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Isekai Tensei Harem - Chapter 78


Chapter 78

Lil 's secret

After the long ceremony, it was already evening.

I came back to the office of the Third Corps after leaving the royal palace.

By the way, Asha is still in business, I am the only one who left home.

「Well, it finally ended ...」

I breathe out while being wrapped in comfortable tiredness.

When I was given the medal, when I remembered the excitement that the whole body trembled, my body sweetly burned.

My feet are fluffy and I feel restless.

I wonder if having a foot on the ground is such a comfortable feeling.

Anyway, everything seems to be an event in a dream, and reality is almost impossible to known at all.

「I have work for tomorrow and I am going back home today.」

I open the door of the waiting room next to the office.

This is a place like a locker room for the men's 3rd party.

Of course, only I and Riru are using it.

── When I entered the waiting room, there was a white half-naked girl.



It is a beautiful girl with beautiful golden hair as short hair.

Sharp ears would be the proof of elves.

She is half-naked just wearing a light blue bra and shorts, the body is slim.

Both the chest and the butt are not plump nevertheless, but they are shaped round well.

「... ... you are, Lil !?」

It`s bad, my head is panicking.

With an unbelievable feeling, I try to see it again.

Certainly the girl in front of me, the face is Riru`s.

But the body is that of a girl no matter how you look at it.

Moreover, it is outstanding in style enough to watch it.

「what, what ... ...! Because everyone has business, I will be the first ... no one will come in...... Eh, ah ... why ... ....」

「Oi, you, ... ....」

I am panicking more and more as I see the tactile Lil.

I shout out while trembling.

「You, you were a woman?」

It was a shocking sight that was enough to blow away all the lingering finishes until a while ago.

Forged limbs that are reminiscent of a deer.

Smooth white skin.

Breats with a small but beautiful bowl shape, pretty buttocks like a peach.

The half-nakedness of wearing a blue underwear is breathtakingly beautiful and pretty.


Lil screamed.

That voice, one octave higher than usual, was for the girls without any doubt.

「I was watched ...... my skin, I was seen ...... To a man ... ... Uu ...」

Tears floating in the unbelievable blue eyes, falling down from the edge of her eyes.

「Ri- Lil, I am ... ....」

「i hate ... no ... do not come ... ... ...」

Riru`s back is trembling.

It seemed like a strange fear.

「Sky Scroll Wing Daedalus Wing!」

Riru who chanted a spell suddenly jumped into the air with a swirling wind.

High speed flying spell using wind?

She jumps out of the window of the locker room as it is.

「Wait a moment, Wang King Mobile Air Lord!」

I hastily chanted a flying spell and followed her.

If you see Lil 's tears, you can not leave her alone.

Even though it was an accident, the feeling of guilt for the fact that I made the girl cry was moving me.

In the first place, why were you usually wearing a man clothes?

Why did you look at me and showed how frightened you are?

(Caracas: dont really know how to edit/translate this: なんで俺を見て、あそこまで怯えた様子を見せたのか?)

Several questions swirl around in my mind.

The figure of Riru who is flying forward soon gradually became bigger.

It is difficult to grasp the distance feeling in the air, but the difference surely shrinks.

It looks like my flight spell is faster .

To Lil who is flying forward at a tremendous speed, I approached rapidly at further super speed.

But, it is not easy to catch your opponent in a state of flying at such high speed.

First of all, it runs in parallel ...... No, it it flies in parallel.


I caught up with Lil and adjusted the flying speed and lined up right side by side.

Thanks to Mr. Ashece who I received control training for magical power, I can adjust the speed quickly and unexpectedly.

Yeah, I got the result of training in such a place.

─ ─ How impressive is the improvement.

「Well, very hard!」

(Caracas: hmmm 「へ、へんたいへんたいへんたいーっ!」)

Lil shouted at me seeing me.

It's half a crying face, but it's strangely cute.

I am surprised unintentionally.

「No, no, why?」

I suppressed myself, was confused and cried.

「You looked at me when I was not dressed」

Lil protestet, spout her mouth like a rough.

「So, it's an accident ... in the first place, that's a locker for boys」

「Well, guys are all wolves ... what the elders said was true ...」

「Wow, I understand, I was bad, so do not cry!」

It is now priority to calm Lil.

I am desperate, he is not a she - calm her.

「I'm sorry, Lil ...... It's not on purpose, believe me.’’

「...... Mu」

Lil's speed slightly loosens.

