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King Of Gods - Chapter 134


Chapter 134 - Ran Xiaoyuan

’’It's you... ’’ Zhao Feng exclaimed as he stared at the girl behind sister Yuan with excitement.

He was dazed and it seemed like the partner in his dreams had finally appeared.

His expression in Sister Yuan's eyes was 'lust' and she became even angrier. 'So this brat wasn't looking at me, but the person behind me.'

At this moment, a wave appeared in Zhao Feng's heart. The girl behind Sister Yuan was so familiar.

She had appeared in his mind hundreds and thousands of times because he wanted to comprehend the Mysterious Wind Palm.

She was the shy girl at the canyon that day. The happiness couldn't be described after seeing someone in reality that had appeared in his mind for thousands of times.

Even Zhao Feng had lost his composure.

’’Sister Ran, do you know him?’’ Sister Yuan looked at the girl behind her with suspicion and excitement.

Could sister Ran have a relationship with a guy? Being her best friend, how could she be left out?

’’I... I don't know him.’’

Sister Ran's face was red as she inspected Zhao Feng, but she shook her head.

Seeing her innocent look, Sister Yuan was certain that sister Ran didn't know Zhao Feng because she knew that sister Ran wouldn't lie to her.

Furthermore, with Zhao Feng's cultivation, he should only be an outer disciple and he wouldn't have any connections with inner disciples.

’’Brat! Don't think too much! You must be one of her followers, but you must be punished for committing such a shameful act... ’’

Sister Yuan started to say righteously,, but seeing Zhao Feng's eyes dim down she started to regret being so angry.

Sister Yuan thought that Zhao Feng was a playful boy because he was so young. If it was anyone else, they would've probably been dead by now.

Zhao Feng regained his composure and he knew that they didn't know him, but he still couldn't hold the excitement in his heart.

Back then, the 3 people had stunned him and now he had met the girl again.

’’May I ask for your name?’’

Zhao Feng still couldn't help but want to know her name.

Sister Yuan's temper went up even more. She suddenly realised that the youth in front of her became calm like his age had suddenly increased because such calmness wasn't someone of this age had.

’’I... ’’

Sister Ran's face went red as she was about to reply, but she was stopped by Sister Yuan.

’’Sister Ran, this kid doesn't have anything good in his mind. This can be seen by his shameless act just then.’’

Sister Yuan pulled sister Ran over to the side and coldly faced Zhao Feng.

Because Zhao Feng had 'ignored' her, she decided to punish him. But before she could say anything, Zhao Feng said coldly: ’’Sister, I believe that the Thousand Leaf Pond isn't open today, so how did you come in? If you don't give me a valid explanation, I shall report this to the Clan.’’

Hearing this, the expression of the two girls changed, especially sister Ran who immediately panicked.

The Thousand Leaf Pond was a sacred ground of the Clan and without approval, even inner disciples weren't allowed to enter.

’’Then how did you enter?’’ Sister Yuan's attitude was still hard.


Zhao Feng withdrew a token and looked sharply at Sister Yuan.

’’Clan Mission Token!’’

Sister Yuan finally panicked under the youth's gaze.

She realised that the youth in front of her had a special identity or else he wouldn't have the Clan Mission Token to enter the Thousand Leaf Pond.

’’I'm under orders from Vice head Zhang to come check the weak points and flaws of the arrays, but there were two people who had sneaked in. Do you know your sin?’’

Up to the end, Zhao Feng was shouting. His left eye activated and became sharp. It was like he could see the opponents secrets.

The two girls looked at each other guiltily.

Zhao Feng had a reason to enter the Thousand Leaf Pond and they had entered the pond through the flaws of the array.

In the blink of an eye, Zhao Feng had become the questioner from being questioning. All he needed to do was activate the array and the nearby Clan Mission division members would arrive.

’’Hmph, then how about you peeking at us?’’

How could sister Yuan admit defeat?

Thinking about her fame in the inner disciples, she couldn't lose to an outer disciple.

’’Peeking? Who came first?’’

Zhao Feng laughed. At this moment, he didn't seem like a pure, innocent youth anymore.

’’You... ’’

Sister Yuan was speechless.

Indeed, Zhao Feng had arrived before them and the two had come in secret.

’’Brother Zhao, it's our fault... Please don't... ’’ Sister Ran's eyes were red as she begged.

Seeing her innocent and sad look, Zhao Feng obviously wouldn't tell on them.

At this moment, Sister Yuan was also silent like she knew the opponent had the ability to threaten her.

’’Oh well, I won't go further because of sister Ran.’’ Zhao Feng took back his token.

