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King Of Gods - Chapter 129


Chapter 129 - Sweeping the outer disciples (3)

Gold Bronze Casting Body.

This was Hou Yuan's killing move and when used, his power and defense would rise to another level. Zhao Feng had been pushed back just then and he was almost injured.

At this moment, Zhao Feng opened his left eye to inspect the move's flaws.

In his enhanced vision mode, sizzles of red gold light appeared in Hou Yuan's body.

’’Perfect merging between body strengthening technique and inner strength. Another half a step more and he will reach the Ascended Realm with his body.’’

Zhao Feng's heart jumped.

No wonder there was rumours that the top substitute inner disciples had the ability to challenge those at the Ascended Realm. Body strengthening technique was the simplest way of cultivation and it was about domination others with power. Therefore, the flaws of body strengthening techniques were actually quite small.

Zhao Feng opened his left eye and he couldn't find any obvious flaws.

He could see the principle behind the Gold Bronze Casting Body, but because the style of the two body strengthening techniques were different, he couldn't use it on himself in a short amount of time.

’’Brat! I'll see how long can you last!’’

Hou Yuan's voice sounded as his offense rate decreased. Instead, he tried his best to find Zhao Feng's figure and he didn't attack rashly.

After Zhao Feng's movement skill had merged with the Illusion Fish Picture, there was illusions everywhere which suited chaotic situations. So when the opponent made more moves, they were easier to get tricked.

A calm, logical person would restrict their movement, which would make the effect of the Illusion Fish Picture decrease. In a short amount of time, Hou Yuan didn't move, he was trying to find Zhao Feng's true body and he wouldn't waste energy.

If the enemy doesn't move, I shall.

Star Finger!

Zhao Feng laughed coldly and sent his max level Star Finger at Hou Yuan.

Ding Ding Ding... !

Sparks appeared as the attacks landed on Hou Yuan, these sharp moves didn't even pierce through his defense.

’’Hahaha... This is your attack?’’

What terrifying defense!

Zhao Feng's heart skipped a beat, the defense of the Gold Bronze Casting Body was even stronger than his Silver Air Barrier's.

Small Gold Metal Fist!

Hou Yuan exclaimed as he locked onto Zhao Feng and thrust out his fist.

The wind alone from the fist could destroy cultivators at the 8th and 9th rank of the Consolidated Realm.

Silver Air Barrier!

Zhao Feng circulated his inner strength to the max and he used the defensive skill of Silver Wall Technique. A thin layer of transparent silver appeared on his skin.


The fist hit its target and the silver transparent barrier shook and its colour dimmed down. Zhao Feng felt like there was a mountain bearing down on him and under this pressure, his Returning Breath Technique exceeded the max level.


Under the move that could even push back some at the Ascended Realm, the Silver Air Barrier finally broke. But Zhao Feng had used this energy to jump back tens of yards and he retreated by using his Smoking Transparent Step.

Teng! Teng!

Hou Yuan was also pushed back by the destruction of the Silver Air Barrier and his expression turned solemn for the first time.

From the beginning till now, Zhao Feng's performance in speed, movement and power had exceeded his expectations once again and he was able to fight him to a par in a short amount of time.

In terms of movement, Hou Yuan had to admit he wasn't as good as Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng had comprehended the Illusion Fish Picture and it was best when used with speed skills especially, so Smoking Transparent Step had exceeded the max level.

Furthermore, Returning Breath Technique had given Zhao Feng dense and thick inner strength.

If Zhao Feng wanted to, he could fight to a standstill.

This was something that Hou Yuan didn't want to see, but Zhao Feng goal wasn't to fight to a draw.

Star Finger! Tornado Stance!

Small Gold Metal Fist!

Silver Wall Mountain Opener!


The two figures intertwined at times and split up.

Zhao Feng was the one who attacked, while Hou Yuan was on the defensive.

The outer disciples were all shocked.

’’This Zhao Feng has strength comparable to Hou Yuan!’’

’’Hmph! He's just relying on his speed skill to counter Hou Yuan. If they fought head on, Zhao Feng wouldn't be Hou Yuan's opponent.’’

’’Speed skill is also a part of strength. In terms of speed, he's able to beat every outer disciple.’’

No matter what they said the crowd was still stunned at Zhao Feng's true strength. Their gazes were focused on the two figures on the stage.

Zhao Feng's movement skill was profound and every time, the spectators would get tricked,

Out of ten attacks, Hou Yuan could only get in a maximum of 2-3 attacks on the real target and he had to rely on luck.

Just as the two had fought 40-50 moves, no result was to be seen.

Tornado Stance! Mysterious Wind Palm!

Zhao Feng suddenly lept into the air and his fighting style had changed. An azure light appeared from his palm that spun in circles faster and faster and it pulled the nearby wind into it.

The move seemed slow, but it was in fact extremely fast and it seemed to use the power of nature to slice through everything in it's path.

’’It's that move!’’

