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King Of Gods - Chapter 103


Chapter 103 - Recommendation Confirmed

Zhao Feng's one finger stunned all those who were watching. The youths had a feeling that it was unstoppable, Yang Qingshan even felt that ’’Bei Moi’’ had appeared again.

A bright light even flashed in Lord Guanjun's eyes before it returned back to it's dark dim state.


Zhao Feng's lightning fast finger pierced past Nan Gongfan's Godly Suction Force and forced the latter to retreat.

In just one move, it was clear who had the advantage.

Suction Force Wind!

Nan Gongfan immediately used his Holy martial art again to not fight Zhao Feng head on because he found that Zhao Feng's attack was just way too powerful.

Star Finger was at the sixth level, just one level from the top. This meant that Zhao Feng had trained this half-Holy martial art to almost the peak level.

The most terrifying thing was that Zhao Feng had merged the Tornado Stance into it and he made Star Finger even stronger which allowed he to win perfectly in one move!

’’I only merged 50-60% of the Tornado Stance into Star Finger and it already has such power.’’ Zhao Feng was slightly surprised.

After their first exchange, Nan Gongfan immediately used his Suction Force Wind to increase his speed.

’’When did this guy become so strong? He's even more terrifying than Yang Qingshan.’’

Nan Gongfan tried to test Zhao Feng out. If that move before was Zhao Feng's killer move, then he would be able to win, but if that one finger was a normal attack...

Flowing Wind Stance! Smoking Transparent Step!

Zhao Feng's speed skill suddenly changed and his figure disappeared. Without sound, he flowed with the wind and he was able to use Smoking Transparent Step to a frightening degree.

Zhao Feng was even able to use the wind of Nan Gongfan's Godly Suction Force skill to help his speed skill.

Nan Gongfan was immediately scared as he couldn't see where Zhao Feng was.

Tornado Stance! Star Finger!

The screeching sound appeared once again and it's power was a bit higher than the previous one. Coldness appeared in Nan Gongfan's heart as he urgently used his Holy Martial art to block Zhao Feng's move.

As the two moves collided, a wave of air was sent outwards.


Nan Gongfan felt pain in his arm and he saw that there was a hole in his sleeve and blood was dripping out of it.

In just two - three move, Nan Gongfan had already been injured and for the next few moves, Zhao Feng still surpassed him in terms of speed and power.

Nan Gongfan was so pressured that he couldn't breathe properly and even though he tried his best, he still wasn't able to injure Zhao Feng.

’’Suction Force Wind Spike!’’

Nan Gongfan released his strongest attack while in a desperate situation. Instantly, the white smoke formed spikes which streaked at Zhao Feng, the power of it could even threaten cultivators at the ninth rank.

Silver Air Barrier!

Zhao Feng didn't move at all as a half-transparent silver glow appeared around him and with a ’’clang’’, it blocked Nan Gongfan's most powerful attack,

The Silver Air Barrier wasn't even broken at all. This meant that Nan Gongfan's strongest attack couldn't even break through Zhao Feng's defense.

’’What terrifying defense! We wouldn't be able to break it in a short amount of time even if we all attacked at once.’’ Yang Qingshan looked at Zhao Feng in disbelief.

’’You're able to train Silver Wall Technique to such a level!’’

Ye Linyun was extremely excited. He had to admit that he had high expectations towards Zhao Feng and the latter surpassed what he expected every time.

’’Not bad.’’

The expressionless Lord Guanjun finally opened his mouth and spoke.

At Lord Guanjun's height, he could see that Zhao Feng merged Holy martial arts into his attacks, but these Holy martial arts were much harder to understand than other Holy martial arts and right now, a genius right before his eyes could merge them into his own moves.

It was obvious that Zhao Feng won, the entire sparring didn't even last ten moves.

Nan Gongfan looked like he had judt lost his soul, the shock was just too big for him. He couldn't and wouldn't believe that he would lose to someone with lower cultivation, age and talent.

But this was reality, even if he didn't want to believe it he had to believe it.

’’It's all right, even Bei Moi lost to him in some aspects.’’ Yang Qingshan comforted in a low tone.

Hearing him say this, Nan Gongfan felt slightly better.

That's right, even a super prodigy such as Bei Moi had lost to Zhao Feng in some aspects.

In terms of memory, Bei Moi had lost. During the sparring before, Zhao Feng had broken Bei Moi's record of ’’perfect defense’’. Bei Moi's battle points were much lower than Zhao Feng's during the beast horde. Finally, Bei Moi even challenged Zhao Feng to settle it out in the Clan and the latter had accepted without hesitation.

’’That's right! This guy's just a monster but luckily, his talent isn't that high.’’

