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King Of Gods - Chapter 116


Chapter 116 - Pill making genius (2)

’’Deal.’’ Zhao Feng and old man Guan soon came to an agreement.

On the side, Princess Yn Mengxiang and Yun Yao couldn't help but sweat for Zhao Feng.

Vice-Head Gan was one of the best pill masters in the Clan and he has authority on the same level as an Elder. Even inner disciples and Deacons were respectful to him.

’’I obviously won't go back on my word, Yun Yao and Princess Yun Mengxiang can be the witnesses.’’ Old man Guan smiled.

From his point of view, Zhao Feng was a bit too arrogant and right now, he could stop the latter from fighting a losing battle, while making him understand that there was still stuff to be learnt.

Old man Guan's question was mainly about the Beginners Guide for Pill Making and not the Pill Flame Heart Manual, because the latter was much too hard for a beginner and old man Guan didn't want to purposely trick him.

In reality, when Old man Guan gave the two books to Zhao Feng, he only expected the latter to familiarise himself with the books and not understand everything. The fact that Zhao Feng said that he had learnt it all made old man Guan have his own doubts since the youth had only taken 2-3 days.

Hmph! He had seen geniuses, but even then, those people had only managed to learn a small amount in this amount of time.

’’The first question: what is pill making?’’ Old man Guan started off with the easiest question.

’’Pill making is gathering the essence out of the item and condensing it. The importance of pill making is the 'making', one must have the help of a pill flame... ’’

Zhao Feng did not only answer old man Guan's question, he also added a lot more information.

The first question was extremely simple and no one was surprised that Zhao Feng could answer it, but the second question was much harder.

’’Talk about choosing the resources of pill making.’’ Old man Guan said calmly.

’’Every plant has their own attributes and elements in the world, so their essences are all different. Therefore, when one tries to combine or merge them, it is extremely complicated... ’’

Zhao Feng answered smoothly and a vast amount of knowledge appeared in his mind.

’’What does one need to be careful about when controlling their pill flame?’’

This question was extremely hard for a newbie.

’’Hehe, before one reaches the True Spirit Realm, pill makers actually don't have their own pill flame. Therefore, they need to find items to help ignite the pill flame. For example, the flames from burning coal could be used create pills, but the tier of it won't be high. Items of the fire element create a higher tier when burnt... ’’

Zhao Feng's response was still casual and said up to one thousand word's in one breath.

Inside old man's Guan's eye was was joy and excitement. Yun Yao was also surprised, she clearly knew that Zhao Feng was only a beginner, but this question was deep. It looked like any question regarding knowledge couldn't get past Zhao Feng.

From a certain point in time, old man Guan's question started to head towards the Pill Flame Heart Manual, instead of the Beginner Guide for Pill Making.

The Pill Flame Heart Manual was extremely complex and without having the basic knowledge of plants, one's answer would be miles off. But none of his questions tricked Zhao Feng.

Shock appeared on Yun Yao's face and Princess Yun Mengxiang became dazed. Some of the questions were even too hard for her, someone who had learnt pill making ever since she was small.


Cold sweat appeared on old man Guan's head. At this moment, he didn't know if he should happy or not, but Zhao Feng had proved that he had learnt the Beginner Guide for Pill Making and the Pill Flame Heart Manual.

Having such analysis meant that he was a monster.

’’Last question.’’

Old man Guan took a deep breath and said solemnly: ’’Since you've learnt the Beginners Guide to Pill Making and Pill Flame Heart Manual, tell me the original composition that creates the Snow Spiritual Pill. This pill appears in the Beginners Guide for Pill Making and the Pill Flame Heart Manual.’’

Original composition?

Yun Yao took in a cold breath, this question had almost reached the core of pill making.

Many famous pill makers had their own'compositions', which consisted of how plants should be mixed.

Although the Snow Spiritual Pill was a simple spiritual pill and wasn't complicated, it was hard for a newbie. A beginner didn't even know the rules of plant mixing, so how would they be able to find the composition?

After this question was asked, everyone fell silent.

Old man Guan sighed in his heart, was this question way too hard?

