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King Of Gods - Chapter 120


Chapter 120 - Marrow Cleansing Pill

In a building a few hundred paces away.

’’Dammit! How could a disciple of Lord Guanjun establish his dominance!?’’

Quan Chen slammed his hand down on the table, which shook the building and almost made it collapse.

Next to him sat Hou Yuan, ranked 4th. The two had seen the entire battle. At first, they were going to watch this 'show', but the result was so unexpected!

A youth who had just entered the Clan had beaten Ji Fengyun, who was ranked 13th and he successfully became the only disciple under the 9th rank to be ranked in the top 20.

’’That kid was stronger than what I imagined, but he won't even be able to last 10 moves against me.’’ Hou Yuan looked coldly at Zhao Feng.

Quan Chen wasn't suspicious of his words. Those ranked 11th - 20th were still 'normal', but after entering the top 10, they weren't 'normal' anymore. Those high ranked outer disciples had the ability to challenge those of the Ascended Realm.

For example, Hou Yuan had challenged a cultivator who was at the First Skies of the Ascended Realm.

Apparently, the monster who was ranked 1st in the outer disciples had beaten a cultivator of the Ascended Realm, even though he was only at the half-step-Ascended Realm.


A figure suddenly appeared behind the two.

’’Vice Deacon Wang!’’

Hou Yuan and Quan Chen both stood up and bowed.

Those who were Deacons had cultivation were at least at the 4th or 6th Skies of the Ascended Realm.

Of course, a Deacon such as Lord Guanjun who was in charge of the matters in the mortal world wasn't strong, one only needed to be at the Ascended Realm to become one.

’’This Zhao Feng's pretty unexpected.’’

Vice Deacon Wang was slightly surprised as a smile appeared on his face. He hadn't seen someone who had such battle strength for a long time.

’’Vice Deacon Wang, you should know that he's a disciple of Lord Guanjun, so why did you give him a task... ’’ Quan Chen's voice was slightly blameful.

This Vice Deacon had a good relationship with Hai Yun Master, but as Hai Yun Master started to rise in position, their relationship became slightly further apart.

’’Zhao Feng's only has a Low Tier Spiritual Body, so no matter how strong his battle conscience is, his future will be limited. Could he even threaten you, an inner disciple? Will he be able to threaten an elder? It's not a good deal to offend two Vice Heads at once! Even your teacher, Hai Yun Master would think this through... ’’ Vice Deacon Wang said strongly.

’’Two Vice Heads? You mean... ?’’ Quan Chen's voice changed slightly.

He obviously knew what Vice Deacon Wang said was true. Zhao Feng's battle conscience might be strong, but his future was limited.

This was like Lord Guanjun when he was young. He had fought against Hai Yun Master back then, but no matter how strong Lord Guanjun was back then, he was only at the bottom of the clan.

Vice Deacon Wang didn't hide anything and he told them how Zhao Feng had been argued over by two Vice Heads.

’’Both Vice Head Guan and Vice Head Zhang... want Zhao Feng????’’ Quan Chen's jaw hung open and immediately felt helpless.

Being an inner disciple, he obviously knew how much authority these two Vice Heads held.

These two were one of the best array master and pill master respectively and they had contributed a lot to the Clan. In terms of power and authority, the two were just below Elders, but when the two of them combined. even Elders had to think it through.

The most important point was this. Hai Yun Master didn't tell them to suppress Lord Guanjun's disciples.

Being an Elder of the Clan, Hai Yun Master was at the True Spirit Realm and he wouldn't purposely suppress a few disciples who had not so great talent. As for Quan Chen's actions, all he did was agree silently.

Without an Elder's support, Quan Chen obviously wouldn't go against two Vice Heads, but this wouldn't be the end. He might not be able to take care of them straight on, but it was still simple for him to get rid of a few ants through trickery.


After the battle, Zhao Feng let out a long breath and landed next to his two brothers.

’’Congratulations Brother Zhao Feng! You make me envy by becoming a substitute inner disciple already.’’

Princess Yun Mengxiang was the first to come over and congratulate. At the same time, she couldn't help but inspect the youth in front of her again.

’’Brother Zhao Feng, let us all let out a breath!’’

’’The battle just then was exciting! Brother Zhao Feng has created a miracle!’’

Other newly entered disciples came over to flatter Zhao Feng. The Broken Moon Clan had taken in 22 disciples in total and counting off Sun Yuanhao who had been taken away, there were 21 who became outer disciples and of the 21, Zhao Feng was the first to become a substitute inner disciple.

Obviously, there were others who were full of resentment.

