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King Of Gods - Chapter 132


Chapter 132 - Lightning Wind Palm

Zhao Feng didn't bother listening to this voice and left the Hollow Building. Right after he left, a laughter containing anger sounded from within the building: ’’What an arrogant brat... How dare he ignore me... ’’

Ever since Zhao Feng entered the Hollow Building, Zhao Feng didn't really listen to the voice and he acted on what he thought was right. So he didn't put the warnings given by the voice to heart.

From Zhao Feng's point of view, one just had to obey the rules of the voice.

His thought was correct but he didn't know that the owner of the voice was a big figure in the Clan;even inner disciples were respectful of him.

’’1st Elder, it's only an idiotic outer disciple, there's no point wasting time with him.’’ An old man inside the building laughed.

This person was the elder guarding the Hollow Building, but the 1st Elder had come today to do a routine check. He saw Zhao Feng take a highly dangerous skill, so he warned him in good will, but the latter had ignored him instead.

’’Huh? Outer disciple? If I remember correctly, only the top outer disciple has the right to enter.’’

1st Elder was slightly surprised.

The Clan Creator had created this rule far back and it had continued to this day and the 1st Elder knew the purpose of it.

The more talented one was, the further they went in the path of cultivation, therefore the Clan placed great importance in talent. But talent wasn't the only thing that made one go far, so the Creator made this rule to help those without great talent.


After returning to his courtyard, Zhao Feng started to comprehend the Lightning Wind Palm in his head.

Lightning Wind Palm was an offense skill, which was suitable even at the 6th Sky of the Ascended Realm. From this point alone, one could tell it was much better than the other Middle class Mortal skills. Zhao Feng had paid special attention to its description which contained the words 'Ancient Partial skill'.

The skills from long ago had differences with the current ones and the old voice had told him that this skill was even harder to learn than some High class Mortal skills. So from Zhao Feng's analysis, the rank of this skill shouldn't be as simple as a Middle class Mortal skill...

Closing his eyes, Zhao Feng started to comprehend the scenery of the small figure in the world of lightning and wind who was able to summon lightning.


Zhao Feng saw the scene and he couldn't help but sigh.

The Lightning Wind Palm was split into 6 levels’’

The 1st level: Learner - comprehending the power of wind.

The 2nd level: Beginner - The lightning and wind aura started to form.

The 3rd level: Low level - The palm shall contain the sound of lightning and one would find it hard to find a match against those under the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm.

The 4th level: High level - The ability to numb the opponent, so that their actions will be slowed down.

The fifth level: Peak level - Using the wind to summon lightning, the power increases dramatically.

The 6th level: Max level - When there's a storm, one had a certain chance to summon the 9 Cloud Lightning. Once one succeeded, anyone under the True Spirit Realm shall be destroyed and existences at the True Spirit Realm would be wary.


The 6th level should be used when one was at the 6th Sky of the Ascended Realm but there was a chance to summon the 9 Clouds Lightning which would make the person's strength increase by 10 times.

’’The 6th level is just way too crazy. Once one succeeds in summoning the 9 Clouds Lightning, even beings of the True Spirit Realm have to be wary.’’

Zhao Feng's heart trembled.

He could confirm that this skill wasn't a Middle class Mortal skill after coming into contact with it.

Obviously, even though the 6th level was insane and one's strength would increase by 10 times the danger involved was a lot as well. The slightest mistake would turn the user into dust.

The person who had created this skill was insane and those that trained it were crazy as well. But because Zhao Feng had chosen it, he wouldn't regret doing so. Instead, he would focus and try comprehend it.

The Lightning Wind Palm used wind to cause lightning, so wind was the base of this skill.

As for this, Zhao Feng had a good foundation because he had comprehended the first 3 stances of the 4 Wind Stances, which all contained the will and intent of wind.

As for the last stance Burning Wind Stance, one created fire by using the wind, which made the damage rise by an entire new level.

With the 4 Wind Stances as a base, Zhao Feng's succeeded in learning it and he started to work on the 2nd level.

’’Hehehe... it looks like my decision was correct. This skill is suitable for me.’’

Zhao Feng didn't think that he would be this successful. According to the old voice, Lightning Wind Palm was harder to learn than some High class Mortal skills. And when someone tried to learn the 1st level, they needed at least 1 - 2 months, sometimes even years. But with the 4 Wind Stances as foundation, Zhao Feng had completed it easily, but there was resistance at the 2nd level.

The 2nd level contained the aura of wind and lightning.

Zhao Feng had a deep enlightenment of 'wind', but he had no basis for 'Lightning'.

He closed his eyes and the scene of the world of lightning and wind appeared in his mind.

