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Jiang Ye - Chapter 83


Chapter 83 Further Book Mountain Hacking The First Cut (Blade)

Ning Que stand at the stair and scratch his head, reminding what have the lecturer said, seem like didn't forbid students enter the second floor. Is hesitating, someone walk through him and directly go up the stair, hearing dong dong foot step sound, he clams down a bit, put that Wang Xing Long in the book basket beside the pillar, carrying his robe and forward to up stair.

Old's second floor is much quiet than downstairs, but the bookshelf and book are much less, in opposite the vision is wider, he climbs up stair, only then he discovers there are people already, they all are in front of the bookshelf picking and reading book, some people's face full with smirk, some people's mouth keep whispering, it seems very exciting.

Historical books are mostly at first floor, books at second floor are biased on martial arts and practice. The lecturer before enter the building say do not forbid reading, but suddenly find a mountain full of treasure in front of your eyes, did not greet and did not have thunder storm sigh, Ning Que still thinks this is a surreal dream, he stands between bookshelf, silent for a long time to digest the shock in heart.


He walks in front the bookshelf, look at the crowded book spine, the blazing shock has already turn blank, the two hands in sleeve hardly withstand the trembling. He does not need to draw out these books to read, just look at the book name he already can guess the content.

Those money he earns for years, follows the provision team of Wei city go to the Kai Ping market, find doctor for Sang Sang's sickness, at the same time go to all book shop at Kai Ping market search like a stinky dog, finally he found a book of Tractate of the Most High One on Actions and Consequences, then a turn is a few years, until finally turn into a pile of ash in the copper basin.

Those years at Shu Bi lake he kills 17 house thieves, saves Wei city's lumber team, general ask him, what he wants? All Wei citizen can gather money to buy you a prostitute, he holding that Tractate of the Most High One on Actions and Consequences has been read thin and read thick, answer: I want to learn practice, the general is speechless.

Beside Min Shan (岷山 a mountain) the practicer say you can't, military examiner shake his head, Lu Qing Chen old man long sigh, Academy lecturer of technical course of yesterday pat his shoulder, he knows obviously there is a world in front him, but he couldn't enter, he tell Sang Sang it is all right, use his blade and arrow also can beat his own world, but there is really something, because he is not readily watching the world's shadow faintly appear in front his eyes, but don't know excactly what scape in it.

Until he in the Academy's Old, walk up stair, watching those crowd books. He knows that he will be hard to pass those books and change his body, but at least he can peek what appearance of that world, 16 years ago he hugging the Tractate of the Most High One on Actions and Consequences struggling, like a hugging last potato poor child, today he finally see a sea of farm, even though the farm is not his, he feel very excite, even his eyes are hot, wet up.

’’Sang Sang......’’

He stretches out his shivering hands stroking the book spine, whisper silently, this moment he just thinks of sharing this moment with her, probably in this world only her can understand his feeling now.

On the bookshelf is fill with practice books, he already confirms his objective, 《追忆西陵流年》 kind of books are not the book he can read now, 《南晋剑术流派综述》 kind of books is also not the book he can qualifies to investigate, he is not the one who can think beyond, he is very clear that he only can start from the very beginning, like this book in frony his finger 《雪山气海初探》 (snow mountain sea breath first explore).

Just when he draws out the book, suddenly a shout sound in somewhere at the floor, students beside the bookshelf turn over and look, seem a student falls without reason, face pale white like snow, body keep twitching, white foam keep gush out of his mouth, seem oddly scarily.

4 people wear academy's brown robe came out of nowhere, walk toward the syncope student, the one who grab hand grab hand the one who grab leg grab leg, extremely tacit understanding and use strength at the same time, carry that poor student like little chick, then hasty run toward the stair, their moves are well train like they been doing this for many times.

Students beside the bookshelf looking at each other, thinking about the lecturer's smiling warning, feel a unreasonable palpitations, but no one leave, in opposite more students come up from downstairs.

Students are talented teenage around the world, they are like Ning Que, incomparable curiosity toward the mysterious world, in addition they are very confident about themselves can enter that world, so they continue silence and lower their heads, take books form the shelf and read silently, pretend nothing happen.

Again, a sound og heavy object drop, again a young pale face student fall, Ning Que quietly watching those people carry him away rapidly, his heart become heavy and hesitate, but ultimately he is still like others, the irresistible new world's temptation, strengthen the heart page the book in hand.

《雪山气海初探》 (snow mountain sea breath first explore)'s first sentence is: ’’The sky and earth have breathe, as breath......’’

