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King Of Gods - Chapter 119


Chapter 119 - Establish Dominance (2)

Windmill Water divisible Palm!

Ji Fengyun was now showing what allowed him to be ranked 13th amongst all the outer disciples. Under that devastating palm, Zhao Feng felt like he was facing a storm.

One Line Star Finger! Tornado Stance!

Zhao Feng put all his energy into Star Finger and Tornado Stance. At the same time, he didn't hold back any strength in his Silver Wall Technique.

A violent light clashed heavily with the wind.


The palm and finger met midair and they intertwined together, but the explosion didn't happen as expected.

The scene was so calm that it was scary.

Half a breath later, an eruption happened and it created a channel between the stage.


Zhao Feng's figure was sent back tens of paces and his face instantly turned white, but he soon regained colour. The exchange just then had almost made him vomit blood.

He didn't expect that a Low Class Mortal skill had such power in the hands of a half-step Ascended Realm.

Zhao Feng took in a deep breath, even if he could win today, it would undoubtedly be a tough battle.

Up to now both, Ji Fengyun and him had suffered light injuries. Both Windmill Explosion and Windmill Water divisible Palm were powerful moves.

Windmill Water divisible Palm!

Ji Fengyun attacked while he held the advantage. This move of his could be used continuosly.

Partial Wind Stance! Star Finger!

Zhao Feng's style suddenly changed as his attacks became sharper and fiercer.

Partial Wind Stance was the 3rd stance of the 4 Wind Stances and it's forte was offense.

Last time, Zhao Feng's Star Finger hadn't reached the 7th level yet and the Partial Wind Stance hadn't been fully comprehended, but he still managed to defeat Chen Feng.

Now that both had been learnt fully, it gave him the ability to face a half-step Ascended Realm.

Tok! Tok! Tok...

Zhao Feng's sharp attacks were like knifes that clashed with the Windmill Water divisible Palm.


After the merging of Partial Wind Stance with Star Finger, the move could counter Ji Fengyun's Windmill Water divisible Palm.

Zhao Feng was shocked and he put in even more strength. Although Windmill Water divisible Palm took longer to activate, it lasted longer than Star Finger. Adding the fact that Ji Fengyun had higher cultivation, the difference between the two increased.

Tok! Tok! Tok... !

Zhao Feng's attacks could pierce through the Windmill Water divisible Palm but it wasn't able to truly counter it. This move contained Ji Fengyun's inner strength, who was at the half step- Ascended Realm. One could say that Zhao Feng's offense was like a bow, it's peak damage was high. Ji Fengyun's attack was like a chainsaw, continuous and powerful.

Zhao Feng kept on using Flowing Wind Stance, Partial Wind Stance and Star Finger to exchange blows with Ji Fengyun, but all he could do was not be defeated.

On the other side.

Cold sweat had started to appear on Ji Fengyun's forehead. Windmill Water divisible Palm was his killing move and the only one which could block Zhao Feng's Star Finger.

It wasn't that he didn't have other great offensive skills, it was just that none of them were explosive and they couldn't block Star Finger.

Only this Windmill Water divisible Palm could defend and attack at the same time while giving almost no flaws.

Watching the stalemate between the two, the outer disciples were all stunned.

No matter who won, the battle was already outside of their expectations. Zhao Feng's performance had shocked the other outer disciples.

Wang Yang and Xia Yundong looked at each other and they saw the disbelief in each others' eyes. Anyone one of the two facing Zhao Feng alone would lose.

The merging of Zhao Feng's Partial Wind Stance and Star Finger could enter the top 10 in terms of offense.

From the current situation, it seemed like it was a draw. The deciding factor would be how long they could each last.

’’The moves both spend a lot of energy, but Ji Fengyun should win because he's at the half-step Ascended Realm.’’ Wang Yang analysed.

Discussion broke out amongst the spectators, but most thought that Ji Fengyun would win.

’’How is this guy's inner strength so dense?’’

On stage, Ji Fengyun was stunned. No other youth at the 8th rank of the Consolidate Realm should be able to continuously use this move.

Zhao Feng's Returning Breath Technique made his inner strength double the amount that one would usually have. And on top of that, his Silver Wall Technique gave him more power.

According to the analysis of Zhao Feng's left eye, there was 50% chance of winning by dragging this out. From this, one could see how strong Ji Fengyun was.

If he had challenged someone of the lower rank such as Xia Yundong instead, he would be able to win with ease. But the difference between 20th and 13th was just too great.

