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King Of Gods - Chapter 133


Chapter 133 - Beautiful View

Broken Moon Clan. In the misty mountains, there was a clear azure building with plants of every kind around it.

’’Go Go!’’

Quan Chen's expression was dim and he sent the group of birds nearby flying with a wave of his hands.

His mood wasn't very good. Ever since Zhao Feng became the top outer disciple, his plan to suppress the disciples of Lord Guanjun became troublesome.

In terms of strength, Zhao Feng had dominated all the outer disciples and in terms of background, Zhao Feng had two Vice Heads.

He couldn't even finish off a few new disciples. This made him lose face amongst the other disciples.

His 1st and 2nd brother had made more than 1 joke about it.

Stepping on the broken rocks, Quan Chen's regained his composure and became respectful as he entered the azure building.

’’Brother Quan, Elder has come out of secluded meditation and he is admiring the flowers inside.’’ A guard said in front of the garden.

Quan Chen nodded his head, then he took a deep breath and walked inside to the garden.

Hundreds of flowers were blooming in the hundreds and between the flowers stood a handsome man that seemed to be 20 - 30 years old.

Who would have thought that this man would be the youngest Elder of the Broken Moon Clan - Hai Yun Master?

Those that reached the True Spirit Realm could live for 200-300 years. Hai Yun master was the same age as Lord Guanjun, but he had the features of a youth.

Hai Yun Master wore a robe of pure white and he stood with his hands behind his back. Quan Chen knew that his teacher had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD), so he carefully walked up to him and stood 1 yard away.

’’Master, I need to report to you about Xu Ran's disciples.’’ Quan Chen said respectfully.

’’Xu Ran? Do you think you really need to report to me about such a little problem?’’

Hai Yun Master's voice was soft, but it was full of coldness, like he was looking down at an ant.

Quan Chen immediately apologised: ’’Disciple here is useless and can't even take care of a few outer disciples.’’

After saying that he didn't say anything more, because he knew that Master didn't even put the disciples of Lord Guanjun into his eyes. If he kept on speaking, it would only cause his displeasure.


Hai Yun Master's eyebrows raised slightly.

’’Of the 3 disciples, Yang Qingshan has a Middle tier Spiritual Body and Nan Gongfan is between a Low tier and Middle tier Spiritual Body. There's still a Zhao Feng who had a Low tier Spiritual Body, but he is extremely abnormal... ’’

Quan Chen summarised the disciples and then spoke about Zhao Feng, the one that needed attention.

At the beginning, Hai Yun Master didn't move nor speak. But as Quan Chen talked about how Zhao Feng was placed of great importance by two Vice Heads, who excelled in pill refining and array creation, his expression changed slightly.

As for Zhao Feng's top outer disciple identity, Hai Yun Master didn't really care.

After listening to everything Hai Yun Master have a smile: ’’Hahaha... it's a good thing for the Broken Moon Clan if Zhao Feng has great talent in array and pill making.’’


Quan Chen couldn't help but be dazed. But thinking about it, those who excelled in arrays and pill making usually didn't have much battle power. Especially for one like Zhao Feng, with just a Low tier Spiritual Body, it was hard for him to walk far.

’’You don't need to worry about this.Your Master, I, have my own plans. The every 5 year Floating Crest Trial shall open in a few months time. You missed the chance last time, so you must grip this chance this time.’’ Hai Yun Master said.


Quan Chen's heart skipped a beat, the Floating Crest Trial could change one's destiny. The trial had something to do with the Floating Crest Palace and all those who passed the trial got great rewards.

Compared with the Floating Crest Tria,l the disciples of Lord Guanjun were nothing.

Filled with battle intent as he left the garden, Quan Chen could faintly hear his Master's voice: ’’Get Bei Moi... ’’

Bei Moi!

Expressions of helplessness and jealously appeared on Quan Chen's face.

Ever since Bei Moi had become Master's disciple, the latter had put way more of his energy and resources on Bei Moi while the other disciples lost favour.


Broken Moon Clan, Thousand Leaf Pond.

Zhao Feng relaxed himself and sank into the pond, even his breathing had almost stopped.

His left eye gave the occasional thump and it sent out a weird bloodline power which coursed throughout his body.

Over the past few days, Zhao Feng's Silver Wall Technique had reached the peak 9th level because he had eaten a few Marrow Cleansing Pills, which greatly increased his attributes.

At this moment, he had reached the same level of body strengthening as Hou Yuan. But Zhao Feng's goal was not limited to this.

In the Thousand Leaf Pond, his bones, blood and skin all went through a subtle change and the inner strength in his dantian reached a higher quality.

’’It looks like the Thousand Leaf Pond also helps inner strength and true force as well.’’ Zhao Feng thought.

