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King Of Gods - Chapter 104


Chapter 104 - True Talent

Zhao Feng's request made Lord Guanjun shake his head: ’’Everyone's talent is determined when they are born, it's almost impossible to change it later on... ’’

But under his disciple's expectant gaze, Lord Guanjun still took a crystal ball out of the room.

Zhao Feng had a Half-Spiritual Body last time which slightly disappointed Lord Guanjun, so he didn't much that much hope this time.

The talent of normal people were usually Mortal Bodies, which was split into 4 tiers: Low, Middle, High and Peak.

A Half-Spiritual Body meant that it had already surpassed a large amount of people, but it was nothing when compared to a true genius.

Zhao Feng took the crystal ball, took a deep breath and focused his mental energy into it.


A circle of white air appeared from within the crystal.

One circle... one and a half circles... Two circles... Two and a half circles...

When it reached two circles, the progressing speed started to slow down. When it had reached two and a half circles, it virtually stopped, but Zhao Feng was overfilled with joy.

Last time, he had put in all his effort and it had stopped at around one and a half circles, under the same situation, there was now one more circle.

Peh! Peh!

Just as the white glow stopped, it suddenly stretched out again because the talent testing was for the entire body and the first two and a half circles didn't include the mysterious left eye. Now that the left eye's ’’talent’’ had been included, the result had changed.

Two and a half circles... three circles... three and a half... Four circles!

The white circles immediately reached the limits of a Mortal Body and it didn't show any signs of stopping. At this moment, even Lord Guanjun was entirely focused.

Four circles... Four and a half... five... five and a half circles!

The result was one entire circle more than the previous result. Last time, Zhao Feng had barely managed to reach the fifth circle and at that time, the circle wasn't completely white, therefore he was only counted as a half-spiritual body.

If it fully formed on the fifth circle, it meant that he had a spiritual body. Now, Zhao Feng's result was between a low and middle tier Spiritual Body.

This result was comparable with Feng Hanyue and Nan Gongfan.

’’Incredible! Your result this time is far better than the previous one. This situation is even rare in the Clan, it looks like your potential is one of the rumoured Changeable Bodies!’’ Lord Guanjun was stunned and overjoyed at the same time.

Hope finally appeared again in his eyes.

’’Master, what is a Changeable Body?’’ Zhao Feng asked.

’’A Changeable Body is a special type of body and when tested, the result wouldn't be accurate. This is even quite rare in the Clan and there has been examples of youths with Low Tier Bodies, but their final achievements even surpassed High Tier Spiritual Bodies.’’ Lord Guanjun explained.

No wonder. Zhao Feng somewhat knew what a Changeable Body meant, but his talent came from his left eye, which was evolving and perfecting his body at every moment.

’’Without the merging of the left eye, my talent wouldn't exceed a Middle Tier Mortal Body, it might even be a Low Tier Mortal Body.’’

Zhao Feng knew his limits.

Before the merging of the eye, his talent was extremely normal. Don't even talk about comparing with Nan Gongfan and Bei Moi, it couldn't even be compared to Zhao Linlong.

Confirming Zhao Feng's true talent, Lord Guanjun was expectant and happy. A Changeable Body meant that one's talent wouldn't be accurate when measured, so Zhao Feng's talent might be even higher than what was tested.

But no matter what was said, Zhao Feng's talent was higher than before, so his future outcome would only be greater.

’’Test again a few times.’’ Lord Guanjun said full of hope.


Zhao Feng nodded his head as he concentrated and put his mental energy into the crystal ball once more.

But the result was still the same: five and a half circles.

’’Five and half circles, there's still quite a big difference between you and Bei Moi. When he tested his talent, it was near eight and a half circles. You have to know that eight circles means a Maximum Tier Spiritual Bodies.’’ Lord Guanjun sighed.

The first four circles meant the four tiers of a Mortal Body. The fifth to eighth circles stood for the four tiers of the Spiritual Body and Bei Moi's talent reached eight and a half.

’’Could there be any talents better than Spiritual Bodies?’’ Zhao Feng had a feeling that there was.

’’That's right! Bei Moi was only half a step away from the legendary Earth and Sky Spiritual Bodies.’’ Lord Guanjun took in a deep breath.

Earth Spiritual Body and Sky Spiritual Body.

Zhao Feng's thoughts shook, it looked like his feeling was correct.

’’The only problem is that the Earth and Sky Spiritual Bodies haven't been seen in a long time. At least in the past 100 years, it hasn't appeared in the Cloud Country. Bei Moi is only a step away from an Earth Spiritual Body, so you must know his potential is very, very high.’’

