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King Of Gods - Chapter 149


Chapter 149 - Scarlet Moon Demonic Cave (2)

The Silver Striped Blood Corpse slowly stood up from the dried pond like a person being revived revived. At the same time, it released a chilling aura.


The entire cave started to shake, like the wicked energy was too strong.

Huang Yun and the others couldn't breathe nor did they think to resist.

’’Forgive me, Sire!’’

Huang Yun, at the very front, kneeled on to the ground in fear.

’’Huang Yun! How dare you bow down to demonic spawn!?’’

Xu Ren and the other three felt shameful and cold.

The leader had already surrendered, which made their group's power drop dramatically.

Huang Yun kneeled on the ground begging for the Silver Striped Blood Corpses forgiveness and he didn't respond to the other youths' cursing.

Always stand on the stronger side - this was Huang Yun's law.

He had heard about Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion and any bottom class member could kill them. Furthermore, the Silver Striped Blood Corpses tone and aura made it like it held a high authority within the Religion. Anyone that held high authority in the Demonic Religion could easily destroy a clan such as the Broken Moon Clan.

’’Hahahaha... Brats, this Sire here is one of the 108 Protectors of the Blood Corpse Sub-division. If you guys surrender right now, you may have a slim chance of survival.’’

Xing Chen's brutal face reappeared from the corner.

’’Huang Yun greets Lord Protector and is willing to serve him.’’

Joy appeared on Huang Yun's face as the latter bowed down his head showing his loyalty. There was apparently 12 divisions and 108 Sub-divisions across the Religion which had once almost controlled the continent.

Any Sub-division of the 108 Sub-divisions could destroy the Thirteen Countries, even the two other big strong countries wouldn't be able to resist. From this, it could be seen how strong a Sub-division was.

And the Silver Striped Blood Corpse was the Blood Corpses' Protector, just one rank below the Sub-division Leader. A few hundred years ago, even the Broken Moon Clan Master would have to listen to him.

’’What should we do?’’

Xu Ren panicked and he looked at Zhao Feng. He didn't know why he would question this one-eyed azure haired youth.

From the beginning of the mission till now, only Zhao Feng had a calm and composed attitude, which caused the others to admire him. It was because of him that the group had survived up to now and entered the Scarlet Moon Demonic Cave.

Of the five of them, only Zhao Feng could maintain his calmness.

Inside the dimension of his left eye.

The ancient aura inside merged with the faint azure blood and blocked the pressure.


Zhao Feng suddenly reached out and hit Lin Fan's shoulder.

Lin Fan's heart shook and he felt an agile, cold True Force go through his body and help block the pressure.He looked in gratitude at Zhao Feng and stood up slowly. Lin Fan that he had beaten the fear in his heart.

’’Get up!’’

Xu Ren waved his hand and he made Xiao Sun stand up as well. But even though Xiao Sun and Lin Fan had both gotten up, they still couldn't breath due to the pressure of the Silver Striped Blood Corpse.

Of the group, only Huang Yun still kneeled on the ground and he didn't dare get up, while the other 4 had regained some of their strength.

’’Youngsters, how dare you not bow down the Lord Protector!? Could it be that you want to die?’’ Xing Chen exclaimed as he saw the 4 get up.


The Silver Striped Blood Corpse opened his mouth slightly and a low humming sound appeared which scared everyone.

’’Of the 5, only 2 shall live and become my slaves. The others shall all become a blood sacrifice.’’ The Silver Striped Blood Corpses' voice echoed in the cave and the expressions of the 5 changed dramatically.

This was especially so for Huang Yun as a flash of killing intent appeared in his eyes as he circulated his True Force at the same time.

’’Hehe, Leader Huang Yun, even if you kill 3 of us, the remaining two will also die.’’

Zhao Feng's mocking voice sounded and Huang Yun's figure stiffened. But he didn't know whether it was because that his plan had been found out or his mind was changing.

’’That's right! This devil just wants to split up our strength, don't get fooled by it.’’ Lin Fan exclaimed.

Facing death only, Zhao Feng was calm and he wasn't affected by the Silver Striped Blood Corpse.

’’The great Protector, I, have just woken up and I need people. How dare you question me!? Do you want to die?’’ The voice of the Silver Striped Blood Corpse was filled with killing intent and coldness.

Everyone felt their heart go cold - they weren't in any doubt of the killing intent of the Silver Striped Blood Corpse.

Huang Yun's heart soon calmed down again and thought: ’’If I surrender,there's still a chance of hope. But if I don't, there's no chance of hope.’’

’’Lord Protector! If you really have your strength, why not capture or kill us in a wave of your hand? Why do you need to speak so much?’’ Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled and said coldly.

After this was said, everyone froze. Xu Ren, Lin Fan and Xiao Sun were all smart people and they understood what Zhao Feng meant.