Thinking up to here Nan Gongfan's heart felt better again. Yang Qingshan's words also made the others go into deep thought.

In terms of talent, Zhao Feng was far away from Bei Moi, he wasn't even higher than Nan Gongfan, But under this situation, Zhao Feng could still beat Bei Moi in some aspects. Thinking up to here, Ye Linyun and Lord Guanjun exchanged glances.

A faint flicker of hope appeared in Lord Guanjun's eyes, but it was soon extinguished.

It was obvious that he didn't think that Zhao Feng could replace Bei Moi. Having a Clan background made Lord Guanjun realise how important talent was to cultivators.

After beating Nan Gongfan, Zhao Feng now had a spot, the others even thought that he was even stronger than Yang Qingshan.

Zhao Feng's left eye caught the change in Lord Guanjun's expression, but even though his performance was great, it didn't seem like he could replace the super prodigy Bei Moi.

After Nan Gongfan lost, he still had a chance to challenge someone.

’’I choose Feng Hanyue.’’

Nan Gongfan was calmer than expected. He knew that he couldn't beat Zhao Feng and he would lose more than if he won when fighting Yang Qingshan, therefore he could only challenge Feng Hanyue.

He surpassed Feng Hanyue in cultivation, talent and had better martial arts.

Soon, the battle appeared on the field.

Nan Gongfan and Feng Hanyue fought up to fifty moves before Feng Hanyue lost, even though he had tried his best.

The difference between the two was just too great.

’’Ok, the three recommendations are now confirmed. Feng Hanyue, don't be disappointed, I still hope that you will become my successor.’’ Lord Guanjun's voice was calm.

No matter what had happened before, he had received a small surprise.

After confirming their spots, Zhao Feng, Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan would enter the examination in twenty days.

The disciples left one after another.

’’Zhao Feng stay behind.’’ Lord Guanjun kept him behind alone.

Spiritual Martial Hall, inside a room.

There was only Zhao Feng and Lord Guanjun.

’’Your Master's name is Xu Ran and I had entered the Broken Moon Clan long ago, but I was unable to reach the Ascended Realm before the age of 30. After that, I became in charge of the duties of the mortal world in Guanjun Province City... ’’ Lord Guanjun described his past.

Zhao Feng realised that even though Lord Guanjun had reached the Ascended Realm, which was the Holy Martial Path now, he still wasn't able to become a core member of the Clan.

Lord Guanjun had entered the Clan at a young age and he had created a feud with a talented youth, the youth had humiliated him and even took away the woman he loved.

Lord Guanjun always kept this in his heart and he trained harder than ever, but he was still unable to catch up to that youth. On the contrary, the gap between them became bigger and bigger.

Lord Guanjun was unwilling to give up and so he used his forces to find geniuses across the country.

’’Because I can't complete this wish of mine, I had to rely on younger generation geniuses because the older generation will pass away and the future will be filled with those of the younger generation. If my disciple would be able to defeat that person, it would be satisfactory.’’ Lord Guanjun finally told the entire story.

Zhao Feng knew that the youth Lord Guanjun talked about was Hai Yun Master.

’’Why did Master just keep me behind and tell me this?’’ Zhao Feng asked.

’’Because I've seen too many surprises from you and you can beat Bei Moi in some aspects. Maybe you will have a 10% chance to settle it out with Bei Moi one day.’’ Lord Guanjun said smiling.

10% chance?

Zhao Feng didn't think so. Even though Bei Moi's talent was extremely high and he felt extremely pressured, he didn't think that he only had a 10% chance.

’’If I didn't see incorrectly your Silver Wall Technique has reached the 8th level. In terms of body strengthening, your stronger than Bei Moi. If you're able to get the 9 Twist Golden Wall Technique after entering the Broken Moon Clan, you'll have a much higher chance... ’’

Expectation flashed in Lord Guanjun's eyes.

9 Twist Golden Wall Technique?

Zhao Feng couldn't help, but click his tongue, it seemed like this 9 Twist Golden Wall Technique was the final evolution of the Silver Wall Technique.

The Silver Wall Technique was already a Holy martial art, how strong could the 9 Twist Golden Wall Technique be?

’’Obviously, it's very hard to get the 9 Twist Golden Wall Technique. It is an extremely famous skill of the Broken Moon Clan, some inner disciple aren't even allowed to train it.’’ Lord Guanjun shook his head.

Hearing him say this, Zhao Feng knew that it was going to be really hard to get that skill, but he still made the decision to get that skill no matter what, even if it meant stealing it.

’’Master, can I test out my potential again with the crystal ball?’’ Zhao Feng suddenly asked.

Last time, Zhao Feng's score was 5 and a half circles, which meant that he was a half Spiritual body.


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