves!

The spectators held their breaths as they focused on the scene.

The hearts of Xu Ren, Lin Fan and Xiao Sun trembled. Even though they had seen Zhao Feng's strength, they didn't realise that he was that strong.

Solemness also appeared on Hai Yun Master's handsome face.

Blade of Partial Moon!

Quan Chen took a deep breath as he gathered his True Force and condensed a scythe-shaped sword.


The air instantly started trembling, like that scythe was a symbol of death and it could take the lives of every living being. This move was Quan Chen's killing move and it was usually used only when facing and trying to kill cultivators at the same rank as him.

’’Good!’’ Zhao Feng exclaimed as he circulated his Lightning Wind Palm to its max.

Lightning Wind Destruction!

Zhao Feng thrust out his palm, which strikes of lightning could be seen on it.


A massive eruption sounded between the two figures.

At this time, Zhao Feng's True Force had almost surpassed the limit of the 1st Sky and his Lightning Wind Palm became even more powerful.

Teng! Teng!

Zhao Feng was pushed back a few steps, while Quan Chen only swayed a bit. The Blade of Chilling Moon had broken, but it soon formed again.

From the surface, it seemed Quan Chen had the upper hand because he was two Skies higher in cultivation and he had a High-class Mortal skill.

Zhao Feng thought that the power of Lightning Wind Palm wasn't any weaker than a High-class Mortal skill. But because of his limited cultivation, he could only use his Heavenly Wind Air Technique.

The Heavenly Wind Air Technique was a simplified version of his Heavenly Wind God Technique. And although the former had been trained to a high level, it's power was still a bit weaker.

But even, then Zhao Feng's performance had stunned everyone.

The 3 Elders looked at each other with surprise, it was hard to imagine that one could actually stand his ground against someone 2 ranks higher.

’’No wonder, Lightning Wind Palm is an almost forbidden skill. This kid's even trained it to the 3rd level and he has great comprehension but it's so regretful... ’’ Elder Xue said with sympathy.

’’Lightning Wind Palm? He's the brat that went to the Hollow Building last time?’’ 1st Elder hmphed coldly.

He had warned Zhao Feng for choosing this skill, but the latter had casually brushed him off. But thinking about it, no one that trained the Lightning Wind Palm was normal,so the 1st Elder didn't put it to heart.


’’Last move!’’

The nearby disciples exclaimed.

The two figures faced off and Quan Chen realised that he was too arrogant by saying ten moves because he had no way to retreat now.

Blade of the Half Moon!

Decisiveness appeared on Quan Chen's face as the Blade of the Partial Moon suddenly expanded. In an instant, the power of the Blade of the partial Moon doubled. Zhao Feng felt that he was in extreme danger, the power in the Blade of Half Moon had exceeded his limits, unless he used his bloodline power.

’’Not good! People might die!’’ Elder Xue's expression changed as he circulated his energy.

’’Elder Xue, when Zhao Feng faced the Blood Corpse Protector, it was also a life and death battle and it was probably much more terrifying than it is now.’’ Hai Yun Master's clear voice sounded in Elder Xue's mind.

The latter paused slightly and he looked at the youngest Elder weirdly. In this gap, the move was made and even Elder Xue didn't have the time to react.

1st Elder squinted his eyes and he didn't seem to have any intentions of interfering either.

Under the pressure, Zhao Feng's True Force was circulated to its maximum. His potential was being squeezed out on instinct.


Zhao Feng's body trembled as he felt himself reach a new level, like when he used the power of his bloodline.

2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm, success.

Every Sky would increase one's attributes and after 7 changes, one would reach the True Spirit Realm.

Lightning Wind Raging Dragon!

Zhao Feng roared as he used one of the most terrifying moves of the Lightning Wind Palm. Now that he had reached the 2nd Realm, he could barely manage to use it because this move was designed for those at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm.


The second Zhao Feng thrust out his palm, a 'snake dragon' was formed and sizzles of lightning could be seen from it. It was like this dragon could destroy everything.

Huang~ Boom-----

The mountains shook and parts of the wall fell down. This was a stronghold of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion and it was made from strong materials. If it was outside, a giant hole would already be made.

At this moment, the Blade of Half Moon clashed heavily with the Lightning Wind Raging Dragon.

Half a breath later.

The Blade of Half Moon broke inch by inch, while the Lightning Wind Raging Dragon exploded.

The two figures split apart, while at the same time, trying to escape from the point of exchange.

The chaotic energy became a whirlwind which could easily rip normal cultivators at the 4th Sky into shreds.

Not good!

