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Isekai Tensei Harem - Chapter 69


Chapter 69 - Female Knight's and Female Priest's Double Service - Part 4※

「Fu, chiyu...... mu, fuo...... nnn...... Abel, my oppai...... how are they......?」

「Abel-sama...... my breasts...... are they pleasing you......?」

Claire and Racine wholeheartedly continiue titty f*k.

Four water balloon-like, fresh and elastic boobs are sandwiching my pen**.

「The two of you...... so soft...... n, fuo...... oppai so erotic...... kua...... ah...... feels goo, d......u」

I struggle for breath while looking down at the two beautiful girls lewdly servicing me with their breasts.

The gentle pleasure from the friction penetrates my entire meat pole.

Moreover, the two beautiful girls are competing to make me feel good, which as a man is making my blood boil.

「Chiyu, puu...... nn, jiyuru......」

Claire teases the glans that has jumped up from the valley with her tongue.

A sweet numbness lands on my sensitive part.

「Fu, a...... mu...... nn......」

Racine eagerly shakes her small hands changing the pressure of her milky tits continuously.

When I think that the strong pressure landing on my pole, I impatiently grow weak.

My whole pole is being stimulated by attacks of various speeds──

「U...... aaa...... it's numbing...... kuuu......」

The two se*ual techniques create a synergy and my se*ual desire increases.

This is very different from the delight that vaaa** brings.

The pace is slower──as result, it feels like my entire pole is getting warmed up.

In addition, the magic square is doubling the pleasure, my entire lower body is boiling in joy.

My melting pen** is disappearing between the milk hills──

「U, ooooooo, coming......!」

I pant and my waist trembles.

My pen** throbs at the top of the milk flesh.

Doku, dokudokudoku, dokun! Dobu, dobiyuruuuuuuu!

Together with the continuous convulsions, a large amount of semen gushes out like from a geyser.

「Kyaaa......!? H, hot, u...... is, n...... coming......!」

Claire raises her voice in surprise at the grandly ejaculating pole between her breasts.

The spewing sperm flies around on her breasts, neck cheeks and lips.

「Fuaaa...... Abel-sama is, coming...... u.......!」

Although Racine is similarly surprised, she also shouted in joy.

She catches my flying sperm with cloudy eyes and blushed cheeks on her breasts and face.

「Haa, haa, haaaa......!」

I gasp for breath when the last drop of my liquid children flies out.

Although I recall releasing more before, I don't recall ever feeling so satisfied.

「It felt excellent...... both of you...... fuuuu」

I take a deep breath after satisfyingly dyeing Claire and Racine in cloudy white.

The lower part of my body dimly numbs and a comfortable fatigue covers my whole body.

The feeling of satisfaction from being serviced from two beautiful girl is as expected on another level.

「...... Fuu, you let out a lot, Abel-sama」

Racine extends her hand towards my crotch while covered in semen from her breasts to her face.

She touches the tip of my pen** with her slender fingers.

「Excuse me」

Racine chants a spell while patting my glans which became weak from the ejaculation.

「Magic Circle Second Ignition, Magic Power Conversion Restoration - Mana Charge」

The Magic Square on the floor starts glowing with her words.

「...... U!? Ku, aaaaaaaaaa......!」

At the same time, something inside my body started boiling.


This is totally different from the se* ritual I have received in Rashuka City.

Is it because this is an official facility, or because there are two girls?

Double than before...... no, the magical power flowing inside my body is several times denser.

「You have recovered considerably, but it's still not yet a complete recovery......」

Racine dubiously tilts her head and separates her finger from my glans.

「...... I feel that I have recovered quite a lot, but I have not recovered completely yet?」

「It's around 70% restored. The amount of magic power restored was enough to completely restore more than five average magicians, but the Abel-sama's magic power is in a totally different league after all......」

Racine says.

I thought that I got completely restored in Rashuka City, but listening to Racine, that doesn't seem to be the case.

But in the end──we di the se* ritual once more time in order to fully recover.

Which reminds me, I and Racine have decided to keep that secret from Claire......

「Then, let's do it...... one more time?」

Claire shyly proposes.

