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King Of Gods - Chapter 142


Chapter 142 - Core Disciples

Zhao Feng was slightly speechless, Sister Yuan was a core disciple and she had high cultivation. He couldn't help but sigh as he thought about how he had offended a core disciple before he had even became an inner disciple.

At this moment, Sister Yuan led Ran Xiaoyuan straight over.

’’Sister Yuan? What's with her?’’

The nearby inner disciples moved quickly out of the way as they saw Sister Yuan storming over.

The identity of core disciples made the inner disciples wary. Furthermore, Sister Yuan was known for the trouble she caused and other core disciples sometimes even hid from her.

What he was scared of came.

Sister Yuan pressured towards Zhao Feng and this scene terrified Xiao Sun and Yun Mengxiang. They had just become inner disciples and they hadn't stabilised themselves. All they wanted to self protection.

’’Shameless brat! Don't think that I can't recognise you with that outfit.’’ Sister Yuan said coldly.

The nearby inner disciples were all stunned, this Zhao Feng had just became an inner disciples, so how could he have offended Sister Yuan?

Xu Ren and co. immediately looked gloatingly at Zhao Feng - Sister Yuan was a lord of the inner disciples.

Lin Fan, Xiao Sun and Yun Mengxiang couldn't help but sweat for Zhao Feng.

’’I am I... I've never disguised myself.’’

Zhao Feng didn't retreat. He then turned to Ran Xiaoyuan and smiled as a greeting.

Ran Xiaoyuan's face flushed red as she nodded her head shyly in response.

’’Hmph! You dare to try and flirt with Sister Ran!’’

An unknown feeling of rage surged from Sister Yuan as she sent her mental energy towards Zhao Feng. The nearby inner disciples immediately fell back because the 4th Sky was a big jump compared with the other Skies.

Anyone under the 4th Sky was considered a cultivator at the low rank Ascended Realm, but anyone at the 4th Sky or higher was an elite.

Zhao Feng couldn't breath, but he circulated that mysterious azure blood slowly and the pressure decreased by half.

Sister Yuan couldn't help but say ’’eh?’’.

Under the pressure of someone at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm, a youth with one eye stood there coldly.

’’Sister Yuan, don't trouble him... ’’ Ran Xiaoyuan pulled on Sister Yuan's hands.

’’No! He must apologise!’’Sister Yuan said harshly.

She felt bitter whenever she thought about how she was blackmailed by Zhao Feng. If the latter was only an outer disciple, they were in different circles. So even if she was unhappy, there was nothing she could do.

But Zhao Feng had become an inner disciple and the two would meet later on. If that day's situation was told, where would her face go!?

’’Hehe, what's this? How could Zhao Feng offend Sister Yuan so fast?’’

A light laugh came from the edge of the field. The person was Quan Chen. but he didn't dare shout this. Next to him was Yuan Zhi and Bei Moi, who were both stunned.

’’Yuan Zhi! Another core disciple!’’

’’I heard that that Bei Moi isn't simple either! Apparently, he's the most talented disciple amongst the inner disciples!’’

The people discussed. More and more disciples began to gather and seeing this situation, Zhao Feng let out a breath. He had just became an inner disciple and Sister Yuan wouldn't bully a newbie in front of everyone.

’’Haha Sister Yuan, this doesn't seem like something you would do - bullying a new inner disciple.’’

A dominant voice sounded from the other side of the field and the owner of this voice leapt into the air.

’’Core disciple, Yang Gan!’’

The crowd exclaimed as many female disciples had faces of admiration.

The youth that had just arrived was 17-18 years old and he was extremely handsome. Not only was he beautiful, he was also charming.

Normal inner disciples wouldn't dare to interfere with Sister Yuan's matters, but this person wasn't scared at all.

’’Yang Gan, ranked 2nd of the 10 core disciples, who's at the 5th Sky of the Ascended Realm and a hot candidate for the next head disciple.’’

Information concerning this person appeared in Zhao Feng's mind.

In the past few days, he had heard about the situation of inner disciples from Yun Mengxiang and co.

The elite inner disciples were the core disciples, but there was a limit for both inner and core disciples: one's age must not exceed 30.

Once they were older than 30,, both core disciples and and thehead disciple would be assigned to respective tasks in the Clan.

Apparently, ,the current Head disciple was reaching the age of 31 and therefore,, both Sister Yuan and Yang Gan would fight for the head disciple position.. BuBt in terms of cultivation,, Siister Yuan was a bit weaker than Yang Gan as she was only at the peak 4th Sky while Yang Gan was at the 5th.

The only person who had the right to compete against Yang Gan was Chen Xingrui, the core disciple ranked 3rd, who was also at the 5th Sky.

