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King Of Gods - Chapter 153


Chapter 153 - Questioning

With Xing Chen being caught, this mission came to an end.

Next, they began to question him. He was pale white and was on his last breaths. He looked at Zhao Feng in fear.

After escaping from the cave luckily, Xing Chen used the familiar terrains to his advantage and he soon found a hidden resting spot. Xing Chen was sure that only he knew about the hiding spot. Furthermore, there were many traps and mechanisms here so that even if someone followed, he would know.

However, these traps and mechanisms were like air in front of this azure haired one-eyed youth. Zhao Feng didn't touch any of the traps and he had entered the hiding spot. Xing Chen immediately attacked when he saw Zhao Feng. Xing Chen thought that with his 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm cultivation, he would only need one move to win, even though he was severely injured.

However, it didn't go plan. Instead of beating the opponent in a few moves, he himself was caught by the azure haired youth in a few moves.

Thinking about how he had been caught alive by a youth at the 1st Sky of the Ascended Realm, Xing Chen was still full of shock and fear. Under their questioning, he answered everything.

It all started a few months ago.

At that time, he was as calm as usual and he was still at the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm.

On a certain day, Xing Chen was chasing a peak tier deadly beast and he found the Illusion array of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

He was proficient in arrays, so after spending a lot of time, he entered the array through its flaws.

’’... I was full of excitement and joy as I entered the cave. But I met the Protector of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion. At that time, the Protector was extremely weak because it had just woken up and it wasn't my match. But it was extremely cunning and used treasures to lure me.’’

Speaking up to here, Xing Cheng sighed, he was full of regret.

Zhao Feng could guess what the rest of the story was.

Xing Chen accidentally got hit by the corpse poison and he was threatened by the Blood Corpse sub-division Protector.

After that, Xing Chen listened to the orders of the Protector to live as well as increase his own cultivation.

In just a few months time, the Xing family head had reached the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm and he wanted to join the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

’’Where did the plague come from and what's its purpose?’’ Xu Ren asked suspiciously.

Xing Chen was full of bitterness: ’’The plague was spread by how the Protector ordered to and its purpose was to create blood essence pills as well as blood jade pills. At the same time, the plague could attract cultivators of the Ascended Realm and if everything went to plan, the Blood Jade pills could be made. Then the Protectors' injuries would heal a bit and it would recover its cultivation back to the 5th Sky of the Ascended Realm. At that time, we would leave the cave and find the other strongholds of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion... ’’

Knowing the truth, the four started to sweat. This mission was just a bait luring disciples of the Clan. This mission was at least at 4 stars, something that Yuan Zhi and Quan Chen didn't expect either.

Zhao Feng analysed that some of the information and reports on the mission were withheld.

Before they left, there were already several cultivators at the Ascended Realm who had came here, but they had mysteriously vanished and became blood essence pills.

The true danger involved was much greater than imagined and it was at least a 3 star mission.

Yuan Zhi and Quan Chen hid this and used Huang Yun to group Xu Ren and Xiao Sun together with Zhao Feng and Lin Fan.

It could be imagined that Huang Yun, Xu Ren and Xiao Sun would suppress Zhao Feng in the mission. Huang Yun listened to Yuan Zhi and his aim was to take care off Zhao Feng. Lin Fan was extremely unlucky and he was sent on this mission as well.


No one was idiots here and knowing what had happened, the truth began to surface.

The lucky thing was that Zhao Feng had turned the tide and saved everyone.

’’Lin Fan and Xiao Sun, you two return to the Sky Moon Mountain and tell the high authorities of the Clan everything. I'll stay here with Brother Zhao Feng to guard this place and the prisoner.’’ Vice leader Xu Ren said.

This was decided by him and Zhao Feng.

After Huang Yun's death, Zhao Feng became the core of the group and everyone else was grateful to him. Because Lin Fan and Xiao Sun's strength were low, they were sent back to the Broken Moon Clan. Since Zhao Feng and Xu Ren were stronger, they would guard the prisoner and the stronghold.

In this period, Zhao Feng and Xu Ren ravaged the cave and they found many resources and primal crystal stones.

’’A total of 23 low-grade primal crystal stones, 98 resources, 100 or so broken mortal weapons... ’’

Zhao Feng and Xu Ren placed the spoils of war in categories.

