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King Of Gods - Chapter 101


Chapter 101 - Betrayal!

The scene caused the others to stare in shock. Who would have thought that the legendary Lord Guanjun would be beaten so easily by a youth?

’’Master!’’ Ye Linyun and the others exclaimed as they ran to Lord Guanjun's side.

The group of people stared angrily at Quan Chen, but it still couldn't hide the fear in their hearts.

’’None of you attack!’’ Lord Guanjun steadied himself and told his disciples.

He was only barely able to stand by himself. Looking at his figure, Zhao Feng found something in his heart move. If there wasn't Lord Guanjun, all of them would only have the destiny of being killed mercilessly.

’’Uncle Xu, I'm not a killing maniac.’’ Quan Chen smiled as his eyes landed upon Bei Moi.


His figure disappeared as he instantly appeared in front of Bei Moi.

’’What do you... ?’’

Bei Moi's expression changed as he realised that his Inner Strength had been sealed. Quan Chen stood in front of him, but he didn't make any further moves.

’’Brother Bei Moi, you're Uncle Xu Ran's core disciple, so you should know that the nine ranks of the Martial Path are just a foundation. Only at the Holy Martial Path does it truly begin... ’’ Quan Chen's voice was calm and soothing.

The others present such as Zhao Feng didn't have a clue about what he meant.

’’I know.’’

Bei Moi tried to break through the seal in body without any sounds: ’’The nine ranks of the Martial Path are known as the Consolidated Realm with the meaning of strengthening the foundation. After the Consolidated Realm is the Ascended Realm and then the True Spirit Realm. The Ascended Realm is known as the Holy Martial Path in the mortal world, when one exceeds the limits of mortals... ’’

Consolidated Realm, Ascended Realm, True Spirit Realm...

His analysis made Zhao Feng and the others go into deep thought. It was hard to imagine that the nine ranks of the Martial Path was only a realm of foundation.

’’The world is bigger than you think. Your Master is only at the Second Sky of the Ascended Realm and he is just an ant in the Clan.’’ Quan Chen said mockingly.

An ant?

The disciples all turned angry.

’’Don't humiliate my Master!’’ Ye Linyun and Yang Qingshan both screamed.

Quan Chen had the same casual smile on and he didn't bother explaining. Even though he was alone, he still held the advantage against almost ten cultivators of the ninth rank and a Holy Martial artist.

Lord Guanjun's side didn't dare to make any rash moves.

’’This is strength! If one has enough strength, they won't even need to fear an entire Province City.’’ Zhao Feng was shocked and helpless at the same time.

The youth right in front of him had the power to crush the entire Guanjun Palace City under his foot.

’’Look, your Master didn't even disagree with me. He's just an underling of the Clan, a talented genius such as you would be limited by having someone such as him as your Master.’’ Quan Chen said slowly.

Bei Moi's face was flushed red as he tried to break the seals inside his body but failed time and time again.

’’What do you want?’’ Bei Moi finally gave up.

He had to admit that this youth in front of him had power surpassing his Master's and the latter's Master had exceeded the Ascended Realm, reaching the True Spirit Realm.

’’My Master is someone who has reached the True Spirit Realm and an elder of the Broken Moon Clan. He holds the power to look down on the heavens, that is a true powerful person!’’ Quan Chen's voice had excitement and admiration in it.

True Spirit Realm.

This was a realm that even Lord Guanjun would bow down to.

Quan Chen's words made Lord Guanjun speechless. Maybe what Quan Chen spoke was the truth.

At this moment, both sides were quiet.

Lord Guanjun's eyes twinkled sadly as he sighed: ’’Bei Moi, you can make the decision.’’

’’Hahaha... Uncle Xu! You're so cooperative, do you think that you're worthy to be Bei Moi's Master as well?’’ Quan Chen's laughter was arrogant.

Soon he turned once again to Bei Moi: ’’My teacher is known as Hai Yun Master and he is giving you the chance to let him be your Master, are you willing?’’

Master? This...

Hesitation showed on Bei Moi's face.

’’If you agree and become a disciple of an elder, you can become an inner disciple straight away. This way, you will have a higher starting point and you will have the chance to meet true geniuses across the continent... ’’ Quan Chen's voice was full of persuasion.

The hearts of Zhao Feng and the others not far away started to sway as well.

What would be the true stage of the world be like?

Back at Sun Feather City, Zhao Feng was already expectant of the outside world.

’’If you become a disciple of an elder, you will have a greater future.’’ Quan Chen's voice softened.

