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Kaettekite Mo Fantasy!? - Volume 2 - Chapter 6



While he was focused on investigating, Shinichi forgot about his lunch. He returns all the documents back to their original location. The library has a lounge area. Shinichi moves to the breakroom ・food and drinks room.

His lunch break is a little behind schedule. From his bag, Shinichi took out something big that is wrapped in a handkerchief.

Shinichi is unsure as to whether or not he is suppose to return the lunchbox back to Rinko. (T/N: after he eats it, perhaps)

──Here is a, bento! (T/N: bento, is a japanese lunchbox)

Today, Rinko is enthusiastically playing the role of a ’’mother’’.

Shinichi informed her not to long ago that he was going out;how did she prepare the bento so quickly?

He left the house while being obviously puzzled.

Nevertheless, her job calls for accuracy. But, contrary to her outward appearance she is a powerful person. (T/L: Rinko's is a Countermeasure Task Force officer)

Even now, it puzzles Shinichi as to what Rinko sees in his father. (T/N: why did she married Shinichi's father, perhaps)

「However......... why are their only sandwiches, I wonder?」 (Shinichi)

Shinichi opens the sandwiches and examines the contents;he sees ingredients with vivid colors that are crammed together.

Shinichi feels that the food on top of the dining table is in someway prejudice to western cuisine. (T/N: japanese style of western cuisine, is unique, perhaps)

Anyways, he still feels like a freeloader.

In reality, Shinichi wants to eat white rice with miso soup. But, he doesn't voice his selfishness.

「Hamu, nga, although this is plenty delicious, it wasn't extravagant in the first place.」 (Shinichi)

It is different from pre-made food bought from a convenience store;the homemade food is lip smacking good.

Now that he thinks about it, this meal is one of the few moments he has enjoyed since returning to this world.

Perhaps, this feeling of fulfilment is thanks to his investigation of the books and articles.

By securing accurate information, Shinichi is able to put a close to the endless possibilities. (T/N: Shinichi needlessly stops worrying, perhaps)

「ngu, mgu......... but how can it be this scrupulous and sloppy at the same time.

I need to stop my bad habit of sniffing my food's fragrance.」 (Shinichi)

The shady side of this country is too much.

Shinichi thought the matter is ridiculous and couldn't agree with it.

Anyhow, by all means, he couldn't understand it. Shinichi could not comprehend their reasoning, the manner in which they made the announcement to the public. (T/N: the government, perhaps)

In regards to the topic of the civil exchange, they had no problems with trading off natural resources. Earth was able to publicly and effectively use the advance technology;it was labeled as a positive achievement.

However, the business transaction had been approximately 30 years in the making;it took place in the very back, in absolute secrecy. The official public announcement was too unexpected and chaotic. It felt as if the countermeasure predictions plans were postponed.

Besides, from a long term point of view the decision was harmful. A united and harmonious method is definitely preferable. If everyone had known from the earlier stages, there would had been no problems with understanding. That way, little by little, people could have gotten used to things and the mayhem would have been less.

Is it not, standard procedure for the government・industries・and, the military to investigate things prior to moving forward.

At the same time, alongside the official announcement, from that technology they had prepared tools and devices to be sold.

To appeal to the J.S.D.F. and the armies of the other countries, they all received a full equipment upgrade. (T/N: J.S.D.F. is japanese-self-defense-force)

Needless to say, this was the work of the 38 years of behind the scene politics.

This commonplace act was carried out after the announcement. They disregarded any adverse effects it may have had on the general public.

During the official announcement about the exchange, 8 years ago, was this the forceful command that they had previously used?

Or, was it mutual for both parties? Did circumstances left them with no choice but to officially announce it as such?

In regards to that problem, even among the internet's vast library , the answer can't be found.

Nonetheless, this is all the information that is allocated to the general public. Presently, the information Shinichi wants to obtain is unobtainable.

To the utmost end of the law that is, however.

「............ no, no, wait, wait.

I need to calm down, it's still too soon to investigate the utmost end.」

If Shinichi went directly to the source, the top, would he be able to acquire information about Galesto?

He stops himself from thinking about it anymore.

What Shinichi wants to know is the common knowledge of an ordinary person.