Without a doubt, the Corpse in front of them must be really weak or else it wouldn't need a blood sacrifice to recover his strength. And if the Corpse had its power, it could kill them all with a wave of his hands.

In reality, the Silver Striped Blood Corpse was just creating fear with his words to lessen the group's strength.

’’You... ’’

The Silver Striped Blood Corpse stiffened and his expression became icy: ’’Do you really think I don't have the power!?’’

The second he finished his sentence, a cold blood aura swept across the cave, which made the mountains shake.

’’Haha, this is just your mental energy Lord Protector. It doesn't mean that your body has much strength!’’

Zhao Feng's sharp eye were calm. Ever since he reached the Ascended Realm, his left eye had gained power in the mental energy area and the Silver Striped Blood Corpse had only used his mental energy, which was just stronger than normal cultivators at the 7th Sky. Furthermore, Zhao Feng had also seen the weakness in it.

The aura just then seemed to make the mountains shake, but that was just a mental energy illusion trick. It was unfortunate that Zhao Feng's left eye seemed to have resistance against illusions.

’’1st Sky of the Ascended Realm... How is this possible!?’’

Disbelief and panic flashed in the Silver Striped Blood Corpses' eyes.

According to his plan, he would scare them all with his mental energy and let them fight to the death until only 2 were alive.

However, the Corpse didn't expect that there was a game changer like Zhao Feng.

The latter had been scared and shocked by the Corpse at the beginning. But after he calmed down, Zhao Feng found that there was more and more flaws in the opponent.

’’Hahaha! You're just pretending!’’

Xu Ren laughed and the others all let out a breath.

They were all smart people to become inner disciples, but only Zhao Feng had retained his calmness.

Now one thing could be confirmed - the corpse had just woken up and it was severely injured, so its strength was limited.

At least he didn't have total strength to kill them, so the 5 could still fight back. Apart from Huang Yun, who still didn't know what to do, battle intent surged from the other 4 and Zhao Feng let out a breath.

If it was just him, he wouldn't be able to beat Xing Chen and the Silver Striped Blood Corpse. But if the group teamed up, there was a higher chance of winning.

’’Ignorant youths! Since you've gave up your last chance of survival, then the great Lord Protector, I, shall destroy you.’’

A cold light flashed in the Silver Striped Blood Corpses' eyes and a faint purple aura appeared from him and it felt terrifying.


The Silver Striped Blood Corpse flashed and charged at the 5 with Xing Chen following behind.


Huang Yun rolled backwards and he tried to get back to Zhao Feng and the others. However, he had underestimated the Silver Striped Blood Corpses' speed. The latter's speed was much faster than Xing Chen and it was close to the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm.


The grey claws of the corpse sliced across Huang Yun's shoulders.


Huang Yun howled in pain as one elbow fell off with a 'Crack!', while the corpse poison entered his body.

’’Help me!’’ Huang Yun screamed and begged Zhao Feng and co. for help.

The four took in a cold breath. The Silver Striped Blood Corpse was weak right now, but it still had terrifying strength.

’’I'll go rescue Huang Yun and try to hold back the Corpse. You guys go and finish off the Xing family head.’’ Zhao Feng pulled out his Golden Stairs Bow and told the other three.

Xu Ren, Xiao Sun and Lin Fan all looked deeply at Zhao Feng before leaping at Xing Chen as they activated their killing moves.

Zhao Feng's plan was simple - concentrate their firepower on Xing Chen and finish him off, then concentrate on the Corpse.

But before this, someone had to hold back the corpse. However, could Zhao Feng really hold it back?


Beng~ Sou-- Sou-- Sou--

A few golden arrows flashed towards the Silver Striped Blood Corpse.

Ding... Ding... Ding...

The arrows all hit their target but sparks flew up instead. The Silver Striped Blood Corpse only slowed down for a second due to the arrows.

Zhao Feng's heart shook, this Corpses' strength was definitely terrifying when it was at its peak. At this moment, even though it was weak, its body was still strong and it could withstand any attacks under the True Spirit Realm.

’’Help me... ’’

Huang Yun had lost an arm and he tried to escape using Zhao Feng's attacks as cover.

’’Huang Yun! If you just want to run, then you'll definitely die. Team up with me and stop him!’’

Zhao Feng pulled his Golden Stairs Bow's string back and released more arrows while telling Huang Yun.

Huang Yun was an elite at the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm after all and he had a Mortal weapon which allowed him to challenge those at the 3rd Sky. If he teamed up with Zhao Feng, maybe they could fight back. But Huang Yun was too scared and he charged towards the exit of the cave.


A purple light flashed and Huang Yun's body was ripped into half and the latter's screaming stopped.

Zhao Feng's heart went cold and shook his head while sighing: Looks like Huang Yun is indeed untrustworthy.


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