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King Of Gods - Chapter 110


Chapter 110 - Bullying the Weak

The 9 changes of the Illusion Fish Picture were replayed back and forth in his head. Zhao Feng felt the scenes contained insights so deep that they were even harder than those of the 4 Wind Stances. If he was able to fully understand the Illusion Fish Picture, there might be rewards which would be beneficial for him.

’’Haha, if you're able to understand the 9 changes of the Illusion Fish Picture, we won't even have the right to be your Master.’’ The white robed old man smiled.

Through their conversation, Zhao Feng realised that the white robed old man was surnamed Zhang and his forte was arrays ,while the red faced old man's surname was Guan and he was a proficient pill master.

Zhao Feng decided to name them ’’Old man Zhang’’ and ’’Old man Guan’’.

After leaving the second floor, Zhao Feng realised that Deacon Qiu was looking at him in a different perspective. If it was before, he would be an ant in Deacon Qiu's eyes, but after passing the third test, Deacon Qiu had finally realised that Zhao Feng couldn't be underestimated.

’’Old man Guan, why are you fighting with me? Can't you see that this kid is a array genius?’’ Old man Zhang said angrily.

A brat of the Consolidated Realm was able to analyse up to the 7th scene in the Illusion FIsh Picture and in a short amount of time too, even array masters of the Ascended Realm couldn't do that.

’’Wrong! Old man Guan, can't you see that this fellow has great perspective skills and he has extremely accurate precision. This is what a pill master needs.’’ The old man surnamed Guan retorted.

As they spoke, they once again broke out into another fight.

Deacon Qiu was shocked, he didn't think that a youth with such average talent would catch the attention of 2 vice-heads.

He was respective towards the 2 vice heads not only because they were both at the half-True Spirit Realm, it was also because that they had contributed a lot to the Clan and they had authority just below Elders.

After walking out of the building, Zhao Feng met up with Lord Guanjun, Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan.

Knowing that Zhao Feng received full marks again, a smile of satisfaction appeared on Lord Guanjun's face.

The third examination only ended when the sun went down and according to the points of the youths, the youths placed at the front would be accepted.

’’Only the top 20 will be taken into the Clan.’’ Deacon Qiu said.

The youths were all extremely nervous as they awaited their results.

’’First place, Xiao Sun, 8 points. Second place, Yun Mengxiang, 7.5 points. Third place... ’’ A disciple of the Clan announced.

’’Tenth place, Zhao Feng, 6 points!’’

Only at the tenth place did Zhao Feng hear his name. Although Zhao Feng had got full marks for the last 2 tests, his first result was much too ’’average’’ so his overall rank wasn't high.

Even Yang Qingshan was ranked higher than him, at 6th place. Nan Gongfan had also successfully entered the top 20, ranked at 17th.

The three had all been accepted.

Lord Guanjun was overjoyed and proud. The youths present were all brought by their elders and not many were able to send all their younger generation in.

’’Lord Guanjun, your 3 disciples are pretty 'good'.’’ Lord Cangtie laughed.

Lord Guanjun could hear the playfulness in his words. Although his 3 disciples had successfully entered the Clan, their talents weren't high, so they wouldn't be able to leave the bottom class of the Clan.

On the other hand, Lord Cangtie's daughter Liu Yue'er had a Upper Spiritual Body and she had been taken in straight after the first test.

Soon, the names were all announced. The Broken Moon Clan took in a total of 22 disciples including many talented ones such as Sun Yuanhao, who had the Changeable Body, being taken in as a disciple of an Elder straight away.

Apart from that Liu Yue'er, Xiao Sun and Yun Mengxiang all had top tier talent as well.

On the same day.

A total of 21 disciples headed towards the ’’Outer Class division’’ to register. Deacon Qiu was a regulator of the ’’Outer Class division’’ and he told them the rules.

The group of youths were full of expectations as they headed towards the Outer Class division.

’’Oh my god, that hall... One of the youths suddenly exclaimed and pointed at the azure palace in the sky.

The azure palace floated in the air and around it, there were strikes of lightning as it gave off an ancient feeling.

The hearts of the youths shook as they saw this scene, it was just like a fairy tale. Truthfully Zhao Feng had already seen this ancient palace outside of the Clan but coming closer, he saw it in more detail.

’’This is an ancient ruin of the Broken Moon Clan named the ’’Floating Crest Palace’’ and it is one of the forbidden grounds of the Clan. Anyone found entering without permission shall be killed.’’ Deacon Qiu's voice was cold as he simply said what it was.

The youths suppressed their curiosity and felt that the ’’Floating Crest Palace’’ was even more mysterious.