Ji Fengyun, who was watching below, held his breath.

Zhao Feng's move was the Mysterious Wind Palm, which had beat Ji Fengyun that day and now Zhao Feng's move was now 1-2 times stronger than before.

Gold Metal Sky Pole!

Hou Yuan solemnly used an offensive and defensive skill. His two hands lifted like he wanted to push the Heavens up.

The two killing moves clashed heavily mid air and sent out continuous 'Ding Ding' sounds.

One figure was midair, while the other was on the ground. As the moves collided,a chaotic surge of energy spread out to the nearby area and blew up a layer of dust which covered the stage.

This continued for a breaths time before the two figures split with a 'peng'.

Teng! Teng! Teng...

One golden figure 'hmphed' as he retreated, while the other figure flipped in midair and landed softly on the ground.

As the dust fell down again, the two figures could be seen.

Zhao Feng was the same as usual, the only difference was that his clothes were ripped.

As for Hou Yuan, tens of bloody marks appeared on his body. But from the looks of it, he wasn't seriously injured.

But even then the spectators took in cold breaths.

Who would have thought that Hou Yuan would be so ruffled?

’’Maybe he will soon be the new top outer disciple.’’ A clear voice sounded from nearby.

Hearing this voice, many people's body stiffened, especially those substitute inner disciples such as Ji Fengyun and the Hong brothers, who looked at the man that spoke.

From the crowd, a path was created and out came a youth.

This youth's face was normal and he had a calm expression. But it was this face that made the other disciples respectful.

’’Lin Fan, ranked 1st!’’

’’He's even here? I heard that Lin Fan had beaten inner disciples of the Ascended Realm once.’’

Lin Fan's appearance caused a shockwave.

1st amongst the outer disciples?

Xiao Sun, Yun Mengxiang, Yang Qingshan and co. looked at this rumoured figure.

Ever since they became disciples, they had heard people speak of Lin Fan more than once.

Apparently, Lin Fan's talent was very average, only a half spiritual body and he was barely able to enter the Clan. But it was someone like him who reached the throne of the outer disciples through hard work.

’’Lin Fan, do you mean Zhao Feng? He will become the top outer disciple?’’

’’Even you think that you're not his match?’’

A few of the substitute inner disciples couldn't help but ask.

’’Firstly, his movement skill is the best amongst the outer disciples. Even I can't match him.’’ Speaking up to here, Lin Fan paused.

A few substitute inner disciples nodded their heads in agreement.

’’Secondly, Hou Yuan's defense is the best amongst the outer disciples and up to now, Zhao Feng hasn't been injured yet whereas Hou Yuan has, even though it's the slightest injury.’’ Lin Fan said smiling.

Yun Mengxiang inspected this top outer disciple. But no matter from which perspective she looked, it seemed he was normal in every way.

Lin Fan analysed: ’’This means that Zhao Feng's offense, defense and speed have reached the top, so overall he's stronger than Hou Yuan. Hou Yuan's defense is the best amongst the outer disciples and if Zhao Feng is able to beat him, he shall become the new top outer disciple.’’

The crowd felt that there was reason to this. After all, the substitute inner disciple ranked 2nd had only fought Hou Yuan to a draw.

At this moment, the situation on stage changed again.

One Line Star Finger! Partial Wind Stance!

Zhao Feng suddenly merged the 3rd stance of the 4 Wind Stances into his attacks.

The enlightenment from the Partial Wind Stance was much stronger than the Tornado Wind Stance and now, Zhao Feng's body and cultivation were both much better than before.

Qiuuuu... !

Sharp inner strength flashed through the air. Zhao Feng's finger was like a blade as it pierced through Hou Yuan's waist!


Hou Yuan's body stiffened as he looked at the mark on his waist. He couldn't believe that his defense had been broken so easily by the opponent.

Qiuuuuu... !

Another thin finger mark flashed in front of him.

As that instant, Hou Yuan was dazed as a bloody mark had appeared on his neck.

The hairs on his body were all straight and cold sweat poured from his forehead. It seemed that he had almost walked into the doors of death.

The strength of the second finger had obviously been conserved or else his throat would have been slit.

’’Just like I thought.’’

Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled as he stood in front of Hou Yuan.

Without a doubt, Zhao Feng's most powerful single target move right now was One Line Star Finger merged with Partial Wind Stance. His Burning Wind Stance had only been comprehended 20-30% so far.

When the Tornado Stance merged with the Mysterious Wind Palm, the attack lasted longer but it wasn't as effective as the Partial Wind Stance against Hou Yuan.

Partial Wind aimed for sharpness and it was the perfect counter against body strengthening techniques as its forte was piercing, which was suitable against opponents with strong defence.

’’I lost!’’

Only till a little while later did Hou Yuan realise that he had lost, but he had to confront this reality. Any more fighting had no point because Zhao Feng's One Line Star Finger merged with the Partial Wind Stance could destroy the defence that he was so proud of easily.


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