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King Of Gods - Chapter 139


Chapter 139 - Inner Disciple

The moment his left eye was covered, its powers were stalled but he still had the confidence to win. His body had been changed by the mysterious left eye and under normal circumstances, his reaction speed was still much faster than others.

When he fought before, he never used his left eye in normal circumstances. Only if the situation was dire would he use it.

’’If I block the power of my left eye, my overall strength will drop by half.’’ Zhao Feng estimated.

It might sound exaggerated that his strength dropped by half, but it wasn't after the eye had been upgraded. Every time his consciousness entered the dimension in his left eye, he could feel the ancient aura.

The left eye had become Zhao Feng's killing move that wouldn't be used easily. Once the eye was activated, it might catch the attention of the Clan and Zhao Feng's secret would be exposed.

After leaving the Clan Mission division, Zhao Feng returned to the Outer Hall division to await the news. If there weren't any accidents, he would become an inner disciple today.

Many disciples had received the news of Zhao Feng reaching the Ascended Realm.

’’Zhao Feng's talent is average, but he still managed to reach the Ascended Realm so quickly.’’

They were all stunned.

Even though Zhao Feng was the top outer disciple, they weren't willing to be under him because his talent was low amongst the Clan disciples.

’’Hehehe, you don't know the truth. Zhao Feng's being cared for by two Vice Heads and one of them is of the Grass Wood division... ’’

’’No wonder! If it was me I could also have reached the Ascended Realm.’’

The outer disciples discussed Zhao Feng because the latter's talent was just too average and his age was young. Zhao Feng didn't bother explaining it to these outer disciples. What he needed to do was wait and that afternoon Deacon Qiu finally gave Zhao Feng the news.

’’Zhao Feng! Congratulations! You've become an inner disciple and you can go to the Central Hall division to await the last test.’’Deacon Qiu said full of smiles.

Ever since the Clan entrance examinations had ended, Deacon Qiu had started to pay attention to Zhao Feng because of the two Vice Heads. After that, Zhao Feng performed exceptionally well in the Grass Wood division, Clan Mission division and Outer Hall division which caused Deacon Qiu to remember him.

With Zhao Feng's talent and age. this was unbelievable.

’’Thank you, Deacon!’’

Zhao Feng was filled with joy as he immediately thanked the Deacon.

After leaving the Outer Hall division, Zhao Feng said goodbye to Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan.

There was also many disciples who sent Zhao Feng away.

’’That bastard is finally going... ’’

Hou Yuan, Jiang Yuyan and the other substitute inner disciples let out a long breath. Only if Zhao Feng became an inner disciple did they have the chance to fight for 1st place and he had done so faster than expected, but their sights were kind of dim.

Zhao Feng had become the top outer disciple in just 1 months time and he had now become an inner disciple.

Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan felt proud but sour at the same time.

Thinking back to when they were at the Guanjun palace, the difference between Zhao Feng and them was great. But the latter had caught up one step at a time and he had surpassed them.

Of course, both Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan improved significantly... they had both reached the 9th rank of the Consolidated Realm.

With the help of the Marrow Cleansing Pill, the two had reached the late stages of the 9th rank and the Ascended Realm would only be a matter of time especially so for Yang Qingshan as he had a Middle tier Spiritual Body.


After leaving the Outer Hall division, Zhao Feng quickly walked towards the Central Hall division. The Central Hall division was at the centre of the Clan and the closer he got to it, Zhao Feng could feel the spiritual energy increase.

Once he entered the Central Hall division, the figures here were all at the Ascended Realm.

At the same time, an ancient aura got closer and closer to Zhao Feng, which made him left eye twitch.

Looking up, a deep azure palace with a sea of lightning around it floated high in the air. It was like it was a fairytale.

Every time Zhao Feng saw the Floating Crest Palace, his heart would shake. And now, Zhao Feng was getting closer and closer to it as the palace was straight above the Central Hall division.

Taking back, his gaze Zhao Feng reported to the Central Hall division.

’’Come with me. Every inner disciple must be confirmed by a Vice Head.’’

A Vice Deacon was already waiting there for him and led him inside. The high level of the Clan would be informed of any new inner disciples and to confirm the inner disciple, a Vice Head would be needed.

Soon,’’ Zhao Feng entered a dark, dim hall. The second he walked in, Zhao Feng felt an unfeelable pressure lash out at him.

’’This is Head Li.’’ The Vice Deacon reminded in a low tone.

’’Greetings Head Li.’’ Zhao Feng bowed respectfully to the bearded middle aged man sitting at the end of the hall.

