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King Of Gods - Chapter 128


Chapter 128 - Sweeping the outer disciples (2)

Zhao Feng felt a bit troubled when facing Hong San and although Hong San was stronger than Hong Si and Xiao Sun, this wasn't the main reason.

It was because of his opponent's' attitude.

Firstly, he had admitted he wasn't as strong as Zhao Feng!

This meant that he wouldn't look down on his opponent. On the contrary, he would use 200% of his power to fight Zhao Feng.

Apart from that, his aim wasn't to win.

His only goal was to expend Zhao Feng's energy.

From the two points alone, Hong San would have almost no flaws.

Even though Zhao Feng's movement skill was profound, Hong San didn't hastily attack. Instead, he tried to find out where Zhao Feng's actual position was.

’’I can beat him in tens of moves... But then... ’’

Zhao Feng's figure flashed and appeared in front of Hong San again.

Facing the calm Hong San, Zhao Feng decided to change his tactics. Instead of using skill, he would use absolute strength to suppress him.

Zhao Feng took in a light breath and released his aura. Instantly, Zhao Feng's aura rose half a level, which made Hong San's expression change.

Hou Yuan's pupil contracted as he watched from below. A lot of people were stunned, they didn't expect Zhao Feng still to be holding back.

This meant that while fighting Xiao Sun and Hong Si, Zhao Feng didn't expend much energy at all.

’’Impossible! The amount of energy he can store is even more than me... ’’

Xiao Sun stared at Zhao Feng, who was getting stronger with every moment, with a pale face.

One Lin Star Finger!

Zhao Feng used his max level Star Finger and even though he didn't merge the 4 Wind Stances into it this time, the power still shocked the crowd.

Boom! Boom! Boom... !

Streak after streak of azure light swept towards Hong San like a flock of birds.

Hong San's face was pale white as he circulated his half-step Ascended Ream inner strength and spread a defensive barrier out.

Limitless Mountain!

Hong San spread out his arms and his aura turned as stable and deep as Mount Tai as it clashed with Zhao Feng's attacks.


An explosion sounded between the two as rocks and dust were sent flying.

From the looks of it, this was a battle of inner strength. But after a few seconds, Hong San grunted and was pushed back.

While using his full strength, a flaw had appeared and Zhao Feng had taken advantage of it.

A smile appeared of Zhao Feng's lips, he didn't believe that the opponent would be flawless when using their full strength.

When tactics didn't work, overwhelming strength might be the best way and Zhao Feng forcefully made the opponent make an error.

One Line Star Finger! Tornado Stance!

Zhao Feng kept on attacking while he had the advantage and after the merging of the Tornado Stance, the power rose to another level.

Pew! Pew! Qiu... !

The streaks of light were like a meteor shower and the power had exceeded the limits of the Consolidated Realm.

The watching outer disciples stared with open mouths.

At this moment, they had to admit Zhao Feng could be ranked in the top 5 and have the right to challenge 3rd place.


Hong San was only able to block a few moves before he spat out a mouthful of blood. Even though he tried his best just to expend Zhao Feng's energy, he still lost horribly.

According to his original plan, he was to waste time and waste Zhao Feng's energy. But he didn't expect the latter to use one of his best moves and beat him in such a short amount of time.

’’I tried my best.’’

Hong San looked helplessly towards Hou Yuan.

Hou Yuan's expression was still calm: ’’You've already forced Zhao Feng to use all his strength, so he should have expended a bit of energy.’’

The spectators went crazy as Zhao Feng won his 3rd battle.

Before today, none of them would have thought that Zhao Feng would be able to take care of three opponents so quickly and efficiently.

From the current situation, it seemed that Zhao Feng won his fights pretty easily. There was no hard fought battles.

After beating Hong San, Zhao Feng replaced his rank.

’’The fourth challenge: Zhao Feng ranked 8th vs Hou Yuan ranked 3rd.’’

Expectations flashed in Deacon Qiu's eyes.

After winning 3 battles in a row, was Zhao Feng able to win the last one as well?

Everyone knew that Hou Yuan was Zhao Feng's greatest opponent today.

Being ranked 3rd, Hou Yuan was one of the overlords of the outer disciples and he had even challenged cultivators who had reached the Ascended Realm.

From a certain point of view, Hou Yuan's strength had exceeded the Consolidated Realm.

’’Zhao Feng! You won't have any chance facing me!’’

Hou Yuan's bulky and muscular figure shook the stage. Cracks like spider webs appeared on the hard pure black stone.

In just dropping on stage, Hou Yuan had already showed how strong he was.


Hou Yuan's clothes were thrown away, revealing his body. The aura he released could frighten away peak tier deadly beasts.


The outer disciples all took in a cold breath and shock appeared in their eyes.

’’Aura close to a Lord tier deadly beast.’’

