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King Of Gods - Chapter 147


Chapter 147 - Turning the Tide

’’Brother Zhao!’’

’’Zhao Feng!’’

The group of 4 exclaimed in joy.

Zhao Feng stood at the top of a big tree and he had shot two arrows with his Golden Stairs Bow to kill one of the deputys.

With one deputy down, the 4 could successfully run away.

’’Kid! Didn't you already run away? And how did you not get detected?’’

The family head reacted and glared at Zhao Feng.

Huang Yun and co. were all curious as well.

Zhao Feng had entered the forest before to catch the enemy, but he had suddenly disappeared.

’’Detected? By their not-even-beginner-level arrays?’’

Zhao Feng laughed coldly and threw out a bag.

From the bag rolled out three bloody heads.

’’My sons!’’

Xing Chen was extremely sad and angry as he stared with Zhao Feng with bone-chilling eyes.

Huang Yun looked at what came out of the bag and found out that the 3 heads were familiar. One of them was the butler, while the other two were the young masters.

’’With no one controlling the useless array, it will dissipate soon.’’ Zhao Feng said calmly.


Huang Yun and co. were overjoyed.

Once the array broke, they would have no more restrictions and they had the chance to turn the tide around.

’’This Zhao Feng is indeed an array genius. In just a few casual moves, he had turned the tide.’’

Xiao Sun and co. looked at each other and they couldn't help but admire Zhao Feng. The latter had disappeared to destroy the Deadly Wind Illusion Poison Array and at the most critical point, he slew one of the deputys, rescuing the group.

It could be said that everyone owed Zhao Feng one life.

Those who had enmities with Zhao Feng such as Xu Ren, Xiao Sun and Huang Yun, all had complex emotions.

’’Bastard! I'm going to rip you into shreds for killing my sons!’’

Xing Chen howled and turned into a dark purple blur as he sped at Zhao Feng, who was one hundred yards away.

Not good!

Stop him!

The expressions of Xu Ren, Xiao Sun and Lin Fan all changed as they tried to block him. From their point of view, Zhao Feng was an archer and array genius that couldn't be allowed to come near the enemy.

Xing Chen wasn't fueled by anger - he knew this point clearly as well.

Zhao Feng's archery skills were too terrifying and he would be suppressed.

Ding... Peng... Peng...

Xu Ren, Xiao Sun and Lin Fan's attacks all landed on Xing Chen, but no actual damage was caused. The latter was at the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm and his body had been refined in the way of the corpse, which made his defense outstanding.

Of the little group, only the leader Huang Yun could stop him.

’’Huang Yun! Stop him!’’ Lin Fan shouted urgently.

Huang Yun's movement and speed skills were great and being an elite at the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm, he could challenge those at the 3rd Sky with his Mortal blade.


Huang Yun's blade landed on Xing Chen. But instead of successfully blocking him, Huang Yun was knocked back tens of steps.

How could this be?

Lin Fan stared angrily at Huang Yun, while both Xu Ren and Xiao Sun went into deep thought.

’’Having offended a core disciple and a feud with an Elder... Don't blame me... ’’

Huang Yun's expression was cold.

Being at the Clan, he knew the law of the strong and weak. Knowing that Quan Chen and Yuan Zhi were using him, Huang Yun would still rather choose the 'stronger' side.

Yuan Zhi was a core disciple with an Elder behind his back, while Zhao Feng had no background.

Always stand on the stronger side, no matter wrong or right!

This was what Huang Yun concluded with after years of being in the Clan. Between Zhao Feng and a core disciple, he would choose the latter, even if it meant he was a chess piece.


At the critical point, Huang Yun didn't stop Xing Chen on purpose.

’’Hehe.’’ Zhao Feng smiled mysteriously while on top of the tree.


His figure turned into a several blurs as he suddenly merged into the night.

After learning the Illusion Fish Picture, Zhao Feng's movement skill reached an entirely new level.


Xing Chen's heart skipped a beat. He didn't know what speed skill Zhao Feng had used. All his eyes saw was several blurs - and he didn't know which ones were fake and which one was the true Zhao Feng. Because he didn't know which one to follow, all he did was look at the 'Zhao Fengs' disappear.

’’What kind of movement skill was that!?’’ The group were all shocked.

Huang Yun's heart turned cold - he saw Zhao Feng's disappointed and cold eyes before he left.

At the critical point, Zhao Feng had saved all everyone's lives, but this still didn't stop Huan Yun's killing intent.

Zhao Feng disappearing once again made Xing Chen's eyes turn red as he started to furiously attack the other 4.

The power of the Deadly Wind Illusion Poison Array wouldn't be gone in a short amount of time and Xing Chen's crazy attacks caught Huang Yun off guard.