Inner strength was the energy created by those at the Consolidated Realm, whereas True Force was made by those at the Ascended Realm and its power was ten times stronger than Inner strength.

As long as Zhao Feng reached the 10th level of the Silver Wall Technique, he could create Silver Air True Force.

Time flew by quickly;a whole day had passed and Zhao Feng's body attributes had increased so much that it exceeded the effects from a Marrow Cleansing Pill.

Even though the effect of the Marrow Cleansing Pill was strong, it didn't last as long nor was it as mysterious as the water.

Zhao Feng realised at night that the Energy Gathering Array seemed to change under the moonlight and a silver layer appeared in the water.

The element of the mysterious power in the water started to change as well...

’’This Energy Gathering Array is quite mysterious. When I become an inner disciple, I can create a much simpler one.’’ Zhao Feng thought.

Obviously, the Energy Gathering Array was only the support, the Thousand Leaf Pond was created by nature and it had existed thousands of years...

The power in the Thousand Leaf Pond changed slightly, but it had a better effect for the body and Zhao Feng maintained his 'fake death' position.

He estimated that he just needed to soak in the pond a few more times and his Silver Wall Technique would reach the 10th level. But just at this moment, a few sounds appeared even though they were quiet.

Ceng Ceng!

Two figures entered through the flaws of the Thousand Leaf Pond and the flaw they just used was the one Zhao Feng had just used.

’’ Sister Yuan, will we be found out... ?’’

One of them was a girl who had a clear crispy voice.

’’Haha, someone in the Clan Mission division told me about this flaw and that the Thousand Leaf Pond wasn't open today.’’

The other girl laughed lightly.

The girl that just spoke was a bit older, maybe 20 years old and she had a beautiful figure.

The girl next to her was slightly younger, she had crystal eyes and her figure was like a carving.

The two beauties walked into the Thousand Leaf Pond and surveyed the area.

The Thousand Leaf Pond was empty and no sign of anyone present.

’’See? I told you there's no one here.’’ Sister Yuan said confidently.


The shy girl nodded, but she was still slightly against doing something like this.

Confirming that there was no one here, the two took off their clothes, revealing their perfect bodies and they started to wash themselves in the water.

At the same time, Zhao Feng, who was tens of yards away, felt the water rippling. Because the pond was protected by the array, the water should be calm and unmoving. But at this time, the water rippled, meaning that there was intruders.

Zhao Feng recovered from his hibernation and he looked in the direction of the ripples with his left eye.

Even though they were separated by tens of yards, his left eye could still see clearly. But the next scene made his face red and sped his heart beat up.

He was afterall, only a 14-15 year old youth and he hadn't experienced everything.


Zhao Feng was so distracted that he choked on the water and surfaced.

’’Who's there!?’’ Sister Yuan exclaimed and she sent a wave tens of metres high, blocking his view.

Ceng Ceng!

The two figures immediately returned to the shore under the cover of the wave and when the wave fell down, Zhao Feng saw two girls who had the uniform of inner disciples.

One was tall and pretty, while the other was shy.

No matter where they were put, the figures of the two were top tier and not any weaker than the most beautiful women of Sun Feather City.

’’Which bastard dares to do such shameless acts!?’’

Sister Yuan barely managed to cover herself up with her clothes as she coldly looked at Zhao Feng.


A surge of mental energy crushed towards Zhao Feng like a mountain.

Her cultivation was even stronger than Quan Chen, who was at the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm.

The other beauty was full of anger and shyness as she hid behind sister Yuan.

’’Don't misunderstand... I was just here cultivating... ’’ Zhao Feng said urgently with a red face.

This situation made him dumbfounded.

Sister Yuan was also surprised. the youth in front of her seemed only 14-15 years old and he didn't seem like a shameless bastard.

’’Turn around and close your eyes.’’ Sister Yuan coldly ordered.

Under the powerful mental energy, Zhao Feng soon calmed down and turned around and closed his eyes like he was ordered to. He knew that he had no strength to resist at all.

Turning around, he heard the sound of the two putting on the clothes.

’’Turn around!’’

Sister Yuan stood next to the pond, but the coldness in her voice hadn't faded away.

Zhao Feng turned around expressionlessly and his heart still fluttered when he saw the faces of the two beauties.

Sister Yuan stood in front, while the other girl hid behind her and only showed half her face.

’’Hmph! Such a young age and already peeking at girls taking baths. If you don't give an explanation today, I'll punish you!’’

Sister Yuan's face was cold as she decided to scare the youth in front of her, but she realised that the youth was staring at her with a dazed face.

She became even angrier, how could someone at such a young age be so lustful?

However, she soon realised that Zhao Feng wasn't looking at her, but the person behind her.

’’It's you... ’’ Zhao Feng exclaimed as he looked at the shy girl behind Sister Yuan.


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