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King Of Gods - Chapter 118


Chapter 118 - Establish Dominance (1)

The hearts of those watching below jumped.

No one would have thought that a youth only at the 8th rank of the Consolidated Realm would have such speed and skillful movements.

Smoking Transparent Step was a half Mortal skill, but Zhao Feng had trained it to the peak level. It was rare even in the Clan for someone to train a half Mortal skill to the peak level.

Furthermore, it had been merged with Flowing Wind Stance, which upgraded its tier by at least half a rank.

Even Ji Fengyun had been scared by Zhao Feng.

Star Finger!

Zhao Feng's fingertip spat out a stream of light, which enveloped Ji Fengyun.

’’Windmill Destruction!’’

Ji Fengyun exclaimed as a faint blue light spun around in his body like a windmill, then it appeared outside and formed a tornado around his body.


A deep thud sounded as a wave of dust surged into the air. The spectators below held their breaths as they focused on the stage.

Under the dust, a figure was as still as Mount Tai as if it was unmovable.


The figure of a youth was pushed tens of feet in the air before he spun in a circle and landed on the ground.

’’What terrifying inner strength!’’

Surprise flashed in Zhao Feng's eyes as he landed on the ground. Although he didn't use his full strength just then, Ji Fengyun's performance was still outside of his expectations.

The inner strength of a half-step Ascended Realm was much stronger than a 9th rank's, there was a larger quantity inner strength and it had been condensed.

Zhao Feng was only at the 8th rank of the Consolidated Realm. If it wasn't because his Silver Wall Technique had reached the peak 8th level and that his body was tough, the move just then would have injured him.

On the stage.

Ji Fengyun stood on the same spot as he snickered coldly: ’’Brat surnamed Zhao, you're stronger than what I thought by a bit. But if this is all your strength, then you don't even have the right to pick my shoes!’’

Zhao Feng's breathing fastened as his eyes squinted...


The outer disciples below let out a breath, but shock still remained on their faces. The exchange just then was way too fast.

Zhao Feng's speed exceeded everyone's expectations and it had reached the half-step Ascended Realm.

Expressions of surprise appeared on Xiao Sun's and Yun Mengxiang's faces. Maybe, just maybe, Zhao Feng did have a few tricks up his sleeve which gave him the confidence to win.

As the crowd let out a breath, the situation once again changed.

Chaotic Wind Figure! Windmill Cloud!

A strong, destructive inner strength surged out and formed a windmill, then it charged at Zhao Feng like a dragon.

At that moment, almost no one saw where Ji Fengyun was. He had merged the Mortal skill Chaotic Wind Figure into his Windmill Change. The two Low Class Mortal skills complemented each other and the power and speed reached the pinnacle of the Consolidated Realm.

’’The perfect merging between attack and speed, looks like Ji Fengyun does have the right to be arrogant!’’ The outer disciples below exclaimed.

Under that disastrous move, Zhao Feng felt like he was a leaf in the wind being blown around.

Silver Wall Standstill!

A figure glowing silver like a wall stuck into the ground. The first offense wasn't able to break through Zhao Feng, the latter's defense and strength was far stronger than expected.

Silver Wall Technique was already one of the best Low Class Mortal skills and Zhao Feng's Returning Breath Technique made his inner strength more dense than those of the same ranks and it had the ability to dissolve the inner strength of others.

Obviously, the difference in cultivation couldn't be ignored.

If all Zhao Feng did was defend, he would eventually be overrun by Ji Fengyun.

Windmill Cloud!

Ji Fengyun's move started to push Zhao Feng back.

Silver Air Barrier!

A faint transparent silver glow appeared on Zhao Feng's body and he sent out a deep strong aura.

A loud 'bang' was heard as the silver barrier rippled and became unstable, but it still managed to block Ji Fengyun's Windmill Cloud.

Ji Fengyun had attacked first but he didn't put Zhao Feng down as expected.

Flowing Wind Stance! Tornado Stance! One Line Star Finger!

Zhao Feng immediately retaliated and he used both the Flowing Wind Stance and the Tornado Stance at once.

He used Flowing Wind Stance because it would increase the speed of his attack and keep up with Ji Fengyun's speed.

The Tornado Stance had been 70-80% understood, 20% more than last time. But that wasn't the most terrifying part. It was the One Line Star Finger.

Zhao Feng's Star Finger had reached the 7th level, which was the highest.

The finger was like a meteor after merging with the Tornado Stance.


Zhao Feng's finger pierced straight through Ji Fengyun's defensive barrier and it made the latter lose his composure and retreat.

