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King Of Gods - Chapter 106


Chapter 106 - Entering the mountain

Liu Yue'er saw Zhao Feng's casual attitude, it seemed as if no other was genius could enter his eye. Even when he looked at the cultivators of the ninth rank, it would still be expressionless.


Liu Yue'er's eyebrows twitched slightly and she didn't hide the disdain in her eyes. The geniuses present were all very young, any one of them were prodigies in their original clans/sects/families and they were all extremely confident in themselves.

Zhao Feng finally realised his attitude was slightly disdainful. He only focused on Bei Moi, the others couldn't even his eyes.

’’Lord Guanjun, what type of Spiritual Body is does your disciples have?’’ Lord Cangtie asked curiously.

Hearing this, a mocking smile appeared on Nan Gongfan's lips.

Lord Guanjun shook his head: ’’Average.’’

He didn't want to talk about Zhao Feng's talent, but his reaction made Lord Cangtie and Liu Yue'er more curious.

’’I don't believe that his talent is better than mine.’’

A confident look appeared on Liu Yue'er's face.


The youths started to chatter amongst themselves while they waited for day to arrive. Occasionally, a few youths would fight with another.

’’Xiao Sun! Don't think that you can look down upon us because you reached the 9th rank!’’

From not far away came the sounds of an argument. Everyone twisted their heads in the direction of the sound and they found a black clothed youth of the 9th rank was arguing with some other youths.

The black clothed youth was Xiao Sun, the only 9th rank youth present.

’’A bunch of weaklings!’’ Xiao Sun scanned coldly the other youths of the 7th and 8th ranks.

His 9th rank aura was released, making the other youths unable to breathe properly.

’’What are we scared of? Attack together!’’

Two youths of the 8th rank pounced on Xiao Sun from the left and right. The three immediately began to battle.

Every youth here had trained in high class martial arts and they were top tier in their perspective ranks. The two youths of the 8th rank could even counter a 9th rank, but Xiao Sun had trained a speed and offensive skill which were both Holy martial arts and he had defeated the two youths in just a few moves.

’’Xiao Sun's strength is pretty close to Bei Moi's.’’ Zhao Feng thought.

It had been 20 days after Bei Moi left and he had strength comparable to a half-Holy martial artists then. Now he had entered the Clan would he be even stronger?

’’This Xiao Sun comes from the biggest family in seclusion, the ’’Xiao’’ family. This family has been around for thousands of years and their strength is not any weaker than a Province City.’’ Lord Guanjun said in a low tone.

This was the first time that Zhao Feng had heard there was a power in the Cloud Country that was stronger than the Guanjun Province City. But even then, these families in seclusion would try their best to send their younger generation into the Clans.

Plop! Plop!

Xiao Sun soon beat up the two youths of the 8th rank.

’’Hahaha... I'll come first time in the entrance exam!’’ Xiao Sun laughed out loud.

First place?

His words caused the enmities of other geniuses such as Liu Yue'er and Princess Yun Xiang.

There was a limited number of places for those who wanted to enter the Clan. According to what Zhao Feng knew, there was a total of 3 tests and a score was given for each test.

A rank would be given in accordance to their scores summed up, only the top 20 would be accepted. For example, if the Broken Moon Clan wanted to take in 20 disciples, they would only take the top 20. The higher one's rank was the greatest advantage they had since they had a higher chance of being taken in by the high level of the Clan.

Lord Guanjun had talked to Zhao Feng and the others about this and now, Xiao Sun was aiming for first place which made the others slightly irritated. Obviously, none of them challenged him because Xiao Sun had the highest cultivation and the Clan tested on talent, strength and enlightenment.

Talent took up 60% of the test which meant that even if you were the strongest you might not come first.

’’Hmph! Talent is most important!’’

’’That's right! No matter how strong you are right now, you'll still be surpassed due to lack of talent.’’

The other youths said this but none of them challenged him.

The older generation didn't interfere with the youths since they thought it was just child's play.

’’Xiao Sun, Yun Mengxiang, Liu Yue'er and Sun Yuanhap... ’’

Zhao Feng's eyes rested on those who he thought were the most spectacular.

