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King Of Gods - Chapter 145


Chapter 145 - Zhao Feng's disappearance

A few days later, the group consisting of Huang Yun, Xu Ren, Xiao Sun, Zhao Feng and Lin Fan arrived at the Xing family's place.

It was at a canyon near the borders of the Country and they didn't interact with the outside much. Normal people wouldn't be able to find this place, but since the Broken Moon Clan controlled this country, no force in the country would be able to hide from them.

From 1-2 miles, the 5 stood above canyon and looked below. The entire place was so silent that it was scary. It was like everyone there had died.

The group of 5 all felt a queer aura and they didn't dare act rashly. From the reports, it was said that the place had been enveloped by a plague and over half the people there had died.

Apart from that, the family head ’’Xing Chen’’ had also died in an accident.

’’Zhao Feng, Lin Fan, you two go and check out the situation down there.’’ The captain Huang Yun ordered.

Of the 5, Huang Yun had the highest cultivation and was the leader. On the way, he had ordered Zhao Feng and Lin Fan to do the most troublesome jobs.

A flash of hatred appeared in Xu Ren's eyes as he stared at the direction where Zhao Feng and Lin Fan went. The two split up and headed towards the place from different directions.


Zhao Feng lept onto the highest available object and he surveyed the place. He gently lifted the eyepatch until a peak of his azure eye appeared, which looked over the entire Xing family area.


In an instant, a 'map' had appeared in his mind. His understanding of the landscape of the Xing family's area was now even better than some people that had been born here.

The report stated that the plague was life threatening for anyone under the 7th rank of the Consolidated Realm, but it wasn't so much for anyone above it.

Because he was at the Ascended Realm, a normal plague couldn't affect them. Therefore, Zhao Feng headed inside the canyon without hesitation.

He was only showing Huang Yun and Xu Ren that he was doing his job.

Inside the canyon, it was dead silent. Occasionally, there would be a few people at the 7th rank of the Consolidated Realm, but they were all on their last breaths lying on the ground.

Zhao Feng scanned them with his left eye and he found that there was a faint purple aura in their organs sucking away their life.

As he went in deeper towards the middle, he saw a building taking up a few hectares with many people inside who were alive.

There were many people at the 7th rank or higher and Zhao Feng's left eye even caught sight of the only old man at the Ascended Realm.

’’If I'm correct, he should be the butler taking care of the Xing family and the person who requested us.’’ Zhao Feng thought.

Soon, Lin Fan came from another direction and he started to talk with the butler of the Xing family.

’’I'm the butler of the Xing family, surnamed Li, and I am extremely grateful to see you here.’’

Knowing the reason why the two came, the old man had tears of joy running down his face. He then started to describe the plague and how the family head died.

The plague started half a year ago and it entered the canyon without anyone realising. It had now enveloped the entire place. Luckily, the Xing family lived in a desolate place so the plague didn't spread. The death of Xing Chen was a month ago.

’’It was night and the family head went out alone and sounds of battling was heard in the trees. When we had arrived, the family head had already died... ’’ Butler Li told them the full story.

At the end, he got on the knees and begged: ’’I beg the two of you to help find the origin of the plague and find the person!’’

Zhao Feng went into deep thought after he heard this. From the surface, it seemed that the family head's death was around the same time period as the plague.

The person behind this should be a power and they could be from another country since he was able to spread this plague and kill someone at the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm. This was different from the analysis of the report.

Why would the person kill the family head and trouble the Xing family? Zhao Feng immediately thought of two words: Revenge!


Huang Yun and the other two arrived at the centre of the property, and Zhao Feng and Lin Fan told them information about their scouting.

’’Let's go to the trees where the battle was fought.’’

A light flashed in Huang Yun's eyes. The trees was where the two had been and the marks of battle hadn't been removed, meaning that it was left here on purpose.

Standing in the battlefield, Zhao Feng had a weird feeling. So he quickly scanned the surroundings with his left eye, but he didn't say anything.

Huang Yun's eyes twinkled and quickly analysed: ’’From the marks, it seems the killer's cultivation was the same as the family head's - peak 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm.’’

’’Brother Huang Yun is right.’’

Xu Ren and Xiao Sun quickly agreed. On the way, both of them agreed with whatever Huang Yun said.

Huang Yun then asked to see the corpse of the family head. But the corpse had been buried half a month ago and the two young masters were both against it.

Xu Ren coldly looked at them and pressured them with his 2nd Sky aura. The two young masters were only at the 8th and 9th rank of the Consolidated Realm, so how could they fight back?

