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Isekai Tensei Harem - Chapter 74.3


Chapter 74 - Soldier Assembly - Part 3

After approximately two hours, we have arrived at the Aisha's Beryl Beach.

Other corps seem to be arriving as well, two carriages come beside ours.

「Yo, we meet again」

「We will be relying on you today, rookie」

「With you here, we can feel relieved」

A group of three tall, rough guys approached us.


I recognize these men from somewhere.

「...... I hope you have not forgotten about us again」

Three people frown at me.

Ah, right.

The ones I met during the Giira battle──

「Four...... Lemon Yellow stars?」

「Three White Stars, Three White Stars!」

「Didn't you completely change the color!?」

「Also, the number of people increased by one!」

They retort simultaneously.

──It wasn't only them that have appeared.

「You are here, Third corps」

A group dressed in knight clothes approach from the other direction.

A total of seven people, the girls in their teens I have met before.

Probably the seventh corps.

「Fuun, that child is the rumored......」

A captain-ish knight in knight clothes looks at me with interest.

Short black hair with clever looks, a beauty of unknown age.

She may be in her late twenties or even in her forties.

If this was Japan, she would be most likely called a bimajo1.

「I see. Still have a way to go, but indeed, a quite nice raw material. I would like you in my unit by all means」

Bimajo-san captain licks her lips.

The saliva on her wet pink tongue is strangely erotic.

「How about it? If you come to our unit, I will teach you step by step about magic and anything else you want to know」

While saying that, bimajo shakes with her abundant chest from side to side.

What is this, what is that!?

I unintentionally swallow my saliva and stare at her.

Her curvy body line and her boobs shaking side to side in her knight clothes are too seductive.

Her tights extending from the miniskirt are se*y.

A dizzying charm.

「Stop tempting our cute member, Captain Beatrice」

Ashe-san stands in front of me and gives out a warning.

The Captain Beatrice-san without being shaken,

「Ara, do you think a lass in her twenties like you could satisfy him? An adult like me will certainly make him into a genuine man and a knight, fufu」

Ashe-san, a lass...? This person, just how old is she?

「Captain really loves young men...... excuse her」

One of the female knights from the Seventh corps apologizes.

「But, it's the truth that she wants you in our unit」

「With a strong magician as yourself, our Seventh corps will become definitely the strongest unit」

The other female knights surround me and start chattering.

I have a feeling something like this has happened before......

「Ohh, our Fourth corps will welcome you anytime, you know?」

「If you join us, we could rename to Four White Stars」

「If you want, we can even go with the Lemon Yellow」

No, there's no need for the Lemon Yellow.

Although it's me who said that first.

Ashe-san breaks the friendly atmosphere.

「The fun talk ends here──They are here」

It was the Empire's invasion army.


  1. Beautiful witch


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