Zhao Feng's sharp eyes felt an ancient feel as he scanned the Floating Crest Palace and his left eye jumped.

On the way, the view made all the other youths open their eyes in awe.

Deacon Qiu finally arranged where the 21 youths would sleep and Zhao Feng and the other two had already said goodbye to Lord Guanjun.

Lord Guanjun looked at Zhao Feng deeply before leaving. The figure going further and further away seemed to be lodged in Zhao Feng's heart.

’’Not only will I complete Master's wish, I'll also step into the peak of this generation.’’ Zhao Feng clenched his two fists as his blood boiled.

The world of the Clans had excited him.

According to the rules of the Broken Moon Clan, new disciples had the first few days off to familiarise the Clan and they would be given a 'task' after.

They needed to repay back the Clan for the treatment and resources they received and there were different tasks, some good and some bad.

Some of the bad tasks included mining and carrying s*** and dangerous ones included killing beasts and exploring ruins.

’’In three days, the Clan will give us ’’tasks’’, I'm just scared that Quan Chen will interfere and make it hard for us.’’

Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan were worried, while Zhao Feng was calm.

The new outer disciples were assigned to live in wooden rooms for the 3 days, but in just a few hours. the newly entered disciples had clashed with the old disciples.

From outside came the sound of fighting but they quickly subsided.

Zhao Feng walked out of his wooden room and he found two or three new disciples on the ground puffing for air.

’’New brats, I'm giving you face by letting you wash my clothes and getting me water.’’

A scar-faced man looked at the newly entered disciples coldly.

’’That's Chen Feng, he's ranked 28th out of the outer disciples. I can't believe he even has the interest to bully the new disciples.’’

A few of the older disciples poked their heads.

Chen Feng was ranked 28th and he had reached the peak of the 9th rank. Zhao Feng estimated that the opponent's strength was even a bit stronger than Ye Linyu's. Even Xiao Sun who had the highest cultivation amongst the youths didn't dare to challenge him.

Under Chen Feng's power, the few outer disciples went to wash his clothes for him unwillingly.

’’Zhe zhe, I heard that there's two pretty chicks this time and one of them is a princess.’’

Chen Feng licked his lips and he walked slowly towards where Princess Yun Mengxiang lived.


Yun Mengxiang opened her door and said coldly: ’’I dare you to touch me.’’

Chen Feng smiled and didn't dare offend Yun Mengxiang.

Being the Princess of the Cloud Country, the high levels of the country and the Clan had an intimate relationship.

Apart from that, Xiao Sun also had close relationships with the Clan since he came from the biggest family in seclusion.

Even someone like Liu Yue'er was treated well because of her Upper Spiritual Body. Those with high talent had the chance of having a better future, so even Chen Feng didn't dare to be too arrogant.

’’This Chen Feng's just a bastard who's scared of the strong and bullies the weak.’’ The newly entered disciples kept their hatred inside their hearts.

Chen Feng didn't dare offend Xiao Sun, Yun Mengxiang and Liu Yue'er but he was extremely arrogant to everyone else.

Zhao Feng looked at this coldly, but he didn't interfere.

The youths were all excited that night and they weren't able to sleep, so Zhao Feng just started to train Silver Wall Technique and Returning Breath Technique instead, while trying to gain insights from the 4 Wind Stances as well.

He had already perfected the first two stances and he was 70-80% through on the third stance, 'Partial Wind Stance'.

Zhao Feng had even tried using the fourth stance, 'Burning Wind Stance', but the power of it was so strong that Zhao Feng was scared just looking at it.

'Partial Wind Stance' aimed for the pinnacle of sharpness and it was a single target offensive skill, while Burning Wind Stance aimed for destruction, burning everything in its path.

On the second morning, Zhao Feng stood up from his position and walked out of his door after yawning.

’’Kid! Wash my socks!’’ A dominant, arrogant voice sounded.

Zhao Feng saw that the owner of this voice was, Chen Feng who was ranked 28th of the outer disciples.

Chen Feng's voice was cold and arrogant. He threw a pair of smelly socks in front of Zhao Feng then turned around and left as if he knew that Zhao Feng would wash it.

In reality, Chen Feng knew all their information. For example, Zhao Feng had normal talent and not high cultivation, so Chen Feng didn't worry that about Zhao Feng getting his revenge

’’Does this guy really think I'm going to do it?’’

Zhao Feng's face grew dim as he waved his hands and a chaotic wind appeared which ripped Chen Feng's smelly socks into shreds.

This scene made the expression of Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan, who had both just woken up, to change dramatically.


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