From before, he had ventured into the dark side of society and it has had an influence him. (T/N: while on Falandia, perhaps)

Shinichi asks himself if he is willing to jump into the giant maelstrom called the parallel worlds league of networking. (T/N: there is no league, a joke, perhaps)

If the parallel world was Falandia instead, in that case Shinichi would have a responsibility to fulfill.

At that time, the mask was entrusted with the task ’’to secretly’’ monitor the world. For him to be aware of the actions of the darkside, it was necessary.

However, presently Galesto has not keep ties with this world. (T/N: Earth, perhaps)

He has no obligation to 'poke his nose' into this troublesome affaire. (T/N: meddle, perhaps)

「Bad habits, huh...」 (Shinichi)

The last 2 years are ingrained into his subconsciousness. It wasn't something that could simply fade away;Shinichi bitterly smiles. (T/N: while on Falandia, perhaps)

He got a can of apple juice from a vending machine and quenched his thirst.

The delicious and nostalgic flavor that he remembers resets his trivial thoughts.

Henceforth after this, Shinichi felt that he would be able to inquire about things more clearly.

His father and his step-mother have said nothing all. But, the matter can't afford to continue as they are.

If one were think about Shinichi's age, then it is appropriate for him to go to school. But, should he go? (T/N: yes, perhaps)

In the first place, he had passed the age limit for middle school. Should Shinichi begin studying in advance?

While savoring the sandwich, he thought about what to do next.

Despite it all, Shinichi 'smacks his lips' as he truly enjoys the delicious meal.

「For a second there I felt sick, should I stop here?」 (Shinichi)

「Waaha, it can't be, studying, why am I worrying over nothing.」 (Shinichi)

(T/N: yes, I also think his talks to himself, perhaps)

He still doesn't have knowledge of the country's secret. (T/N: Japan, perhaps)

It is like saying that the ignorance of his home world is ironically someone else's problem.

「Huh?」 (Shinichi)

「Who is this person?」 (hot-blooded boy)

「What to do...... did security leave him alone because of his age?」 (easy-going boy)

As Shinichi digests his meal, he thinks about why his name never came up. He wasn't able to find anything related to himself. (T/N: news about Shinichi's disappearance, perhaps)

After returning to the 'fantastic world of Japan', aside form the meal there wasn't much that was enjoyable. (T/N: sarcasm, perhaps)

Presently, Shinichi is lost in thought with the enjoyment of his meal;he ’’truthfully’’ didn't noticed their voices.

As usual, ’’she’’ was debating whether or not to just let things be.

This situation is of course not normal. It is rude behavior and it completely disregards the onlookers.

But, to that person behaving this way isn't a problem.

In the current circumstance, this problem isn't a problem at all. She has the strength to put things to an end.

Shinichi's habit, his lack self-awareness is quite amazing.

「Hey, can you hear me!?」 (unknown girl A)

「Wh-what, do you want?」 (Shinichi)

As expected, Shinichi didn't notice them and he was startled.

A group of 5-6 people had gathered together around him.

If one were to judge them based on their appearance, their age looks to be in the later half of their teens. Presumably, the boys and girls were studying in the library.

It is probable that they were going to use this 'space' for their recess.

「You're quite an impertinent fellow. Hurry and leave already.」 (hot-blooded boy)

「Hey, hey. There aren't any other locations open. Hand over this place, alright?」 (easy-going boy)

Among them, there is a hot-blooded boy and an easy-going boy.

There are two girls;they have a annoyed expression and won't even look at Shinichi.

No matter how one views it, only a person hogging a whole table to himself can be seen.

「I understand, give me 2 minutes to tidy up.」 (Shinichi)

In the matters of sharing a table, if an individual regardless as to whether they are male or female, when it becomes a choice the party with more members should take the table.

In this situation Shinichi should offer his seat. He hurries and stuffs the sandwiches into his mouth.

The concept of showing respect and polite manners to one's senior was forgotten. The quick tempered boy is too irritated to notice.

「Hey, brat. I said remove it now!」 (hot-blooded boy)

「ngu, ngu, gulp, uh.」 (Shinichi)

Well, for the beginning it seems they weren't apathetic that is for sure.