Facing the 50-50 chance, Zhao Feng wasn't willing.

While fighting his eyes scanned towards Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan. The two were dazed and their hearts were stuck in their throats. Apart from shock and surprise, there was always guilt.

Being his Brothers, they had underestimated Zhao Feng so much. And looking at Zhao Feng's current strength, he definitely had the qualifications to challenge a substitute inner disciple.

’’What kind of monster is Zhao Feng... ? How can he have such terrifying battle power?’’

Princess Yun Mengxiang took in a cold breath. She had finally realised that Zhao Feng's talent in fighting wasn't any weaker than his talent in pill making.

The two were all bitter onstage. Ji Fengyun screamed in his heart, even if he won, it lost him face. And what if, just what if, they drew? He wouldn't have face to look at anyone.

Zhao Feng's left eye slowly opened and it analysed their respective situations.

’’Sometimes strong offense doesn't mean victory. Different styles of fighting can also contribute to who wins.’’

Zhao Feng seemed to gain some insights.

At this moment, a thin layer of azure appeared on Zhao Feng's let eye.

’’Let's end this!’’

Zhao Feng's figure suddenly lept into the air and changed his move.

Mysterious Wind Palm! Tornado Stance!

From Zhao Feng's palm, a thin azure ball was starting to condense.

His move seemed slow, but it was in fact extremely fast. It seemed like even the heavens was helping him condense it.


When Zhao Feng thrust out his palm, the nearby wind start to chaotically thrash like his move could destroy everything in it's path.

’’That move... ’’ Deacon Qiu's expression changed slightly.

Zhao Feng's Mysterious Wind Palm came from the girl at the canyon that day and he had already comprehended the skill and merged it with his Tornado Stance.

Why not merge Partial Wind Stance instead? Zhao Feng decided to merge Tornado Stance because the two skills were similar in style.

Furthermore, the merging of these two skills made the power of this attack last longer, which perfectly countered Ji Fengyun's killing move.

Windmill Water divisibile Palm!

Mysterious Wind Palm! Tornado Stance!

The two similar palm moves clashed heavily together.

In an instant, the pure black stone beneath their feet were crushed to powder and blew into the air. Under the black smoke, the two palms intertwined.

At first, Zhao Feng's Mysterious Wind Palm slightly shook. But as time passed, it became even stronger.

’’What kind of weird move is this... ?’’

Ji Fengyun's expression changed dramatically, he felt like he had fallen into a whirlpool and he couldn't escape.


Ji Fengyun's heart jumped as he heard his defense inner strength barrier get ripped apart. The next instant, his Windmill Water divisible Palm was destroyed and pain spread throughout his body starting from his arm.


Ji Fenhyun screamed as his body was thrown back.

The crowd turned and they saw that there weres hundreds of bloody marks on Ji Fengyun's body.

There was also tens of marks on Ji Fengyun's face, it looked his face had been disfigured!

What a terrifying move!

The other outer disciples drew in cold breaths. Also, this move didn't serious injure Ji Fengyun, the bloody gashes everywhere made the others turn cold.

’’That move looks like the Clan's Heavenly Wind God Technique... ’’ Deacon Qiu muttered to himself.

On the stage, the two faced off.

Although Ji Fengyun had been lost the previous exchange, he wasn't seriously injured.

Mysterious Wind Palm! Tornado Stance!

Zhao Feng took in a deep breath as an azure glow appeared on his palm again. The sharpness radiating from it caused the spectators to turn cold.

’’I give up!’’

Ji Fengyun gave a cold hiccup, the marks on his body throbbed as if they were warning him how strong that move was.

If Zhao Feng's strength was a bit stronger, his entire body would've been ripped into pieces.

Gave up!

The hearts of the crowd shook, but they weren't surprised at Ji Fengyun's decision. Just looking at the latter's face and hundreds of blood marks caused the others to tremble in fear.

’’This battle is won by Zhao Feng! Zhao Feng will become the new substitute inner disciple, replacing the loser... ’’ Deacon Qiu's stern voice sounded.

At this time, the outer disciples had finally recovered from their daze.

Zhao Feng stood on top of the stage and surveyed the crowd below coldly.


Chen Feng as well as a few other outer disciples' were so scared that their legs turned into jelly.

The reason that Zhao Feng challenged Ji Fengyun was to establish his dominance and have a high authority here.

From the current situation, it seemed that the effect was better than expected. The other outer disciples looked at him with wary and fear.

The bloody, near disfigured Ji Fengyun was a living example.


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