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Just Blame Me For Being Blind In The Beginning - Chapter 55


Chapter 55 The plane crash lore

Song Nanchuan's temperament remained cold on the way to the airport. When they got to the airport, he simply pulled out his tablet to read the news.

Pei Ying looked at his continually chilly manner and pursed her lips. She pulled out her phone to check out Weibo.

Weibo had already exploded with their news. Fans and antifans alike were passionately discussing her visit to the Song family. Pei Ying was bored, so she enjoyed reading through the comments. Across from her, Song Nanchuan glanced over and then continued browsing the news.

Not long after, he received a text from his second brother. ’’Lao San, why did you leave without a word?’’ (t/n: Just like Brother Two is called Lao Er, or ’’old two,’’ being the third brother, Song Nanchuan is called Lao San, or ’’old three.’’)

Song Nanchuan dismissed the notification, having no intention of speaking to him.

Brother Two sent another text. ’’I already heard from Dad about what happened last night. I really didn't expect things to turn out that way. Don't me mad.’’

Song Nanchuan's raised his brow, finally unable to help responding. ’’You didn't expect things to turn out that way? The way I see it, your actions were intentional. Just admit that you had evil intentions.’’

[Second Brother] Evil intentions? Don't talk like I'm some kind of creep.

[Song Nanchuan] Aren't you, though? When it comes to getting girls drunk, you've never miscalculated.

’’....’’ Brother Two was rendered silent. Then he responded, ’’Thanks.’’

[Song Nanchuan] ....

’’I'm not praising you!’’ Song Nanchuan fiercely pressed down on the keyboard. ’’I'm going to remember this debt. Wait 'til I come back to sort it out slowly with you.’’

[Second Brother] Come one... I just wanted Pei Ying to reveal her true character to Mom and Dad.

[Song Nanchuan] Cut the crap. You just didn't want my marriage to go smoothly. It can't be that you're secretly in love with me, can it? Forget it. It can't happen between us.

[Second Brother] ...Bro, your taste is a bit heavy.

’’If you're not coveting my beauty, then what are you after?’’

[Second Brother] ....

Third Brother was still the same as always, hehe.

[Second Brother] Have you forgotten who gave a report to Gu Zhen, causing us to breakup?

[Song Nanchuan] ...Hell. How long ago was that? You still remember it?

[Second Brother] Even if my memory is poor, I can hold a grudge for quite awhile.

’’...Alright. You'd best pray that I don't find another reason to catch you. My memory has always been very good, and it's even better when it come to grudges. :)’’ After sending the message, there was a notification to board the plane.

He put away his tablet and turned to Pei Ying. ’’Let's go.’’

’’Oh.’’ Pei Ying quickly put away her phone and followed after him.


After getting onto the plane, Song Nanchuan closed his eyes to rest. Pei Ying looked at him from the side, debating on whether or not she should make a move.

While she was thinking about it, the plane, that had been flying smoothly up until then, suddenly shook. The passengers started whispering, but even after some rocking, the plane still hadn't returned to normal. On the contrary, the rocking grew stronger.

A woman on the plane shrieked. Also frightened, Pei Ying grabbed onto Song Nanchuan's arm.

Song Nanchuan was jolted awake and had just opened his eyes. Seeing Pei Ying's complexion so pale from fright, he held her hand tightly and comforted, ’’Don't be afraid. There's probably just a bit of wind. It'll be fine.’’

Just then, the flight attendant explained that the plane had met some turbulence, and she told everyone to remain seated and fasten their seat belts.

Song Nanchuan checked to make sure that Pei Ying's seat belt was on, and then he held onto Pei Ying's hand once more. Pei Ying's face was still deathly pale. She looked at Song Nanchuan, and she looked like she'd cry at any second. ’’Chuan Chuan, I really shouldn't have ridden a plane.’’

She got onto a plane, and now it was going to crash!

Song Nanchuan seemed to recall something and frowned slightly. ’’Don't listen to Ren Shanshan's nonsense.’’

Just as he spoke, the plane shook again, causing Pei Ying to cry out in fright. Song Nanchuan held her hand tightly, continually comforting her. Even though the flight attendants were having a hard time staying upright, they continued to appease everyone's emotions.

Some passengers on the plane started to quietly pray. Across the aisle, someone's coffee spilled, some of it landing onto Pei Ying's leg. Pei Ying hadn't at all noticed the scalding coffee on her, as she looked at Song Nanchuan with eyes full of tears. ’’Chuan Chuan, are we going to have to write our wills soon?’’

’’No. Don't be afraid.’’ Song Nanchuan was a bit nervous about the state of the plane though. And then he started to regret being angry at Pei Ying all morning.

Pei Ying kept apologizing from his side. ’’Chuan Chuan, I'm sorry. If I knew it was going to be like this, I would have made a move on the car ride here.’’


Song Nanchuan was taken aback for a moment, while Pei Ying continued, ’’Don't be angry. It's all my fault. I won't ever drink alcohol again. And I won't make you angry...’’

’’Don't talk like that. Nothing will happen. Trust me.’’ Song Nanchuan held her trembling hand and lightly pressed his lips to it.