Zhao Feng's heart skipped a beat.

Compared to half a month ago, Hou Yuan's strength had increased. No wonder he was able to replace the original 3rd place.

Zhao Feng's left eye could see that Hou Yuan's body had almost reached the Ascended Realm.

Both he and Hou Yuan focused on body strengthening and their goal was the same - to enter the Ascended Realm with their bodies. But comparing the two, Hou Yuan was closer than Zhao Feng.

After all, Hou Yuan had entered the Clan earlier and had trained for a long time.

If he was able to go half a step further, he would be the first outer disciple to enter the Ascended Realm with his body in the past hundred years.

Ceng! Ceng!

Hou Yuan closed in on Zhao Feng step by step.

Small Golden Metal Fist!

Hou Yuan's fist seemed to expand as a layer of gold covered it.

Zhao Feng's left eye contracted slightly as his expression turned solemn.

Boom... !

The moment the fist had been thrust out, Hou Yuan's body and fist had appeared in front of Zhao Feng.

The explosive energy and speed of Hou Yuan surpassed the Hong brothers easily.

The spectating outer disciples stared in shock.

Hou Yuan's fist could instantly kill any cultivator at the 9th rank of the Consolidated Realm.

Silver Wall Mountain Opening!

In the nick of time, Zhao Feng's strength exploded as well.

Fist clashed against fist, full of wildness and power. No tactic or skills were involved at all.

All the outer disciples heard a 'Bang!' before there ears trembled and they lost their hearing.

Teng Teng Teng...

Zhao Feng and Hou Yuan both retreated at once and left cracks on the ground.

Zhao Feng had retreated 9 steps before he stabilised his body, while Hou Yuan had only taken 8 steps.

Hou Yuan had gained the upper hand slightly, but this scene shocked the outer disciples below.

’’Zhao Feng wasn't crushed by Hou Yuan, even though they were fighting head on... ?’’

’’That guy also focuses on body strengthening and he is able to counter Hou Yuan!’’

Discussion broke out nearby.

This was something that no one expected.

The most stunned person was Hou Yuan himself, he clearly knew how hard it was to strengthen one's body. And it was hard to imagine how the youth in front of him, who was only 14-15 years, was able to reach such a level.

One had to know that his own age was 24-25, he was 10 years older than Zhao Feng.

If he couldn't reach the Ascended Realm by 30, he would be thrown away by the Clan.

’’His body strengthening level has indeed reached a higher level than me.’’

Zhao Feng's expression was as calm as water as the power of his left eye opened.

His Silver Wall Technique focused on increasing power and defense.

Hou Yuan had trained in a body strengthening technique that wasn't any worse than Silver Wall Technique and it had reached a higher level.

’’I never thought that you also focused on body strengthening and trained it to high level. But today, you will still lose.’’

Hou Yuan's expression was cold as his muscles tensed.

Through his left eye, Zhao Feng realised that Hou Yuan's inner strength and body strengthening technique both perfectly merged with his bones.

Crack! Crack... !

Hou Yuan's bones cracked as he released a terrifying aura.

Zhao Feng's heart jumped, he had the feeling that he was fighting a Lord tier deadly beast.

It was hard to imagine what level Hou Yuan had reached with his body strengthening technique to be able to perfectly merge his inner strength and body together.

’’Gold Bronze Casting Body!’’

Hou Yuan's aura suddenly rose another half a level as a golden, bronze coloured appeared on his body.

After using this technique Gold Bronze Casting Body, Hou Yuan had the ability to challenge those at the Ascended Realm.

Small Gold Metal Fist!

A golden fist thrust through the aira and enveloped Zhao Feng.

The speed was too fast. If it was under a normal situation, Zhao Feng wouldn't be able to react in time. But at this moment, Zhao Feng's left eye was opened to the max and he was able to block Hou Yuan's lightning quick strike.


Zhao Feng's body was sent back tens of yards. If it wasn't because his Silver Wall Technique's forte was defense, the punch just then would've caused him to vomit blood.

’’Down... ’’

Hou Yuan had forced Zhao Feng to the edge of the stage. If he fell off stage, it would mean that he lost.


Zhao Feng's figure was destroyed by a fist.

Hou Yuan had missed this time.

Flowing Wind Stance! Smoking Transparent Step!

Zhao Feng merged the enlightenment from Flowing Wind Stance into his max level movement skill.

Instantly, Zhao Feng's speed skill reached its peak level. The comprehension gained from Illusion Fish Picture was merged more and more and Zhao Feng became closer to a fish.

Hou Yuan's movement skill was his weakness when compared to Zhao Feng.

Many times, he had been tricked by Zhao Feng and his attacks missed.

At this moment, Zhao Feng's left eye opened as he started to inspect Hou Yuan's Gold Bronze Casting Body...


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