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King Of Gods - Chapter 140


Chapter 140 - Inner disciple gathering

’’What!? That brat became an inner disciple?’’

Quan Chen's mouth hung wide open as his original calm state of mind was instantly broken.

This news just came from the Central Hall division, Zhao Feng had passed the last confirmation test and had became an official inner disciple.

Everything happened too fast!

Zhao Feng reported that he had reached the Ascended Realm the day after and on the 3rd, he was already accepted.

Knowing this news, Quan Chen didn't have the feeling to cultivate anymore. One had to know Zhao Feng was an ant at the 8th rank of the Consolidated Realm one month ago.

If Zhao Feng had high talent like Bei Moi and had an Elder as their master this could be possible, but the problem was his talent wasn't high and his age was so young.

Even Quan Chen was only at the peak 9th rank of the Consolidated Realm at 14-15.

’’No! I must tell Master this news.’’

Quan Chen couldn't sit still and he immediately headed towards Hai Yun Master's palace.

’’Elder was injured during cultivation, so he's recovering right now.’’ The guard said.


Quan Chen was stunned. According to what he saw, more than one Elder was injured yesterday in the Clan.

Many Elder's getting injured on the same day sounded weird, but this was the truth!

Two days before Zhao Feng became an inner disciple, many Elder's in secluded meditation had all spat out blood, but none of them knew what had happened.

Seeing that Master was recovering, Quan Chen could only contact the other disciples.

Hai Yun Master had 4 core disciples and of them all, Bei Moi had the highest talent.

Quan Chen was the 3rd disciple and he was at the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm.

There were two disciples above Quan Chen and the first disciple 'Wu Li' was the oldest and he had reached the peak 5th Sky of the Ascended Realm. He hold Vice Deaon position since he was over 30.

The second disciple, Yuan Zhi, was not even 20 years old but he had reached the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm. And one of the 10 Core disciples of the Clan.


On the same day, the disciples of Hai Yun Master gathered together.

The first disciple 'Wu Li' had gone on a mission and he wasn't at the Clan.

The second disciple, Yuan Zhi.

Third disciple, Quan Chen.

Fourth disciple, Bei Moi.

’’You're saying... That he's become an inner disciple?’’

Bei Moi was extremely surprised. He knew how talented the disciples of Lord Guanjun were and apart from himself, Yang Qingshan had the highest talent.

He first thought that Yang Qingshan would be the first to become an inner disciple, but the latter had no background what so ever. So it was expected that 1 year was needed before Yang Qingshan became an inner disciple.

’’I'm absolutely sure. That kid's just too weird... ’’

Quan Chen was somewhat frustrated as he mentioned Zhao Feng. He had tried to suppress the latter before, but none of them worked.

’’Brother Bei, does this Zhao Feng have anything special about him?’’

The second disciple 'Yuan Zhi' said full of smiles.

Being a core disciple of the Clan, Yuan Zhi didn't put someone who had just become an inner disciple in his eyes but he was just slightly interested.

’’This guy... ’’

Mentioning Zhao Feng, Bei Moi's eyebrows scrunched up because even he had lost to Zhao Feng before. For example in terms of memory, and the beast horde battle points...

Of course, someone as proud as Bei Moi wouldn't mention this.

’’His talent is average but his memory is extremely well and he seems to focus on a body strengthening technique. His battle power is also very powerful... ’’

Bei Moi gave a review of Zhao Feng.


Yuan Zhi laughed: ’’When this brat was an outer disciple, we couldn't do anything. But now that he's an inner disciple, it's much easier to take care of him.’’

That's right!

Quan Chen's eyes lit up.

Outer disciples and inner disciples were like two circles that didn't mix and Zhao Feng had now entered their circle.

’’Why bother telling Master about something so small? We can play with him alone.’’

A cold smile appeared on Yuan Zhi's face.

’’Could you already have a plan?’’

Quan Chen couldn't help but be overjoyed. Yuan Zhi was a calculating core disciple, who destroyed those who offended him.


Central Hall division.

Zhao Feng, Xiao Sun, Yun Mengxiang and Lin Fan were all in the same room. Up to now, the three's shock hadn't recovered.

Zhao Feng's performance had stunned them. With 14 years of age, he had became the top outer disciple and he had become an inner disciple in just one month.

Even Lin Fan the top outer disciple before Zhao Feng couldn't believe it.

At first, he had smiled and said: ’’I believe we will be meeting again in a few years time’’

A few years time...

At that moment, Lin Fan thought that with Zhao Feng's Low tier Spiritual Body the latter needed at least 2-3 years, but now...