I wonder if she regained calmness for a while.

I was sitting all along here.

「In the first place I did not know that Lil was a woman, so if I knew, I would not look into the locker room while you are changing clothes」


「It was true, I was surprised」

「......That's true」

Finally Lil 's facial expression became a little soft.

「Abel-kun is a man ...... In order to protect the Kingdom, he was desperately fighting to defend everyone, a pure, straight, courageous, knight full of sense of mission and justice ...」

No, it's a bit too lift.

「Elders said ’’Never trust a man, everyone seems to be a wolf’’ maybe Abel is an exception ... ....」

I think that the elder's say is extreme too, Riru.

「Such Abel does not attack the friend......? and do not make passes at even other girls......? It is not a wolf......? 」

「Well, that is- ──」

Claire, Racine and Asha appear in my mind.

I do not mean to mean to be a wolf, but it is true that I put out my hands.

I feigned calmness while startling.

「Well, I will not go out of there.」

(Caracas: hmm v2 「て、手出しなんてするわけないだろ。大事な仲間に」)

「...... Really?」

Lil who lean the neck to one side, and stares at me..

When I realized she was a woman, she suddenly appeared cute.

Nonetheless, I do not know how to organize my feelings only for those I recognized as a man until a while ago.

Even rushing up to looking at Lil as a woman, even a feeling of embarrassment.

「I attack you not, it is true, I swear.」

I told her with a serious expression.

「... ... than its good」

Looking at the lil that I feel relieved, my chest hurts its a throbbing pain.

Oh, I feel guilty.

Well, it is a fact that I will not attack her, so I promised it, lil.

I apologized in my mind.

Next day ─ ─.

When I went to the headquarters, I met Claire and Racine in front of the main gate.

「Yesterday was cool, Abel」

「It was lovely, Abel's sama」

Both of them had dyed their cheeks in red and they stared at me with a gloomy face.

Certainly, that was feeling like I got drunk on my own.

However, I felt like I was blowing away at such a trouble with the trouble with Lil who came after that.

That was a real surprise.

The half-naked figure of the lil wearing only underwear is revived to the mind.

You are outstanding style, Riru.

I thought that he was a man, so I never saw it with such eyes.

「What's wrong, Abel?」

「No, no」

Claire asked me, I swept away the images floating in my head.

「... ... I think about other women」

Claire looked at me with the frightening eyes.



Claire 's eyes become increasingly sharp.

Too bad, a strange sweat has come from my back.

「No way, I guess you did not mean anything to other team members, did you? I got the medal, and there must have there must have been a lot more people watching Abel.「

「...... Muu, the rivals are increasing「

Racine 's gentle face shadows.

This is a terrible firmly state.

「Oh, so it's a misunderstanding ... um ... ... Ah, Lil also seems to come」

I found a person walking to the main gate, I changed the subject.

Yesterday was my persuasion (?), So I felt calm, but I wonder if we can get along well today.

Feeling nervous, I turn my eyes to Lil.

Golden hair was shining beautifully in the morning sun.

Blatant blue eyes.

A cheek stained in a faint apple color.

Light pink lips.

Looking like this, you're a beautiful girl, Lil.

Even when I thought he was a man, I felt a neutral beauty, but since it was really a girl, is that natural as well?

─ ─ What, do not be conscious.

Alright, I will touch you as usual.

You only have to avoid having Lil panic anyway.

「Good morning, Lil」

「Godd morning」

The turning Lil suddenly stiffened her face.

Milky face inside turns red.

「Oh, Ha ha ha ha」

I am awkwardly behaving like a broken doll like an awkward move.

No, even if I do not care about that ─ ─.

「What's wrong, Riru?」

「Riru, good morning」

It seems that the voice of Claire and Racine does not hear as saying greedy.

「Okay, Riru, calm down first, count the prime numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 ...」

「4 is not a prime number, Abel-san」

Pointed out of a calm Racine.

「One is not a prime number, Abel」

Even Claire.

「Ki, Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Otoko! Otoko um Mm Mm Mm Mm ... ...!」

Whether Lil has reached the limit of panic, it flew away with screaming magic while screaming.

「Ah ... did you go?」

Mmm, this is the same as yesterday.

It just makes her panicking just by looking at me ...... I was in trouble.

「... What does that mean, what happend?」

Asha-san was standing behind us.

It is a rare and slightly angry face.

Somehow it is going to complicated more and more ... ...?


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