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Kami Sumeragi Yuusha No Eiyuutan 《Ryokou Tan》 - Chapter 38


(Book 2 Chapter 26) Chapter 38 - Largest invasion? No, this is war 4

(Tetsuya) 「So, Guild Master dono? Why can't I go? 」

Tetsuya seized Eva while asking.

(Eva)「You don't know? Use your mind to see the truth. Until now, you're the first man who is ranked XXX and can fight against a wave of 90 000 monsters. Don't you think that we would win only if you go there with everyone? 」

Eva thus told her thoughts to Tetsuya. However, that idea was only annoying to him so he answered「Eh? What is it, brainwashing? 」He just had a strange thought.

(Tetsuya)「That I don't know. But trying to involve someone with such a reasonable idea. That's something I don't like. 」

Tetsuya left such a thought in his mind and as he was leaving the Guild, Eva called out to him again.

(Gatekeeper)「Oi, nii-chan, where are you going? The monsters will attack you. You know it, right? It's suicide to go outside. 」

(Tetsuya)「It's okay. Please confirm it. 」

(Gatekeeper)「Oioi, it's truly fine... You're rank XXX! 」

(Tetsuya)「Well yeah. Is it good already? 」

(Gatekeeper)「Oh, all good. 」

(Tetsuya)「Oh, alright....... Then, come out Kagura. 」

When Tetsuya was outside the gate of the Royal capital, he summoned Kagura.

He took some weapons from his inventory as well.

(Tetsuya)「Now now. should I start with him? Let's take out Shura for our first battle. 」

《Godly Sword・Shura》is a big sword Tetsuya had made. The length of the blade is around 150cm. Also, one of the best features of the sword is that all the hatred of a slain person will be possessed by the sword. A growing demonic sword! !! By the way, why was it working like this? It's because of the material called 『Vengeful gem』. Something from the previous Emperor God......... Why did he have such a thing?

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Thanatos「Hades is growing. I also took over a similar person. 」

Hades「............ Aya, Delicious」

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When Tetsuya went on Kagura, he placed Shura on his shoulder.

(Tetsuya)「Yosh, go! 」

(Kagura)「Hihi! ! ! 」

When Kagura received the order, he headed towards the monsters.

A few minutes later, Tetsuya was confronted by the army of monsters. There were around 10 000. This should be overwhelmingly disadvantageous........ Unless one is Tetsuya. And, Tetsuya thought 「Their numbers are unexpectedly small. 」and so on. He was starting to doubt the other adventurers' level.

If not for his experience, Tetsuya too would have been surprised. Yes, if there was nothing like the Fool's abyss.......

And then, Tetsuya began a part of his annihilation lightly, as if he was playing.

(Tetsuya)「Ladies and gentlemen. No, damned gentlemen monsters. Hence I will start Tetsuya's surprise magical show, so please enjoy it.

First of all, let me show you the moment when a meteorite falls from the sky. It's unusual!

《Inseki shoutotsu1)(Meteora)》!

Come, admire, next is a storm of meteorite! Maybe you can stay alive if you avoid it?

《Ryuusei Arashi(Meteor Storm)》!

Now, now. The next one will erase you!


That's all for now! Did you enjoy it? 」

The place where Tetsuya sent his magic became a crater. Torn body parts were jumbled all over the place and the ground was stained with the blood of the monsters.

Tetsuya confirmed the result and rode on Kagura as they headed for the next prey.

Nevertheless, you shouldn't joke too much Tetsuya.


1. Falling meteor
2. Dunno ラディーレン


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