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King Of Gods - Chapter 117


Chapter 117 - Start of the Challenge

Princess Yun Mengxiang and Zhao Feng walked back together. On the way, Princess Yun Mengxiang was laughing and her attitude had changed dramatically.

Zhao Feng looked at the Princess weirdly.

Ever since they had entered the Clan, this Princess had made the others feely lowly with her charm, beauty and identity. She wouldn't have looked at Zhao Feng more than she would have before, but now it was different.

The experience just then made Princess Yun Mengxiang realise that the youth in front of her might be a genius that she couldn't miss. She seemed to see the rise of a future prodigy, becoming the new star of the Pill world.

Being the Princess of the Cloud Country, her eyes surpassed the other outer disciples. She obviously knew what a good pill master meant to the Clan.

If a Clan had many talented pill makers and had enough resources, more high quality pills would be created, which would cause the strength of the Clan to rise.

If she was able to get this pill making genius in front of her to work for the King, the future was unimaginable.

The only problem was that Zhao Feng maintained a normal attitude, he didn't have any good feelings towards the Princess, but he didn't want to offend her at the same time.The Cloud Country was his home country after all.

Yun Mengxiang sighed, she knew that her first impression wasn't good, but she still wouldn't give up easily because a good pill maker was very important to the King.

Soon, the two returned back to the Outer Clan Hall. Many people knew that the newly entered disciple Zhao Feng was challenging Ji Fengyun today, so they all put down their work and came to watch.

Seeing Zhao Feng and Yun Mengxiang walking together, the nearby disciples, especially the newly entered ones, were all stunned.

’’When did Zhao Feng get together with the Princess?’’

A few of the outer disciples felt incredible.

Everyone had gotten used to the Princesses' coldness and apart from people like Xiao Sun and Liu Yue'er, she didn't really talk to anyone else.

Zhao Feng soon arrived at the stage where the battle would be fought. This stage was near where the substitute inner disciples lived. The substitute inner disciples all had their own courtyards and they received better treatment and resources.

Once one became a substitute inner disciple, they didn't need to work much like the other outer disciples.

The stage was made of a special pure black stone and the hardness of it was several times stronger than steel. Martial Masters would be hard pressed to even damage it.

Every time a substitute inner disciple was challenged, this place would be extremely crowded. Zhao Feng saw some familiar figures such as Xiao Sun, Liu Yue'er, Chen Feng... And two figures that arrived hurriedly, Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan.

Soon, the challenged, Ji Fengyun, had also arrived. Battles like this were always overlooked by a Deacon or Vice Deacon and the person overseeing the battle today was Deacon Qiu.

The new disciples were all familiar with him as Deacon Qiu had led everyone through the exam, but there didn't seem to be just one person challenging a substitute inner disciple.

’’The first battle, 'Wang Yang, vs substitute inner disciple 'Xia Yundong'.’’

Deacon Qiu's stern voice resounded across several miles and the crowd quieted down.

Ceng! Ceng!

Two figures releasing powerful auras landed on the stage.

On the stage, two youths faced each other.

One was Xiao Yundong, ranked 20th and the other was the challenger, Wang Yang.

The two had both reached the half-step Ascended Realm and their auras were even stronger than First Guard's.

’’Battle of half-step Ascended Realms!’’

Zhao Feng's heart shook. Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan both focused on the battle.

Shua! Shua!

Two figures flew in the air creating explosions wherever they went.

The energy from half-step Ascended Realms would rip those at the 8th rank of the Consolidated Realm into shreds.

The martial arts used by the two were all Low Class Mortal skills, which were equivalent to Holy martial arts.

Sword Whistling through the Skies!

The substitute inner disciple, Xia Yundong, stabbed with his sword and the wind ripples became blades that enveloped the opponent. At this moment, the sharp whistling sound resounded in the ears of those watching and those of the 8th and 9th rank of the Consolidated Realm felt sick.

’’Such power can be used at the Consolidated Realm?’’

’’The difference between the half-step Ascended Realm and 9th rank is too great.’’

The hearts of the outer disciples trembled as they looked at the substitute inner disciples with respect.

