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King Of Gods - Chapter 152


Chapter 152 - Success

Zhao Feng looked at the spoils of war in front of him - blood pills, beast skin map, blood sword. But he didn't let the Silver Striped Blood Corpse leave immediately and the latter obviously knew Zhao Feng's meaning.

’’These are Blood Essence Pills that have been created from hundreds of cultivators at the 7th rank of the Consolidated Realm or higher, 4 cultivators at the Ascended Realm and tens of different rare plants. It has a certain effect for those under the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm. At the same time, it can dissolve the poison in your friends' bodies.’’ The Silver Striped Blood Corpse explained.

Zhao Feng looked and saw that there was 4 perfect pills. It was hard to imagine that these tiny little things were created by hundreds of lives, just thinking about it made his heart cold.

’’Why didn't you eat these and recover your strength?' Zhao Feng asked suspiciously.

The Corpse smiled bitterly: ’’These Blood Essence Pills only affect those under the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm. The Great Lord, I, only needed a few more resources to make the Blood Jade Pills, which were a whole new level better. But now all these are yours.’’

Hearing this, Zhao Feng smelled the Blood Essence Pill and he instantly became disdainful: ’’The refining technique of the Blood Essence Pills is absolutely s***. Although this pill can improve one's cultivation in a short amount of time, it would cause hidden injuries to the body.’’

Zhao Feng was proficient in pill making. Just whiffing and touching the pills alone allowed him to guess the properties.

The Silver Striped Blood Corpse paused. It didn't think that the troublesome brat in front of him would know how to create pills and mock his refining technique at the same time.

’’Ignorant youngster! I didn't have any items to create these pills. They are extremely good!’’

The Silver Striped Blood Corpse had gone almost crazy. When had it ever been mocked by such a brat? Especially when its forte was pill making.

One could create pills without a pill furnace?

Zhao Feng looked at the Silver Striped Blood Corpse with a surprised expression on his face.

’’This beast skin map is incomplete, but it has connections to a mysterious treasure. I've studied it for tens and tens of years to no avail, so it doesn't really matter if I give it to you.’’ The Silver Striped Blood Corpse continued.

Zhao Feng saw that the the map was incomplete and the drawing was like a maze, it was hard to find the real path.


His left eye flashed and the contents on the beast skin were copied into his mind.

The last item was the blood coloured broken sword. Just touching the sword lightly made Zhao Feng's heart feel cold and experience strong killing intent, and that killing intent almost made him lose consciousness.

At the last moment, his left eye gave off a deep, ancient aura which suppressed the killing intent.

’’What a terrifying aura.’’

Zhao Feng couldn't estimate what grade the weapon was. The Silver Striped Blood Corpse was slightly disappointed. It didn't think that Zhao Feng, a youngster only at the 1st Sky of the Ascended Realm, would be able to withstand the aura from a Spiritual weapon.

’’It is a broken Spiritual Grade Weapon. When complete, it was near the High grade. But now it's only a Low grade weapon and it can only be used by those at the True Spirit Realm or higher.’’

The Silver Striped Blood Corpse looked unwillingly at the blood coloured sword.

Spiritual Weapon? Near the High grade!?

Zhao Feng was shocked as he now knew what grade the weapon was at. According to what he knew, the Broken Moon Clan did have Spiritual weapons but they were probably only Low grade Spiritual weapons and they were treasured by the Clan.

In this world, items were split into different grades Mortal, Spiritual, Earth and Sky.

Spiritual weapons were technically the highest category weapons that one could see in this continent and they had devastating power.

Xu Ren's Jinyue Sword was only a Low grade Spiritual weapon, but it increased his battle power dramatically.

The Golden Stairs Bow Zhao Feng had was only a half Mortal weapon. Mortal weapons were treasured weapons and Middle grade or higher weapons couldn't be found in the markets.

’’Unfortunately, it's a Spiritual weapon... ’’

Zhao Feng was slightly regretful and he didn't have any greed nor joy in his heart. A Spiritual weapon was too high level for him and it was virtually useless. Even if he was able to use it, the sword would probably suck out all his power.

Furthermore, this sword wasn't simple;it could suck people's consciousness.

If Zhao Feng had a choice, he would rather choose a whole low grade Mortal weapon or even a Middle grade Mortal weapon instead.


After the spoils of war were gathered, Zhao Feng immediately followed the the Silver Striped Blood Corpse. When the latter walked past Lin Fan and co., a piercing glow shot out of Zhao Feng's left eye.

The Silver Striped Blood Corpse thought that the power of the ancient bloodline was indeed terrifying;any small move that it made was found out.

It had old injuries as well as new injuries, which made it extremely weak. It was scared that it would be killed by Zhao Feng, so it didn't make any rash moves.

Zhao Feng followed it until the corpse reached the entrance of the cave.

’’Youngster, was this array broken by you?’’ The Silver Striped Blood Corpse suddenly asked as it saw the broken array outside.

’’That's right, what else do you have to say?’’

Facing the Silver Striped Blood Corpse, Zhao Feng still felt a great pressure on him and he didn't dare let his guard down. The opponent was a monster that had lived for hundred of years and was a Protector in the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, which could kill him with a wave of his hands back at its peak.

