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King Of Gods - Chapter 151


Chapter 151 - Power of Bloodline

One breath... Two breaths... Three breaths...

Zhao Feng stood calmly where he was and there was no sign of any abnormalities.

The Silver Striped Blood Corpse waited for a full ten breaths, but nothing happened to Zhao Feng. On the contrary, the latter's face became even redder.

How was this possible?

Shock appeared on the Silver Striped Blood Corpses' face. Even though it had slept for a few hundred years and its strength was weakened, it could easily defeat cultivators under the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm.

But Zhao Feng was standing in front of it, unharmed. In reality, when the corpse poison spread throughout Zhao Feng's body, the azure blood circulated in his body and destroyed the poison instantly.

As for the remaining time, Zhao Feng circulated his True Force to heal himself.

’’It looks like this corpse poison is just so-so.’’

Zhao Feng felt incredible - the strong corpse poison was like ice in the blazing sun when it met the azure blood.

’’What kind of freak is this brat!?’’

The pupils of the Silver Striped Blood Corpse contracted and different emotions flashed across its face. It was a monster that had lived for hundreds of years after all and soon laughed wickedly: ’’Kid, even though you can counter the corpse poison, how long do you think you can last against me alone?’’

The battle just then had proved everything. Even the 5 together couldn't win.

’’Then let's see... ’’ Zhao Feng murmured as he took off the eye patch expressionlessly.


The corpse had just realised that Zhao Feng had used only one eye before.

After the eyepatch was taken off, an azure eye appeared. There seemed to be a bottomless abyss inside it...

’’That eye... ’’

The heart of the corpse shook and it stared at Zhao Feng's eye, like it was attracted by the abyss.


A pair of blood red eyes clashed with a pure azure eye.

The power of mental energy swept through the air and the Silver Striped Blood Corpse felt like its eyes had been sliced by a knife, which instantly crushed its own mental energy.

This meant that even though the corpse had a certain amount of advantage, in terms of mental energy, it was countered by Zhao Feng.

So strong! What a weird power...

Zhao Feng suppressed the excitement in his heart. The power of his left eye had been finally revealed.

At this moment, the left eye went into enhanced-vision mode.

Zhao Feng could see wind, dust, particles and light. He could even see the organs of the Silver Striped Blood Corps.

The sharpness of the left eye could even see through rock and just a casual scan of the area allowed Zhao Feng find many valuable treasures. The clothes of the Silver Striped Blood Corpse, the ring on its thumb and items hiding in a bag.

It felt like he had the power to control everyone.

The Silver Striped Blood Corpse gave a cold hiccup. Somehow, he suddenly remembered the day when he had met the Scarlet Moon Patriarch a few hundred years ago.

Even though he was a Protector of a sub-division, he only got to see the Patriarch once. But he would never forget the pair of eyes.

At this moment, he felt the same feeling again.

Lightning Wind Palm!

Zhao Feng's figure rushed over and aimed at the left side of the Corpses' chest with faster, more precise power.

’’How... how does he know where I was severely injured?’’

The heart of the Silver Striped Blood Corpse trembled.

The same move, same True Force, used by the same person had a totally different power.

Zhao Feng felt like he had entered a new level where every move had increased and power. The parts that he attacked were also the places where the Silver Striped Blood Corpse had been injured before.


Zhao Feng clashed head on with the Silver Striped Blood Corpse. But this time, Zhao Feng's Lightning Wind Palm followed a certain path and it headed straight towards the severely injured heart of the corpse.

Teng! Teng!

The two figures soon split up. Under the difference in cultivation, Zhao Feng was forced back as his blood boiled. The expression of the Silver Striped Blood Corpse changed dramatically, however it was like it had lost.

Burning Wind Stance!

Zhao Feng circulated his Heavenly Wind God Technique, which enveloped him in a ball of blazing flame. It was just enlightenment, but it was like a volcanic eruption.

At that moment, the temperature rose and the air seemed to be compressed to its limit. The power of the Burning Wind Stance was on par with the Lightning Wind Palm. But Zhao Feng had comprehended more of 'Wind' and this allowed him to threaten those at the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm when he used the Heavenly Wind God Technique with it.

Pah-- Beng~~

A chaotic bang sounded and an airwave swept up everything in a ten yards radius and shook the cave.

The figure of Zhao Feng and the Silver Striped Blood Corpses once again split.

’’Brat, you can f*** off, but give the other kids to me for a Blood Sacrifice.’’

The Silver Striped Blood Corpse took a deep breath and it finally backed down. After sleeping for hundreds of years, its power had dropped dramatically - not even one-twentieth of its peak strength. The fact that it was already severely injured made the situation even worse.