This was the first time that Zhao Feng had forced Ji Fengyun back.

’’Ji Fengyun was forced back!’’

The change shocked the outer disciples.

While retreating, Ji Fengyun forcefully circulated his inner strength, trying to retaliate. But this made slowed him down and a few flaws appeared.

Zhao Feng's sharp left eye saw this and he immediately used his Star Finger.

At this moment, Star Finger had surpassed its previous fastest speed and damage.

Star Finger was a peak tier martial art whose strength could be compared with half Low Class Mortal skills and when trained to the 7th level, it could easily defeat those of the 9th rank.

Although this was what happened in the mortal world and not the Clan's, this still showed how powerful this skill was. Zhao Feng had also merged his Tornado Stance perfectly into Star Finger, which made it's damage reach a new level.

Tornado Stance! Star Finger!

Zhao Feng kept attacking while he had the advantage and he aimed for Ji Fengyun's flaws. At the same time, Zhao Feng merged his Tornado Stance into Star Finger, which made his attacks even more fierce.

’’This brat was conserving his strength before... ’’

Ji Fengyun was shocked and angry at the same time. Not only was he able to retaliate, he had been suppressed even more.

He had been pushed back by Zhao Feng before, but he didn't want to retreat, so he tried to turn the situation around using his cultivation to his advantage. But the result was Zhao Feng's attacks became even more fierce and caught the minor flaws he made.

Deng! Deng! Deng...

On the stage, Ji Fengyun's ragged figure was pushed back continuously.

This scene made the outer disciples stare in shock.

’’What's going on!? Ji Fengyun's being suppressed!’’

Their gazes turned to Ji Fengyun, who was retreating.

Not only were the outer disciples stunned, a flash of surprise even flashed in Deacon Qiu's eyes. Those new disciples such as Xiao Sun, YUn Mengxiang, Liu Yue'er and co. all turned to stone.

Obviously, being ranked 13th meant that Ji Fengyun's killer move wasn't so simple that he would be pushed by someone of the 8th rank of the Consolidated Realm.

’’Windmill Explosion!’’

A powerful inner strength surged out from Ji Fengyun, it spun furiously then condensed and exploded.

Boooom... !

A loud explosion sounded as an air wave enveloped everything in a 10-20 metre radius.

A large hole was left in the pure black stone, which was many times stronger than normal steel .

The two figures were forcefully separated by the move.


Zhao Feng did a flip in midair and he landed back on the ground puffing.

Far away, Ji Fengyun's figure also stood on the ground as his chest heaved slightly, a few holes could be seen on his shirt.

’’This brat's fighting strength is terrifying!’’

’’It looks like Ji Fengyun didn't gain the upper hand.’’

The spectators watching broke out into discussion.


One of the half-step Ascended Realm disciple said deeply: ’’Even if Zhao Feng's speed and offense is strong, how could he have not been injured? That's only possible if... ’’

The person speaking was the substitute inner disciple who had been challenged before, 'Xia Yundong'.

Through his warning, many others realised this as well.

’’Unless... Zhao Feng's body strengthening technique has reached a level where it can counter those of the 9th rank... ’’

Wang Yang, who had challenged Xia Yundong, said.

’’That's right! He mainly focuses on body strengthening and he has reached a level similar to Hou Yuan's. This gives him the capability to fight against someone of the half-step Ascended Realm and not get injured... ’’ Xia Yundong said with confidence.

The two half-step Ascended Realm cultivators had discovered one of Zhao Feng's hidden cards.

The further one progressed in body strengthening, the harder it would be to make a breakthrough. It was extremely rare for one to train a Mortal body strengthening technique to the level where it could counter against the 9th ranks.

Of the top 20 outer disciples, there was only 3 who had. And of the 3, Hou Yuan's body was the strongest. With just his muscles alone, he could dominate 9th ranks and counter peak 9th ranks.

’’It ends here! I only used 70% of my strength just then. Next, you shall face my revenge!’’

Cold light flashed in Ji Fengyun's eyes as he released a powerful aura, which caused the wind to whistle. That aura was extremely close to the Ascended Realm!

Zhao Feng's expression became serious. Everyone knew that Ji Fengyun was super serious now.

’’Windmill Water divisible Palm!’’

Condensed blue light appeared from Ji Fengyun's palm and circulated in a high speed. When that palm was thrust out even the aira started to buzz.

That palm seemed like it could split the river and flip the cloud.

’’Oh my god! He's learnt that move! One's 'Windmill Manual' must be extremely close to the 10th level to control this move!’’ Xiao Yundong''s expression changed dramatically.


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