Lord Guanjun sighed as his expression turned sad again, but as his sight landed on Zhao Feng, a faint glimmer of hope appeared again. After all, the latter had a Changeable Body in which the rarity could be compared to an Earth Spiritual Body.

’’There's still 20 days till the entrance examination. In this period, you can ask me anything that you want.’’ Lord Guanjun told Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng knew that Lord Guanjun had put all his hopes on him now and he would satisfy his needs to the fullest.

His first reaction was the ask for more Holy martial arts, but Lord Guanjun told him that it was best to only train in one or two Holy martial arts before the Ascended Realm.

Zhao Feng was currently training his SIlver Wall Technique and trying to gain enlightenment from the Four Wind Stances, which were definitely Holy martial arts.

If he were to choose another Holy martial art, this would consume a lot of his time and focus.

’’If you're able to train Silver Wall Technique to the tenth level and enter the Ascended Realm with just your body, you'll have much more choice of Holy martial arts in the Clan compared to the limited stock in the Guanjun Palace.’’ Lord Guanjun said smiling.

The Holy martial arts of the Guanjun Palace was incomparable with the ones from the Clans.

Choosing too early would limit Zhao Feng's future and the latter agreed with what he said. He chose Silver Wall Technique was because he wanted a strong and solid foundation and in reality, he was correct.

’’Master, what are the cultivation realms?’’ Zhao Feng asked.

’’In the Clan, the realms are: Nine ranks of the Consolidated Realm, Seven Skies of the Ascended Realm, and the Three Heavens of the True Spirit Realm.’’

Lord Guanjun told him the cultivation ranks.

Consolidated Realm, Ascended Realm, True Spirit Realm.

Consolidated Realm was also known as the Martial Path and the aim of this realm was to provide a strong foundation for later on.

Ascended Realm: Split into the seven skies and known as the Holy martial path in the eyes of mortals.

True Spirit Realm: Split into the three heavens and Hai Yun Master is a cultivator of this rank.


Before they left, Lord Guanjun handed the crystal ball to Zhao Feng.

’’When you have some spare time, go and test your talent out more because the talent of a Changeable Body isn't always the same.’’ Lord Guanjun said expectantly.

It was obvious that he hoped Zhao Feng's talent would be even higher.

Zhao Feng took the crystal ball and returned to his courtyard.

Closing the door, Zhao Feng took a deep breath and once again, he poured his mental energy into the crystal.

One circle... Two circles... three circles... four circles...

Peh! Peh!

Under the thumping of his left eye, the circles extended to five and a half.

Just at this moment, a faint azure light appeared on Zhao Feng's left eyeball. As he was testing, he fully pressured his left eye!


The crystal ball became brighter and brighter as more and more circles appeared.

Five and a half... six... Six and a half... Seven circles...

The circles only started to slow down when it had reached seven and a half, but the final result had still reached eight and a bit.

The eighth and a half circle appeared faintly. At this time, Zhao Feng's left eye had reached it's maximum power.

’’The talent of this left eye is insane!’’

Zhao Feng was shocked. His talent was the same as Bei Moi's when he tried his best.

Zhao Feng had a feeling that his left eye had limitless potential and powers might appear with the rise of his cultivation.


There was still 20 days left till the entrance test and Zhao Feng focused mainly on his Silver Wall Technique to create an even better foundation.

Three days later, Zhao Feng decided to use the Golden Body Strengthening Powder.

This powder was extremely chaotic and dominant and it was given the title of a king tier body strengthening powder. According to its requirements, Zhao Feng poured the powder into a tub of boiling hot water.

As he soaked in this liquid, Zhao Feng felt his bones crack and break, the feeling was even worse than death!

No wonder it said that half of the cultivators of the eighth rank who used this would be crippled, but luckily Zhao Feng trained in the Silver Wall Technique and he was able to control this energy.

Peh! Peh!

Under the throbbing of his left eye, Zhao Feng was able to absorb all of the liquid, but at the same time, the pain worsened.

For a full three days and three nights, Zhao Feng was absorbing the energy from the Golden Body Strengthening Powder and for the days after that, he had to take in the remaining energy and honed his body.

After using the Golden Body Strengthening Powder, his Silver Wall Technique increased by leaps and bounds.

’’If I can have another bag of this, I'll be able to reach the peak eighth level of the Silver Wall Technique.’’ Zhao Feng thought.

He decided to find Lord Guanjun to help him out with this matter and at this time, there was only ten days left till the Clan's entrance examination.


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