The person with the highest cultivation was Xiao Sun. After him came Yun Mengxiang and Liu Yue'er, who both had extreme beauty.

Last of all came Sun Yuanhao.

The reason why Zhao Feng felt interested in him was because he was only 13-14 years old, but he was already at the 8th rank.

Sun Yuanhao was extremely clean and short, but Zhao Feng felt an aura similar to Bei Moi's radiating from him. As if sensing his gaze, Sun Yuanhao smiled at him innocently.

Time passed on slowly.

A few hours later, a faint light appeared in the sky. Dawn had appeared. The rays of sunlight shone towards the mist of the Sky Moon Mountain, reflecting a glorious silver glow.

The shape of the mountain appeared, but the mist around the mountain made it hard to see what was inside.

Faintly, Zhao Feng seemed to see a mesmerising scene: There was creeks, rivers and even farm lands to grow crops. On top of the green hill, there were blocks and blocks of buildings.

When Zhao Feng fully circulated his left eye, he saw a deep green palace floating in the sky and azure lightning flooded around it...

’’What!? The entire palace is floating midair between lightning?’’ Zhao Feng was stunned.

Every item inside the Clan seemed to be different from the outside world. The palace was extremely stunning as it lay between lightning and wind giving a feeling of holiness.

Zhao Feng's heart couldn't calm down and he felt a thumping sound come from in his left eye as if it had sensed something. He wanted to ask others, but he couldn't since that palace was extremely far away and hid behind the mist which those of the Ascended Realm couldn't even see past.

Xiu~ Weng~

A bright flash of white light appeared from the cliff's other side. Zhao Feng saw a stone door weighing a few thousand kilograms lift slowly.

’’The gate's opening!’’

From the crowd came cheers.

Teng! Teng! Teng...

A few of the figures immediately rushed onto the ’’U’’ shaped path.

’’The entrance test is starting soon.’’ Lord Guanjun warned his three disciples and led the way.

After reaching the end of the path, they arrived in front of the stone gate. This stone gate was the entrance to the Broken Moon Clan.

There was four youths standing there and each of them had a terrifying aura which made those of the 9th rank even tremble.

Opening his left eye, Zhao Feng found that the strength of the 4 youths were on par with Lord Guanjun. Lord Guanjun was of the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm and the youths were around there too.

In the mortal world, they would be powerful figures, but here they were only guards.

Lord Guanjun and the others all took out a special token as they went past.

’’Greetings, Deacon Qiu!’’

Members of the Clan appeared as the group of people entered the mountain, there were tens of them with each of them radiating a strong aura.

These members all wore black striped shirts and they were all of the Ascended Realm. The person leading them was a middle aged man called by the others as ’’Deacon Qiu’’.

’’Greetings, Deacong Qiu!’’

Lord Guanjun and the others all came up and bowed down. The youths behind them immediately followed in suit.

Zhao Feng felt nothing from Deacon Qiu, but when he opened his left eye, he felt a terrifying power course through the Deacon which made his blood boil.

’’This Deacon Qiu's strength is much stronger than Masters. He can kill those of the Holy martial path with just 1 finger.’’

Zhao Feng immediately analysed and he closed the abilities of his left eye because he was scared of being found by the opponent.

’’Everyone follow me.’’

Deacon Qiu's eyes scanned across the people present as if he was looking at ants.

Soon, the group arrived in front of a large stone stage. On the stage, there was a crystal beam ten metres high and half a metre wide and shone under the sunlight.

’’The first test Spiritual Sky Beam, everyone come and get your numbers.’’

Deacon Qiu ordered those of the older generation to take the youths and register the collect their numbers.

’’Zhao Feng, number 49.’’

’’Yang Qingshan, number 50.’’


After taking their respective number plate, Zhao Feng saw some disciples had come to watch. One of them was a handsome youth wearing a black striped shirt who smiled as he spoke to Lord Guanjun: ’’Uncle Xu Ran, we meet again.’’

Yang Qingshan and the others looked at him with wary and enmity.

This handsome youth was Quan Chen, the person who had taken Bei Moi away that day.


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