The primal crystal stones were all low grade and every stone was worth 100 substandard primal crystal stones.

23 low grade primal crystal stones meant 2300 substandard primal crystal stones. That alone surpassed the reward.

The remaining resources and mortal weapons were all expensive and they summed up to a total of 100 low-grade primal crystal stones, which was 10000 substandard primal crystal stones.

’’Hahaha! Brother Zhao, we're rich!’’

Xu Ren was overjoyed.

The spoils of war were a large amount of wealth for the 4. One had to know that normal inner disciples only received 10 substandard primal crystal stones and according to the rules, the spoils of war were split amongst the group.

Even if they split it evenly, Zhao Feng estimated that he would get at least 30 low grade primal crystal stones. They contained pure energy, which was great for cultivating.

As for these spoils of war, Zhao Feng didn't really mind. The only thing that he felt troublesome was the broken blood coloured sword.

The price of a Spiritual Weapon couldn't be estimated and it was extremely treasured by the Clans.

The broken blood coloured sword was useless in his hands and on the contrary, it would only cause him trouble.

Zhao Feng was thinking about how he could gain the greatest profit from this broken blood coloured sword.


A few days later, Lin Fan and Xiao Sun returned to the Clan and told them everything about the stronghold of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

This news shocked the whole Broken Moon Clan.

The Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion was a giant power several hundred years ago and every force feared this religion. The Broken Moon Clan was only a tiny Clan in this continent and it was an ant in front of the true Sects.

Now, a stronghold of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion had been found in their borders. After hearing the news, several Elders leading a group of elite disciples headed straight to the Xing family.

Zhao Feng and Xu Ren guarded the Scarlet Moon Demonic Cave for 4-5 days and nothing happened. On the last night, the people from the Broken Moon Clan arrived.

From far away, Zhao Feng could already feel 3 terrifying mental strengths closing in.

’’Greetings Elder!’’

Zhao Feng and Xu Ren immediately bowed because the three were all at the True Spirit Realm.

The person in the middle was an old man, who seemed like a god as a layer of green wind surrounded him which soon faded away.

Of the three, this person's aura was the strongest.

Seeing this person, Xu Ren's heart skipped a beat: ’’1st... 1st Elder!’’

1st Elder held one of the highest positions in the Clan and he had almost the same authority as the Clan Master.

On the left of the 1st Elder was a man clad in gold. This person was familiar and Zhao Feng soon realised that he was the Elder Xue from the talent testing and Sun Yuanhao's master.

On the right hand side was a handsome man in white. After seeing this Elder, Zhao Feng's left eye jumped.

The youngest Elder of the Broken Moon Clan!

Hai Yun Master!

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. He had imagined that he would meet Hai Yun Master one day, but he didn't expect it to be so early.

1st Elder, Elder Xue, Hai Yun Master.

The three Elders led a group of elites and they went straight into the cave, In the group, Zhao Feng saw some familiar figures such as Yuan Zhi and Quan Chen.


Yuan Zhi and Quan Chen came to Hai Yun Master's left and right.

The disciples started searching from the inside out and the area in which they searched slowly increased.

Their aim was the Blood Corpse sub-division Protector.

Xing Chen had also been held and questioned by the 3 at the True Spirit Realm. In front of those at the True Spirit Realm, Xing Chen didn't dare lie and he told the truth.

Zhao Feng, Xu Ren, Xiao Sun and Lin Fan were all questioned since they were the ones who found this place.

Amongst them,l Zhao Feng was questioned the most.

Firstly, Zhao Feng was the one who broke the array. Secondly, he was the the one who saw the Silver Striped Blood Corpse run away. Thirdly, the entire process was saw by him and him only.


This meant that Zhao Feng had seen what the others had seen and he saw what the others didn't see. Especially at the end when everyone had just fainted leaving behind only Zhao Feng to face the corpse.

Zhao Feng's explanation was that the Silver Striped Blood Corpses' old injuries had once again opened and he was pushed back.

’’Zhao Feng! Your cultivation is the lowest of the group, so how did you last till the end? How could you block the corpse poison? How did you control the entire situation?’’

Yuan Zhi laughed coldly and he sent his aura crushing down.

Hearing this, the eyes of all 3 Elders all flashed.

That's right! Zhao Feng was suspicious!

Under everyone's gazes, Zhao Feng was extremely calm: ’’It's simple...’’


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