’’Brat, your talent is far too great for your Clan. If you have the interest, you can enter the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion. I believe that the Religion will once again sweep across the continent... ’’

’’No thanks, goodbye!’’

Zhao Feng cut the Silver Striped Corpses' words off. But the latter wasn't surprised at all and it turned into a red figure as it sped out of the cave and merged into the night.

’’Zhe zhe... Brat surnamed Zhao, the Great Lord, I, have remembered you.’’

Before it left, a wicked laugh sounded.

Zhao Feng's expression changed slightly. But thinking that the Silver Striped Blood Corpse would first find somewhere to hide, it wouldn't appear for quite a while. Furthermore, this was in the territories of the Broken Moon Clan and if the Corpse was found, it would be killed by the 13 Clans combined.


Zhao Feng returned to the cave and went to Lin Fan and co.

The three had all fought hard battles and they were tired. The addition of the corpse poison made them faint.

Zhao Feng lifted them up and put them against the wall.

’’Brother Zhao, where did that corpse go?’’

Lin Fan was somehow the first to awaken. At this moment, Zhao Feng had put his eyepatch back on and he was still the same old, one-eyed azure haired youth.

’’The old injuries of the Silver Striped Blood Corpse came back mid-battle and it ran away.’’ Zhao Feng just simply said.

Lin Fan looked at him deeply, but he didn't say anything. He remembered an azure-haired youth taking off his eyepatch facing the corpse before he fainted. Even while he had fainted, he could feel the shaking outside. Furthermore, there were signs of battle nearby.

Lin Fan knew that the battle that was going on while he had fainted wasn't that simple.

Soon, Xiao Sun and Xu Ren both woke. The stronger one's will was, the faster they woke and Lin Fan had the strongest will. After waking up, the corpse poison still spread out throughout their bodies and the three tried eating the Detoxification pills from the Clan. But it was to no avail.

’’It's probably too late to call the Clan for help now. We need at least a few days time to return to Sky Moon Mountain... and we've already been infected by the poison, which makes it hard for us to move... ’’

The three were in despair and fear.

’’Brother Zhao! If we can't find the method to save us in 3 days, kill us!’’ Lin Fan grinded his teeth.

Once the corpse poison went into their bones, they would become zombies that lost all consciousness and they would attack anything they saw.

’’Brother Zhao, why haven't you been poisoned?’’ Xu Ren asked curiously.

’’Maybe it's because my body is different.’’

Zhao Feng took three blood essence pills out and handed it over.

What's this?

Lin Fan, Xiao Sun and Xu Ren took over the pills with hesitation.

’’This was dropped by the Blood Corpse Sub-division Protector when it escaped. I've analysed the contents and it can diffuse your poison as well increase your cultivation.’’ Zhao Feng explained.

Hearing this,Xu Ren and Xiao Sun were both hesitant... did they dare to eat the pills from the Corpse?

’’I believe in Brother Zhao! If we're going to die anyways, why not try it!?’’

Lin Fan decisively ate the blood essence pill. Soon, a surge of pure energy appeared from Lin Fan.

’’This pill is indeed effective! Not only did it diffuse the poison, it also increase my cultivation!’’ Lin Fan said and he was overjoyed.

Xu Ren and Xiao Sun were both stunned. They immediately ate the blood essence pills and they found that it could indeed diffuse the poison.

’’This Blood Essence Pill is probably a true Spiritual pill and it is much better than Marrow Cleansing Pills.’’

Zhao Feng silently took the last pill. He knew about the blood essence pill. Although it could increase one's cultivation in a short amount of time, the foundation wouldn't be solid so it wasn't good to overtake them. Furthermore, the Silver Striped Blood Corpse didn't use a pill furnace when refining these, so their standard wasn't high. Therefore, Zhao Feng generously gave out 3 for them to diffuse their poison.

Xu Ren and co. were extremely grateful towards Zhao Feng and their feuds from before were gone. If Zhao Feng wasn't here on this mission, they would've died many times.

Half a day later.

Everyone had diffused the poison in their bodies and the strong medicinal energy from the blood essence pill increased their body's attributes.

Zhao Feng estimated that he would need a few more days to reach the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm.

’’This mission will probably rise to 4 stars. Plus, we've also found a stronghold of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion!’’

Xiao Sun was extremely excited, it was like he could already see the Clan heavily rewarding him. Everyone was laughing and they weren't sympathetic towards Huang Yun's death.

’’If we was to perfectly complete this mission, I think we should capture Xing Chen.’’ Lin Fan suggested.

’’That's simple.’’

Zhao Feng was completely confident because he knew that the Xing family head was seriously injured and he wouldn't be able to run far.

As he finished his sentence, Zhao Feng immediately left the cave.

Half an hour later.

Zhao Feng brought back Xing Chen, who was on his last breaths, back to the cave.

This scene caused everyone's jaws to drop.

That was way too fast!

It was hard to imagine what kind of tracking skills Zhao Feng had.

In reality, Zhao Feng had already memorised the entire layout of the Xing family before he entered the place. And with his left eye, he saw the tracks of Xing Chen's hurried footsteps.


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