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King Of Gods - Chapter 131


Chapter 131 - Extreme Choice

Hearing this, Zhao Feng was filled with joy as he heard what Deacon Qiu meant.

According to the rules, a normal inner disciple only had one chance to enter the Hollow building. But right now Zhao Feng was only an outer disciple, not an inner disciple.

This meant that he had the chance to enter the Hollow Building before some inner disciples. And when Zhao Feng became an inner disciple, he had the chance to enter the Hollow Building again.

The advantage gained was unbelievable.

’’This rule was set by the Clan Creator. The top outer disciple shall have the authority to enter once.’’ Deacon Qiu had a faint smile.

The Clan Creator!

Zhao Feng thought in his heart that the Clan Creator had given disciples without great talent a trace of life.

The Clan looked most importantly at talent after all and those that were outer disciples didn't have high talent.

Before this, Sun Haoyuan had a Changeable Body and Liu Yue'er had a High tier Spiritual Body. But the two had been accepted as inner disciples straight away.

After saying goodbye to Deacon, Qiu Zhao Feng headed to the Hollow Building with his token.

The Hollow Building was a sacred ground of the Clan and inner disciples as well as Deacons weren't allowed to enter easily.

From a few miles away, Zhao Feng already saw a half transparent tower near the edge of the cliff. Zhao Feng's left eye scanned it, but it couldn't see what materials made up the building. But one thing was certain, the material used was expensive.

Two lines of guards stood at the entrance, each of them had at least reached the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm. Their cultivations were all higher than Lord Guanjun.

’’This is an important place of the Clan, leave now!’’

A guard exclaimed as he sent out his mental energy, which made Zhao Feng find it hard to breath.

The other guards were full of disdain as well. They had seen that Zhao Feng's clothes were of an outer disciples and the 9th rank of the Consolidated Realm was an ant in their eyes.


Zhao Feng took out the Hollow Building Token and the expression of the guard who had just shouted out changed.


The group of guards sent Zhao Feng into the building with their eyes.

’’It's hard to believe that that kid is the top outer disciple.’’

The guards were all surprised.

Entering the Hollow Building, Zhao Feng had the feeling of that he had stepped into another dimension because the inside was full of colour.

He had been learning arrays right now and he could feel the existence of them in the Hollow building.

The power of arrays had no shape nor colour, but they had been protecting this place for thousands of years. Before he could open his left eye to inspect the arrays of the building, an old voice sounded in his mind: ’’Hand over your token.’’


Zhao Feng threw his token over.

’’Bronze grade token. You can choose a Middle class Mortal skill.’’

As the voice disappeared, a staircase appeared appeared in front of Zhao Feng which he stepped onto.

The world at the top of the staircase was full of mist and countless jade slips floated in it. Every jade slip had a few pictures and words on it with the description, introduction and requirements of the skill.

’’Dragon Returning Palm... Dominant King Fists... No Wind Manual... Scorching Flame Sword... ’’

Zhao Feng scanned through the hundreds and thousand of skills and he copied the descriptions into his mind.

Soon, Zhao Feng had a bit of understanding of all of the skills. Most of them could be cultivated to the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm or higher and the better one's could reach the 5th Sky.

Low class Mortal skills usually trained one to the Ascended Realm and Middle Class Mortal skills could be trained one to the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm or higher.

High class Mortal skills could be cultivated to the 7th Sky of the Ascended Realm and a small number to the True Spirit Realm.

Peak class Mortal skills could definitely be trained to the True Spirit Realm and it was these skills that were the true treasures of the Clan.

As for the Spiritual Class skills, these were the killing moves of the Clan and no one under the rank of Elder had the right to train them. And those under the True Spirit Realm would find it hard to comprehend.

’’You must find a skill in half an hour and all you need to do is grab a jade slip and put your consciousness into it to get the skill.’’

The person with the old voice seemed to realise that Zhao Feng didn't really understand the rules of the Hollow Building.


Zhao Feng felt weird that the voice would always appear in his head, because in the mortal world when one spoke from long distances, it would sound next to their ears. But thinking that this was a Clan, everything could be explained.

Soon, Zhao Feng scanned through all the skills and he remembered which ones he needed.

All the credit went to his left eye. Other disciples would find it almost impossible to finish reading all of the slips in such a short amount of time.

After reading it, Zhao Feng soon excluded the skills that had restrictions in cultivation, like the ones that needed the cultivator to reach the Ascended Realm to train.

He then picked out the skills which had greater power and weremore profound.

This way, he had 100-200 skills suitable elite skills.

These elite skills were all Middle class Mortal skills, but they were of the better rank. Unfortunately, Zhao Feng could only choose one.

After thinking for a long time, Zhao Feng decided to choose an offensive skill.