’’You can f*** off out of the cave and leave the ring as well as the bag behind and I'll let you live.’’

A sharp azure glow appeared on Zhao Feng's left eye as he retorted.

’’Ring? Bag? You're courting death!!’’

The Silver Striped Blood Corpse first paused, then it howled in rage and anger as a purple flame appeared on its palm.

Zhao Feng stared at the purple flame on the Silver Striped Corpse's' hand with a stunned expression.

Apparently, when one reached the True Spirit Realm, they could condense their own Origin of Life True Flame, which was the essence of energy.

Of course, the Silver Striped Blood Corpse was severely injured and it couldn't condense its True Flame, it was just using the remaining energy in its body.


The Silver Striped Blood Corpse laughed brutally and it turned into a blur as it swept towards Zhao Feng's head.

The terrifying power made Zhao Feng's heart jump.

Burning Wind Stance!

Zhao Feng exclaimed as an azure blood exited from his body and merged with his Heavenly Wind True Force.

His power, senses and energy rose dramatically.

The original Heavenly Wind True Force miraculously reached a new level and the instant the palm was thrust out, one could almost see the azure flame burning everything in its path.


The purple flame in the Silver Striped Blood Corpses' palm only lasted half a breath before it was extinguished!

Teng! Teng! Teng!

The Corpse retreated step by step and stared at the azure blood circulating Zhao Feng with shock and fear: ’’Blood of the Ancient... ’’


The azure flame suddenly exploded and it sent the corpse flying. The corpse smashed heavily into the wall, which caused it to tremble slightly.


The Silver Striped Blood Corpse spat out a mouthful of blood due to both injuries as it looked at Zhao Feng in with a stunned expression: ’’Bloodline of the Ancient, azure eye... Which ancient race is he from? When did the Azure Continent have such pure ancient bloodline?’’

Ancient Bloodline?

The azure blood around Zhao Feng's body slowly went back inside his body.

’’This power is called the Bloodline of the Ancient?’’

Through his left eye, Zhao Feng could easily control this power and when it merged with the Burning Wind Stance and Heavenly Wind God Technique, it was terrifying.

Zhao Feng could confirm the move just then had severely injured the Silver Striped Blood Corpse.

All he needed to do now was conserve his strength.

’’Ignorant youngster, it looks like you still don't know anything about the treasure you have in your body. Bloodline of the Ancient is one of the strongest bloodlines.’’

The Silver Striped Blood Corpse managed to pick itself up from the wall.

’’Bloodline power... then why does the Clan only mention talent with 'spiritual bodies' and not 'Bloodlines'?’’ Zhao Feng murmured with curiosity.

’’Do you know how precious bloodlines are? Even the weakest, most trash bloodline is comparable to a Peak grade Spiritual Body and there's virtually no way of measuring or testing for a bloodline before it's awakened.’’ The Silver Striped Blood Corpse smiled mockingly.

No wonder.

Zhao Feng slowly circulated his True Force and his azure blood, getting ready to attack the corpse once again.

’’Brat, stop! Even if you use your bloodline power, the most you can do is die with me.’’

Decisiveness flashed in the Silver Striped Blood Corpses' eyes.

If Zhao Feng really forced the corpse into a desperate situation, the latter might use unpredictable moves.

’’You're severely injured and you're not as fast as me. If we fight bit by bit and waste both our energy, the chances of you dying is greater than mine. Furthermore, we are in the Broken Moon Clan's territory.’’ Zhao Feng said calmly.

The Silver Striped Blood Corpse paused for a second before grinding its teeth. If Zhao Feng was to shamelessly waste his strength, he really might die.

’’Brat, what do you want?’’ The Silver Striped Blood Corpse said angrily.

’’Leave behind the ring on your hand and the contents of the bag.’’

Zhao Feng's left eye was as sharp as a knife as it could see all the secrets of the Corpse. He could determine which items were the most valuable in the cave.

’’You can have everything else, but this ring is the identification object of a Protector. Even if you take it, the uses are limited and others will kill you for it.’’

The Silver Striped Blood Corpse suppressed the anger in its heart. When was he forced into such a situation by an ant at the 1st Sky of the Ascended Realm? But thinking about it, the opponent had the bloodline of the Ancient and he was a lucky child of the Heavens, he would become a Prodigy later on.

This made the corpse feel slightly better.

Zhao Feng thought without absolute strength, he shouldn't force the opponent too much. So he nodded his head in agreement.

Soon, the Silver Striped Blood Corpse took out a bag containing a few crystal blood coloured pills, a beast skin map and a broken blood coloured sword.

When the corpse handed out these items, unwillingness and hurt could be seen on its face.


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