’’Zhao Feng! How dare you run away!? After this mission, I'll submit an application to the Elders to kick you out of the Clan!’’

Huang Yun circulated his True Force and threatened.

After one deputy died, the 4 were able to fight against the remaining 2. When the time was up and the array broke, they would win.

However, time passed by and the array showed no signs of breaking.

The lifeforce of the 4 kept on being eroded and their True Forces became weaker.

’’What's going on!? Why isn't the power from the array fading?’’

Huang Yun's breathing rate increased dramatically as cold sweat appeared on his forehead. He was the strongest amongst the group and because of this, Xing Chen focused mainly on him.

’’Hehe, even though the arrays has no one managing it, it won't fade in a short amount of time.’’

The figure of a youth murmured to himself deep in the forest.

Half the time it takes tea to be made later.

Huang Yun had been injured and he could only use 60-70% of strength, while the other three were in desperate situation sometimes. But no serious harm was caused.

Sou! Sou! Sou...

From deep within the forest, an occasional arrow would fly out and save Lin Fan and co.

’’It looks like Brother Zhao is hiding in the forest supporting us.’’

Lin Fan was full of gratitude and joy. Xu Ren and Xiao Sun both received support a few times and they were also grateful.

Only Huang Yun didn't get any support from Zhao Feng. Even if he was facing a life-death danger, Zhao Feng didn't do anything.

’’Zhao Feng! You shameless brat! Do you want to kill me? When I return to the Clan, I'll report you to the Regulation division!’’ Huang Yun howled.

Regulation division!

Hearing the two words, the hearts of Xiao Sun and co. clenched.

In the Broken Moon Clan, the Regulation division was the strongest. It held absolute power and it was the nightmare of those who didn't obey the Clan.

’’Aye, Brother Huang's words aren't correct. I can only protect 3 people just like how Brother Huang tried his best but couldn't protect me back then.’’ Zhao Feng's voice sounded.

Hearing this, Huang Yun paused. He had let Xing Chen go past him just then and now, Zhao Feng was purposely not saving him.

Huang Yun was speechless and he was literally on fire due to panic. On the other side the Xing family head laughed, luckily this group wasn't one hearted or else it'll be really troublesome...

Just as he thought this the situation changed.


A few flashing golden arrows pierced through the air. They were aimed straight at the remaining deputy and Xing Chen.


The deputy's leg was shot by an arrow and he fell down just as Xu Ren and co.'s attacks landed on him.

Zhao Feng's archery skills were far greater than imagined - the point where the arrow had pierced the deputy's leg was an acupuncture point.


One of the arrows literally scraped across Xing Chen's eyelids, which caused the latter to sweat coldly.

At this moment, Zhao Feng had caught the enemy off guard.


A figure leapt down.

Lightning Wind Palm!

Both the deputy and Xing Chen felt thunder rumbling in their ears.


Because the deputy's leg had been injured, his movement slowed down and the palm hit the back of his head directly.


The deputy didn't even have the time to scream before his head exploded into pieces.

When he fell onto the ground, dead, the others could still hear the thunder rumbling.

The power of that palm even made Xing Chen's expression change.


At the same time, the faint purple blood enveloping the area fell onto the ground while the whirlwind above also broke.

’’The array's broken! Everyone team up and kill Xing Chen!’’ Huang Yun let out a breath and exclaimed.

The battle intent of the 5 surged as they leapt at Xing Chen.


Xing Chen panicked and he knew that there was nothing he could do to turn back the tide.

Without the array from restraining them, the power of the 5 would only grow. Being at the 3rd Sky of the Ascended, Xing Chen's speed was extremely fast and only Huang Yun and Zhao Feng could catch up to him.

Huang Yun was surprised, he didn't think that Zhao Feng of the 1st Sky would be so fast. One had to know that Huang Yun's speed was one of the best amongst the 2nd Sky disciples.

Sou! Ceng!

At a certain moment, Xing Chen's figure flashed and disappeared into a hill.

The group watched with open eyes as their target disappeared in thin air.

’’There's an array here concealing something, probably Xing Chen's secret.’’ Huang Yun's eyes twinkled with excitement.

A light flashed in Zhao Feng's eyes as he understood.

From the report they got, Xing Chen was only at the 2nd Sky, the same as Lord Guanjun, and he hadn't broken through in a long time.

Then, how could he reach the 3rd Sky so fast and learn such a wicked skill?

Where did the plague that enveloped the Xing family come from?

Huang Yun could only guess that there was an 'Wicked Inheritance' there.

Xu Ren and the other two arrived at the hill as well and they started to guess what was inside.

The answer was right in front of them.

’’Brother Zhao, I'll give you 30% of everything inside if you break this array.’’

Huang Yun squeezed out a smile as he said to the one eyed azure haired youth next to him.


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