’’Dragon Returning Palm: The palm becomes a dragon which can crush mountains. And when trained to the high level, a dragon shadow shall follow which will create fear in the opponent. Requires a dense and strong inner strength.’’

’’7 Deadly Fingers: Split into 7 levels and it is a powerful single target attack. Requires perfect control.’’

’’Scorching Flame Sword: Sword like fire, when it reaches the high level, each swing of the sword can cause a scorching flame that will vanquish all those under the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm... ’’


Zhao Feng looked at the offensive skills which had power that exceeded the limits of nature.

For example, that Scorching Flame Sword could create fire from nothing, was this power that a human could withstand?

Of course, Zhao Feng didn't consider using other weapons because his left eye was more suitable for archery.

Relying on weapons wasn't a good idea because what if it the weapon broke? His strength would decrease massively.

Furthermore, once one broke through to the Ascended Realm, long distance attacks were normal and the advantage of close combat weapons wasn't great.

Looking at the skills for a while, an unique skill appeared in Zhao Feng's mind.

’’Lightning Wind Palm: Contains the power of lightning and wind, using the wind to cause lightning. When trained to the peak level, one can summon lightning. But maybe because it's only a partial skill almost, no one has trained it to the peak level.’’

Attention: This skill contains a lot of danger and there's records of a cultivator who trained this skill being killed by lightning.

Learn carefully!

The last warning seemed to be just added on because the marks were still fresh.

’’Lightning Wind Palm, it's going to be you.’’

Zhao Feng just chose this skill, and it was one of the most dangerous one's.

He had trained in the Star Finger before and Zhao Feng understood that the more dangerous it was to cultivate, the more terrifying its power was.

Lightning Wind Palm was the same and the disciples of the Broken Moon Clan wouldn't dare to train it. Furthermore, no one wanted to waste this precious chance to gamble on an unknown skill.

But Zhao Feng dared to!

Firstly, he had one more chance to enter the Hollow Building.

Secondly, because no one dared to train this skill, it meant that the power of it was terrifying.

Zhao Feng had seen the history of the Clan and those legendary figures had always trained those skills that no one else could and finally reach the peak of the tower.

If Zhao Feng chose a skill that others could train easily as well, then what was the difference between him and them?

’’Are you sure that you're going to choose Lightning Wind Palm? I'm warning you, this skill is hard to learn and even more dangerous than some High class Mortal skills.’’ The ancient voice sounded.

’’Yes.’’ Zhao Feng responded in a strong tone.

Such tone made the old voice pause. This was the first time that he had seen someone choose such a dangerous skill with such confidence.

These people could only be described as 'arrogant'.

’’Haha, there's usually 2 results when one trains the Lightning Wind Palm. The first result is that one wasn't able to reach the peak level and while training, their tendons broke or the lower half of their body becomes useless. The second result is that a prodigy with high comprehension learns it, gets struck by lightning and dies. It's the latter which is regretful.’’

The ancient voice laughed lightly and he didn't speak anymore.

2 results: the first was to be unable to reach the peak level, whereas the 2nd was to be struck by lightning and die.

If it was anyone else, they would feel fear or at least worry, but Zhao Feng didn't listen to the old voice and he merged his consciousness with the jade slip.


A light appeared from the slip which pulled Zhao Feng's consciousness into a world full of wind and lightning.

A scenery of a figure appeared, practising a palm skill in the world of wind and lightning.

The power of the skill became greater and greater before it finally merged with the lightning and crushed a 50 thousand kilogram mountain.

’’What terrifying power!’’

Zhao Feng instinctively copied this scene into his mind with his left eye.

Immediately after, the contents of the skill went into Zhao Feng's mind bit by bit.

The jade slip contained contents which could only be viewed once, but because Zhao Feng had copied the entire scene into his left eye, he could comprehend it later on.

Under the power of arrays, the contents of the Lightning Wind Palm slowly merged into Zhao Feng's mind and the latter immediately memorised it. He then started to inspect the jade slips as well as the mist with his left eye.

The misty area that he was in was enveloped by a massive array that had lasted for a thousand years and Zhao Feng was thinking whether or not this array could be broken or were there any flaws?

He then opened his left eye and an azure light appeared on his eyeball as he surveyed the nearby area.

Under his enhanced vision mode, picture and lines appeared which constructed an array.


Zhao Feng copied the structure of the array into his left eye.

’’I'll study this when I get back.’’

Zhao Feng thought as the light from the jade slip in front of him faded. At the same time, the other jade slips in the area all lost their glow.

Like this, Zhao Feng took the contents of the Lightning Wind Palm as well as the structure of the array out of the Hollow Building.

Before he left, he heard the old voice's warning: ’’The skills of the Hollow Building shall not be spread or else the person's cultivation shall be crippled. Remember this... ’’


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