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King Of Gods - Chapter 125


Chapter 125 - Crazy Challenge

Thousand Leaf Pond?

Zhao Feng's heart immediately sped up when he heard this.

He had entered the Clan for a while now and he knew a bit of information about the mysterious places such as the Floating Crest Palace, Thousand Leaf Pond and Hollow Building.

The Floating Crest Palace was the foundation of the Clan and it was an extremely mysterious place. Even Elders and the Sect Master might not know the secrets.

As for the Thousand Leaf Pond, it couldn't be compared to the Hollow Building and Floating Crest Palace, but it was still a cool place. The area was created by nature and later on, experts from the Clan came and set up a Energy Gathering Array which had now lasted for a thousand years, and this gave the pond water some special effects.

If Zhao Feng was able to enter the Thousand Leaf Pond, it would be great for his Silver Wall Technique.

’’Vice Head Zhang, I heard that only inner disciples are allowed to enter the Thousand Leaf Pond... ’’ Zhao Feng asked.

’’Hahaha, the Thousand Leaf Pond is an important place in the clan. Even inner disciples can't use it as they wish, but being the Vice Head of the Clan Mission division, I'm also in charge of this area. If you have great talent in the arrays, for example, comprehending all the books that I've just given you in 7 days, this can be an excuse to let you enter the Thousand Leaf Pond.’’ Old man Zhang explained while smiling.

Zhao Feng immediately understood. According to the rules, an outer disciple like him wouldn't be allowed to enter the Thousand Leaf Pond, only a low number of people had this special treatment. But old man Zhang was a Vice Head and he controlled this area, so he could let Zhao Feng in the back door.

Obviously, Zhao Feng had to display extreme talent in array setting to prove that he had the right to enter.

Leaving old man Zhang, the 7 books surfaced in Zhao Feng's mind.

The books progressed from easy to hard. Out of the 7, Beginner's Array was the easiest, there wasn't much comprehension needed. One only needed to memorise it and from that alone, 70-80% would be learnt.

When Zhao Feng had returned to his courtyard, he had learnt the first book Beginners Array.

Next was the 49 Arrays for Beginners, which gave the reader a basic knowledge of arrays.

’’If it was someone else, they would need at least 2-3 years to understand these books. Even a genius would need a few months.’’

From the second book onwards, Zhao Feng started to feel it become difficult.

From a certain point of view, old man Zhang was making things difficult by giving him these 7 books!

This was an impossible task for a normal prodigy, but Zhao Feng still tried to comprehend them all.

The second book, 49 Arrays for Beginners, wasn't that hard either, he could probably finish it by tonight. But while trying to gain enlightenment from it, Zhao Feng realised something.

The Illusion Fish Picture had similarities with the contents of these books, like they came from the same origin. This also meant that if he tried to comprehend the Illusion Fish Picture and Arrays books at the same time, it would be faster.

Excitement shone in Zhao Feng's eyes, it was like he wanted to swallow them in one gulp.

But a news that afternoon stopped him.

’’Substitute inner disciple Zhao Feng, substitute disciple Xiao Sun ranked 16th has challenged you and he will fight you in 3 days.’’

This piece of news came from the Outer Hall division.

Challenger: Xiao Sun, ranked 16th.

Challenged: Zhao Feng, ranked 13th

’’This Xiao Sun is actually challenging me?’’

Zhao Feng threw the letter to the side and he didn't put it to heart. But before long, Princess Yun Mengxiang came.

’’You must be careful of Xiao Sun! He's trained the Xiao family's skill Blazing Sun Sword Technique, which is a simplified version of the Middle Class Mortal Skill of the Broken Moon Clan, 'Blazing Sun Manual'. After entering the Clan, he spent a lot of primal crystal stones and got a complete copy of Blazing Sun Manual through his connections. Ever since he got this manual, his cultivation had increased by leaps and bounds. With his half-step Ascended Realm cultivation, he has the ability to challenge the top 10.’’ Yun Mengxiang said solemnly.

Middle Class Mortal Skill?

Hearing this, even Zhao Feng was slightly moved.

Mortal skills were Holy martial arts in the mortal world and they were split into low, middle, high, peak and the difference between every rank was huge, it was the difference between the clouds and mud.

Peak Class Mortal Skills were what made the Broken Moon Clan famous, its power couldn't be imagined.

If one was to ask how strong a Middle Class Mortal Skill was, then one had to mention Bei Moi's ’’Rippling Technique.’’

Back then when they were sparring at the Guanjun Palace, Bei Moi had beaten Nan Gongfan, Yang Qingshan, Zhao Feng and the others with only one move. At that time, Yang Qingshan, Nan Gongfan and Zhao Feng had all learnt Holy martial arts and although there was a slight difference between their cultivation, it wasn't big.

After entering the Clan, Zhao Feng started to realise that Bei Moi's Rippling Technique should be a Middle Class Mortal Skill.

And now, Zhao Feng's opponent also had a Middle Class Mortal Skill and had reached the half step - Ascended Realm!

