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King Of Gods - Chapter 121


Chapter 121 - 9th Level of the Silver Wall Technique

Because of the change in Zhao Feng's left eye, the effect of using the Marrow Cleansing Pill was much better than expected.

When someone ate a Marrow Cleansing Pill, they would usually give off a layer of the sticky fluid, but Zhao Feng gave off three!

Zhao Feng was sure that the mysterious left eye had the same effect as the Marrow Cleansing Pill and it could improve his attributes. But it happened over time.

At this moment, not only did the left eye's effect merge with the Marrow Cleansing Pill, it had also improved his body further than what the pill alone would have made.

The first layer excreted was the smelliest and the other two became fainter.

When the second layer was excreted, Zhao Feng felt that his Silver Wall Technique had reached the limit of the 8th level and was one step away from the 9th.

Using this chance, Zhao Feng fully circulated Silver Wall Technique and absorbed as much as he could. His Silver Wall Technique finally broke through to the 9th level when the 3rd layer was excreted. Zhao Feng was overjoyed, he had reached the 9th level much faster than expected.

This was a Clan, the resources it had far surpassed the mortal world. The pill a Vice Head casually gave had made him change entirely.

The higher one reached in body strengthening, the harder it was to progress. After reaching the 8th level, Silver Wall Technique was much harder to improve compared to other Mortal skills.

This was also why not many outer disciples focused on body strengthening.

’’The only one of the outer disciples who body can be compared to mine is Hou Yuan.’’ A smile appeared on Zhao Feng's lips as his confidence rose.

At the same time, he was very expectant of the last 2 levels of the Silver Wall Technique.

There was a total of 11 levels in Silver Wall Technique and when one reached the 10th level, it meant that the body alone had reached the Ascended Realm.

The 11th level: Body of perfection - hard to be destroyed.

Zhao Feng was at the 9th rank and he could beat those at the 9th rank of the Consolidated Realm with just his body alone.

From blood to bones to veins to organs, Zhao Feng's body was far stronger than those of the same rank.

Zhao Feng closed his eyes and inside the dimension of his left eye, the azure light had extended to 8 foot 8. The Marrow Cleansing Pillow had made him enter the late stages of the 8th rank of the Consolidated Realm.


Zhao Feng slowly let out out a long breath and stood up after two hours of sitting.

The sun outside had already risen.

Zhao Feng got up and walked towards the Grass-Wood division. On the way, he went to the workplace of Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan. Yang Qingshan was pouring water, a job much easier than before.

’’Brother Zhao, after you established your strength, these outer disciples became much more contained.’’ Yang Qingshan smiled.

Although Yang Qingshan still did a lot of work, no one bullied him.

Zhao Feng nodded his head and headed where Nan Gongfan was.

’’He's here... ’’

Chen Feng took a hiccup as he saw Zhao Feng appear. Ever since Zhao Feng had beaten Ji Fengyun and became a substitute inner disciple, Chen Feng became full of fear.

Zhao Feng purposely walked over and talked a bit with Nan Gongfan.

’’Thanks to Brother Zhao, although my work is hard, no one dares to cause any trouble.’’

Nan Gongfan was full of gratitude and patted Zhao Feng's shoulder.

After seeing his two brothers, Zhao Feng let out a breath.

Soon, he arrived at the Grass-Wood division and saw Vice Head Guan.

’’How did it feel yesterday?’’ Old man Guan laughed.

Zhao Feng paused, then immediately responded: ’’Thanks to Vice Head Guan, the effect of the Marrow Cleansing Pill was great.’’

He was full of gratitude. The price of the Marrow Cleansing Pill was too high, and for those below the Ascended Realm, this pill only appeared in their dreams.

’’What Marrow Cleansing Pill!? I'm asking you how it felt to challenge a substitute inner disciple!’’

Old man Guan gave him the white eye. Being one of the best pill masters in the Clan, a Marrow Cleansing Pill wasn't much for him.


Zhao Feng immediately understood that Vice Head Guan didn't know he had won.

’’The strength of substitute inner disciples was much stronger than expected... if I was slightly careless, I would've lost...’’ Zhao Feng sighed.

’’Ennnn... That's right... ’’

Old man Guan kept on nodding his head, but his expression suddenly changed after hearing the last part: ’’Wait! Are you saying that... You didn't lose!!!?’’

’’Princess Yun Mengxiang and the other outer disciples can tell you that this is true.’’

Zhao Feng gave a faint smile. Although Yun Mengxiang knew the truth, she didn't dare to pass this news onto old man Guan because the latter wanted Zhao Feng to lose, so that he would focus on pill making.

As expected, old man Guan didn't believe this and called Yun Mengxiang over.

Under the Vice Heads deadly eyes, Yun Mengxiang could only stutter weakly: ’’Brother Zhao Feng did indeed beat Ji Fengyun... it was a close battle... ’’

Close battle?

Old man Guan's heart felt a little bit better, but he was still surprised. He knew how much strength each substitute inner disciple possessed, everyone of them was at the half-step Ascended Realm.

’’What rank was the substitute inner disciple placed?’’ Vice Head Guan asked casually.