Of the outer disciples, the top 20 were the elite. Those who challenged substitute inner disciples needed to be at the half-step Ascended Realm to have a chance to win. There was obviously people who won with the peak 9th rank. But in the past 2 years, the top 20 were almost at the half-step Ascended Realm.

There was an obvious difference amongst the two half-step Ascended Realms who fought onstage.

The substitute inner disciple Xia Yundong always held the advantage and every move he made would force the opponent to retreat. Around 40-50 fifty moves later, Wang Yang was finally defeated.

Not many people were focused on this battle since the outcome wasn't surprising, but after watching this battle, the new outer disciples finally realised how terrifying the substitute inner disciples were.

Xiao Sun's face was pale and when he thought about how he was going to challenge a substitute inner disciple, cold sweat poured down his face. If he was to face Xia Yundong, he would be defeated in 10 moves, he didn't even have confidence that he could beat Wang Yang.

’’Way too strong, Bei Moi was only this strong before he left.’’

Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan looked at each other and they couldn't help but worry for Zhao Feng.

That Xia Yundong was only ranked 20th, it was hard to imagine how strong Ji Fengyun, who was ranked 13th, would be.

Thinking up to here, Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan's last bit of hope for Zhao Feng was extinguished.

The first battle had ended and now, it was the second battle.

Not many people were interested in the first battle because the strength of the two were similar and they were both old disciples so they were familiar with their skills. But the challenger for the second battle was only at the 8th rank of the Consolidated Realm.

A challenge like this hadn't been seen in the past ten years. It could be said that instead of everyone coming to watch the fight, they were here to see how the youth would become a laughstock.

’’The second battle, Zhao Feng challenging substitute inner disciple Ji Fengyun.’’ Deacon Qiu announced.

As soon as his words finished, the crowd below started laughing and whistling.


Deacon Qiu gave a cold hmph and a pressure bore down upon the outer disciples like an avalanche.

The Ascended Realm was like a mountain that made the outer disciples below feel as if they were ants.

The crowd immediately fell silent.

The bunch of outer disciples finally understood how strong those of the Ascended Realm were.

Under the numerous gazes of the crowd, the two figures appeared on stage.

Ji Fengyun was ranked 13th and his fame was far greater than Xiao Yundong's. The difference between every rank of the substitute inner disciples wasn't great, but there was 7 places between 13 and 20! This gap wasn't to be ignored!

Seeing Xiao Yundong's strength, even Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan had lost hope for Zhao Feng.

’’Brat surnamed Zhao, I admire your courage to challenge me.’’

Ji Fengyun stood on the stage with a carefree attitude, but no one thought he was arrogant!

A half-step Ascended Realm could easily crush a cultivator at the 8th rank of the Consolidated Realm with one hand and Zhao Feng's cultivation hadn't even reached the peak 8th rank yet.

’’Brother Zhao...’’

Yang Qingshan's hands were clenched together due to guilt and helplessness.

It was because of him that Zhao Feng challenged Ji Fengyun. And at this moment, seeing Zhao Feng under the mocking gazes, he felt pain.

Nan Gongfan also had his head lowered. Although he might not be on good terms with Zhao Feng, the enmity between them had dissipated right now.

Below the stage, Xiao Sun and co. had mockery and sympathy in their eyes. Even Liu Yue'er who disliked Zhao Feng had unwillingness and sympathy in her eyes.

’’Maybe this is the only way that he would walk onto the 'right path' and focus only on pill making.’’ Yun Mengxiang thought in her heart.


On the stage.

’’This will be quite troublesome... ’’

Zhao Feng faced the strongest opponent that he had faced so far. At this moment, he felt his inner strength and blood circulate better due to the pressure.

’’Kid, how about I only use one hand and if you can win, then... ’’ Ji Fengyun stood confidently with a playful smile.

Flowing Wind Stance! Smoking Transparent Step!

In an instant, Zhao Feng had disappeared from Ji Fengyun's view.

The latter's voice had suddenly stopped as he felt a piercing sound come from behind him. The crowd broke out into discussion, most of them hadn't even seen Zhao Feng's figure.

Zhao Feng's Smoking Transparent Step had reached the peak level and after merging with the Flowing Wind Stance, it had reached an entirely new level.


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