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King Of Gods - Chapter 113


Chapter 113 - Challenging substitute inner disciple

The tasks had all been allocated, some were happy with what they got while others were sad.

There was only a few people who had received good tasks, but the rest didn't have any choice because they were outer disciples and newbies, the bottom class of the clan.

The most unlucky ones were Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan whose jobs were bad and they had a large quantity, therefore they wouldn't even have much time to cultivate.

After announcing the tasks, the Vice Deacon closed his handbook and he was about to leave.


Zhao Feng was stunned, why did everyone else have a task and not him?

Xiao Sun, Yun Mengxiang, Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan all had tasks even though some were good and some good, but that Vice-Deacon didn't even mention Zhao Feng.

’’Wait! Vice-Deacon!’’ Zhao Feng called out.

’’What? I'm only responsible for announcing the tasks, the jobs you do are overlooked by others.’’

Dissatisfaction appeared on the Vice Deacon's face as he looked at Zhao Feng.

The breeze suddenly stopped. An unbearable pressure appeared and the breaths of the youths increased. They finally realised that the person standing in front of them was a Vice Deacon.

There was also a bunch of people who looked gloatingly at Zhao Feng. Liu Yue'er was included, but she still sweated for Zhao Feng.

’’Can I ask Vice Deacon Wang why I didn't get a task?’’

Zhao Feng's actions were respectful and careful. He clearly knew that this person in front of him was several times stronger than Lord Guanjun.

Being a Vice Deacon, his cultivation was at least at the 5th Skies of the Ascended Realm, even inner disciples wouldn't offend him.

Zhao Feng's words caused the other youths to be suspicious. Why did everyone else apart from him get a task?

’’What's your name?’’ Vice Deacon Wang was expressionless.

’’Zhao Feng.’’

The youth was humble and confident. He had just entered the Clan and he had no problems, so the Vice Deacon couldn't do anything to him.

’’You're Zhao Feng?’’

Surprise appeared on Vice Deacon Wang's face as he surveyed Zhao Feng in a new light.

The pressure just then also faded away. Those with good perception realised that the Vice Deacon's expression became a bit more kind as if Zhao Feng was important.


Zhao Feng answered, he didn't expect Vice Deacon Wang to know him.

’’Cough cough, because of some special reasons, your task hasn't been decided yet.’’

Vice Deacon Wang squeezed out a smile.


The new disciples were all shocked, why did Vice Deacon Wang become so respectful?

There was definitely something going on when one didn't proceed with the norm.

Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled, but the Vice Deacon didn't say anything more as he left.

Being a Vice Deacon, he held a high position and he was only given the job of announcing the tasks, not the details.

Xiao Sun and Princess Yun Mengxiang inspected Zhao Feng with a new light.

Zhao Feng's performance in the 2nd exam made them surprised, but they didn't put it at heart since his talent was only so-so. This time, only Zhao Feng didn't get a task.

Liu Yue'er was somewhat irritated, she was originally going to see Zhao Feng lose face but the latter had gotten special treatment instead.

Even Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan were both curious as well.

Zhao Feng shook his head, meaning that he didn't understand either.

A total of 21 disciples apart from Zhao Feng had all gotten their tasks. On the same day, Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan both went to report to the overseer.

’’S***! I'm at the same place as the bastard Chen Feng. His job is much easier than mine... ’’

Nan Gongfan's face was green.

’’The field I'm at is under Ji Fengyun's control and my job is the hardest of all.’’

Yang Qingshan's expression was also ugly.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng's expression changed.

Chen Feng, Ji Fengyun. This meant that there was still Hou Yuan! These three were all on Quan Chen's side.

On the same day, Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan both went to their own sections to complete their tasks.

From the view of others, it was a glory to enter a Clan, but none of them knew that outer disciples were only the bottom of the bottom. They didn't even get many resources. All they did was help out with the matters of the Clan.

Zhao Feng suddenly remembered what Lord Guanjun had said:

’’After entering the Clan, your first goal is to become an Inner Disciples because outer disciples aren't even important. If one or two outer disciples die, the Clan won't even care.’’

’’Only inner disciples will be protected and raised by the Clan. At this time, Hai Yun Master would be hard pressed to harm you.’’


Outer disciples were just like ants, if some of them died, the upper positions of the Clan wouldn't even mind. Only by becoming an inner disciples would one get into the real circle of the Clan.

Because he didn't have a task, Zhao Feng decided to see the jobs of his two brothers.

Yang Qingshan was to water, fertilise and carry all the s*** throughout the fields, a tiring and dirty job.