Ning Que is nervous yet focusly read downward following the hand-written ink words, suddenly he found that the words become blurry, as if someone place a woolen (semitransparent) glass between the sight, he knows this is probably what the lecturer outside warn about, softly bite his tongue's tip clear his head forcefully and continue reading.

’’Human is thousand object's spirit, so can understand the principle of natural, will as power, is as spirit power.’’ (Human is thousand life's leader /Human is a spirit that over thousands of lives, so human can understand the principle/law of natural, .......)

Read along, the words on the book become murkier, slowly become a clot clot of ink stains, he desperately squinting, want to make the word in his eyes become clearer, because too focus, his brow and heart starting to hurt, and those murky words is slowly flying away from the page!

’’Human's spirit power is from brain, in between the snow mountain sea breath, the surplus condenses as frost as dew(steam) as water, work at one's hole (the hole from dao or message or the wu sia one, blood path?) and spread out of one's body, synchronize (link, connect,combine) with sky earth's breathe around body..........’’

The murky ink stains float away from the slight yellow page one by one, enter his pupils, enter his brain, become a wave and a wave of impact, like the long puddle in sea beside the sea ship, keep stir and agitate his brain non-stop, Ning Que do not feel pain, but he realizes his body follow the agitation start to shake, his vision becomes blurrier, moot/ irritancy in his chest (like a pressure on his chest) want to vomit, like seasick until maximum level!

He humph melancholy (hump.............), forcefully close the book in hand, pant very rapidly, finally escape from that dizzying mysterious world, deep breath a few times, slowly recover back to clam.

The window at the side of the floor, a middle-age lady wearing lecturer's robe sitting there, previously no matter how many students fall, she is like completely not aware of it, just forcusly draw her small script on the desk, then hear a pa sound a close book sound, her brow faintly presses and lift, looking at the pale white Ning Que, in eyes flash a touch of foreign color.

That female lecturer quietly practices in Old for 20 few years, wonder how many newly enter Academy student lost in the book she has seem, until lastly hardly can bear to psyche damage, and faint, but like Ning Que this state already start reading, but can rely on such strong willpower to control his mind again close the book is extremely rare.

Ning Que don't know he has attract the female lecturer's attention, now he put all his mind on the thin book, when he finishes adjusting his breath and feel his willpower has recover to normal, without hesitate flip open the front page, continue reading downward.

Just now he read until synchronize these 2 words, so now he continues from synchronize these 2 words, then now when he places his sight on these 2 words, suddenly feel these 2 ink words float and enter, directly swing into his brain, arouse a very turbulent sea wave, a sound bang (hong) thousand million mountain like wave hit!

The hand and book in eyes disappear, he stares the shelf between his eyes sight slow sink down, the intensive displayed book accelerate the sink, finally he sees a snow-white roof, then a darkness, the deepest seabed darkness.

A house carriage stops at 47 road the old word store gate door, the carriage curtain lift, Ning Que flouty step walks down the carriage, wave at the wheeler and the administer in the carriage, gratefully say: ’’Thank you.’’

The house carriage ’’da da’’ leave away, Ning Que take a deep breath, rub his still pale face, walks in the store, watching the rag thrown from his hand, Sang Sang's face full with hope and curious looking me, forcefully smile say: ’’Academy............ Is the best place in the world, but also the worst place.’’

Just now he directly faints in Old, until the house carriage reaches the suzaku (vermillion bird) gate. He can't even remember how he faint, makes him feel more terror and disappoint is, he even forgot the content in the book before he faint, no matter how he meditates and thinks, even a little sparkle is not exist in his brain.

’’I must warn you all, those wondrous books of yours, can't be remember, only can feel it, as the sense in it, I will still not explain it. After all human have bad luck time, if you don't have practice potential, but want to enter forcefully, will cause a very bad result occur.’’

Now he finally understands the real meaning of that lecturer's warning, even can guesses indistinctly, those practice book on the shelf must be written by some talisman art.

’’In Old there are a lot of practice books, that time I was thinking, you should be there.’’

Ning Que looking at Sang Sang, remind about many years ago himself hugging frail body, like a little mouse like little girl run toward Lim Ping market that scene, whisper: ’’But want to understand these books, seems like a troublesome matter, feel like a mountain is blocking in front of me.’’

’’Master, can't go around it?’’ Sang Sang rise her little face, frowning her fine eyebrows ask concernly.’’

Ning Que shake his head, quietly looking her and say: ’’We discuss before, if a mountain can't go around it then how?’’

Sang Sang nod her head with power, say: ’’Split the mountain.’’


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