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King Of Gods - Chapter 102


Chapter 102 - Decision and Departure

The disciples fell silent on the broken Martial Arts Field.

Zhao Feng saw the last ray of hope disappear in Lord Guanjun's eyes. This legendary figure seemed to have aged 30 years in an instant.

Zhao Feng knew that Bei Moi's was Lord Guanjun's only hope and that he didn't have much expectation for the other disciples.

At this moment, the disciples fell into deep thought.

The next decision they made would affect their destiny.

Any genius would love to enter the Clan, but the problem was they might face problems if they do enter.

It wasn't hard to imagine that this path would be much harder and challenging, but Zhao Feng felt a burning flame ignite inside him. A faint azure light appeared in his left eye, which seemed to jump around like fire.

’’I'm willing to give this path a try no matter how hard it is! I'll make that bastard Bei Moi regret it!’’ Yang Qingshan clenched his mouth and said righteously.

His decision moved Zhao Feng, it looked like the others didn't give up.

In the midst of these disciples, Yang Qingshan was the one most honest and loyal.

’’I also won't give up! There's only one entrance examination every 5 years.’’ Nan Gongfan soon answered as well after some thought.

In front of them was a new gate, most cultivators wouldn't even have the chance to enter it.

Usually the entrance test for the Clan's was every 5 years, sometimes even 10.

Once they missed this chance, they might regret it for their entire lives.

’’I won't miss this chance as well.’’ Feng Hanyue nodded his head in agreement.

Finally, it was Zhao Feng's turn: ’’I've agreed to Bei Moi's promise, so I won't break it.’’

Nan Gongfan and the others soon remembered that the two would settle it out in the Clan, but they just smiled and they didn't put it to heart.

Lord Guanjun sighed as he looked at his disciples. He understood how they felt, but Lord Guanjun didn't think that their future prospects would be good.

’’Next, the few of you will fight for the 3 recommendations.’’ Lord Guanjun said expressionlessly.

When Bei Moi was here, there was 3 spots for the 6 of them. Now there was 5.

Hm? Wait!

Zhao Feng's expression changed dramatically as he scanned his surroundings.

Apart from Lord Guanjun, there was only Yang Qingshan, Nan Gongfan, Feng Hanyue and himself.

There was someone missing!

’’Sister Yufei has disappeared!’’ Zhao Feng's exclaimed in shock.

The others present finally realised that she had disappeared.

Because of the fight between the Holy martial artists before no one seemed to realise that someone had disappeared.

’’Send everyone to find her! Look inside the destroyed rooms!’’ Lord Guanjun immediately ordered.

Ye Linyun and Third Guard instantly started to search around. The battle between Lord Guanjun and Quan Chen had destroyed many buildings and Zhao Yufei may have been hit by the energy remnants.

Everyone combined their efforts and cleared the nearby area.

’’Nope! No sign of anyone at all!’’

’’There's no lead within the battle area!’’

After searching for a while, no one saw Zhao Yufei figure.

Lord Guanjun said deeply: ’’When I fought Quan Chen, we did our best to not to kill innocent bystanders, so she shouldn't have been injured.’’

Even if Zhao Yufei died, there should be a corpse at least, but right now there was no figure of Zhao Yufei.

’’Did she evaporate? Impossible!’’ Zhao Feng was extremely anxious.

’’Increase the searching range!’’ Lord Guanjun ordered.

Soon, Ye Linyun led a few hundred elite troops to search.

The result was that not a single figure was seen. To find Zhao Yufei, the Guanjun Palace sent out thousands of men.

’’A live person can't disappear like this!’’ Zhao Feng took in a deep breath.


With a jump he landed on an extremely tall tree and then jumped onto the highest building in the Guanjun Palace.

’’Brother Zhao, what are you doing?’’

The others below were slightly puzzled, but Ye Linyun and Feng Hanyue knew a bit of the situation.

’’Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei both come from the same family and they have a good relationship.’’

Ye Linyun said to Lord Guanjun.

At this moment, Zhao Feng's eyes became sharp as he surveyed the entire Guanjun Palace. His enhanced vision soon scanned the entire Guanjun Palace.

Ten breaths later.

Zhao Feng's sight extended from in the Guanjun Palace to the outside.

At a certain point in time. his sight locked in on a street ten miles away.

A familiar figure came into view.

In the corner of the street, a beautiful young girl and a one armed old man stood together.

’’Grandfather, why did you take me away?’’ Zhao Yufei looked unwillingly back at the Guanjun Palace.