’’So what if he's a substitute inner disciple? He hasn't even reached the 9th rank of the Consolidated Realm yet. It won't be long before we overtake him. He only has a Low Tier Spiritual Body.’’

Xiao Sun, who had the highest cultivation amongst the newly entered disciples, had recovered from the shock. Truthfully, even he had been stunned by Zhao Feng's performance and he had to admit that Zhao Feng had established his dominance. It was almost certain that not many people would offend him later on.

’’Hmph! He succeeded again!’’ Liu Yue'er snorted coldly, but there was a bit of joy in her heart.

From the new disciples' point of view, Zhao Feng had won although he was weaker and he had let out a breath for all of them.

Only till all the people leave did Zhao Feng greet Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan.

Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan both looked complexly at this youth in front of them. Apart from guilt, there was also gratitude in their hearts.

’’Since Ji Fengyun lost, it looks like he won't find trouble for Brother Yang anymore.’’ Zhao Feng smiled at Yang Qingshan.

After becoming a substitute inner disciple, Zhao Feng moved out from where the normal disciples lived. Of the outer disciples, the substitute inner disciples received the best treatment and they had their own courtyards. On top of that, the resources they received from the Clan also increased as well.

After organising his stuff, Zhao Feng returned to the Grass-Wood division. But old man Guan was creating a batch of pills right now and he had told someone to tell Zhao Feng what he wanted to say.

’’Vice Head Guan said he's giving you a day off.’’ The messenger said.

Day off?

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised. But thinking about i old man Guan probably thought he had lost and he was giving him this time to rest and heal.

’’He also told me to give you a few things.’’ The messenger handed over a few items.

’’Blood Healing Pill... Bone Regenerating Pill?’’

Zhao Feng's expression was weird. From these pills, it could be seen how terribly old man Guan thought he had lost.

Blood Healing Pill and the Bone Regenerating Pill were both expensive items that weren't sold in the mortal world.

The Blood Healing Pill healed internal injuries. As long as one wasn't seriously injured, they could recover quickly. The Bone Regenerating Pill could connect broken bones together and increase the spend of healing.

’’There's also a Marrow Cleansing Pill.’’ The messenger took out a pill with envy.

Marrow Cleansing Pill?

Zhao Feng's heart skipped a beat.

He had heard of the effect of this pill. Marrow Cleansing Pills could change one's attributes. Zhao Feng had even heard that this Marrow Cleansing Pill increased the chance of breaking through to the Ascended Realm from the 9th rank by a certain degree.

After taking this pill, Zhao Feng was slightly excited. Old man Guan had given a pill as precious as this to him. If the disciples at the half-step Ascended Realm ate a Marrow Cleansing Pill, they had a 10-20% more chance of successfully breaking through to the Ascended Realm.

On the same day, Zhao Feng returned to his own courtyard and he immediately swallowed the Marrow Cleansing Pill.

The energy of the Marrow Cleansing Pill was calm and it slowly dissolved into his organs...

The entire process was like boiling water, slow and steady.

Obviously, this was because his Silver Wall Technique had reached the peak 8th level. This made his body stronger than others, which allowed him to withstand more energy.

The Marrow Cleansing Pill wasn't calm to normal people.

Zhao Feng circulated both Returning Breath Technique and Silver Wall Technique at once to take in the medicine. A warm feeling spread throughout his body. Zhao Feng felt that his attributes were being changed and improved by the Marrow Cleansing Pill.

He concentrated and felt the throbbing inside his left eye.

Peng! Peng! Peng... !

The throbbing from his left eye became more and more obvious and it sent a warm feeling throughout his body and it merged with the energy from the Marrow Cleansing Pill.

’’Looks like the mysterious left eye does have the ability to improve my attributes as well.’’

Zhao Feng's guess was further proven.

At first, his understanding was normal. But after the merging of his left eye, everything started to change slowly. The once normal body had started to change as well.

If this eye came from an Ancient God, how would it allow its owner to have a normal body?

Of course, before it recovered to its peak, it would improve its owner's talent until its owner was able to rule the world.

Peng! Peng...

Zhao Feng felt the feeling from his left eye was much stronger than before and the rate the energy of the Marrow Cleansing Pill was being absorbed increased greatly.

Half an hour later, a layer of smelly, black, sticky fluid appeared on Zhao Feng's body.

Inside the dimension of Zhao Feng's left eye, the beam of light had reached 8 foot 4.

Zhao Feng felt his mental energy increase and that his body had gone through a large change. At this moment, only one quarter of the energy from the Marrow Cleansing Pill had been absorbed.


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