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King Of Gods - Chapter 108


Chapter 108 - Mechanism Test

Sun Yuanhao's talent made Zhao Feng sweat profoundly because this was a true Changeable Body. But because Lord Guanjun didn't know much about Changeable Bodys since they were much too rare, he didn't say anything.

At this moment everyone, including Deacon Qiu were moved. The light from the Spiritual Sky Beam had almost caught the attention of half of the Sky Moon Mountain.

’’Changeable Body at least at the peak tier Spiritual Body, full marks! Accepted into the clan straight away!’’ Deacon Qiu reacted and announced.

Sun Yuanhao had beat Liu Yue'er and he was immediately taken in by the Clan. As he walked down the stage, others stared at him with envy and jealousy.

’’A genius like him will soon become a disciple of someone with great power.’’ Lord Guanjun sighed.

Seeing Sun Yuanhao would make him think of Bei Moi and therefore his mood was depressing.


The sound of the wind suddenly appeared as a person dropped from the sky.

’’That's... ’’

The crowd below felt as if they were an ant in front of the person. The person clothed in gold and he was like a god as he walked through the air. Under that pressure, even those of the Holy martial path felt their blood freeze.

Zhao Feng's left eye saw a gold-robed man fly through the air.


Zhao Feng had never thought that cultivators could fly because flying was only a legend.

’’Greetings Elder Xue!’’ Deacon Qiu exclaimed as he wiped sweat off his forehead and bowed down towards the gold robed man.

’’Hua’’, the other disciples bowed down at the same time.

The gold robed Elder stood midair and surveyed the disciples like a god. Not far away, Quan Chen's face was pale white and trembling.

The man in front of them was an Elder who held more power even more than Hai Yun Master.


In a flash of gold, the gold robed elder had appeared in front of Sun Yuanhao.

’’Hahahaha... Changeable Body! I just wanted to take in a disciple, looks like I was pretty lucky!’’ Elder Xue inspected Sun Yuanhao with joy.

’’Sun Yuanhao! Are you willing to take this elder as your master? According to the rules, if you do you can become an inner disciple straight away.’’ Deacon Qiu told him.

Under the envious gazes, Sun Yuanhao nodded his head nervously: ’’Disciple is willing.’’

Elder Xue laughed, grabbed him by the hand then turned into a gold blur as he disappeared into the depths of the mountain.

After this small interference, the first test ’’Spiritual Sky Beam’’ was coming to an end. In Zhao Feng's mind, the image of the Elder flying lasted there and he couldn't calm down.

’’That was someone of the True Spirit Realm, they have the ability to fly in short amount of periods and control unimaginable power... ’’ Lord Guanjun sighed as respect and longing appeared in his eyes.

Under the True Spirit Realm was the Ascended Realm and the latter had 7 Skies. The 7 Skies meant 7 changes with every change giving the cultivator incredible power.

From a certain point of view, cultivators of the True Spirit Realm was the evolution of humans, so they were able to do things that seemed impossible for normal humans.

A total of 45 youths had passed the first test and scored within 1-5 points.

There was a total of 3 tests and the first test consisted of 6 points. If someone reached the maximum score, they were accepted into the Clan straight away.

’’The next two tests are the Mechanism Test and 9 Picture Array Test that give a maximum of 2 points each.’’

Lord Guanjun told his disciples but he was telling Zhao Feng in particular because he had scored only 2 points in the Spiritual Sky Beam test and the next two test only added up to give a sum of 4. If his score was too low, he might not be taken into the Clan.

’’I understand.’’ Zhao Feng knew what to do.

’’Follow me to the Mechanism Test.’’

Deacon Qiu led the group of people to a path that was 1.5 metres wide. On either side, there were two mountains and there were man made caves in them.

This was the Mechanism Test?

’’After entering the Mechanism path, you will have to kill mechanic beasts which have the same cultivation level as you. You will get a point for killing two and 2 points for killing 4 or more... ’’ Deacon Qiu announced.

Truthfully, Zhao Feng had already received information from Lord Guanjun.