An expression of 'just like I expected' appeared on Sister Yuan's face: ’’Kid, an outer disciple like you won't be able to catch sister Ran.’’

Sister Ran's face was as red as blood as she lowered her head and sneakily glanced at Zhao Feng from the corner of her eye. But she didn't say anything.

’’You guys should go. If you're found by Deacons or other members of the Clan Mission division. I can't save you.’’ Zhao Feng said expressionlessly as he lowered his body back into the Thousand Leaf Pond.

Seeing his reaction, Sister Yuan was slightly disappointed. But thinking about it, she couldn't help but feel sorry for Zhao Feng. He was only a lowly outer disciple and he might not become an inner disciple in his whole life.

Because Sister Ran hadn't seen him before, it meant that this youth's love was one sided.

Sister Yuan sighed and pulled sister Ran and walked out of the array.

Sending the two away with his eyes, Zhao Feng let out a long breath and wiped his cold sweat.

With Sisters Yuan's strength, she could easily teach him a lesson. Even Lord Guanjun wouldn't be able to exchange one move with her.

As the two exited the array, a shy, quiet voice sounded: ’’My name is Ran Xiaoyuan, thank you!’’

Zhao Feng paused and saw a shy face smile near him before it couldn't avoided his gaze.

Ran Xiaoyuan?

En, it's a nice name but Zhao Feng murmured: ’’It should be me thanking you instead.’’

The Mysterious Wind Palm had given a lot of help and through his practises, he had fully remembered how the girl looked and he had wanted to meet and thank her many times.

Now that he had met Ran Xiaoyuan, Zhao Feng felt like he owed her a favour.

After the two left, Zhao Feng once again sank into the Thousand Leaf Pond and he began to silently cultivate the Silver Wall Technique and absorb the mysterious energy in the water.

Only till late night did Zhao Feng return to the Clan Mission division and hand back his report of where parts of the array were weak.

Returning back to his courtyard, Zhao Feng started to cultivate once again.

On the second morning, Zhao Feng found that his Silver Wall Technique was half a step away from the 10th level of the Silver Wall Technique.

His body was at the half-step Ascended Realm and just with his muscles alone, he could beat normal cultivators at the half-step Ascended Realms.

’’I should be able to challenge some at the 1st Sky of the Ascended Realm.’’

Zhao Feng cracked a smile. But the 10th level, even though it was only half a step away, it was still hard to reach.

However, Zhao Feng wasn't in any rush. From his point of view, he could become an inner disciple in half a month if he wanted to, but he first wanted to gather a bit more strength.

’’If I become an inner disciple, the feud between Quan Chen and I will be exposed and I will also enter Hai Yun Master's line of sight.’’ Zhao Feng thought.

Therefore, he should gather more strength with the advantage he had now.

Calculating the time, Zhao Feng realised that the 10 days he was supposed to stay at the Clan Mission division had finished.

Because of the argument between old man Zhang and old man Guan, Zhao Feng stayed at the Grass-Wood division and Clan Mission division 10 days respectively.

Zhao Feng had done this now, but both old man Zhang and old man Guan didn't come find him for the next few days. Zhao Feng started to train Silver Wall Technique and Lightning Wind Palm and he sneaked to the Thousand Leaf Pond when he had extra time. But not many days had passed before Zhao Feng received challenges from Xiao Sun and Jiang Yuyan.

One only had one chance to challenge a substitute inner disciple every 6 months. But for those disciples who had already reached the top 20, there was no limit.

Everyone knew that the top outer disciples had a great benefit and Xiao Sun was extremely expectant of being able to enter the Hollow Building before he became an inner disciple.

In reality, with his High tier Spiritual Body and relationship between the Xiao family and the Clan, Xiao Sun was completely able to be like Liu Yue'er and Sun Yuanhao and become an inner disciple straight away.

The reason that he didn't become one was due to one point: becoming the top outer disciple and now Xiao Sun's cultivation had reached the peak half-step Ascended Realm. The slightest mistake would cause him to break through to the Ascended Realm.

3 days later.

Zhao Feng fought Xiao Sun and Jiang Yuyan.

Xiao Sun was now ranked 4th and his Blazing Sun Manual had improved greatly. He was looking forward to battling Zhao Feng, but the result was the same. Zhao Feng didn't even use his Lightning Wind Palm... With Silver Wall Technique, Star Finger and the 4 Wind Stances alone, Xiao Sun was easily defeated.

Jiang Yuyan wasn't any better, she managed to exchange tens of blows before losing to Zhao Feng.

’’His strength now isn't any weaker than Lin Fan, when the latter was the top outer disciple.’’

Jiang Yuyan gave up.

Zhao Feng's position as top outer disciple couldn't be moved.


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