Soon, Zhao Feng and co. saw the rotting body of the family head. There were some broken bones at the shoulder and chest as well as some other marks.

They didn't see that anything was wrong with the body. After all, the face had already been disfigured. Only Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled, but he didn't say anything. Even if he did, the others wouldn't bother listening.

On the same day, the 5 followed the other trails but no progress was made.

’’We'll stay here tonight. Zhao Feng and Lin Fan, you two are responsible of patrolling tonight.’’ Huang Yun ordered.

He was the leader and everyone else had to listen to him. The captain even had the ability to distribute the reward.

Zhao Feng exchanged glances with Lin Fan and decided to guard outside.

’’Brother Zhao, have you found any trails?’’ Lin Fan asked.


Zhao Feng responded with a smile but Lin Fan felt that the former had found something. Of the four of them,only the azure haired one eyed youth was unreadable.


A black shadow flashed from the corner of their eyes.

’’Who's there!?’’

Lin Fan shouted and woke up Huang Yun, Xiao Sun, Xu Ren as well as the two young masters and the butler.

’’We saw a black shadow going in that direction!’’ Lin Fan immediately said.

Black shadow?

Huang Yun's eyes lit up after hearing this. If they were able to catch the killer, there would be an extra reward.

’’Go! Follow it!’’

His figure turned into a green blur as he sped after the shadow. Xiao Sun and Lin Fan couldn't even see how Huang Yun had moved. The latter was one of the elite inner disciples at the 2nd Sky.

Under Huang Yun's lead, the others immediately followed. Soon, Huang Yun saw the black shadow in front of him, whose speed was just a tad slower than him.

’’Where will you run to!?’’ Huang Yun shouted as he circulated his deep red true force, which pushed him closer and closer.

’’Zezezezeze... ’’

The black shadow laughed weirdly and disappeared into the trees where the family had died. Wariness appeared on Huang Yun's face as he stopped at the trees and he didn't enter immediately.

The others soon arrived and they didn't dare enter rashly as well.

’’Lin Fan and Zhao Feng, you two go in as scouts. We'll be behind you as support.’’ Huang Yun's ordered coldly.

Rage surged up from Lin Fan, Huang Yun was using the two of them as cannon fodder?

’’Are you going or not? Do you dare to go against the orders of the leader!?’’ Xu Ren exclaimed on the side, while Xiao Sun laughed mockingly.

The group of 5 was in a stalemate.

’’How bout you guys let me go first?’’ Zhao Feng said expressionlessly.

Hearing this, the others all paused.

Everyone understood that the black shadow must have planned something to lead them here. Furthermore, the family head himself had died here.

’’If we keep on hesitating, the killer will be gone.’’ Zhao Feng smiled.

His azure hair blew in the wind and combined with his one eye he looked extremely mysterious.


Huang Yun exchanged looks with Xu Ren and nodded his head.

Lin Fan wanted to say something, but didn't when he saw Zhao Feng's smile.


Zhao Feng became a silent shadow that lept into the trees.

’’Hmm!? That kid's movement skill is quite good.’’

Surprise appeared on Huang Yun's face as he followed.

Zhao Feng led the way, while the other 4 maintained a certain distance behind him.

All of them had reached the Ascended Realm and they had good eyesight. But in the night, it was nowhere near as good as day.

’’It's there!’’ Zhao Feng suddenly saw the black figure and immediately chased after it.

’’Don't let it run away!’’ Huang Yun also saw the figure and was overjoyed.


Everyone only felt Zhao Feng's pace increase and merged into the night.

’’Brother Zhao!’’

’’Brother Zhao, where are you?’’

The four shouted, but there was no response in the black night.

It was like Zhao Feng had been engulfed by darkness.

’’Could Zhao Feng have already met his end?’’ Xu Ren was worried and happy at the same time.

The 4 searched nearby for a long time, but Zhao Feng wasn't seen anywhere.

’’It's all because of you bastards who are scared of death! Brother Zhao is only 14 and you made him go first!’’

Lin Fan said in anger, but he felt that something was off with Zhao Feng's disappearance.

’’Leader Huang, this place is too queer. We should retreat and come back in the morning.’’ Xiao Sun suggested.

Both Huang Yun and Xu Ren nodded their heads after hearing this.

’’Hahahaha... you want to run? Don't even think about it!’’ A weird laugh resounded in the trees.


The entire forest started shaking like there was an earthquake.

Not good!

The expressions of the four instantly turned pale white.


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