’’Middle Class Mortal Skills are way too hard for one to learn under the Ascended Realm, so how high could Xiao Sun have reached in the Blazing Sun Manual?’’

A surge of confidence appeared from Zhao Feng.

Unless Xiao Sun was as talented as Bei Moi, he wouldn't have reached a high level.

Seeing Zhao Feng's reaction, Yun Mengxiang was only slightly surprised because she had gotten to know Zhao Feng's attitude over the past few days.

’’There's also one more thing.’’ Yun Mengxiang said after slight hesitation.

’’Speak.’’ Zhao Feng immediately responded.

’’It's like this... The situation of your two brothers aren't exactly good... did you know this?’’ Yun Mengxiang said carefully.

’’Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan? What happened!?’’

Zhao Feng's expression changed lsightly.


Soon, Zhao Feng and Yun Mengxiang had arrived at where the outer disciples lived.

Zhao Feng had lived at this place previously because he was once a normal outer disciple.

Zhao Feng came to Yang Qingshan's room then he knocked and opened the door. What he saw was a skinny face.

Yang Qingshan paused as he saw Zhao Feng and he was about to say something but he spat out a mouthful of blood instead.

’’Brother Yang!’’

Zhao Feng immediately gave Yang Qingshan a 'Blood pill' that he had received in the Grass-Wood division.

After taking the pill, Yang Qingshan started to feel a bit better.

Then Nan Gongfan next door walked inside. Instead of being internally injured like Yang Qingshan, Nan Gongfan had received external injuries.

After a bit of questioning, Zhao Feng found out that the two had been bullied by a few substitute inner disciples with Hou Yuan leading them.

’’These bastards just come and purposely make trouble for us when they have nothing to do... ’’ Nan Gongfan said with a dim expression.

Soon, Zhao Feng understood what had happened.

When he had beat Ji Fengyun that day and established his strength. the two started to have stable lives but the good scene didn't last long.

4-5 days ago, Hou Yuan as well as the Hong brothers, ranked 8th and 9th, started to make trouble for them.

In just a few days time, Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan had no will to cultivate or work anymore.

Hou Yuan only appeared a few times, it was the Hong brothers who mainly attacked.

The Hong brothers were twins and called Hong San and Hong Si respectively.

The pair of twins had high talent and they had been ranked 8th and 9th for a long time.

’’Why didn't you tell me earlier?’’ Zhao Feng tried to suppress his anger.

Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan had looks of shame and bitterness.

’’We were scared that we would disrupt brother Zhao and we thought that we could take it for a while.’’

Nan Gongfan lowered his head and he was scared to look Zhao Feng in the eye.

’’Looks like I need to find a better way that will last longer.’’

Zhao Feng slowly stood up as a cold light flashed in his eyes.

The expressions of Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan changed dramatically: ’’Brother Zhao, don't be rash! Hou Yuan challenged 3rd place a few days ago and won.’’

3rd place!

That was the top tier of the outer disciples, they were only half a line away from becoming an inner disciple.

Anxiousness appeared on Yun Mengxiang's face as she tried to prevent Zhao Feng from doing something rash.

’’Relax, that was my original goal anyway.’’

Zhao Feng's voice was full of composure.

Yun Mengxiang realised that his eyes were cold and calm, there was no sign of rashness.

Furthermore, Yun Mengxiang had never seen Zhao Feng do something rash, it was like everything was under his control.


Zhao Feng's figure blurred as he headed in a certain direction.

’’Brother Zhao! Where are you going?’’

The three behind him called out as they followed him.

’’To the Outer Hall division.’’ Zhao Feng's voice was full of cold killing intent.

In just a while, Zhao Feng had arrived at the Outer Hall division.

The Outer Hall division was in charge of all the outer disciples and how the disciples were treated.

’’The day is late, why are you here?’’ An old man of the Ascended Realm asked as his eyebrows raised up.

’’Challenging a substitute inner disciple.’’ Zhao Feng said.

’’Your name.’’

The gaze of the old man, who was at the Ascended Realm, turned to Zhao Feng.

’’Challenging 9th place... Hong Si!’’

’’Challenging 8th place... Hong San!’’

’’Challenging 3rd place... Hou Yuan!’’

A voice full of killing intent and coldness echoed the Hall.


The eyeball of the old man twirled as he exclaimed: ’’There's no rule saying that you can challenge them all.’’

At the same time, the expressions of Yun Mengxiang, Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan who had just caught up changed.

This was just too crazy...

’’Brother Zhao!’’

Under their screams of shock, they realised that there was no sign of Zhao Feng losing his emotions.

It would shock everyone if one decided to challenge 9th, 8th and 3rd at once.

’’Nope! This doesn't go with the rules.’’ The old man at the Ascended Realm shook his head.

Zhao Feng stood unmoving as if he was unwilling.

He wanted to challenge all three at once because it would save time. But if this wasn't possible, all he could do was fight one at a time.

Just as Zhao Feng was about to give up.

’’Agree to his terms!’’

An arrogant cold voice sounded from the depths of the Hall like it was was a god.


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