’’Number 3, Wu Dan.’’ A disciple called out.


A youth of the 7th rank lept into the enter and walked onto the path.


A pure black mechanical beast walked out of one of the caves, its shape was similar to a human's and it held a scythe which swept towards the youth.


The youth and mechanical beast clashed together, but the youths expression changed immediately as he retreated.

The strength of the mechanical beast was at the 7th rank, but its defense and offense was much stronger than the 7th rank.

This also meant that the mechanical beasts were elites amongst their ranks.

The youth used all his power and he was finally able to put the beast down.

Huang! Huang!

He took another few steps and two mechanical beasts appeared from the nearby caves.

Not good!

The expression of the youth changed dramatically as he tried to fight off the beasts at the same time. As time went on, a few more beasts walked out from the caves but they weren't fast. So the youth was able to slay one due to his speed.

’’1 Point for killing 2 beasts.’’ The disciple announced.

After that, a few more geniuses went up and fought with the mechanical beast. Most of them were able to kill one or two, but it was incredibly hard to kill 4 or more.

’’THe defense of the mechanical beasts is just too strong.’’

Zhao Feng's left eye saw the situation.

Even Xiao Sun, who was at the 9th rank, felt pressure as he faced mechanical beasts of the 9th rank.

The higher one's cultivation was, the stronger the beasts that appeared were, so Xiao Sun had to face beasts of the 9th rank. He finally managed to kill 3 beasts and got 1.5 points. Only a very low number of youths were able to get 2 points.

Two points was a perfect score at the second test, but was it easy to get? One needed to kill 4 elites of the same rank and sometimes face more at the same time.

’’Number 49, Zhao Feng.’’ The disciples voice sounded.

Lord Guanjun warned: ’’Your score for the first test was low, so you must get a full score for this test.’’

The Clan placed importance on talent, therefore Quan Chen and the other disciples had already left. In their eyes, talent decided future so the next two tests weren't important.


Zhao Feng's figure stepped onto the mechanism path.


A beast soon appeared from a cave nearby.

Star Finger! Flowing Wind Stance!

Zhao Feng's figure immediately closed in on the beast and his body moved slightly to the side to dodge the mechanical beasts attack.


His azure finger hit the point where two parts were connected.


The arm holding the weapon immediately fell down. Such reflexes and accuracy made the others stunned.

Tonk! Tonk! Tonk!

Zhao Feng then immediately fired off another few fingers which looked like fireworks.

In just a few breaths, the arms and legs had been cut off by Zhao Feng and the mechanical beast fell onto the ground.

’’What precision and speed! He's just toying around with the mechanical beast.’’ Lord Cangtie couldn't help but sigh and look at Zhao Feng in a new light.

Zhao Feng's finger skills were both precise and strong.

Huang! Huang!

Two more beasts soon appeared from the nearby caves.

Star Finger! Flowing Wind Stance! Smoking Transparent Step!

Zhao Feng's figure was like a ghost that jumped in front of the two mechanical beasts.


After a few breaths, one of the beasts had been chopped into 8 pieces by Zhao Feng. And just as he did so, three other beasts appeared summing up to 4 beasts, who closed in onto Zhao Feng.

This was the same as 4 beasts near the 9th rank with extreme defense closing in on Zhao Feng. Under this situation, not many youths would be able to handle this.

One Line Star Finger! Tornado Stance!

A cold light flashed in Zhao Feng's eyes as he thrust out his finger, which was a wide ranged attacked.

Tornado Stance was a skill which could increase the damage and area of an attack.


The finger pierced straight through where the heart of the beast would be. It was hard to imagine what kind of power would be needed to instantly kill a mechanical beast, one had to know that the defense of these machines were around the 9th rank.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Zhao Feng immediately shot 3 more fingers and every finger would easily pierce through the body of the mechanical beast.

Plop! Plop! Baaaaam...

The other 3 beasts had all been destroyed by Zhao Feng in one move and they lay on the floor unmoving.

In just a moment, Zhao Feng had taken care of 5 beasts, leaving behind a group of dazed youths.


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