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King Of Gods - Chapter 138


Chapter 138 - Start of a Legend

Zhao Feng let out a breath as he exited the Outer Hall division. It looked like his eyepatch and azure hair didn't catch the attention of the Clan. Afterall, weird things of every kind happened every day.

Zhao Feng soon arrived at the Clan Mission division because of something else.

He knew a few array masters as well as blacksmiths. Obviously, Zhao Feng wasn't here to get a weapon because he wasn't rich enough to get blacksmiths to make him one.

’’Brother Zhao, you need me?’’

This blacksmith apprentice recognised Zhao Feng since the latter had followed old man Zhang around and had the name of 'prodigy'.

Zhao Feng didn't know that he was famous throughout the Outer Hall division, Grass Wood division and Clan Mission division.

He was the top outer disciple and he was only 14-15 years old. As for the Grass Wood division and Clan Mission division, he had the name of 'prodigy' and the two Vice Heads fought over him.

’’I need an eyepatch.’’ Zhao Feng pointed at his left eye.


The apprentice paused, he thought that Zhao Feng would want a weapon, but an eyepatch wasn't hard to make.

Zhao Feng slowly took down the ribbon over his left eye and circulated the azure blood to block off the light from the dimension.

When the apprentice saw Zhao Feng's left eye, he was shocked - it was a dim eye, like there was no life in it.

He finally 'understood' why Zhao Feng would want an eyepatch and he couldn't help but sympathize for him.

’’Brother Zhao, don't worry I'll do my best and make the most suitable eyepatch.’’ The apprentice took his measurements and started straight away.

He then told Zhao Feng to come tomorrow and the latter gave him two substandard Primal Crystal Stones.

On the same nigh,t Zhao Feng closed his eyes and inspected the azure blood and the powers of his left eye.

Inside the dimension of his left eye, the azure whirlpool spun from inside out and when Zhao Feng tried to touch it with his consciousness, he felt an ancient aura.

Under a lot of testing, the power of his left eye was as follows:

  1. Enhanced vision and it could magnify &expand everything in his vision and had a certain amount of 'see through'.
  2. Fast reaction speed and analysis...
  3. Photocopy, memorising everything he saw.
  4. Mental Energy Assassination!


Of course, these were the abilities that Zhao Feng knew of so far. Apart from that, there was also passive abilities such as extreme calmness.

After reaching the Ascended Realm, Zhao Feng's left eye became stronger and it had two new powers 'see through' and 'mental energy assassination.'

He hadn't completely figured out the mental energy assassination though, but he had read about it. For example, the hooded figure in the Sky Cloud Forest used mental energy to control Lord tier deadly beasts and led an army of beasts.

This was in the domain of Mental energy and not martial arts.

Instinct told Zhao Feng that there was much more to mental energy than what he knew so far and it seemed that this was the true power of his left eye....

Confirming the abilities in his left eye, Zhao feng started to circulate the 2 true forces in his body. One came from the Silver Wall Technique and it was known as the 'Silver Air True Force'. This True Force was unique since it was born from the body and it slowly merged into his dantian.

But the problem was there was already a Returning Breath True Force there.

Zhao Feng's situation was extremely special, there might not have been anyone with a similar situation in the past one hundred years.

Firstly, there was not many people who had trained their body strengthening techniques to the Ascended Realm. Body strengthening techniques were slow to progress and they needed talent, resources and effort. Furthermore, the Broken Moon Clan wasn't a Clan that focused on body strengthening much.

Secondly not many broke through to the Ascended Realm with both their skills and body strengthening techniques. It was because of this that there was 2 True Forces in Zhao Feng's body, which meant that he had twice the quantity of True Force compared with other cultivators at the 1st Sky of the Ascended Realm.

A normal person would probably give up one True Force, but Zhao Feng's Returning Breath True Force could merge with almost anything. The Returning Breath True Force shouldn't have been able to reach the Ascended Realm, but Zhao Feng once again made a miracle!

His Returning Breath Technique had exceeded the max level and when any skill exceeds the max level, it was a different skill.

’’This way I don't have to give one up, I can merge the two together and make them stronger.’’

A light flashed in Zhao Feng's eyes. His left eye started to calculate with all the data that he had.

Soon, Zhao Feng came up with a conclusion: ’’Once the two merge and strengthen, I can reach the peak of the 1st Sky in a short amount of time and the 2nd Sky won't be far away.’’

