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Isekai Tensei Harem - Chapter 74.1


Chapter 74 - Soldier Assembly - Part 1

Claire is trembling in front of me.

If you look closely, her face is also turning pale.


Ashe-san and the others continue advancing after glancing at me and Claire.

Did they leave us alone after judging the atmosphere?


Although Racine stopped for a second, she painfully looked at us and started following Ashe-san and Lil again.

Only me and Claire were left behind.

「It's a war, huh?」

Claire mutters quietly.

This is probably my first time seeing her like this.

It's not every day I can see her without her usual unyielding and aggressive personality.

She looks like a small frightened animal──

「Abel...... are you not scared?」

Claire looks with her eyes at me.

Those eyes are faintly wet.

「Until now, I have had actual fighting experience in the knight school, but. That was only exterminating monsters in the dungeon or catching petty thieves──But, the scope is different now. When I think this is a war, I suddenly......」

Claire holds her hand in front of her chest covered by armor and looks down.

Ah, so it wasn't only me.

Claire too, even Lil was acting differently in front of the headquarters.

Racine is probably the same.

Although I'm not sure about Ashe-san──

Everyone feels anxiety and fear.

『For those in need we brandish our swords and fight──That is a knight』

I remember Lil's words from a little while ago.

Everyone surely has their burden──and the resolution to carry that burden on their shoulders.

「You will be alright. In the Eiha village even in the Rashuka City, Claire fought splendidly」

Although I say that, those two fights can't be considered large-scale, as expected, a fight of two『Armies』may be totally different.

But, I deliberately said that.

I gently hold Claire's hand.

It's smaller, thinner and softer than expected.

It's unbelievable that her hand is the hand of the master of Raging Fire Sword style, it looks like a hand of an ordinary young girl.

「I'm also afraid. I'm even slightly shaking. I was anxious a little while at the strategy meeting about what to if I wetted myself in front of everyone」

I joke and laugh at myself.

Claire looks in surprise then lightly laughs.

「...... Sorry, that I showed you such weak myself」

「No, such fresh Claire may be good sometimes, is what I thought. It makes me want to protect you a little」

「...... Fool」

Claire's cheek became red.

「Ashe-san and the others went ahead, let's hurry up」


Claire nods with a sweet smile and moves next to me.

She clung to my arm with a natural movement.

I was hit with the touch of her soft chest.

And a sweet fragrance from her hair and body──

The anxiety from a little ago was blown off with embarrassment.

「Wait, Abel. I forgot one thing」

Claire says while pulling on my sleeve one more time.


Looking back, my vision was filled with Claire's face.

「...... Mugu!?」

I was instantly robbed of my lips.

「Ehehe, slightly classical, but. A victory charm」

After exchanging a kiss, Claire's smiles with a blushing face.

My heart throbs so fast it hurts.

「Thank you, Abel」

Seeing Claire's smile, I feel relieved.

It seems I have been feeling strained more than I thought.

And that strain has been removed by the kiss.

「No, I'm also thanful──」

Thank you, Claire.


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