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Just Blame Me For Being Blind In The Beginning - Chapter 33



Not only does my heart miss you, my body misses you too.

’’Ying Ying, I really missed you...’’ Song Nanchuan murmured into Pei Ying's ear. Pei Ying shivered as his warm breath touched her skin.

’’Ying Ying...’’ Song Nanchuan called her name. He pulled her hair away and lightly kissed her neck. The sudden stimulus made Pei Ying gasp. Song Nanchuan's arm around her waist tightened as his other hand slipped into her robe, from the neck.

’’Mm...’’ Feeling his warm hand over her chest, Pei Ying subconsciously let out another gasp. Song Nanchuan's lips moved from her neck to her shoulder, as his hand around her waist moved under the skirt of her robe, gliding up along her thigh.

The moan she tried to suppress escaped from her lips. Just as she was about to turn to water in Song Nanchuan's arms, she violently pushed away the man behind her. She turned to him and said, ’’CEO Song, please have some respect. We've already broken up.’’

Song Nanchuan watched as she pulled her robe back up, and he revealed a cold smile on his thin lips. ’’When did I agree to this breakup?’’

Pei Ying's cheeks reddened. She turned her head and looked at the wall without another word.

Song Nanchuan walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly against himself. Pei Ying could very clearly feel a part of him start to stir.

She pursed her lips as she tried to get out of his hold, but she was helpless against his strength. Not only was she unable to break free, she started to feel him growing larger...

Her face reddened another few shades as she stood still in place. She looked at him, her eyes carrying an expression of shame. ’’Song Nanchuan, what are you trying to do?!’’

’’You,’’ Song Nanchuan responded simply.

Pei Ying, ’’........’’

It was at this time that she fully felt the broad and profound nature of the Chinese language.

She grabbed onto the hands that were holding her waist, wanting to pull his arms off of her. Song Nanchuan moved closer to her and kissed her precisely on the lips.

Feeling humiliated, Pei Ying avoided his kisses. Song Nanchuan took the chance to bury his head in her neck. ’’I'm sorry...’’

He spoke the words very quietly.

Pei Ying was taken aback. Brows knit, she asked him, ’’What did you say?’’

’’I'm sorry...’’ Song Nanchuan repeated quietly. ’’I shouldn't have stepped in and made a decision without asking you about it.’’

Pei Ying's eyes trembled momentarily. After waiting so long, she finally got her apology.

Now that Song Nanchuan brought up this topic, his director wrappings all started to unravel, and he suddenly started unloading all of his worries. ’’Don't be angry anymore. In the future, I'll be sure to discuss with you before I make any decisions. Can you forgive me? Don't ignore me anymore. Do you know how I've been living these days? If things continue this way, I'm going to go mad...’’

He sounded so very pitiful, and with a pop, Pei Ying's heart softened. She hugged him and rubbed his back. ’’I was partly in the wrong too. I should have told you ahead of time about the intimate scenes. If I get an offer for another project like that, I'll talk to you about it first.’’


’’...You don't have to (discuss it with me). I won't agree to it.’’

Pei Ying, ’’....’’

Hey! Is that the attitude someone who's apologizing should have?!

She turned her head and glared fiercely at Song Nanchuan. His eyes shined with moisture. Those sparkling eyes and that beauty mark were so beautiful that Pei Ying's heart started pounding again.

’’...Alright. Actually, I don't really like acting in intimate scenes either.’’ And thus, she was easily defeated by Song Nanchuan's beauty. Ah, how beauty wronged people.

Song Nanchuan's lips finally curved up. He looked at her and asked, ’’So, you're not angry anymore?’’


After getting an affirmation, Song Nanchuan let out a breath. And then his voice suddenly became quite ambiguous. ’’Then can we do what people in love do?’’

’’...Is that all you think about every day?’’ When he said he was nearly going to turn mad, it was because of this, wasn't it?!

Song Nanchuan pressed her against the bed and reached to undo the belt on her robe. ’’I've been thinking about you every day. Not only does my heart miss you, my body misses you too.’’

Pei Ying, ’’....’’

Likely because it had been awhile, Song Nanchuan was particularly fierce this time. Pei Ying was nearly out of breath from the tossing and turning, and he only climaxed once.

It was often that he gave in, so Pei Ying let out a breath. Only, he immediately moved close to her again. Pei Ying tried to pull away after his ferocious kisses, pressing against his shoulders like a mantis trying to stop a chariot. ’’You must have had enough now...’’ In any case, they were here attending the Universe Pictures' party. It's not like they could stay holed up in this room until the sky gets dark!

Song Nanchuan lifted his head slightly, licking her lips intimately. ’’Not enough. I'll never have enough of you.’’

Pei Ying, ’’....’’

What followed was another round. After they'd had their heart's fill, Pei Ying pushed Song Nanchuan's body from her own. ’’Let's go downstairs. There are still people waiting down there.’’

’’Who cares about them?’’ Song Nanchuan said matter-of-factly.

