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It Seems I Came To Another World, Now What Should I Do - Chapter 19


Chapter 19

Episode 19 - Isn't Kinkin2 Voice Overwhelming?

There were several benches in the front yard of the church, so I sat down there .

According to the conversation with Sherue, it seems that the administrators3 of this world love their 'garden' .

However, I imagine it like God's love for humans4 . Based on the explanation, it means that demons are also part of the terminal . Maybe finding it weird is human egoism?

About the similarities in the shape of humans and the vegetation, is it due to the convergent evolution and discarding information from the same image?5

「Ah, I wasn't able to confirm the ways of reproduction...... . Well, it's hard to ask in that situation . 」

If it is about 100,000 years ago, it should be around the rise of the Homo Sapiens?

Well, no use thinking about it . I will ask about those when we talk again .

Regarding the supervisor, to be honest, he had an impression of an employee of a data center .

As for the server, if he's the supervisor of the application layer, this is similar with a rental server that has a limited amount of freedom .

In the talk about the closed network, rather than contact/response to the server, it's more like a phone call to the operator .

If that's the case, maybe it is possible for gods to communicate between worlds? Ah, if an information came in incompletely, instead of relieving it'll be worrying .

Well, for now, I'll hold off returning to Earth .

Now that there are some options, the situation has improved .

Next will be the confirmation of the new skills .

Let's ask『IB』-sensei .

<Resolving . The skill『Pray6』allows you to send a question to the gods and receive an oracle about it . If mastered, even for an ambiguous inquiry, the answer will still be accurate .

Fumu, well, let's try try it .

「God, I am thinking of marrying a woman from this world, is it possible for her to conceive a child?」

I tried to mumble that . Maybe I need to say it like a prayer?

『Haaai . Konnichiwassup . Akihiro-kun desu nee . My name is Veda7 desuu . I am the one who governs fertility . 』8

A sweet voice echoes in my brain 9

I was surprised for getting connected just like that . I thought an oracle is a lot more dignified than this .

『Regarding baby making, it's all OK desuu~ . I mean~, the design of this planet, was based on the planet you've lived before no desuu~ . So please, go make a lot~ The definition of human beings are somewhat different from the Earth's but the genetics~? Is the same~? So even if you have the different races it should be OK desuu~ If you have another question just ask again OK~? Dewa~ Mata~ 』

I was overwhelmed by overwhelmed by the super frank answer .

What kind of skill is the『Magic Mastery』? Is it a magic skill at last?

<Resolving . Concerning『Magic Mastery』, this is a skill that allows you to convert magic power and to use magic skills . Unless you have the required minimum level, you cannot use magic power for that corresponding skill . >

Ohh . Will I able to use magic soon? I have quite the expectation .

<Informing . Regarding the magic skills, there are certain constructions to make it work . Construction will be important for you to be able to use them . 10>

Maa, it basically means I need to study about them .

So how about the『Attribute Control(Wind)』?

<Resolving . By using『Magic Mastery』, the converted magical power will be called Prima-Materia . By adding a vector to the Prima-Materia, an event occurs . >11

<As for the『Attribute Control(Wind)』, by adding a vector of wind factor to the Prima-Materia, to the Prima-Materia, you will be able to make wind-based events happen . >12

Hmm? Based on that explanation, that means the magic that I can use is only those that are related to the wind?13

<Resolving . That is correct . But, the skills from the 『Attribute Control』 are easy to learn . >

So that means, this skill is like ’’Please have a try’’ kind of feeling . If they gave me skills that relate to fire are scary to use, and water magic can be easily tracked by looking at the ground, so the wind is the most optimal one . Well, this means this will be everything that's from God .

Well, that means, another check to TODO list .

[x] Confirmation of『Pray』,『Magic Mastery』,『Attribute Control』

Well then, let's work hard today as well . Just as the phrase says, ’’Those who do not work won't eat . ’’ So, let's do our best .

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