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King Of Gods - Chapter 107


Chapter 107 - A True Changeable Body

Quan Chen's appearance made Zhao Feng and the others slightly disturbed.

Lord Guanjun was calm: ’’Don't worry, he's just a disciple who's at the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm and he doesn't have enough power to interfere with the test.’’

On the stone stage, Deacon Qiu surveyed the watching disciples with warning in his eyes. These disciples seemed to be stuck by lightning and they immediately retreated to a certain distance and became quiet.

Even Quan Chen did so, he seemed afraid of Deacon Qiu as well.

In the Broken Moon Clan, Decon tier was already middle tier. Not only did they have high authority, they were also at the Ascended Realm.

’’The first test ’’Spiritual Sky Beam’’ tests your talent. See that crystal circle beam? That is the items used to measure your talent.’’ Lord Guanjun introduced.

Zhao Feng and the other two turned towards the crystal beam that was 5 metres high, it was similar to the crystal ball given before, but it was much better.

Soon, the youths had received their number plates, which had their simple information inside.

’’The first test ’’Spiritual Sky Beam’’ begins. Number 1 Zhang Junchen.’’ A disciple announced.

On the stage, Deacon Qiu sat on his chair while the men under him did all the jobs.

Soon, number 1 Zhang Junchen stepped onto the stage and arrived in front of the Spiritual Sky Beam. The testing method was the same as the crystal ball - gather your mental energy and put it into the beam.


Layers of white light appeared on the beam and the light reached 2 metres high.

The entire Spiritual Sky Beam was 5 metres tall, the first four 0.5 metres meant a Mortal Body : Low, middle, high, peak. The youth's talent reached 2 metres, which meant that he was a peak Mortal Body.

’’A Mortal Body even wants to enter the Clan? In your dreams! Get out of here!’’

A cold voice resounded around the stone stage. The youth that had just been tested walked down the stage as if his soul had been lost and he was taken away by disciples of the Clan.

This scene caused Zhao Feng and the other two to look at each other in shock. One had to know that a genius like Zhao Linlong only had an higher Mortal Body. Even with talent like his, they were sent home straight away.

In reality, not everyone had the chance to test their talent beforehand since they didn't have a crystal ball like Lord Guanjun.

Soon, some other youths appeared to be tested. The second youth had a better score than the forst youth with his light reaching 2.5 metres representing a low tier Spiritual Body.

’’Low tier Spiritual Body, pass. 2 points for the first test.’’


According to the rules, as long as one's talent passed 2 metres, they were accepted and given a score in respect to what height their talent reached.

2.25 metres was 1 point and it represented a half-spiritual body.

2.5 metres was 2 points and represent a low tier Spiritual Body.

2.75 metres was 3 points and the talent was between a low-middle Spiritual Body.

If one's talent reached 3.5 metres, they would get 6 points as it meant a high Spiritual Body.

6 points was a perfect score to a certain extent because if one's talent was like Bei Moi's, they would receive 10 points and enter the Clan straight away without even taking the remaining tests.

The first test was the most important.

’’Number 27, Xiao Sun!’’ The disciple calling out the names shouted out.

The youths immediately looked at Xiao Sun, the only one who had reached the 9th rank.


The light on the beam flashed so brightly that people from miles away could even see it.

3.25 metres!

The youths below watching were stunned.

’’3.25 metres, pass. 5 points.’’

Xiao Sun's marks was almost perfect because anyone over 6 points in the first test would be taken in without a doubt.

The examination continued with at least one-third of the youths being eliminated.

’’Number 33, Yun Mengxiang!’’

At this moment, the gazes of the youths were attracted by this noble girl, she was the princess of the Cloud Country, Yun Mengxiang.


The light rose 3 metres high on the beam. Her talent was a mid-tier Spiritual Body.

’’3 metres, pass. 4 points.’’

The talent of most of the youths were below 3 metres and being a princess who had extremely good looks and high talent, her future couldn't be imagined.

Zhao Feng couldn't help but nod his head, the youths he was interested in all had good talent.

’’Number 41, Liu Yue'er!’’

A smiling girl floated onstage. Zhao Feng looked at her with interest. She was pretty displeased with him before and from the confident look she had, she probably had good talent.


The shining light on the beam was so bright that everyone within a ten miles radius could see it.

Oh my god!

The youths below were all shocked. The light had reached 3.5 metres!


’’Good! High Tier Spiritual Body! 3.5 metres! This is the best result so far. Number 41 Liu Yue'er you don't need to take the other tests and you can enter the Clan straight away.’’

Even Deacon Qiu's eyes lit up.

High Tier Spiritual Body!

This was the best result from the testing up till now.

’’Lord Cangtie, I can't believe that your granddaughter has such high talent.’’ Lord Guanjun expression moved slightly.

’’Haha, same here. Your disciple 'Zhao Feng' won't be far off Yue'er anyways.’’ Lord Cangtie smiled.

