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Jiu Shen - Volume 2 - Chapter 15.2


Outside Xinghuo City, three people's silhouettes became visible as they set off in the northeastern direction.

Actually, there was absolutely no need to try to identify them so carefully, with Xinghuo City's distance from the Wind-Frost Mountains being only 100 li. Far away on the horizon, they could already see the horizontal range of mountains that seemed as boundless as a gigantic sleeping dragon.

Because they had laid a solid foundation while at Li Huo Academy, in one stretch the trio managed to cover a hundred li, and soon arrived at the foot of the mountain range, where they took a short respite. After eating some food, they once again set off.

Though this was known as the Wind-Frost Mountains, from what these three could currently see, there was very little wind and frost within the mountains. After all, Southern Fire Empire was at the south end of the continent and the climate here was very hot. As for how this mountain range got such a name, Ji Dong and the others did not know.

Whatever be the attribute of one's magic power, after cultivation, all would have purged the impurities from their body, and would have strengthened the vital essence of their body. These three had all condensed their Yin-Yang Crowns and were scholar level Yin-Yang Wizards. Thus, hurrying on through the short route could not be considered as anything much. After climbing over the first peak, they were quickly within the deeper parts of the Wind-Frost Mountains.

The sun gradually rose up from the east and was hanging in the sky. Ji Dong used his sleeve to wipe the sweat from his forehead. He said, ’’Let us rest soon and have something to eat.’’

After hurrying forth the whole morning, they also climbed over a 3 km high mountain peak. According to this current speed, they could see that they would pass through the entire Wind-Frost Mountains within two days. After they crossed into the Central earth Empire and came to a border city, they would hire a carriage and relaxedly travel the rest of the way and then in 5 days' time would reach Central Plains City.

The three looked for a suitable flat terrain to rest together. Ji Dong took out some dried meat and flatbread from his storage bracelet. He also took out three water pouches and gave one each to Karl and Bisu.

Fire elemental Wizards had the inborn advantage when camping outdoors. They could not only use their power to provide light, to make campfires, they could also calmly eat really cold food.

Ji Dong picked up a piece of meat, and in his right hand the Bing-fire flame came to life and roasted this piece of meat. While the aroma of the roasted meat began to spread out, Ji Dong also toasted a piece of flatbread which the ambrosial fragrance of also assailed the nostrils.

Karl, beside Ji Dong, imitated his actions. Only Bisu looked to his left and right, as he had no means of doing the same. His attribute was the Ding-fire, which was of the corrosive nature and had continuous attack power. It was much stronger than Bing-fire and because of its characteristics, if it was used to barbeque food, then that food would become inedible. Once the food started to burn, it would not stop burning.

Seeing the pitiful appearance of Bisu, Ji Dong wore a faint smile. The food that he had roasted he handed over to him and said, ’’For you. Eat this. I will roast some more.’’

Bisu looked pleased. With no politeness, he accepted the food and quickly finished it.

Karl chuckled. The flattering smile on the face of this giant looked weird. But that smile could only be described with adjectives 'flattering' or 'charming' as he unrepentantly asked, ’’Boss, do you have some wine to help refresh our spirits?’’

Ji Dong unhappily said, ’’It is midday and you are not to drink now, If you drink you won't feel freshened up, rather you will feel drowsy. Tonight, we will be sleeping outdoors within the mountains. At that time you can drink to drive away the cold.’’

When Ji Dong was about to roast another piece of meat, there was a fishy odour that assailed his nostrils. Ji Dong was extremely sensitive and he was startled and abruptly stood up as he warned, ’’Be careful! Something is coming.’’

Karl and Bisu immediately got up and stood beside Ji Dong. Bisu was still chewing a piece of bread and with eyes wide alert, he faintly said, ’’Could it be a magical beast? Isn't this bad luck for us?’’

Ji Dong's vision became keen as he focused his gaze in one direction. He slowly raised his right hand and made a fist. Then, with a crisp punching sound, a coarse and wild red flame erupted from that fist.

With a rustling noise, a cyan coloured figure leapt out from within the shrubs. The trio stared at it for a while and then laughed.

Rest assured! What they saw was indeed a magical beast, but it was only about a meter high. Its cyan fur was very bright and grand. It was a wolf cub and its body exhibited magic power fluctuations. It bared its teeth at these three and growled.

It was not surprising that Ji Dong and his friends smiled. Although they did not know a lot about magical beasts, but the one in front of them was a level 1 wood elemental beast - a green wood wolf.

Within the 5 empires, the magical beasts are assigned into ten ranks from low to high. If we compare their strength, then it was the same as the ten terms of address for Yin-Yang Wizards (e.g: apprentice, scholar, master, etc). Level 1 beasts were of low rank, level 2 and 3 beasts were mid ranked, levels 4-6 were high ranked. Levels 7-9 were super ranked and were also known and monarch level magical beasts. Level 10 beasts were only legendary and they were also called as divine beasts. They were as rare as titled 9-Corona Yin-Yang Wizards.

It was said that wolfish beasts lived on wastelands or within forests. Only these green wood wolves could live within mountains. Green wood wolves were basically mid-rank beasts and this guy in front of them was a low ranked one. It was like a Yin-Yang Wizard who hadn't condensed their Yin-Yang Crown.

Moreover, these three boys were of the fire element. Among the 5 elements, it was known that fire suppresses metal first then wood. Also, this was 3 vs. 1. Thus, these three could calmly smile in such a situation.

’’Let me have at it.’’ Bisu gaily laughed and jumped out in front of this small green wood wolf. The roasted meat he held in his hands was held out as he mocked, ’’You want this, huh? You smelled its aroma and then came, right?’’

The wolf did not understand what Bisu said. Its nose twitched as it saw the meat and it opened its jaws to take a bite.

Bisu stuffed the meat in his own mouth. And as he ate, he happily chuckled as he said, ’’Even if you want to eat, I won't let you, because you scared us. Hehehe. This small wolf is really interesting. His fur hasn't even grown long yet he thinks to come here and get food. Quickly go little wolf. This brother here is already being very kind. Otherwise, I will kill you.’’

Saying so, he immediately waved his hands and two blue coloured flames, almost a meter high, flared up. When he brandished these at the wolf, it was scared and it let out some grieving noises and leapt back into the shrubbery.

Bisu turned to them and laughed loudly as he said, ’’It is settled. Even a small guy like this is also coming out to loot from others. He really overestimates himself.’’ Saying that, Bisu suddenly came to a halt. This was because, he found that the smiles on Karl and Ji Dong's face had frozen.

’’Quick, come back!’’ Ji Dong shouted, and he was the first to react as he rushed up.

Bisu subconsciously turned around to take a look, only to find that a big wolf 3m in length and 1.8m in height was drilling its gaze into him. The small wolf from before was standing beside it, as it growled furiously at Bisu.


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