After the plane shook a bit more, it finally stopped. The pilot's voice broadcasted that the plane was now stable and everyone could rest assured.

All the passengers finally released their breaths, and the atmosphere inside the cabin finally calmed. After the joy returned to Pei Ying's heart, she looked over at Song Nanchuan and said happily, ’’Chuan Chuan, we're okay! It's okay!’’

’’Mmh...’’ Song Nanchuan looked at her and smiled.

He held onto Pei Ying's hands until after the plane landed. When they finally exited the airport, with the sun shining on their heads, and their feet standing on the ground, he felt that this world was really very beautiful.

After feeling the warmth of the sun, Pei Ying's first words were, ’’I want to blacklist Ren Shanshan for a month.’’

Plane crash? Her words were really too scary. She was a total crow's beak. (t/n: To say something inauspicious)

Song Nanchuan laughed and pulled her forward. ’’Let's go to the hotel first.’’

Song Nanchuan had brought Pei Ying to a small island. The scenery was very beautiful, and there were a lot of fruit around. The most surprising thing was that, despite how many vacationers came here every year, the waters were still so blue.

There were a lot of foreigners on the island, and Pei Ying saw a lot of handsome blond-haired, blue-eyed men. After checking into the hotel, she laid down on the bed to rest and recover.

She was still suffering from the aftershock of the frightening plane ride. She'd never felt that life was so fragile before, so unable to withstand even a single blow.

As she was reflecting on the meaning of life, Song Nanchuan laid down beside her. He turned to her and said, ’’What were you saying before, on the plane?’’

’’Mmh?’’ Pei Ying looked at him curiously. She'd said a lot of things on the plane. What in particular was he asking about?

As if reading her thoughts, Song Nanchuan's lips curved up. ’’I seem to recall you saying something about making a move on me?’’

Pei Ying, ’’....’’

In such a time of life and death, he actually recalled a small detail like that?!

’’I didn't say anything like that. You must have heard wrong because you were so nervous.’’ Pei Ying started her fool's act.

’’Is that so...’’ Song Nanchuan slowly closed the distance between them, his expression rather flirtatious. ’’That's okay. If you want to make a move, go ahead. I won't resist.’’

Pei Ying, ’’....’’

’’Hehe. I'll go take a shower. The fear had me in a cold sweat.’’

After she spoke, she slinked off. Song Nanchuan was a step ahead of her though, and he grabbed her elbow, pressing her down under him. ’’Ying Ying.’’

He called her name and listened as Pei Ying responded, her voice trembling slightly. ’’What is it?’’

Song Nanchuan lowered his head and looked at her. ’’I thought about a lot of things on the plane. Life it too short, and accidents happen all to often. Since our time is already so limited, why should we waste it by being angry with each other? We should spend our time doing the things we love.’’


’’So if you want to make a move, go ahead. Don't hold back.’’


’’If you're shy, we can switch it around, and I'll make the move.’’


Was this what he loved doing?! Was this his understanding of the meaning of life?!

But when it came to Song Nanchuan's passion, Pei Ying never stopped him. Maybe the plane incident caused both parties to become more emotional, as their lovemaking was especially passionate that day, and Song Nanchuan lasted quite a long time as well.

When they finished, it was nearly evening. Pei Ying was hungry, so Song Nanchuan ordered some room service. The two of them had dinner in the room.


After they were full, Song Nanchuan invited Pei Ying out to the beach. Pei Ying had only brought along one swimsuit, but after changing, Song Nanchuan expressed his discontent. ’’You're going to go out in that? Could there be any less material on that?’’

’’....’’ After a moment of silence, she replied, ’’You took away all my other swimsuits. And weren't you the one who said that no one wears one-pieces in this day and age?’’

’’Every situation calls for a different assessment.’’ Song Nanchuan pulled out a female swimsuit from his luggage and handed it to Pei Ying. ’’Change into this.’’

Pei Ying looked at the swimsuit. There was even more material on it than her old swimsuits. Hehe. Men.

She went to the bathroom to change. When she returned, Song Nanchuan gave the excuse of the sun being too strong to have her put on a lace covering. It was very long, going all the way down to her ankles.

Pei Ying pursed her lips, put it on. Only then did Song Nanchuan approve of them heading out the door.

While Pei Ying had learned to swim from Song Nanchuan for awhile, she still didn't dare to go into the deep waters of the sea. She only played around on the sand. Then Song Nanchuan gave her another swimming lesson before the two returned to the hotel.

Pei Ying wanted to sleep early, because Song Nanchuan said that he'd take her out to sea on a boat tomorrow. But after it got dark, Song Nanchuan called her out again.

There weren't many people on the beach that night. Pei Ying followed the person that Song Nanchuan sent for her. After spotting Song Nanchuan standing not too far off, the guide excused himself and left.

Song Nanchuan was wearing an extremely formal suit, and Pei Ying could only wonder what he was playing at now. She took a few steps in his direction and called out, ’’What are you doing?’’

Song Nanchuan didn't respond. And then, as if performing a magic trick, he pulled out a violin from behind him, resting it on his shoulder.

The waves gently rode onto the shore. Song Nanchuan stood under the moonlight. And then a violin melody sounded slowly.


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