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King Of Gods - Chapter 135


Chapter 135 - Ascension

After beating Jiang Yuyan and Xiao Sun, Zhao Feng had a feeling of loneliness.

At this moment in time, he felt that his Silver Wall Technique was incredibly close to the 10th level and he needed 6 - 15 days at most before it would break through.

Inside the dimension of his left eye, the azure glow had extended to 9 foot 9 and it seemed to reach a limit.

Zhao Feng didn't know what would happen when the light surpassed 9 foot 9.

Before Zhao Feng got to even rest for half a day, two guests came.

’’Vice Head Guan, Vice Head Zhang, why are the both of you here?’’

Zhao Feng was surprised. Two Vice Heads had come at the same time to his small courtyard.

He immediately ushered the two in and thought whether or not the two had 'settled it out'.

But out of expectations the two were both quiet and they didn't even argue at all. All they did was stare at Zhao Feng and sigh.

’’What's happened... ?’’

Zhao Feng felt the situation was weird. Both old man Zhang and old man Guan should've fought over his talent.

’’Zhao Feng, we've come to a decision regarding you taking a Master.’’ Vice Head Guan said solemnly.

They came to a decision?

Zhao Feng cried out in his heart. Even though he was interested in both pill making and arrays, that wasn't the path he wanted to walk.

Old man Zhang coughed: ’’It's like this. Through our testing, we've decided that your talent is too good to be our disciples.’’


Zhao Feng looked in disbelief at the two.

Vice Head Zhang and Vice Head Guan looked at each other and smiled as if they had done a huge thing.

’’Zhao Feng, you might be surprised but this is the truth. You are the best pill refining genius I have ever seen and with your abilities, you would only need 1 - 2 years to learn everything I have to give you.’’ Old man Guan sighed and shook his head helplessly.

’’That's right! We're not good enough to be your teacher. We can recommend you to the best array master 'Gong Chenqingshan' of the Sky Rich Country . Only if you're able to be his disciple will your talent be fully used.’’ Old man Zhang said helplessly and bitterly.

Vice Head Guan also recommended a pill master from the Metal Blood Country.

The two hadn't reached the true master level, they were just proficient in arrays and pills.

Zhao Feng knew that both Sky Rich Country and the Metal Blood Country were 10 times better than the Cloud Country and the Clans in their country were far stronger than the Broken Moon Clan.

’’Teachers, thank you for your good intentions but I don't want to walk down the path of arrays or pills.’’

Zhao Feng took in a deep breath and bowed deeply to the two Vice Heads.

At this moment, he finally spoke his true thoughts.

’’You're calling us teacher?’’

Old man Guan was excited while old man Zhang was also smug.

Even though Zhao Feng didn't formally take them as masters, the 'teacher' he called still showed his gratitude and thanks.

No matter how high Zhao Feng reached or who he took in as his master, he would still call the two 'teacher'.

From the two Vice Head's point of view, even if Zhao Feng didn't work hard, he would still become a pill master or array master or maybe even both.

So Zhao Feng calling 'teacher' satisfied them.

After this, Zhao Feng faced the two's persuasion. They tried to get Zhao Feng to walk on the 'correct' path and told him he could study both if he wanted.

But Zhao Feng had rejected them in the end and still chose to walk down the path of cultivation.

’’If you want to walk down the road of cultivation, you must not miss the Floating Crest Trial in a few months.’’ Old man Guan's words suddenly came to a turn.

Floating Crest Trial?

Zhao Feng immediately connected it with the most mysterious building of the Broken Moon Clan 'Floating Crest Palace' and he looked at the building floating in the air amongst a sea of lightning with his left eye.

’’The Floating Crest Trial appears only once every 5 years and is a turning point in one's life. If you're not able to become an inner disciple or enter the Floating Crest Trial, it means the path of cultivation isn't for you.’’

Vice Head Zhang smiled.

Zhao Feng couldn't help but think about the two's words. He started to realise that the Floating Crest Trial was something of great importance, but only a small number of inner disciples were able to participate.

Zhao Feng then got a lot of information from the two Vice Heads about the Floating Crest Trial.

Firstly, the Floating Crest Trial was a chance to enter the Floating Crest Palace and gain items from there, which would help one greatly.

Secondly, the disciples that performed great in the Floating Crest Trial would be placed of great importance by the Clan.

In the Broken Moon Clan, almost all the people who had reached the True Spirit Realm had performed superbly in the Floating Crest Trial.

For example, Hai Yun Master was the one who performed the best in the past 100 years.


The meaning of the two Vice Heads was clear. If Zhao Feng wasn't able to enter the Floating Crest Trial, it meant that his luck was limited so he should rather go learn pills refining and arrays.