Those who had the same task as him had much easier jobs.

’’Newbie, faster. If you don't finish by night, your pay will be deducted.’’ A cold voice came from a nearby house.

Zhao Feng glanced over and saw Ji Fengyun pushing Yang Qingshan. Yang Qingshan was fed up but he could only hold it in.

For example, Zhao Feng and the others would all receive one substandard grade primal crystal stone every month and they would get different sorts of pills

Primal crystal stones were said to be formed from the heaven and earth and they contained energy which was great for cultivation.

True primal crystal stones cost a fortune and they could greatly increase one's cultivation speed and those of the Ascended Realm would even fight for it.

They were split into different grades: low, middle, top and extreme, but being outer disciples, they couldn't get these true primal crystal stones or else they would've all reached the Ascended Realm already by using them.

But even then, substandard crystal stones were much better than the resources of the mortal world. The pills also given by the Clan were seen as 'Holy pills' outside, the lowest tier of resources given was even better than the 'Burning Body Strengthening Pill' Zhao Feng had used before.


Yang Qingshan was extremely furious, but he didn't dare explode.

Firstly, Ji Fengyun was the overseer here, if he was to rebuke him, Ji Fengyun could punish him. Secondly, it would hurt Yang Qingshan badly if his pay was deducted.

Up to now, Yang Qingshan didn't resist at all.

Seeing this, Zhao Feng wanted to help.

’’Stop right there! No one can complete his task for him!’’

Ji Fengyun walked over sternly.

’’There's no rule like this! In reality, when they're busy, they can ask for leave and let someone take over. I don't believe that Brother Ji will stay here everyday and not cultivate.’’

Zhao Feng was calm as he told the reasons.

’’F*** off! I'm in charge of this place, no one shall interfere!’’ Ji Fengyun said impatiently.

He didn't listen to reason at all!

Reasoning, one had to have the qualification to be able to reason with him. In his eyes, Zhao Feng and the other newbies were just toys in his hand.

’’I understand what you're trying to do, but you should go.’’

Yang Qingshan tried to tell Zhao Feng to leave.

’’Ji Fengyun, I heard that you're one of the 20 substitute inner disciples.’’

A smile appeared on Zhao Feng's lips.

’’That's right, what do you want?’’

Ji Fengyun's expression was arrogant and superior. Being an substitute inner disciple, his treatment was better than all the other outer disciples.

From a certain point of view, they were already inner disciples. All they needed to do was reach the Ascended Realm and they would immediately become one.

’’According to the rules of the Clan, I can challenge you. If I win, I can replace you as a substitute inner disciple.’’

Battle intent surged from Zhao Feng.


Challenging a substitute inner disciples!

The argument caused the attention of a few other nearby outer disciples.

’’Brother Zhao, don't be rash.’’

Yang Qingshan's expression changed.

The 20 substitute inner disciples were the elite of the outer disciples. Their cultivation had all reached the half step - Ascended Realm and being ranked 13th, Ji Fengyun was at least as strong as First Guard.

’’Hahaha... I admire your courage! According to the rules, you must apply to challenge me. Three days after that, you will be able to fight me. In those 3 days, I won't find trouble for your friend but if you fail... He'll just be a dog!’’

Ji Fengyun laughed loudly as he pointed at Yang Qingshan. His actions meant Zhao Feng must know the consequences of challenging him.

’’Fine! See you in 3 days time.’’

Zhao Feng returned back to the Grass-Wood division to see how Nan Gongfan was doing.

Nan Gongfan's responsibility was to move the trash and the trash of the Grass-Wood division had piled up to a mountain.

One would usually create tens of pills with a mountain of resources, therefore there was a lot of trash.

Pill making meant gathering the essence of difference plants and the other 99% remaining would be rubbish.

Nan Gongfan's situation wasn't any better than Yang Qingshan's. Because he was with Chen Feng, the stuff he carried was what others didn't want to. Seeing Zhao Feng walk over, Chen Feng's actions dimmed down, Zhao Feng beating him that day still remained in his memory.

’’When I become a substitute inner disciple, they'll be slightly wary if they want to bully them.’’

Thinking up to here, Zhao Feng walked away and applied to battle Ji Fengyun who was ranked 13th. When night fell, all the new disciples had heard this news.

Zhao Feng's challenge had been accepted!

’’Hehe, it's been such a long time since anyone's challenged the substitute inner disciples. These new fella's are sure courageous.’’

Many people were waiting to see this joke.


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