’’13th.’’ Yun Mengxiang said carefully.

She was scared of being washed away in old man Guan's anger.

’’What!? 13th!?’’

Old man Guan's jaw had almost dropped as he looked at Zhao Feng like he was looking at a monster. If Zhao Feng had beat the 20th ranked outer disciple, it could be said that he was lucky, but Zhao Feng's opponent was 13th!!!

Knowing the truth, old man Guan was overjoyed yet sad at the same time.

Old man Guan decided to not mention this again.

He then gave Zhao Feng a few tasks, this time he gave Zhao Feng a few books for pill making. These books were all foundation pill making knowledge, but they were much deeper than the Beginners Guide for Pill Making. Each and every one of them were as hard to comprehend as the Pill Flame Heart Manual.

Apart from this, old man Guan also gave Zhao Feng permission to let the latter watch him refine pills. Some pill masters all had their own tricks and apart from their disciples or personal helpers, no one was to watch especially so since old man Guan was one of the best pill masters in the Clan.

Doing this meant that Zhao Feng had the same treatment as old man Guan's disciples. To show her respect and good will, Yun Yao also allowed Zhao Feng to see how she refined pills.

’’That's good, I've got a few important pills that I've got to refine right now... ’’

Vice Head Guan nodded his head and this meant he owned Yun Yao a favour.

Like this, Zhao Feng walked onto the path of pill making.

For the next few days, all he did was watch the process. The pills that Yun Yao created were simpler because her skills weren't as profound as old man Guan's and she had to teach Princess Yun Mengxiang at the same time.

This also benefitted Zhao Feng, he got to hang out with Yun Mengxiang everyday and learn a few tips and tricks to pill making.

Yun Yao would also explain what she was doing sometimes and while they learnt, Yun Mengxiang would ask a lot of questions while Zhao Feng stayed quiet for most of the time.

Yun Yao was also secretly keeping an eye on Zhao Feng and she realised that the latter was extremely focused when she opened the fire and put in the plants.

Although Zhao Feng didn't ask a lot of questions, the questions he asked were all important.

During daytime, Zhao Feng would watch Yun Yao refine pills and he would occasionally watch old man Guan as well. The latter's technique was a lot more complicated and it was a blur in the spectators eyes'.

Zhao Feng liked the watch Yun Yao refine pills more because her style was simple and easy to learn - that was for him of course.

Zhao Feng would learn pill making during daytime and cultivate during night. After hanging out in the pill refining room for so long, he would even get one or two low class Spiritual pills if he was lucky and this was extremely useful for those at the Consolidated Realm.

4-5 days later, Yun Yao started to test how Yun Mengxiang and Zhao Feng were progressing.

Yun Mengxiang could answer the majority of the questions, while Zhao Feng could answer them all.

Yun Yao sighed within her heart and she had to admit that Zhao Feng had higher talent than Yun Mengxiang in terms of pill making. While Yun Mengxiang had started learning pill making a bit longer than Zhao Feng, she wasn't as proficient as Zhao Feng.

Of course, this didn't mean that her talent was bad. Truthfully, Yun Mengxiang's talent in pill making was the higher than most pill masters Yun Yao had seen and she was extremely hard working.

’’Auntie! Zhao Feng's can memorise everything he's seen, so how can I better than him in terms of knowledge? He might not be better than me in terms of pill refining.’’ Yun Mengxiang was still unwilling to admit defeat.

Hearing this even Yun Yao felt this was logical. Zhao Feng might be able to memorise everything he saw, so Yun Mengxiang wouldn't be able to beat him in terms of knowledge, even Yun Yao herself might not.

The second day, inside the pill refining room.

’’Today, I want the two of you to create a batch of pills. I won't give any directions or help at all.’’ Yun Yao said to the two.

’’The pill you're going to refine is the 'Blood Pill', it might be rare in the mortal world, but here it's just a super low tier pill, so you can go ahead and try.’’

Hearing that they would be actually refining pills, Zhao Feng was slightly excited.

The 'Blood pills' was the exact ones the Zhao sect had given out as a reward back then. This pill could increase one's cultivation, but it had almost no use for those at the 7th rank of the Consolidated Realm or higher.

In the Clan, these pills were trash, their only uses were to let disciples get familiar at making these pills.

Zhao Feng couldn't help but sigh that the starting points of the two worlds were just too different.

Inside the pill refining room.

Yun Yao got out all the resources out and laid them down to see how well these 'pills learners' were.

’’Sister Yun can go first.’’ Zhao Feng waved his hands.

Yun Mengxiang started to organise the materials and started the fire. The key point in refining pills was 'controlling the flame', the strongness of the flame directly affected the refining of the pill.


During the process of controlling the flame, the flame suddenly extinguished and the pill furnace slightly trembled.


Yun Mengxiang shouted and she was about to try and save it, but an azure smoke appeared and gave off a weird smell.

It smells like someone farted...

Zhao Feng couldn't help but laugh.

Yun Mengxiang face turned red from embarrassment: ’’What are you laughing at!? If you have the skills, you make a batch!’’


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