Quan Chen panicked and Zhao Feng didn't have any intentions of helping him.


Elder Xue spat and a force came from the sky which immediately diffused the whirlpool.

An Elder at the True Spirit Realm had only said one word and he was able to suppress the wind.

This made Zhao Feng understand the power of those at the True Spirit Realm. They had really exceeded the limits of 'mortality' and became more of a 'spirit'.

Zhao Feng and Quan Chen were injured slightly, but nothing life threatening.

Quan Chen's face was extremely dim and thinking about how he had lost against a disciple of someone that he had crushed under his feet made him extremely frustrated.

All he had done the past few times was suppress him and if that failed, it didn't matter much. But this time, he had attacked and the Blade of Half Moon didn't even finish off the opponent. The thing that made Quan Chen most irritated was that Zhao Feng had reached the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm under his pressure.

Every Sky was like the difference in Sky and Earth - some people such as Lord Guanjun wouldn't be able to breakthrough in a lifetime.

Those that were under pressure had a higher chance of breaking through.

’’Tens moves have passed, thanks.’’ Zhao Feng said.

He was indeed able to counter Quan Chen in ten moves, but the opponent's cultivation was higher than his. And if Zhao Feng didn't use some of his killing moves, the final result wouldn't be good if they carried on.

The 3 Elders then discussed something in private.

At last, the 1st Elder spoke out: ’’Zhao Feng, your strength is indeed the 'strongest' in your group and you maintained a calm, smart mind during the mission which saved a lot of lives. You deserve to be praised.’’

The 3 Elders then decided which rewards to give.

The rewards were split into 2 parts: One was for the mission, and the other was for finding the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion and reporting it back to the Clan.

This mission was raised to 4 stars due to the dangers involved.

Therefore, the group's reward was raised from 100 substandard primal crystal stones and 100 contribution points to 2000 substandard primal crystal stone and 2000 contribution points.

Because Zhao Feng had performed spectacularly, he received another 1000 points

This meant that Zhao Feng would get 500 primal crystal stones and 1500 contribution points when split amongst the group.

These points had many uses in the Clan and they could be exchanged from weapons, skills, pills and other stuff. With enough contribution points, one could ask the Clan to do things for them such as getting pointers from an Elder.

All in all, contribution points could do almost anything.

’’Hahaha! With this much points, our strength will increase by leaps and bounds.’’

Xu Ren and the other two were all extremely excited. This was just the reward from the task apart from the spoils of war that could also be kept.

The massive reward that Zhao Feng received made Yuan Zhi and Quan Chen's expression extremely dim. One mission alone had given them this many primal crystal stones and Zhao Feng's contribution points had reached 1500, which made even Core disciples envious.

’’I can't believe Xu Ran,that old bastard, have another good disciples. Although his talent isn't high, his potential is.’’

Hai Yun Master's cold gaze swept over Zhao Feng and the latter immediately felt it. But Hai Yun Master didn't have killing intent, just wariness.

Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled and he made a decision.

’’3 Elders, this one has another thing to report.’’

Zhao Feng suddenly bowed to the 3 Elders, or more precisely to the 1st Elder. Instinct told him that the 1st Elder was the strongest of the 3.


1st Elder signalled him to continue.

Zhao Feng didn't say anything, but he took out a bag. Inside the bag was two items: a beast skin map and a broken blood coloured sword.

’’These two items were dropped by the Corpse when it ran away. I now present it to the Elders.’’

Zhao Feng handed the two items over solemnly. Just by looking at the items, one could tell that they weren't simple, especially the sword. Its aura made the expression of all 3 Elders change.

’’Spiritual weapon!’’

The breathing rate of all three Elders increased.

1st Elder reached out and touched the sword. Instantly, a wave of killing intent surged towards him.

His eyebrows rose and he sent out an overwhelming True Force that suppressed the killing intent.

’’This is probably the 'Blood Moon Devouring Spirit Sword' from several hundred years ago and it was near the High grade. Even now, it's at the Low grade.’’ The 1st Elder murmured.

Blood Moon Devouring Spirit Sword!

Both Elder Xue and Hai Yun Master had expressions of longing. Even they didn't have a Spiritual weapon.

’’From the marks on this map, this should lead to one of the 4 great inheritances - the Scarlet Moon Inheritance. This was created by the Scarlet Moon Patriarch hundreds of years ago and there's a total of 108 maps.’’ The 1st Elder said deeply.

Scarlet Moon Inheritance!

The expressions of both Elders once again changed.

At their level, they obviously knew what the Scarlet Moon Inheritance meant.


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