Because Zhao Feng's age was around Liu Yue'er's age and their cultivation was around the same, Lord Cangtie automatically assumed that Zhao Feng's talent was similar to Liu Yue'ers.

Lord Guanjun gave a smile in response but kept silent.

After Liu Yue'er's test, no one else surpassed her. Only a few were able to reach the middle tier Spiritual Body because there was a large difference between a middle and a low tier Spiritual Body.

’’Number 49, Zhao Feng!’’ The disciple's voice sounded.

It was Zhao Feng's turn, and Lord Guanjun and Lord Cangtie focused on him.

Not far away, Liu Yue'er gave a provocative glance. No one had surpassed her up till now. Zhao Feng glanced at Liu Yue'er casually before walking confidently up the steps.

Liu Yue'er and Lord Cangtie were both shocked, from Zhao Feng's eyes, they saw disdain, as if he wasn't putting Liu Yue'er in his eyes.

’’Ahhh! Let's see what your talent is then!’’

Liu Yue'er puffed angrily, but facing Zhao Feng's casual and confident look, she had a bad feeling.

Could his talent be better than mine?

Even Lord Cangtie had a solemn expression. Stepping onto the stage, Zhao Feng put his hand onto the Spiritual Sky Beam.


The light on the beam surged up to 1 metres before trembling slightly then speeding up to 2.5 metres. When it reached 2.5 metres, the light almost stopped.

Zhao Feng felt his left eye twitch, but he didn't open it or else the light would easily reach 4 metres. In the past few days, he had been training to control how much talent he showed by testing it with the crystal ball.

’’2.5 metres, low tier Spiritual Body, pass! 3 points!’’

His score for the first stage was announced.

Zhao Feng's talent was extremely normal and he didn't catch the eye of anyone.

’’Just a low tier Spiritual Body? Haha... ’’

Liu Yue'er laughed mockingly at Zhao Feng. At the same time, Lord Cangtie and her both let out a breath. The grandfather and granddaughter had been scared due to Zhao Feng's confident look.

Zhao Feng walked off stage and looked playfully at Liu Yue'er.

’’This smelly brat trying to be cool!’’

Liu Yue'er was so angry that she started trembling and finally, she realised that she had been toyed with by Zhao Feng. Lord Cangtie didn't have anything to say either, he had thought that Zhao Feng had supreme talent because of Lord Guanjun's silence before.

Quan Chen who was also watching gave a smile of disdain: ’’Low tier Spiritual Body? People like him won't even be raised properly by the Clan. He's destined to be at the bottom of the Clan.’’

Even Quan Chen didn't even put Zhao Feng's talent into his eyes, so how would an elder?

The examination continued and Zhao Feng's performance didn't raise anyone's attention. Lord Guanjun also let out a breath, the first step of the plan had been successful.

Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan both went up to test and their talents were 3 metres and 2.75 metres respectively.

Zhao Feng didn't think that Yang Qingshan would have a middle tier Spiritual Body and Nan Gongfan would be in between low and middle tier.

’’Middle tier Spiritual Body? Not bad, but it's almost impossible to threaten Master. Hm... looks like we'll have to pay a bit of attention to this Yang Qingshan... ’’

Yang Qingshan's attention caught the attention of Quan Chen, but the latter still had a carefree attitude.

The first stage was coming to an end.

’’Number 72, Sun Yunhao!’’

The name caught Zhao Feng's attention. A youth who was 13-14 years old walked onto stage. He was even younger than Zhao Feng, but he was at the 8th rank of the Martial Path.

His potential even caught Deacon Qiu's eye.

Sun Yunhao anxiously put his hand onto the Spiritual Sky Beam.


The light stopped when it reached 1.25 metres or so.


The crowd watching were slightly surprised because Sun Yunhao had reached an extremely high cultivation level at his age.

Weng! Weng!

The light on the Spiritual Sky Beam suddenly went up and down and it was extremely unstable.

Suddenly, the light 1.25 metres high jumped to 2.5 metres then fell back down to 1 metre.


This scene made Zhao Feng remember the situation that Zhao Yufei had when she had tested her talent with the crystal ball because the situation back then was extremely unstable as well. But this time, they were testing with the Spiritual Sky Beam which was more developed.


The light surged to 3 metres and closed in on 3.5 metres.

Oh my god!

What was happening?

The crowd were all stunned.

’’This... could it be the extremely rare Changeable Body?’’ Deacon Qiu said.


Suddenly, the light exploded and reached 4 metres giving off a light so strong that everything in tens of miles was covered by it.

4 metres!

The eyes of the crowd almost popped out.

Quan Chen's jaw had almost fell out: ’’His talent's even close to Bei Moi's!’’

Another super genius!

’’... This is a true Changeable Body.’’

Zhao Feng calmed down from the shock and excitement while Lord Guanjun next to him had a questioning look on his face.


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