’’...Are you planning to stay here until the sky gets dark?’’

Song Nanchuan wrapped his arm around her smooth waist and kissed her on the lips. ’’I plan to stay here until the sky lights up.’’

Pei Ying, ’’....’’

She glared at him, with no intention of letting him have his way. Song Nanchuan saw how resolute she was, so he followed her and climbed out of bed.

’’I wonder if our clothes are dry yet.’’ Pei Ying covered herself with her robe and walked to the bathroom. Song Nanchuan grabbed her and spoke into her ear, ’’I had someone buy new clothes. Should I have them sent up?’’


Song Nanchuan finally released her and went to make a call. Soon after, a knock sounded on the door. After about five seconds, he closed the door again.

He held up a dress and a suit. And suddenly, Pei Ying recalled that he was also wearing a suit when he saved her. ’’Where are your clothes?’’

Song Nanchuan handed Pei Ying the dress in his hands as he said, ’’I sent it for cleaning.’’

’’Oh... Your suit must have been very expensive.’’

Song Nanchuan chuckled. ’’Not as precious as you.’’ (Note: the word ’’precious’’ contains the character for ’’expensive’’)

Pei Ying's lip twitched. She accepted the dress from him and then walked over to the mirror to change. The dress Song Nanchuan had found very much conformed with societal norms, and the skirt even fell beneath her knees. Pei Ying started to put on the dress as she felt some disdain at how petty he was.

While the dress was very ordinary, it matched well with her figure and appearance. People would still find her very pretty in the dress. It was very form-fitting, almost as if it had been made with her measurements on hand.

After she got the dress on, she pulled her hair forward and told Song Nanchuan, ’’Help me with the zipper on the back.’’

Song Nanchuan was very happy to comply. He finished buttoning up his shirt and then walked over to her.

Pei Ying's back was still covered in traces from their lovemaking. When he saw, Song Nanchuan suddenly felt another amorous wave wash over him. He couldn't help himself from kissing her back. Pei Ying frowned and twisted away. ’’Stop it.’’

Song Nanchuan let go of her and helped her pull up her zipper.

’’There's a hook at the top after you zipper it. Do you see it?’’

’’Mm,’’ Song Nanchuan responded. After he hooked it on, ’’Done.’’

Pei Ying pushed her hair back behind her and checked the mirror. ’’Not bad. It looks pretty good.’’

Song Nanchuan responded pleased, ’’Of course. I personally took the measurements after all.’’

Pei Ying's mouth opened slightly as she looked at the kiss marks on her neck. She pulled her hair to cover them as much as she could. ’’You're really bad. In the future, you can't leave marks in places like that.

Song Nanchuan embraced her from behind. He bent his head over to look at her. ’’Even if there were no marks, everyone would know what we were doing, staying up here so long.’’

Pei Ying, ’’....’’

She suddenly didn't want to go back down.

Song Nanchuan kissed her slightly red ears and laughed. ’’Let's go.’’


When the two returned downstairs, there were already fewer people than earlier. Yu Kaize's brother, along with his kids, were waiting for them.

’’Go and apologize.’’ CEO Yu pat his kids' bottoms and the two children scurried over.

’’We're sorry. We shouldn't have pulled you over to the pool,’’ the kids said miserably.

Pei Ying smiled at them and then quietly comforted them, ’’It's okay, I'm fine now.’’

Song Nanchuan spoke up from the side, a bit coolly, ’’CEO Yu, you can't let kids become accustomed to doing wrong. Considering how dangerous things got today, it would be unacceptable for them not to get a beating. They have to remember for a long time.’’

Pei Ying, ’’....’’

She glanced at Song Nanchuan who returned her gaze. CEO Yu laughed and said, ’’I'm truly sorry that Ms Pei ended up falling into the pool. Thankfully CEO Song was able to save her quickly. I'll be sure to teach my kids well.’’

’’I hope that CEO Yu is a man of his word.’’ Song Nanchuan's eyes swept over the two kids standing at the side.

’’Alright, apologize to Ms Pei once more,’’ CEO Yu said.

’’I'm sorry,’’ the little girl said, looking up at Pei Ying, with her swimming ring still around her. ’’But what were you doing upstairs? Daddy made us wait for a long time.’’

Pei Ying, ’’......’’

The boy beside her looked up at Pei Ying. ’’What are those marks on your neck?’’

Pei Ying, ’’....’’

’’Pfft.’’ Song Nanchuan's laughter could be heard from the side.

CEO Yu coughed and then grabbed his kids' hands. As they turned away, he said, ’’Little kids can't ask questions like that, understood?’’

The little girl asked suspiciously, ’’Why?’’

CEO Yu said, ’’You'll understand when you grow up.’’

The little boy asked, ’’Well, Daddy, you're a grown-up. Can't you ask?’’

’’...I already know even if I don't ask.’’


’’Because I'm a grown-up.’’


Pei Ying, ’’....’’


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