Those that were able to answer this question were all pill masters.

’’Thousand year ice snow lotus contains the essence of snow and ice and it is one of the main components of the Snow Spiritual Pill. The blood and brain of the Sharp Skinned Spiritual Monkey is slightly Yang and it is the second major component. The three Sprout Emerald Grass is a soothing material, which has the ability to calm one down... ’’

Zhao Feng said a total of 34 plants and their respective elements and how they were supposed to be mixed. When he had finished, old man Guan and Yun Yao had their mouths' open.

Princess Yun Mengxiang's heart trembled, she didn't want to believe that this youth in front of her had surpassed herself in terms of pill making.

After a while old man, Guan let out a sigh as he looked deeply at Zhao Feng: ’’Great! This question has already surpassed what we agreed on.’’

He obviously knew that this question had exceeded what they planned before, but his intention was to flame down Zhao Feng's arrogance. But on the contrary, this showed how monstrous Zhao Feng was.

’’You didn't know a thing a few days ago, so how did you know how to make the Snow Spiritual Pill?’’ Yun Yao asked curiously.

She was suspicious that Zhao Feng had learnt pill making before.

’’Haha, it's all thanks to you. If you hadn't given me the Ten Thousand Plant Illustrations before, I wouldn't have been able to answer this question.’’ Zhao Feng laughed lightly.

Ten Thousand Plant Illustrations?

Old man Guan paused then looked towards Yun Yao as if asking: What's going on?

Yun Yao's heart tightened and she immediately told the story of how she recommended the Ten Thousand Plant Illustrations to Zhao Feng.

With Vice Head Guan's experience, how could he not see Yun Yao's intention?

’’Hmph! So what if you've read the Ten Thousand Plant Illustrations? There's literally tens of thousands of compositions in there and you just happened to memorise the composition for Snow Spiritual Pill?’’

Princess Yun Mengxiang snickered coldly, she was also suspicious that Zhao Feng had learnt pill making before.

’’I've not only memorised the Snow Spiritual Pill composition, I've memorised the entire contents.’’ Zhao Feng said mockingly.

The entire book?

Yun Yao and Princess Yun Mengxiang's heart shook.

’’Are you saying... that you've memorised the entire Ten Thousand Plant Illustrations... ?’’

Old man Guan stood up full of excitement. With his near one hundred years of experience, he obviously knew geniuses who could memorise everything they saw. For example, Bei Moi was one of them, but in terms of memory, even Bei Moi wasn't as good as Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng didn't 'memorise everything', it was more 'photocopying' the things he saw into his mind. Even a complex picture or martial art could be 'photocopied' into his mind.

’’That's right, it's just memorising everything I see.’’ Zhao Feng said casually.

His words caused the others to be shocked, a genius who could memorise everything by only reading it once could save years of study. Furthermore, Zhao Feng had memorised the entire Ten Thousand Plant Illustrations, which took others tens of years to remember.

To prove that this was true, the three each came up and asked a series of questions from the Ten Thousand Plant Illustrations. The three asked cold topics and rare plants, but their questions were answered perfectly by Zhao Feng.

This was way too damn depressing!

The three were speechless, especially Princess Yun Mengxiang and Yun Yao, but inside old man Guan's heart, it was more excitement.

That day at the third test, he saw that Zhao Feng had great understanding and he was precise, which was a must for pill making. But he didn't think that Zhao Feng's true talent was much more terrifying.

’’Vice Head Guan, now you won't stop me right?’’ Zhao Feng laughed.

Black lines appeared on old man Guan's face as it twitched: ’’Go and hit some steel walls, so you know how high the heavens actually is.’’

Old man Guan had no ways to restrain this 'disciple'.

He was pretty expectant of Zhao Feng being beaten, so that he would go back onto the 'right track'.

’’Hehehe, I'll go and watch as well.’’ Yun Mengxiang was excited as well.


Yun Yao waved her hands and like this, Zhao Feng and Princess Yun Mengxiang left the Grass-Wood division and they headed towards the Outer Clan Hall/.

It was at the Outer Clan Hall where Zhao Feng's ’’first true battle’’ started.


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