This Head Li was actually a Vice Head because true Head's were all elders that had reached the True Spirit Realm and wouldn't bother with testing disciples.

Vice Head Li looked sharply at Zhao Feng below and the latter instantly felt like 7 heavy mountains were stacked on top of him and any movement would crush him into powder.

The 7 mountains seemed to be Vice Head Li's cultivation.

’’Zhao Feng, 14 years old, Low tier Spiritual Body and reached the Ascended Realm from the 8th rank of the Consolidated Realm in 1 months time. Apart from that, he was also the top outer disciple... ’’

Vice Head Li glanced at a little book in his hand and knowing Zhao Feng's age, talent and cultivation, he couldn't help but be a little surprised.

It wasn't rare for a 14 year old to reach the Ascended Realm in the Clan, but if the person only had a Low tier Spiritual Body with no special background, it was abnormal.

’’Take off your eyepatch.’’ Vice Head Li said coldly.

Zhao Feng circulated his azure blood to block off the dimension of his left eye then took off the eyepatch slowly. After taking off the eyepatch, there was a fully dim eye with no sign of light.

Vice Head Li paused for a second as sympathy washed over him. A 14 year old had already lost the sight of one eye on the path of cultivation.

Vice Head Li sighed and waved his hand to signal Zhao Feng to put on the eyepatch again.

After this, Vice Head Li asked a few questions which included his history, cultivation as well as thoughts.

Zhao Feng's response was perfect and his history was easy to find as well.

’’I heard a bit about you from old man Zhang.’’

Vice Head Li nodded his head, signalling that Zhao Feng shouldn't be a spy sent from other Clan's.

Firstly, Zhao Feng was young and his history was clear. Secondly, he was recommended by Lord Guanjun. Thirdly, two Vice Heads both praised Zhao Feng and because of this, Vice Head Li's suspicion decreased dramatically.

After the questioning, Zhao Feng received a new token meaning that he was now an inner disciple.

’’From today onwards, you are an inner disciple.’’

The Vice Deacon of the Central Hall division showed where Zhao Feng where he was going to live.

Being an inner disciple, his treatment was far better and there were even servants.

Inner disciples got 10 substandard primal crystal stones every month and they would also get a true Spiritual Pill every 2-3 months. Spiritual pills were all a grade higher than the Marrow Cleansing Pill and its price was 10 times higher.

On the same day, Zhao Feng also got a black striped shirt with a curved moon at the back. It was then that he realised that everything in the Clan wasn't simple. The material of this shirt was special. It was warm during winter and cold during summer. Apart from that, it could even withstand blows from the 9th ranks of the Consolidated Realm.

People such as Bei Moi, Ran Xiaoyuan and Quan Chen all wore clothes like this.

Zhao Feng first needed to know the rules of this place and the Vice Deacon had told him the most important ones.

Inner disciples never surpassed the age of 30, once they did, they weren't disciples anymore and they would be sent out to manage respective tasks and there was a ranking system amongst the inner disciples.

There was only around 100 or so inner disciples in the Broken Moon Clan and only the top 10 could be called Core disciples.

The strength of the Core disciples was terrifying, they had all reached the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm or higher and they were disciples of Elders of the Clan Master.

Apart from that, the top Core disciple was also named the Head disciple. The Head disciple of this generation had reached an astounding cultivation - 6th Sky of the Ascended Realm and was slightly famous amongst the 13 Clans.

’’Core disciples... Head disciple... ’’ A cycle appeared in Zhao Feng's heart.

People such as Bei Moi and Quan Chen didn't have as much power and authority Core disciple. It was Sister Yuan, from that day at the Thousand Leaf Pond, who could be a Core disciple since she was at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm.

Thinking about sister Yuan, Zhao Feng took a cold hiccup but he was filled with gratitude as he remembered Ran Xiaoyuan.

Walking out of his courtyard, Zhao Feng started to see who his neighbours were and he found that Xiao Sun, Yun Mengxiang as well as Lin Fan, who was the top outer disciple before him, were all nearby.

They were all outer disciples just a while ago, so they were pretty close.

’’Zhao Feng!’’

Xiao Sun's mouth was wide open as if he had seen a ghost. He never would have thought that Zhao Feng would be able to become an inner disciple.

While Xiao Sun was an outer disciple, he hated Zhao Feng for taking the spot of top outer disciple. But he had become an inner disciple first, which made him feel better. But he didn't expect Zhao Feng would also become one a few days after him.

’’Brother... Zhao?’’

Yun Mengxiang and Lin Fan walked out one after another and their expressions were extremely colorful as they saw Zhao Feng like they had seen a ghost.


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