While frequently peeking at my crotch,

「That...... if Abel doesn't mind. I don't know much about magic, but won't he fully recover if we hold the ritual one more time?」

「That's right. In either case, Abel-sama still looks unsatisfied...... fufu」

When Racine smiles, Claire turns her eyes towards my crotch as well.

The symbol that lost its strength from releasing was completely standing in attention.

「Well then, let's start by cleansing the body once more」

Racine said.

It seems that during the official ritual, the body must be cleansed after each ejaculation.

「Naa, why don't you wash me with your bodies, this time?」

I make a proposal.

「Wash...... with bodies?」

Claire tilts her head blankly.

Racine looks puzzled as well.

「In other words, you two will soap up your bodies and press it against mine──」

Embarrassment gradually overtakes me.

Though I only know it from the internet, there should be such technique used in the soapland.

If these two beautiful girls accepted something the women in the se* industry do──

My abdominal region burns with corruption.

I try to explain with gestures.

「Eh, something like that......?」

Claire wiggles her body bashfully,

「Abel-sama, you have come up with something quite perverted」

Racine says shyly with a hint of curiosity in her eyes.

「A while ago you two...... washed me with that place, so you can think of it as extension......」

I say rapidly and spread a towel on the floor.

A simple substitute for the mat.

I lay down on the towel, stomach down.

「T, that's somehow...... slightly embarrassing......」

Claire lays on me first while feeling embarrassed.

Muni, muni, her soft body glued to my body feels comfortable.

Moreover, Claire's body is painted with soap, so she soaps my body with hers.

When our slippery bodies rub against each other, the comfortableness doubles.



Claire's elastic, rich breasts rub many times against my back.

Uooooo, this is the best!

Even the finest woman in the industry couldn't possibly make me feel like this.

「M, me too......」

Racine timidly approaches me.

Claire understood and shifted her body.

Oo, this is......!

The right side is Claire, the left side is Racine.

These two females rub their soft bodies against me up and down.

Moreover, they use their soft breasts as sponges and wash my entire body with theirs.

Uwaaaaa, this is getting better and better──

The blood gathers in my lower body from the excitement while I laid on my stomach.

Because of the blood, I instantly get erect and felt oppressed by the floor.

「Abel-sama, this time, we will cleanse your body from the...... front, okay?」

Racine said and separated her body with a somewhat rough breathing.

「Fuu, my body somewhat became hot......」

Claire's cheeks flushed red and her nose slightly twitched.

It's not just me, both of them became excited while rubbing their bodies against mine.

「This time, that......」

I stand up while roughly breathing 'haa, haa'.

I lay on the towel, stomach up.

My fully erect thing was reaching towards the sky.

The tip of my pen** was shining with the precum.

Gulp, I caught the sound of Claire and Racine gulping.

「Then, should Racine go first this time?」

「Thank you very much. Then, excuse me, Abel-sama」

Claire concedes the first turn and a petite body approaches me.

It's clearly visible that her hesitation is fading while her assertiveness increasing in the last few days.

「N, fuaa......」

She eagerly sticks her body to mine and slides her body from my legs up to my chest.

Her breasts which possess both the elasticity and softness rubs on my chest and tickles my solar plexus.

「A, guu...... u, a」

Furthermore, because of the gentle pressure on my pen**, I let out a pant.

The weak pressure on my pen** increases and Racine slips down to my legs again.

From the top to the bottom, from the bottom to the top.

Because Racine's body is painted with soap, our bodies don't get hurt from the sliding.

The touch of her smooth skin and breasts rubs all over my body.

「Then, I will start doing it now, okay?」

Claire covered in soap said impatiently.

Just like before, Racine understood, shifted her body and two beautiful girls started rubbing their bodies against mine.

Four soft breasts we thoroughly gliding around my body creating sweet pressure everywhere they moved.

My consciousness was wrapped in an utter bliss from the two girls sliding their bodies on mine.

My meat rod which was standing in attention since a while ago started giving off the smell of discharge.

Ah, my body is not satisfied from just touching anymore......!

「Claire, Racine, I...... soon......!」

I want to insert it inside these two.

I want to insert it──

I swallow the voice of my heart and say to the two with an excited voice.

The towering thing in my crotch trembled by itself.


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