WIth this picture in his head, Zhao Feng could easily reach the 2nd level and around 2 days later, he had almost fully learnt the 2nd level. But the 3rd level wasn't going to be comprehended in any time soon.

He put the remaining time all on the 7 array books that old man Zhang had given him and of the 7, there was only 1 left.

This last book was the hardest of them all and only with the enlightenment gained from the Illusion Fish Picture was he able to comprehend it and on this day, Zhao Feng finally learnt the 7 books.

And it was at this time that he realised that today was the deadline.

’’So close!’’

Zhao Feng let out a long breath. Because he had learnt and spent some of his time on the Lightning Wind Palm he almost forgot the deal with old man Zhang.

His current and most important goal right now was to enter the Ascended Realm with his body.

Zhao Feng ran to the Clan Mission division and met Vice Head Zhang.

’’You've learnt all 7 array books?’’ Vice Head Zhang said full of smiles.


Zhao Feng puffed out.

Old man Zhang then asked 15 questions. 1 hard and 1 easy question for each book and to answer the last question, one must merge all the contents of the 7 books. Only with his left eye continuously thinking was Zhao Feng able to answer it.

After Zhao Feng gave his answer, old man Zhang sighed and stared at Zhao Feng like he was a monster.

’’Are you sure you haven't learnt anything about arrays before?’’ Old man Zhang said, defeated.

’’Does the Illusion Fish Picture count?’’

Zhao Feng gave a ’’Heh heh’’, old man Guan had asked similar questions before.

Vice Head Zhang's cheeks twitched slightly. Back then, he was a genius who could remember everything he saw as well and he had a bit of fame within the 13 Countries. But compared to Zhao Feng's talent, he thought he was just dog s***.

’’You've learnt the basis of arrays. From today onwards, you will go and help protect and give maintenance to the arrays in the Clan. This obviously includes the Energy Gathering Array in the Thousand Leaf Pond... ’’ Old man Zhang said expressionlessly.

On the same day, Zhao Feng started to come into contact with arrays. The Broken Moon Clan he was at had many arrays that enveloped the whole mountain and as time passed, the power of these arrays weakened or flaws would appear, so they needed maintenance and fixing.

Zhao Feng followed old man Zhang or some of members of the Clan Mission division to travel to where the arrays were.

’’The mist from that day at the test was created by an array and the reason why the Floating Crest Palace floats is also because of arrays as well.’’ Zhao Feng started to understand.

In the world of Clans, there were many places that needed the help of Pill, Arrays and Mechanism masters.

On this day, Zhao Feng received an order from Vice Head Zhang to go to the Thousand Leaf Pond. Being a member of the Clan Mission division and old man Zhang's helper, Zhao Feng came to check if there was anything wrong with the Energy Gathering Array.

Thinking about how his Silver Wall Technique had started to approach the peak 9th level, Zhao Feng couldn't help but be excited.

His left eye became sharp and a thin azure glow appeared on it, which allowed him to see the crystal green water.

Zhao Feng swallowed, but he didn't make any rash moves.

Firstly, he was to see if the Energy Gathering Array really had any problems or not. This Energy Gathering Array was created by several cultivators of the True Spirit Realm and the help of array masters, but Zhao Feng had also recorded the structure of the array and with his enhanced vision, he alone could finish the work of several others.

Over the past few days, Zhao Feng had found many flaws in the arrays of the Clan, he had contributed a lot to the Clan Mission division and received praise from Vice head Zhang.

’’Hmm, there's 2 flaws as well as 13 weak points.’’

Zhao Feng nodded his head and he recorded the numbers down so he could report it back to old man Zhang.

In just the time it took a cup of tea to be made, Zhao Feng had already completed his task and after that, Zhao Feng licked his lips and took out his token to open the array and enter.But thinking about it, if he entered the Thousand Leaf Pond with his token, the sound created would be a bit big and he was only an outer disciple who didn't have right to enter.

Zhao Feng decided to be a bit more low key and he entered the Thousand Leaf Pond through one of the flaws.


Zhao Feng soaked his body in the water and he felt a weird cold power spread throughout his body which came from the water.

He closed his eyes and let his whole body touch the water.

Peng! Peng!

Zhao Feng felt the thumping appear in his left eye again and the rate of which he absorbed energy increased.

’’The effect isn't as strong as the Marrow Cleansing Pill, but it lasts longer... ’’

Zhao Feng felt his body become stronger and stronger as time passed. Unknowingly, he had almost fell asleep in the pond and had entered a 'fake death' situation similar to when he practised the Withering Wood Technique...

Under this situation, his body relaxed like it had never before, which made the rate at which he absorbed the energy fast.


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