「......... hey, who is this person?」 (unknown girl B)

The agitated boy is truly disturbed by Shinichi who continues to eat. With great force the boy intimidatingly slams his hand onto the table.

Shinichi being dumbfounded by their attitude, finished the sandwich sooner than he had expected.

「Well, as you can see this fellow is quite short-tempered.

It is in your best interest to quickly step aside.

Anyhow, this person is an all - B. Do you doubt it?

Here's proof.」 (easy-going boy)

While not saying anything else apart from sipping his juice, the boy displayed a card.

A mug-shot of the impatient boy could be seen. Alongside the photo the Rank is shown.

Certainly, as far as Shinichi could see, it seems the person trully is an all - B Rank.

Upond hear it, as from what Shinichi could see the people surrounding them seem a little frightened.

From listen to them, it appears that this person's Rank is High.

「Ha, this fellow is serious.

Please, at that don't act like a wannabe-gangster;you're making my sides ache.」 (Shinichi)

Shinichi reflexively laughs at the boy's attitude.

Presently, Shinichi knows about society's mistake about Status.

With all due respect, there does exist such a fool. And, such a person had made an appearance. (T/N: the hot-blooded boy, perhaps)

Shinichi can't help but laugh, well, aside from the remaining juice. (T/N: ’’seriously Author-san’’, running out of juice is not funny!, perhaps)

Shinichi drinks up the remaining juice in one gulp. For some reason the short-tempered boy is sharply glaring at Shinichi.

A troublesome reaction can be sensed for the boy;it contains wrath.

──This person really is a wannabe-gangster. Shinichi is worried about Japan's future.

Shinichi ’’once again’’ didn't pay attention to the situation and he pushed the other party to their limit.

His manner of speech is frank and unforgiving. It is quite sharp-tongued.

The blunt remark Shinichi made is a mixture of a typical and vague Japanese expression, that had been influenced by Falandia culture.

This manly way of speech is not intentional, the problem is Shinichi did it ’’without thinking’’, however.

At any rate, the short-tempered boy is ready to strike at any moment.

How to smash up this bastard? In what manner shall he be crushed? (T/N: targeted to Shinichi, perhaps)

If one had to guess what the other party's instinctive thoughts were.

「You sure have guts!」 (hot-blooded boy)

「Ah~a, I don't care anymore, this fellow has snapped─」 (easy-going boy)

「─I should warn you, that card was last updated 2 years ago.

Your pitiful bravado act is obvious.」 (unknown girl B)

Shinichi is impressed by their pitiful courage, their interruption.

Exactly what are they chattering on about? Shinichi is curosious to know, but could not make out what they are saying.

However, before he could get use to their abusive remarks, they became speechless.

Their particular figure that can be ’’seen’’ causes Shinichi to be flabbergasted.

「Currently...... hmm, below 'C', perhaps. Furthermore, everyone is the same level.

So, the rat is borrowing the tiger's pelt, are you not ashamed?」 (Shinichi)

There is no tool to accurately measure Rank, however, by examining the spirit a rough estimate can be made.

If one were to think about it, Status is merely the spirit energy that emits from the body.

While considering various theories, he questions whether Maryoku is hardened spirit that had been forged.

There is a high probability this broad theory is correct.

By the way, in place of the classic example, for ’’her’’ a fox is substituted with rat. (T/N: japanese idiom, perhaps)

「Bastard!!」 (unknown girl A)

「You're the ones who started the insults.」 (Shinichi)

The easy-going boy turned bright red;his anger is visible.

Finally, the two girls realized they are being insulted.

The easy-going boy had heard enough abusive language.

Suddenly? Finally?

Shinichi ponders as to whether he should crush them right here.

This place is visible to the people in his community. Presently, this is the area he resides in.

If he were to commit acts of violence, the police would arrive here in 10 minutes.

It is already too late to run away;the surveillance camera had already seen his face.

If the Japanese police system were to investigates, it wouldn't take them long to find him.

──This is somewhat, fairly unpleasant.

As alway, Shinichi careful thinks things through.

In Japan the use of violence and assault is a crime.

Although, as far as Shinichi knows, fights in this alternate world may be perhaps be commonplace. His common sense from the previous Japan may not be helpful.

Shinichi considers that the best choice is to run away.