The one armed old man sighed: ’’Firstly, Lord Guanjun didn't find out your true potential. Secondly, Grandfather didn't know that he had enmities with someone of the True Spirit Realm, therefore the Broken Moon Clan doesn't suit you.’’

’’But Brother Zhao Feng... ’’ Zhao Yufei seemed to worry for someone.

’’Relax, with his potential, the cultivator of the True Spirit Realm won't even put him in his eyes. Sometimes, having a low potential isn't a bad thing.’’ The one armed old man said mockingly.

Zhao Yufei knew what her grandfather meant but she felt that Zhao Feng's potential wasn't as simple as a half-spiritual body.

After exchanging a few words, the two then headed outside of the Guanjun Province City.

They didn't know that they had been seen by Zhao Feng and although the latter could see them, he couldn't hear what they were saying but knowing Zhao Yufei was fine, he let out a breath.

’’Everyone has their own path.’’ Zhao Feng was about to follow them but decided not to at the last moment.

After all, Zhao Yufei wasn't forced to go. The person that took her away was her grandfather and Zhao Feng already felt that he wasn't as simple as he seemed back at the Zhao family as the one armed old man was able to take Zhao Yufei away in the chaos without being discovered.

After confirming that Zhao Yufei was safe, Zhao Feng returned back to the Spiritual Martial Hall.

On that day, the forces of the Guanjun Palace soon expanded across the entire Guanjun Province City and they finally did find traces of her. It was said that an one armed old man was travelling with her.

’’The old man was already very mysterious back at the Zhao family.’’ Zhao Feng explained which stopped the forces to keep on searching for her.

Lord Guanjun didn't think too much, his core disciple had been taken away, so what use was an outer disciple to him?

But even then, he still had to perform his duty as her teacher.

’’Now the four of you will fight for the three spots.’’ Lord Guanjun's eyes scanned the four people present.

Yang Qingshan had the highest talent among them but was still far off compared to Bei Moi. After him was Nan Gongfan, then Feng Hanyue and finally Zhao Feng.

The decision was: Yang Qingshan, Nan Gongfan and Feng Hanyue.

Lord Guanjun made these choices as talent decided how far someone could go, but Zhao Feng still had a chance to challenge someone.

When Bei Moi was still here, Lord Guanjun was going the give the remaining disciples chances to challenge someone, but he was disrupted by that unwanted guest.

’’I choose to challenge Nan Gongfan.’’ Zhao Feng said without hesitation.

Amongst the other three, he dislike Nan Gongfan the most.

’’You choose to challenge me?’’ Nan Gongfan was slightly surprised.

Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan had both reached the late stages of the eighth rank. They originally thought that he would challenge Feng Hanyue because he had a higher chance of winning.

Feng Hanyue let out a breath, for him personally, he was more wary of Zhao Feng than Nan Gongfan.

’’Start.’’ Ye Linyun announced.

Lord Guanjun and Ye Linyun were both present and the latter was very expectant of Zhao Feng's performance, while Lord Guanjun was extremely bored. But everyone understood that Lord Guanjun had lost his most proud disciple.

’’Brother Zhao, today we can finally fight with our full strength.’’ Nan Gongfan had a smile on his lips as he thought about how he should punish Zhao Feng.

Last time when they sparred, he lost face when he suppressed his cultivation to Zhao Feng's level and lost.

Now, they could fight without restrictions.

Godly Suction Force!

Nan Gongfan waved his sleeve and a weird white smoke appeared that swept towards his surroundings.


Instantly, the dust on the ground was attracted towards Nan Gonfan. Even cultivators of the ninth rank had to be wary of this move because it was a Holy Martial Art!

However, the youth facing Nan Gongfan didn't move at all, its was as if his legs were stuck to the ground.

No movement at all!

The Holy Martial Art Godly Suction Force couldn't move Zhao Feng and this was under the situation that Nan Gongfan's cultivation was higher than Zhao Feng's!

Ye Linyun, Yang Qingshan and Feng Hanyue were all stunned. Only Lord Guanjun was calm and even though surprise flashed in his eyes, he said nothing.

Tornado Stance! Star Finger!

Zhao Feng used his Star Finger of the 6th level that was merged with the Tornado Stance.


Instantly a piercing whistling sound appeared as a streak of azure light flashed through the air like a meteor.

The hearts of everyone present jumped as they saw the finger.

What a strong move!

Ye Linyun had the feeling that this move would even threaten cultivators of the ninth rank, while Yang Qingshan and Feng Hanyue felt that the move was unstoppable.


Nan Gongfan's heart clenched as he watched his Godly Suction Force be pierced by the one finger!


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