He didn't attack Bei Moi, instead, he talked about the outside world. At this moment, Bei Moi's decision was to either become a lowly outer disciple or to become the disciple of an elder.

’’Hehehe, you should also know one more thing. Xu Ran isn't on friendly terms with my teacher, Hai Yun Master. If you enter the Clan as his disciple, I can promise that you won't have a good future.’’ Quan Chen's smile was full of coldness that made the youths hiccup.

It wasn't hard to imagine that Lord Guanjun and Quan Chen's teacher had a bad relationship.

If one was a disciple of Lord Guanjun and entered the Clan, they would be suppressed and their future blocked. No matter how high Bei Moi's talent was, he was an still an ant in the eyes of an elder. If the elder wanted to suppress him and stop him from growing, it would be simple.

Hearing this, cold sweat appeared on Bei Moi's forehead.

’’What's your decision?’’ Quan Chen gently swiped his hands and opened the seal suppressing Bei Moi's Inner Strength.

Hesitation and struggle appeared on Bei Moi's face as he looked at Lord Guanjun and Quan Chen. The other disciples were about to shout at him, but Lord Guanjun stopped them.

Finally, Bei Moi said expressionlessly: ’’I am willing to follow Hai Yun Master.’’

After making this decision, he expressionlessly took the sweating and cursing from the others.

’’Good good! A thousand years later you will not regret this decision!’’ A satisfied look appeared on Quan Chen's face, then he immediately appeared in front of Lord Guanjun.

’’Uncle Xu Ran, I'm here to take this disciple who is willing to come with me away. There shouldn't be any problems right?’’ Quan Chen had a smug expression on as he looked at Lord Guanjun.

In his eyes was playfulness as he admired Lord Guanjun's helpless expression.

’’Go.’’ Lord Guanjun was pale faced as he waved his hands, it seemed like he had aged 20 years in an instant.

At this moment, Zhao Feng and the others had unwillingness in their eyes, they all knew how much care and expectation Lord Guanjun had put on Bei Moi.

At this moment, a super genius had been taken away right in front of his eyes by the enemy, how could he not be sad?

Zhao Feng seemed to hear the blood dripping in Lord Guanjun's heart.

’’Xu Ran! Teacher told me to tell you something: You shall be stepped on by him for your entire life. Your woman and disciple will be taken by him as well!’’ Quan Chen said coldly before he left.


Lord Guanjun almost fainted from anger.

’’You shall be stepped on by him for your entire life. Your woman and disciple will be taken by him too!’’

The sentences echoed throughout the hall twice.

The hearts of Zhao Feng and the others turned cold, it was hard to imagine what Lord Guanjun had gone through back at the Clan. Lord Guanjun would be defeated time and time again by ’’that person’’ and even lost the woman he loved to him.

He had spent so much time and effort to raise a genius who could beat ’’that person’’, but this disciple of his had been taken by the opposition as well.

’’This is an unfair fight, that Hai Yun Master's just playing around with Master.’’ Unfairness and anger surged in Zhao Feng's heart.

He was just an outer disciple of Lord Guanjun, so there wasn't much feelings between them, but at this moment, he had the urge to deal justice to the the opponent.

Sending away Bei Moi and Quan Chen with their eyes, the morale of the remaining people were low.

Ye Linyun, Yang Qinshan, Nan Gongfan were all angry as swore and cursed Bei Moi for betraying Master.

’’Don't blame Bei Moi.’’ Lord Guanjun said bitterly.

’’Master, why are you still defending that bastard?’’ Nan Gongfan said angrily.

Lord Guanjun took in a deep breath as said: ’’Bei Moi is very smart. With his potential, he cultivation might've been crippled if he didn't agree. Because a genius like him would be taken in by the upper class of the Clan, which is something that Hai Yun Master doesn't want to see.’’

Hearing Lord Guanjun's analysis, Zhao Feng and the others understood immediately.

Bei Moi didn't have a choice at all. Lord Guanjun seemed much older as he looked at the remaining disciples: ’’Bei Moi's gone, but there will still be three recommendations.’’

Now that Bei Moi had left, the competition was lower which was a good thing for the other disciples.

’’The potential of your's is far lower than Bei Moi's. Once you enter the Clan, Hai Yun Master won't trouble you much personally as long as you don't perform too well, but the other disciples in the Clan will... ’’ Lord Guanjun's voice was helpless.

He didn't have much hope for the remaining disciples, he was just doing his duty as their teacher.


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