In the world of Clans. many believed in 'luck', this was why the two had said this. Even Zhao Feng couldn't ignore 'luck', the unseeable, unfeelable, untouchable thing.

If he didn't have the mysterious left eye, he wouldn't have walked this far.

’’Hehe, if I'm able to successfully attend the Floating Crest Trial, I presume that the two won't stop me from walking down the road of cultivation?’’ Zhao Feng smiled faintly.

The two Vice Heads laughed and shook their heads as they heard this.

’’There's still 2-3 months before the trial and it's unknown whether or not you'll even become an inner disciple then. Furthermore, there's a limited number of places. And without reaching the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm, it'll be hard to even get a spot.’’ Old man Guan explained.

Old man Zhang then added: ’’If you're able to attend the trial, then we'll have nothing to say.’’


Zhao Feng came to an agreement with the two.

If Zhao Feng was able to attend the trial, then the two Vice Heads won't stop or persuade him from walking down the path of cultivation. But if Zhao Feng wasn't able to attend, then he would have to consider the suggestion given by the two.

With such an agreement, the two Vice Heads laughed and left Zhao Feng's place confidently.

’’Is the competition that fierce?’’

Zhao Feng sent the two confident old men away with his eyes.

Now that the problem had been solved, Zhao Feng focused solely on cultivating. But he wanted to increase his strength before he became an inner disciple.

Lightning Wind Palm, Silver Wall Technique, Burning Wind Stance, Illusion Fish Picture... These were what Zhao Feng focused mainly on.

3 days later, Xiao Sun broke through to the Ascended Realm and became an inner disciple.

According to the rules, as long as one reached the Ascended Realm before 30 years old, they would automatically become an inner disciple and they were not allowed to fight with the substitute inner disciples.

Xiao Sun was helpless as well, with his talent and background, it wasn't hard for him to become an inner disciple straight away. But he wanted to be 1st amongst the outer disciples.

Another few days late.

Princess Yun Mengxiang also broke through to the Ascended Realm and became an inner disciple.

Both Yun Mengxiang and Xiao Sun had good talent and background amongst the outer disciples.

Before Yun Mengxiang left, she came to say goodbye to Zhao Feng: ’’Pill master Zhao Feng, I'll be waiting for you to become an inner disciple.’’


Zhao Feng's response made Yun Mengxiang slightly surprised.

Xiao Sun and Yun Mengxiang had a higher starting point, talent and background.

Seeing that Zhao Feng hadn't reached the Ascended Realm yet, Yun Mengxiang thought that it was because he was restricted by his talent.

How would she know that Zhao Feng was aiming to enter the Ascended Realm with his body or else he probably would've broke through even earlier than Xiao Sun?

In the days that Xiao Sun and Yun Mengxiang broke through, Zhao Feng's Lightning Wind Palm had reached the 3rd level, which was the low level.

For the next few days, Zhao Feng had comprehended 70-80% of the Burning Wind Stance and its power was at least double of the Partial Wind Stance.

While Zhao Feng was gathering his strength, there were a few rumours.

’’The most talented outer disciples of the new batch have already become inner disciples.’’

’’Even though Zhao Feng is 1st, he's limited by his talent.’’


Zhao Feng calmly cultivated and didn't bother with what the other's said. When he was free, he would occasionally create a few batches of Marrow Cleansing Pills and Broken Moon Breath Returning Pills and earn some substandard primal crystal stones.’’

Apart from that, Zhao Feng also left Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan a Marrow Cleansing Pill each.

’’Brother Zhao, why aren't you using this Marrow Cleansing Pill to try and break through to the Ascended Realm?’’

Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan were guilty and grateful at the same time.

’’I don't need it anymore.’’ Zhao Feng smiled, he had a few Marrow Cleansing Pills as back up but now...

Zhao Feng returned to his courtyard and he sat crossed legged. But he didn't focus on cultivating, he still circulated his Silver Wall Technique.


A sizzle of silver was created and sent off an aura that was tens of times stronger than Inner strength.

’’The Silver Air True Force has finally been condensed.’’

While Zhao Feng breathed, he sent off an aura similar to a Lord tier deadly beast, causing the hearts of nearby substitute inner disciples to turn cold. At this moment, every action Zhao Feng made sent off the aura of the Holy martial path.

Because he had entered the Ascended Realm with his body, the True Force came from his flesh. If it was a normal cultivator, the True Force would come from their dantian and the Force would condense repetitively.

The moment Zhao Feng reached the Ascended Realm with his body, he felt the rate of thumping in his eye increase.

Peng! Peng! Peng! ...

The 9 foot 9 spinning azure light in his left eye stopped moving.


The glow of light suddenly molded together and began to mutate...


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