The 7 Skies of the Ascended Realm. Just like its name, every breakthrough was like the difference in the heavens and earth.

The difference of every Sky was far greater than the difference in the 9 ranks of the Martial Path. Therefore, the Skies were hard to breakthrough and many cultivators stayed at the 1st and 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm without making another breakthrough in their lives.

Why did Lord Guanjun place so much importance in talent? It was because he had experienced the difference in every sky of the Ascended Realm! If one's talent wasn't strong enough even if they did reach the Ascended Realm, they wouldn't be able to break through anymore and reach the True Spirit Realm. After entering the Clan, Zhao Feng understood what Lord Guanjun originally thought and why he had placed so much hope and expectation on Bei Moi.

Compared with the others, Zhao Feng was only a half - Spiritual Body and he was already extremely lucky to be able to become one of Lord Guanjun's disciples.

’’Life.... Luck... ’’

Zhao Feng started to believe in luck. If it wasn't through Lord Guanjun, he might not even know about the Clans.

He would then face greater challenges and without any accidents, Zhao Feng should be able to become an inner disciple tomorrow.

Inner disciples, that was where the true geniuses fought.

Bei Moi, Quan Chen, Sun Yuanhao, Liu Yue'er, Ran Xiaoyuan.... As well as other geniuses were all inner disciples.

Xiao Sun and Yun Mengxiang had both become inner disciples a few days ago as well and Zhao Feng becoming one could be almost certain. But he still wanted to enter something else - the Floating Crest Trial.

He didn't know much about the Floating Crest Trial, but he knew that that was a place where one's life could be changed and he had the deal with old man Zhang and old man Guan.

The Floating Crest Trial was once every 5 years and if Zhao Feng didn't participate, it would mean that his luck in the path of cultivation wasn't strong enough and he should rather work on pills and arrays instead.


At night.

Zhao Feng was still cultivating.

It was a slow process for the two True Forces to merge and Zhao Feng estimated that he needed one month to merge the two together, which would make him reach the peak 1st Sky of the Ascended Realm.

Normal inner disciples need 1-2 years to reach it, but if there was help from pill masters, the time could be condensed greatly. While the two forces were merging, Zhao Feng started to organise his skills:

Silver Wall Technique: 10th level - reaching the Ascended Realm with his his body.

WIth just his body alone, he could fight cultivators at the 1st Sky.

Lightning Wind Palm: 3rd level - the same as low level.

According to what Zhao Feng knew, there was only a low number of people who had trained Middle class Mortal skills to the low level.

Four Wind Stances: The first 3 had been fully comprehended and the last had been understood 70-80%. But even then the damage from the 4th stance exceeded the first 3.

The power of it alone even surpassed Star Finger merging with Tornado Stance.

Illusion Fish Picture: Comprehended up to the 5th change.

Even though the Illusion Fish Picture didn't have any offensive power, it helped movements skills and arrays greatly.

For example, when Zhao Feng merged the enlightenment gained from the Illusion Fish Picture, his attacks and movement had illusions which tricked the opponent.

The Illusion Fish Picture focused on the word Illusion and Zhao Feng had just started to comprehend it.

Up to now, Zhao Feng was only comprehending these moves and the other skills had all reached the peak level. But they were too weak to be used.

This meant that Zhao Feng actually only had two skills that he cultivated: Silver Wall Technique and Lightning Wind Palm.

The Silver Wall Technique had reached the 10th level out of the 11 levels and it wouldn't be of much use when he reached the 2nd Sky.

This was the limit of normal Low class Mortal skills

It was Lightning Wind Palm that could be trained up to the 6th Sky of the Ascended Realm.


Zhao Feng got up early the second morning and went to the Clan Mission division.

’’Brother Zhao, your eyepatch is done.’’

The apprentice handed over a metal eyepatch the size of a palm. The eyepatch was delicate and the surface was silver. It felt cold and smooth when touched.

’’This eyepatch is special, it can block attacks from cultivators a the 1st Sky of the Ascended Realm.’’

The apprentice explained as Zhao Feng put on the eyepatch. A cold feeling appeared and Zhao Feng's left eye was fully covered.

’’Good!’’ Zhao Feng nodded his head in satisfaction.

Amidst the wind, his azure hair wavered and with his silver eyepatch, he seemed 30% wicked and 70% casual.

The apprentice next to him couldn't help but pause. He felt that Zhao Feng had a indescribable change in aura.


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