If the other party were to give chase, let's say to a place where no one is watching, it just may be a good chance to crush them.

This is one of the methods Shinichi used on Falandia to avoid injustice.

In the end, he turns back to his old way of thinking. It was fundamental that way to begin with.

The day that Shinichi can live an ordinary and peaceful life in the country of Japan is still far away.

It is already too late to hold that weight of happiness.

The feeling will escape if one doesn't give chase with a suitable speed.

Shinichi had simply given up on running too early.

「Ah, aah-umm, as I thought, you are here!」 (unknown man)

An unfamiliar man called out to Shinichi.

The man's suit fits his tall physique;he turns to face Shinichi. The group huddled around each other, behind the man, and began to chatter among themselves.

Friend or foe? Based on the man's manner of speech, he is someone important.

「Sorry, is something wrong?

This child, may appear Japanese, but he is from a foreign country.

His Japanese communication skills never improved, you see.」 (unknown man)

──Such, lies.

Shinichi has to resist the urge to voice his opinion.

At any rate, by all means this is one of those scenarios where a protagonist ’’pretends to help out a stranger’’ that is seen in a stereotype manga. Shinichi is deeply moved, and continues to watch as things play out.

「Eh, is that how it was?」 (unknown girl A)

「...... idiot, it's a trick!」 (hot-blooded boy)

The boy's outburst convinces a few of his companions.

However, like throwing fuel on a fire, their attention focus onto the man instead of Shinichi.

「What is your name old man!」 (hot-blooded boy)

「Umm, so it was hopeless......」 (unknown man)

「...............」 (Shinichi)

However, it is unfortunate.

The clumsy spirit of wanting to helping another individual is indeed splendid.

His hand became restless, and his simile began to fade. (T/N: unknow man, perhaps)

If he abandon this person, truthfully it will make him uneasy. Although, it isn't necessary to help.

Shinchi chooses to join the conversation and gives his explanation. ’’His voice’’ is heard.

「’’Will you stop? I'm a vulnerable all - D Rank.

Does your group get pleasure from bullying weaklings?

Isn't more worthwhile chatting at a table with a circle of friends. Am I wrong?」 (Shinichi)

From his voice Shinichi's removes his ego;He does so with the intent to conversate with them.

Shinichi's words and speech were changed to something that would be considered common tone. However, for some reason it weighed heavily on them. What changed about his voice?

「Ah...... that's right. Just leave already.」 (hot-blooded boy)

「Umm...... yeah, I agree let's leave the chit-chat aside.」 (easy-going boy)

「Uh...... that's good, yesterday at the bookstore near the station there was a novel release, I──」 (unknown girl B)

After the group of boys and girls mentioned it, they head towards the table.

And then, they cheerfully start to chat. Their conversation is monotone.

It is as if the previous incident never happened.

「...... as usual, the dirty power of infringing on human dignity is......」 (unknown man)

It seems it was also effective on this man. After establishing that fact, Shinichi made a complex facial expression and then sighs.

And once again, that voice is stopped and ’’blocked’’ as well.

「Eh, what, why?」 (Shinichi)

On the otherhand.

In any case, to not get caught up in the situation they pretend it didn't happened.

For the situation to suddenly change, right before his eyes, Shinichi couldn't comprehend it and thus he is naturally bewildered.

「I guess they lost interest.

Leaving that aside, thank you very much.」 (Shinichi)

To pay his respect Shinichi gave a slight bow.

Although, the man wasn't able to help, his noble spirit is worth bowing one's head for.

And then, after Shinichi had raised his head, he saw the man's face for the first time.

「That was exhausting. Ah, I wasn't able to do much you see......... eh?」 (unknown man)

「Eh?」 (Shinichi)

Because of the height difference between them, the man had overlooked Shinichi's face. The man saw Shinichi's face for the first time.

When they saw one another's face, they couldn't help but think it is deja vu. They pause for a moment and they try to remember.

And then, they spontaneously call out each other's name.

「......... Daigo?」 (Shinichi)

「Impossible......... Shinichi, is that you?」 (Daigo)

The shakened and surprised facial expression from earlier had shifted.

Although, he muttered impossible the gaze of his ’’childhood friend’’ never separated.


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