Xiao Sun and Yun Mengxiang both felt defeated after they accepted this reality.

’’Since everyone's become an inner disciple, we can all take care of each other.’’

Lin Fan laughed and the atmosphere in the room returned to normal.

Because Zhao Feng had become an inner disciple later than them, he had some things to ask them and Lin Fan and co. answered his questions.

’’We've just become inner disciples and we have low cultivation, so we must be careful in everything we do. We also can't offend other inner disciples, especially core disciples... ’’ Lin Fan sighed.

When he mentioned core disciples, everyone sighed. Core disciples were at least at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm or higher and they had strong backgrounds.

’’The Clan's been quite peaceful and quiet right now. Most disciples are preparing for the Floating Crest Trial 3 months from now.’’ Yun Mengxiang sighed with regret and unwillingness.

The Floating Crest Trial happened only once every 5 years and many inner disciples fought to enter, but the three didn't hold much hope.

’’It's just too hard to participate.’’ Xiao Sun shook his head as well.

According to past experience, one needed to be at least at the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm to fight for the chance to enter. But luckily those disciples who had entered 5 years ago weren't allowed to enter this time. The rules of the Floating Crest Trial stated that those who entered must not be older than 25 and could only enter once, so the stronger inner disciples couldn't enter but even then the competition was fierce.

Xiao Sun and co. had just became inner disciples and they weren't confident. Maybe only geniuses such as Bei Moi and Sun Yuanhao, who had Elders supporting them, could have the chance to enter.

Speaking at last, Lin Fan warned Zhao Feng: ’’Remember that you still have one chance to enter the Hollow Building after you became an inner disciple.’’

The two were both the top outer disciple at one time and they knew the advantage they had gained.

Hollow Building?

Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled as he remembered the structure of the arrays in the Hollow Building.

The jade slips all floated in the mist which was enveloped by an array.

If one could disable the arrays, they could get a few more skills from the Hollow Building.

This was just too enticing!

One had to know that the skills in the Hollow Building were all the best skills and included High and Peak Class Mortal skills.

Of course, Zhao Feng didn't have any confidence in disabling the array because the array in the Hollow Building was too complicated and even if Zhao Feng could do it, the Elder guarding the building might sense it.

But the more complicated an array was,the more holes and flaws appeared. Zhao Feng didn't need to break the array, if he just found a hole in the array, there was still a high chance...

That night, Zhao Feng started to break the structure of the array in the dimension of his left eye. That array was extremely complicated and even though Zhao Feng's left eye had upgraded, he still felt a lot of resistance although progress was still made.

If old man Zhang of the Clan Mission division was here, he would probably be speechless. One had to know that the arrays of the Hollow Building were ancient and the best array masters in the Clan could understand 20-30% of it.

A newbie like Zhao Feng could analyse and disassemble the array just by looking at it once was just unbelievable.

’’There's two True Forces in my body, which needs to be merged together. Only when I'm at the late stages of the 1st Sky will I need to enter the Hollow Building to get another Force skill.’’

Zhao Feng planned and for the next few days, he kept on merging his True Force and tried to comprehend the array of the Hollow Building.

Since he had just become an inner disciple, he didn't know how Quan Chen, Hai Yun Master and co. would treat him. So it was better to first be quiet, but he couldn't stay holed up here forever.

The 7th day.


The sound of a bell ringing resounded across the Central Hall division.

’’Inner disciple gathering!’’

The inner disciples all got out of bed or opened their eyes from cultivation.

The inner disciples gathering was held by the Head of Central Hall division and it happened once a month.

’’This is one of the biggest gatherings!’’

Xiao Sun was extremely excited.

Yun Mengxiang and Lin Fan also walked out of their respective courtyards and the four of them walked towards the Central Hall division together.

Disciples slowly started to gather around the Central Hall division and their cultivation were mostly at the 2nd Sky or higher.

Zhao Feng and the other new inner disciples were eye catching and the older inner disciples looked at them with disdain.


One long nosed outh scanned Zhao Feng and co.

’’Looks like this time I can't hide.’’ Lin Fan said helplessly.

Zhao Feng couldn't help but look at the long nosed youth. Yun Mengxiang told him in a low tone that the long nosed youth was called Xu Ren who was at the 2nd Sky. He had a younger brother who was an outer disciple, but he had been beaten by Lin Fan because he had been too cocky and arrogant.

Therefore, the second that Lin Fan became an inner disciple, Xu Ren came to his place and tried to avenge his brother. But Lin Fan used his brain and hid.

But today was the inner disciples gathering, so even if he tried to hide, he couldn't.


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