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Isekai Tensei Harem - Chapter 74.2


Chapter 74 - Soldier Assembly - Part 2

The first time riding a carriage didn't shake as much as I thought it would and the journey was comfortable.

I wonder if it perhaps was enchanted with absorption magic?

It felt like riding in a car or a bus.

「What happened to your lips, Abel-kun?」

Ashe-san asks dubiously.


「You have been touching it since a while ago」

After being informed, I realized that I have been touching my lips the whole time.

It was a half unconscious gesture.

The soft, sweet touch still remained there.

I have been immersed in the feeling of the victory charm.

Claire from a little while ago was really cute.

──While remembering,

「No, it's nothing」

After saying that, I separate my fingers from my lips.

I saw Claire nearby lowering her bright red face down.

I wonder if she got embarrassed after being reminded about it?

She cuter and cuter.

「...... fu~un?」

Ashe-san smiles meaningfully.

Ah, she probably figured it out.

「...... Mu~」

Racine nearby makes a slightly stern expression.

「Ri, right, was it necessary to use a carriage? Wouldn't it be faster to move there with flight magic?」

I try to change the mood with a different subject.

「No, it's best to not unnecessarily use magic before the fight. Your magic power consumption is particularly high Abel-kun, so it wouldn't be wise to waste it」

Ashe-san answers right away.

「...... Ah. Certainly」

I recall running out of gas in Rashuka City.

The enemy's power is unknown.

Even the exact numbers are unknown.

I should preserve every bit of magic power.

「That...... in the first place, what kind of enemy is the Empire?」

I ask the most fundamental question.

The Empire boasting with the strongest magic in the world.

But, the truth is wrapped in the secret of a veil.

「To be honest『An Empire which has no equal in magic』is what I imagine, but」

「That image is too rough, Abel」

Claire makes fun of me.

「Fufu, that's so like Abel-sama~」

Racine smiles positively.

「Actually, we don't know that much about the Empire」

Ashe-san mischievously smiles.

「Althoguh, Abel-kun's image is indeed really rough」

「...... Sorry」

「No problem. I will explain. About our enemies」

Magic Empire──

Aggressive against the whole continent in order to achieve their ideal of magicians ruling the world.

To put it plainly『Evil Empire』.

「Ruling that country is our great archenemy who calls himself Magic Emperor」

「Ah, I thought it sounded excessive, so that's why......」

I'm glad the question that bugged me for a while was solved.

「Eh, Abel didn't know?」

Claire says in surprise.

「O, of course, I know. I was just trying to bring a refreshing laughter to this bloodthirsty atmoshphere」

「...... Fu~un?」

Maa, I was definitely found out.

「Can't be helped, right? Since I left the ignorant village life just a while ago」

Even in my original world, I was the type who didn't even glance at news and sports columns in newspapers, I was just watching TV shows and anime......

「I knew it since I was in the village, though? Abel was too busy lifting girls' skirts after all, huh」

「I didn't do anything like that!?」

...... Ah, did I?

The original Able probably did.

「How about you stop the married couple comedy act and let me continue explaining?」

Ashe-san smiles wryly.

「Married couple comedy......」

So this world has a married couple comedy.

I was impressed by the wrong thing.

「Me, married couple!? N, no way, Ashe-san...... ufufufu, did we look like that? Eheheee」

Claire suddenly starts laughing to herself.

「...... Married couple...... Mumumu. I see. It's good to shorten the distance in an atmosphere like this, I see. Which reminds me that Natasha was talking about something like this in her love stories......」

Racine mutters to herself nearby.

「Magic Empire was formed just a few years ago」

Ashe-san stared at us and continued with her explanation.

It seemed to originally be only a small city on an island, but a few years ago, one magician appeared and just like that──he brought the country under his control.

Then, they invaded the neighbouring countries one after another.

In just a few years, it became one of the 6 major powers on the continent──By the way, Aisha Kingdom is one of them──it's power is so threatening that they became one of the six.

And that is why the leader of this magic army has started calling himself Magic Emperor.

「What kind of person is he, the Emperor?」

「A former member of the Great Magician Union. He was expelled after a certain accident──It's said that he was praised as the greatest genius while in the union」

The Great Magician Union is international organization and almost every magician belongs under that them.

Might as well say, a manager of magicians.

「The Emperor had a kind of charisma in the union. When he was expelled, many great magicians started leaving one after another. It was a group of the magicians who left the union with the Emperor who formed the Empire」

Ashe-san says.

「They all were elite magicians from all around the world──The best of the best」

In short, they are an army of all-star magicians.

The battle against the Empire feels like Japanese representatives vs. the World selection in sports.

Besides the difference in ability, they even have the numbers.

Approximately 100 magicians are affiliated with Aisha Kingdom.

Even among the six major powers, the prosperous Lungaria Kingdom has only around 300 magicians.

It's said that the Empire has around 500-1000 magicians.

Indeed, an overwhelming difference in military strength.

Chances to win──are there any?

「Therefore, we have to make perfect preparations」

Ashe-san takes out something from the back of her seat.

A stick approximately one meter in length with many decorations.

「Ashe-san, that is?」

「A booster rod. It's prototype used only by the third corps, a magic tool artifactevi manufactured by Veronica」

Ashe-san stares at the staff.

「I also have one」

Lil takes out a similar staff.

「Veronica-san and Dita-chan also have them. Because Dita-chan is a dragon knight she can handle magic attacks too, but...... Right now, because it's a prototype, only all assault type magicians have them」

I see, all assault type magicians.

...... N?

「I, don't have that......?」

I'm also an assault type magician, though.

「She apparently didn't have enough materials, so she could make them for everyone」

Ashe-san apologetically explains.

Ah, I wanted to try using one.

「As expected, aside from the usual times, Veronica abandons personal feelings in times of war」

Doesn't that basically mean, if it's not the worst situation, I won't be able to get one......?

「In the first place, Abel-kun's magic power is on a different scale compared to us. If the staff is not specially made, it wouldn't be able to withstand your magic」

「At least, our staves would definitely break if you use them. They probably wouldn't be able to withstand even once shot」

Says Lil.

I see, these staves won't work with me.

I'm certain that if it indeed amplifies magic, no matter who my opponent is I would defeat them in one hit, though──


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