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Jikuu Mahou De Isekai To Chikyuu Wo Ittarikitari - Chapter 326


Chapter 326

We succeeded in forming contracts with the darkness spirit, wind spirit, and the water spirit.

Following that, I was trying to form contracts with the ice and fire spirits.

「【Summon Ice Spirit】!」

The summoned ice spirit was a voluptuous woman, who was surrounded by a bewitching atmosphere.

Well, it's a spirit so, the body size is smaller.

「You, were you the one that summoned me?」

「Yeah, I'm the one who summoned you」

Somehow, such an adult atmosphere is poor match for her~.

「Is your goal to make a contract with me?」

「A, Yes......」

「If it's okay, then......,

allow me to submit」

As soon as the ice spirit finsished saying that!

I was immersed in ice and it hurts.

「Cold......, I can't move......」

I am able to breathe because there is a gap between my body and the ice......,

I am shut in a thick layer of ice, that is approximately 3m, though unable to move.

And it's cold!

First of all, I begin to restore my physical strength that was lost due to the cold, using 【Physical Reinforcement Magic】,

I thought of methods to escape while curing the skin that has become frostbitten with 【Recovery Magic】.

Just like the fight against the earth spirit, it seems that the use of【Teleportation】 is sealed.

I have to melt the ice to escape.

For the time being, I should try various other methods.

First of all, when trying to use the unique 【Heating Wire Magic】, it seems that the distance between the ice and me is too small, so I'd probably get burnt.

Is 【Fire Magic】 no good?

「How about it? If you surrender, I'll let you out?」

I will not surrender~.

How about the laser beam?

Is it possible for light to pass through the ice?

Well, should I try it?

The light converges, it possesses directionality, it is directed towards the ice. (T/N: 光を収束させ、指向性を持たせて、氷に向け照射する。, couldn't do this one very well)

I thought about shooting the beam from my eyes, but reconsidered when I thought that it would be bad for my eyes, I decided on shooting it from my finger tips.

It's no good.

As expected, the laser beam pierces through the ice.

「Foolish...... The light will not melt my ice」

The ice spirit watches with cold eyes.

Look, look! I will make you speechless!

It tries to change the wavelength of the light.

I bring the light closer to the infrared wavelength that seems warmer.

When the wave length reaches a certain area!

The laser stop penetrating through the ice,

and the ice finally started to melt.

「What is that light! Why is the ice melting?」

The ice spirit was frightened by my thick laser. (T/N:  氷精霊は、俺のぶっといレーザーを見てビビっていた。)

I did it!

Making use of the laser, I kept gradually melting the ice from my fingertips.

To begin with, I made a thick hole in the ice, pushing out the water and taking in fresh air.

With this, I will not get drowned, nor will I run out of oxygen.

Gradually, I continued to melt the ice, increasing the size of the hole.

And finally I was able to free myself from the ice.

「Yatta! I broke out」


My ice...... with light...... you melted it.......

Ho, How vexing, it is my defeat.

As I promised, do whatever you like with me」

This person seems like they're forcibly trying to do something perverted. (T/N:  これじゃまるで、無理やりイケないことをしようとしているヘンタイみたいじゃないか。, couldn't do this line too well)

It's just a simple spirit contract, is it not?

I made the contract with the ice spirit, while feeling disappointed.

「You have a contract with me, but don't think you have my heart!」

I think not!

This fellow is troublesome.......

Then, Elena also made a contract with the ice spirit.

It is a contract without a battle, again.

Preferential treatment?... If you think about it, the amount of magical power consumption is intense, it seems that a battle before a contract can only be done once a day.

Umu, will someone fight before me?


It is the next, and final, spirit.

「【Summon Fire Spirit】!」

Completely different from the last one, a cool girl came out, with a hot feeling.

「Is it you who has called me!!!」

「A, Yes」

「Your voice is small!!!!」



This person seems troublesome.......

「You, you wish to fight me? Do you not?

Yoshi!! Let's fight now! Immediately, it is!!!」

The fire spirit suddenly, started to attack!


Although it's a fire spirit, why does it start with a fist fight?

When I quickly avoided its attack, the fire spirit was angered.

「How did you avoid it!!!」


What, is this fellow dense?

If I don't want to fight, I would have to avoid attacks.

「More, from the front, attack me!!!」(T/N: This doesn't feel right to me, 「もっと正面から、ぶつかってこいよ!!!」)

It is quite bothersome.......

As there was no way around it, I charged in straight from the front, and used a normal punch.


The fire spirit is easily blown away, and in the distance I can see it fall down.

Crap... Crap..., was that too much?

「You, not bad!!」

The fire spirit stood up and wiped its mouth with its hands.

A, it looks okay.

「Can I ask one question?」

「What is it?」

「You, Fire spirit,

Why did you not use fire magic?


How did you forget!

「Well then, please re-participate, (T/N: 「では、仕切りなおして、)

Showdown of flames, begin!!!」

As soon as the fire spirit said so, it started attacking with flames.

As there is no way to help it,

I opposed it using water magic.

「Water is no useーーー!!!」


The fire spirit which had water poured on it fell down and became unresponsive.

「Ar, Are you okay?」

Because it was the spirit of fire, I thought that it would be weak towards fire.

What is it.......


A,re? The fire spirit is.......

As the fire went out, it became modest-looking suddenly?

「Are you okay?」

「To splash me without warning, how cruel.

I have become soaked......」

Oi! To express it in such a way!

「Because you did this, I guess I have no choice.

I will make a contract......」

Does the fire spirit feel discouraged, now that water has been sprinkled on it?

The fire spirit looks at me with sorrowful eyes,

At last the contract was made.


That is the work of a brutish fiend!」

Aya, where did you learn such words?

Well, you saw the exchange so far, did you not?

「Seiji-sama, You're amazing!

Work of a fiend? it is!」


Do you really think that 『Brutish Fiend』 is a compliment?

Do not blindly imitate Aya!

「Saa, The last turn is Hilda's turn,

Do your best」


Hilda triumphantly used 【Summon Fire Spirit】, but......

the fire spirit, remains discouraged,

It was difficult to watch while Hilda comfort them.

The two became friends,

Without fighting, it made a spirit contract.

Ultimately, I was the only one who fought!


「Well, let's return to to Japan,

Will you go to see the state of Yurie-san?」


We have successfully completed the 『Spirit Contract Festival』,

And returned to Japan.


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