’’Yang Gan! Don't think that I'm scared of you just because you've reached the 5th Sky. No one knows who the position of Head disciple will go to.’’ Sister Yuan laughed coldly as she faced off against Yang Gan.

As Yang Gan arrived, Zhao Feng's pressure decreased massively since the attention of the crowd was attracted to the two core disciples.

Just as Zhao Feng and co. were about to sneak away.

’’What's your name?’’

Yang Gan turned around with no warning and asked Zhao Feng.

’’Zhao Feng greets Brother Yang.’’

Zhao Feng paused slightly. Yang Gan nodded his head then said sternly: ’’Zhao Feng, right? I'm warning you, life is more precious that Lightning Wind Palm.’’

Then he turned around and left as he sighed heavily.

Life is more precious than Lightning Wind Palm.

Why would Yang Gan warn him?

Many inner disciple present knew how terrifying Lightning Wind Palm was.

’’Lightning Wind Palm?’’

Sister Yuan's expression changed as she stared at Zhao Feng complexly: ’’Yang Gan had a good friend who trained the Lightning Wind Palm, but... ’’

She didn't need to say anymore because Zhao Feng understood.

Yang Gan's friend had trained the Lightning Wind palm, but he had passed away now. No wonder Yang Gan had warned him.

Seeing that Sister Yuan didn't continue troubling him, Zhao Feng turned around and left.

His own path was his and not other people's.

Zhao Feng had kept all the dangers to a minimum with his mysterious left eye by controlling anything that might happen into his hand.

While training this skill, Zhao Feng found that the Lightning Wind Palm was written roughly, like it had just been created and wasn't perfected yet.

Therefore, he repeatedly inspected every single step to find any flaws and he tried to perfect the skill like how he did with arrays. But the danger as well as the skill involved wasn't anywhere close to how arrays were arranged.

’’Brat named Zhao, if you keep on training Lightning Wind Palm, you won't have even the smallest chance of chasing after Sister Ran.’’ Sister Yuan's cold, sympathetic voice sounded.

Hearing this, Ran Xiaoyuan's face instantly turned red as she pulled on Sister Yuan's sleeves.

Zhao Feng didn't respond as he heard this. He was calm as his azure hair flew in the air.

’’So he is crazy!’’

Sister Yuan shook her head - no one who learnt this skill was sane.

More and more inner disciples gathered on the field and of the 10 core disciples 9 were present - only the Head disciple wasn't here.

Zhao Feng's gaze scanned through the group and saw Liu Yue'er and Sun Yuanhao.

Liu Yue'er and Sun Yuanhao both became inner disciples straight away.

’’That guy's is an inner disciple now?’’

Liu Yue'er was pretty surprised when she saw Zhao Feng.

Of the bunch of people, Zhao Feng also saw Bei Moi and Quan Chen. The latter smiled coldly at him when their eyes met, while Bei Moi was expressionless like nothing could bother him.

’’Brother Bei, aren't you going to greet Zhao Feng?’’ Yuan Zhi smiled faintly.

Bei Moi snickered: ’’I've already made a deal with him to settle it out in the Clan.’’

He had reached the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm a few days ago and he was extremely confident.


Soon, the majority of people had arrived while some had gone to carry out their tasks outside of the Clan and had not returned yet.

’’There's two things I need to say... ’’ A bright voice sounded across the field.

The person was Vice Head Li of the Central Hall division.

The place quieted down, even the core disciples didn't dare to make a sound.

’’The first thing is about the Head disciples. As you all know, the Head Disciple will turn 31 in a few months time and of the remaining 9 core disciples, a Head disciple will be chosen... ’’

Vice Head Li's voice was expressionless. Everyone knew about the competition regarding the Head disciple, but they weren't interested since only the core disciples would be able to take that spot.

Zhao Feng also knew that this had nothing to do with him.

Any core disciple was at least at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm.

’’The second thing is about the Floating Crest Trial!’’

The crowd immediately broke out in discussion as soon as Vice Head Li's sentence finished.

The disciples were all excited and expected, while the core disciples, especially the older ones had no reaction.

The Floating Crest Trial was once every 5 years and the older ones had already attended it.

’’The Floating Crest Trial will start in 3 months time. Like before, only 10 people will participate in the Floating Crest Trial. There will be a test half a month before the Trial to confirm the 10 participants.’’ Vice Head Li announced.

Ten spots for the Floating Crest Trial that happened once every 5 years.

Hearing this, even Quan Chen couldn't contain his excitement.

’’Last time, I was only 13 years old and I was only at the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm. Master told me to wait for the next trial and come first!’’

Confidence and battle intent shone in Yang Gan's eyes.

Both the Floating Crest Trial and the Head disciple battle were going to be held in a few months time.

It could already be imagined that the Broken Moon Clan wouldn't be peaceful...


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